Somebody behind Anita in a concert

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Somebody behind Anita in a concert
That night my sweet Ana had got tickets and had convinced me to go with her and enjoy a concert from her favorite band.
It was standing room only and we got there early; so we were lucky enough to be standing right in front of the stage.
My nice wife had dressed very sexy; she was wearing a pullover top without bra, a short skirt with a very tiny thong, and high heeled boots making her nice toned legs look even longer. She was hot and I just told her after the concert I would fuck her on our bed, still wearing her high boots and the pullover.
I was standing close to the stage, pushing my chest up to the edge.
Anita was behind my back, with her soft hands holding my stomach. I could feel her sweet hips pushing against my buttocks. I put down a naughty hand and slipped under her pullover, feeling her already moist labia.
I whispered in her ear she was s slut bitch and Ana smiled.
She put down her both hands and she caressed my hard dick through my trousers.
As the time for the concert neared, the crowd grew and we were soon pinned to the stage by a sea of human flesh. I could feel Anita’s breath on my neck.
Packed in as we were güvenilir bahis siteleri no one could see anything below our shoulders so my slutty wife took the opportunity to unzip my fly and freed my hard cock.
She started slowly to stroke it, as she murmured dirty things at my ear.
Suddenly she abandoned my cock. I felt she was struggling, as if she wanted to get back in the middle of the crowd. It was impossible.
Then Ana laughed and whispered in my ear:
“Honey, someone is pushing a hard dick between my closed thighs…”
“Is that huge and hard…?” I asked her.
Ana just moaned and she kissed my neck very softly.
“It is very, very thick… maybe he is a nigger…” She answered…
“What are you doing with him, babe…? I just asked her.
“I think he wants to fuck me…” She whispered softly, licking my earlobe.
I felt her nipples hardening through her pullover and pressing against my back. Then I knew my sexy wife was really getting aroused, having that man pushing his hardness against her thighs.
Ana kept licking and kissing my neck. She whispered she did not want to see if the man was a black one. But she felt his dick was really huge.
The band started tipobet playing and the beat was pounding against us.
We all there were pressed even tighter together. I slid my hand down and touched Ana’s pussy lips through her tiny cotton panties. The bitch was already soaking wet…
Then Ana cried in my ear, over the tremendous sound of the band…
“The bastard ripped off my panties…”
Then I knew the stranger would fuck my sexy wife in the middle of all these people and neither me, nor Ana could avoid it.
Ana grunted in my ear and her body started to shiver. Then I felt she was being pushed in a low pace against my back. My sweet wife was breathing hard against my ear; but she did not say a word. I knew that bastard was fucking her from behind and I could not even to turn my head to look at him.
Then Ana licked my earlobe again and she cried loud:
“Honey, he is really huge… I’m so sorry; but he is fucking me so good…”
I felt her body shivering as that unknown bastard pumped Ana from behind.
I asked her if he was hurting her; but Ana said it was a bit painful; but she loved the brutal way that man was fucking her…
I slid again my hand, trying to tipobet güvenilir mi touch her swollen pussy lips. Then I felt it.
I reached down between her spread pussy lips and touched the head of that cock that was ripping of my sensual wife’s cunt. Ana was right, it was huge.
That bastard pumped again and his tremendous cock slid inside of her, as it touched my fingers. My own was throbbing hard and I felt I was close to cum in my pants. Then I came; as Ana pushed her round boobs against my back and that stranger fucked her so wildly.
Seconds later Ana tensed and she came; screaming like crazy on my ear.
She relaxed her body and few moments later she said into my ear.
“He came in my cunt, babe… His seed is burning me…”
Then she embraced me from behind and she kissed my neck.
We enjoyed the concert in silence; since that stranger just pulled off from Ana’s well used and abused cunt and he just disappeared in the crowd.
When the concert finished, Ana could pick up the pieces of her torn off cotton panties. She made me feel her used cunt. Her labia seemed to be swollen and a warm mix of semen and her own juices were flooding out from her stretched hole.
Ana kissed me, saying she had enjoyed that unknown cock in her cunt.
As we moved out from that place, she whispered again in my ear:
“That bastard did not dare to fuck my very tight asshole…”
I smiled back, thinking the good anal time that was expecting me at home…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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