Some quickies from my life

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Ass Fuck

Some Quickies from my life.
My name is Byron. I’m a late 50’s widower retired from a successful business career and just enjoying whatever comes along, particularly sex. I enjoy making love to a woman, particularly licking my cum out of her freshly fucked pussy and I enjoy sucking the cum out of a hard cock. Here are a few of my memories.
There is a adult bookstore called Clancy’s not far from where I live that has a very active glory hole section. I go there 2 or 3 times a month when I feel the need for a mouth full of protein and none of my friends are available. One night I went there about 10 o’clock and was greeted by Clancy himself. He is an older guy; probably mid sixty’s and pretty well kept. We chatted a bit and I was told things had been very quiet that night and he didn’t think there was anyone in back. I was very disappointed to say the least and then had this idea.
“What time you closing?” I asked.
“Probably when you leave,” he said with a smile.
“Why don’t you lock up and then we can go in the back,” I suggested.
I got this really weird look and he said, “Really?”
“Yes, really. I came here for some action and thanking you for having this neat, clean place to meet people is the least I can do.”
Clancy thought a minute and said, “Well I don’t know,” but he said it as he moved towards the front door and locked it.
I was pretty sure that OK was the real answer so turned and started moving towards the back. When I got to the first door he was right behind me so I asked, “Should we go in here or do you want me in the next room?”
He motioned to the next room so I went there and as I pulled a stool over to the hole in the wall a hard cock came into view. And it was a big, hard cock with a cut bulging head just wanting some attention that I was ready to give. Without touching it with my hands I started licking up and down the shaft and around the head. Then I took it in my mouth and as far down my throat as I could. I was thinking that it was the perfect size for me to practice deep throating on. I stroked and licked and sucked for maybe 10 or 15 minutes and then felt his hot cum filling my mouth. It was quite a reward for my efforts.
We met in the hall on the way out and I thanked him and suggested we would have to do this again sometime. I got a smile but no answer.
Bath assistant:
I help out an organization that helps take care of people that have been injured in a car wreck or an accident at work or maybe an illness. Once in a while I’m called on to help a guy with a bath or shower as was the case today. I have just entered the house of Alfred who is confined to a wheelchair because of a work related injury. He is in his 40’s and this is my first time helping him. He leads me down a hallway to this nice large bathroom and tells me that he can’t get in the tub so I have to wash him with a washcloth.
I help him out of his robe and am somewhat turned on by the very large soft cock between his legs. He sees me eyeing it and smiles. I very carefully wash him, starting at his head and working down. When I get to his pelvis I notice that there has been some activity in that area. His cock is somewhat larger than it had been. My mouth begins to tingle as I take his meat in the washcloth and gently stroke it. Larger and larger it gets and I am going nuts. I so want to suck it but am afraid I’ll get hit but when it gets to its full 9 inches I can’t resist. I look him straight in the eyes as I drop to my knees. He knows what is about to happen as he releases the legs on his chair and spreads them. He scoots forward a bit and my mouth surrounds his cock. I heard him mumble, “It has been so long,” so I reply, “I’m glad to help.”
Unfortunately it had been a long time and all too soon my mouth was full of his load, his big load. I looked at him as I swallowed and his eyes were closed and he was at peace. “I’m sorry I was so quick,” he whispered.
“Not to worry,” I said, “If they send me here again it will take longer.”
“You could drop by without an order from them,” he said.
“Well I’m not supposed to have any contact with clients but I guess they don’t need to know. When works for you?”
“Tomorrow,” he replied with a laugh.
I added him to my list of regulars and visited him about once a week from then on. He told me he had a friend that would enjoy my efforts but so far that hasn’t happened.
Cock House:
I had just finished sucking a really nice cock at a glory hole but after waiting for another one to come thru the hole I decided the night was over and left the room. çeşme escort Out in the main area I was approached by a dude that looked at my wrist watch.
“I couldn’t see your face when I peeked thru the hole but I recognize your watch. You just finished me off, right?”
I didn’t feel threatened at all and replied, “Yes.”
“How about we go next door and have a drink,” he asked.
I had no idea what was going on but thought what the hell and agreed.
We sat and ordered and chatted a bit and then he asked, “Have you ever heard of the cock house?”
“No,” I replied.
Well, it’s a place that is men only and you go there for one of two reasons. Either you want sucked or you want to suck. There are usually 8 or 10 guys that want sucked and most times only one sucker. Are you interested?”
I thought to myself, now wait a minute. A place where there are guys just waiting around for someone to show up to suck them off. My throat began to quiver as I thought of 6 or 8 or 10 different cocks with a load of cum for my mouth. “Of course I’m interested,” I replied.
We finished and headed out. I was told that we would walk because it was only a block and there was no parking at the house. It was an old house in an old neighborhood that we entered without knocking. In the living room there were 4 guys setting around nude, some with hard cocks some not so hard. I was told if I wanted to get sucked to take a chip. On a table by the door were some poker chips with numbers on them. The lowest number was 9 which told me that there were 8 guys waiting for a mouth. Then I was told if I wanted to suck to take of my cloths and get down on my knees out in the middle of the floor. I was ready so stripped down and got down as instructed.
Almost immediately a guy stood up and came to me and handed me his chip. It was number 1. I didn’t have a chance to look at his cock or anything because he grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat. Oh how I like being used. He must have been stroking his cock for some time because it was only a couple of minutes before I felt some hot sperm filling my mouth.
Over the next hour I finished off no’s 2, 3 and 4. Number 5 was a different story. He had a very nice probably 7 inch dick with a fairly slender shaft. I worked on him, sucking his balls and shaft and even enjoying when he forced it down my throat, my first deep throat. After fucking my mouth for several minutes he ordered me to my hands and knees on the couch. I was in no position to argue so did as I was told. It was really weird because the next thing I felt was a tongue licking up and down my rosebud and forcing itself in the tight hole. Then some cool lotion was applied and without any further preparation his hard dick was forced into my asshole.
This was the very first time I had ever been fucked and I liked it. I really, really liked it. There was no pain, just pleasure as he hammered me. Then I was handed chip no 6 and a guy settled in, in front of me and gave me a hard cock to suck. I was enjoying to the max taking care of two cocks at the same time but number 5 must have liked it too because all to soon I was ordered to turn around and a load of cum was shot into my mouth.
After making sure I had drained him completely I went back to no 6. I was giving him all of my attention when chip number 7 was laid on the couch and another hard cock was forced up my ass. This one was much bigger and hurt like hell. The original pain was so bad I sort of bite the cock in my mouth and got a hard slap to the side of my head. Then my mouth was getting fucked as hard as my ass was. I had barely finished sucking the cum out of the one in front of me when I was ordered around and sucked the cum out of 7.
I looked around the room and realized that no 8 was the guy I came in with and there was no one else in the room. I sort of relaxed a little on the couch but then he approached me stroking his very hard cock.
“Turn around,” he ordered, “Your ass needs one more fucking.”
I wasn’t sure of that but realized the guys with the numbers were the boss and I didn’t really have a choice. At least he rubbed and fingered my hole with some lotion and when he stuffed his cock in me it went in fairly easily. Even though I had just drained him a couple hours ago it didn’t take long before I was ordered to turn around. With a couple of strokes he laid his cock on my tongue and hot streams of cum came out. As I swallowed I began to realize that I had just consumed 8 loads of cum in the cock house. I smiled to myself and told myself that I would be a frequent visitor.

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