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Donna was waiting at the school parking lot waiting for the bus to bring her daughter back from camp. Her daughter, Rachael, was in an outdoor group similar to scouting but was for older teens. The organization was big on the outdoors and community service. Rachael had spent two weeks at summer camp in the mountains of New York State and her mother was anxious to have her home. Donna wanted to spend the rest of the summer with her as Rachael had graduated high school and would be going away to college in a month or so. Donna looked into the rear view mirror of her car and touched up her makeup. “Not bad for being 30ish” she thought. Donna was very attractive with a slim build and auburn hair.

Donna had Rachael when she was 16 and they grew up more like friends rather than mother and daughter although Donna was very protective of her. This is why any lengthy absence left her mother worried and the thought of her going away to college was growing difficult to deal with. Donna hoped that nothing happened to the bus as it was late in arriving. She began to tap her fingers against the dash as she grew impatient with the wait and then a roaring sound filled the air. The bus was turning from the main highway into the school parking lot. Donna got out of the car and stood waiting for her daughter to step out of the bus.

Donna was nervously tapping her left toe when her daughter emerged through the folding bus doors with the other campers. Rachel looked similar to her mother with the same petite slim build and auburn hair but her hair had somewhat more of a red tint and she had her father’s blue eyes. “Umm, Rachael got a nice tan there.” observed her mother. Rachael spotted her mother and ran over to give her a big hug.

“Did you have fun?” asked her mother.

“The best!” smiled Rachael. “I had so much fun and made so many friends. I really hated to come back. This soon, anyway. But it’s good to be home.”

“I’m good you had a good time” said Donna. “The camp really did you good. You look so tan, so healthy. Your dad will be glad to see you too. Where are your bags? I hope they packed them in the bus.”

“Mom, you worry too much.” said Rachael as she pointed to the side of the bus. “They are unloading them right now.”

“Oh, OK” said her mother, “Let’s get them in the car. Are you hungry?”

Rachael thought for a second, “I am. The trip home went so fast, I didn’t realize it was past lunch. Let’s pick up some fast food on the way home.”

“I see that the healthy living and camp food is fading fast.” smiled Donna.

Rachael smiled back and placed her bags in the trunk. Mother and daughter chatted on the way home. Rachael talked about the camp while her mother told her about some events at home while she was gone. Rachael had all this college information that came for her in the mail. Donna felt at ease now that her daughter was home but she had this feeling in the back of her mind that something was different about her daughter. She dismissed the thought as their conversation continued to their home. After dad greeted them and helped with the luggage, Rachael unpacked her bags and spent the rest of the day talking to her friends. In fact she spent several days of hanging and chatting with her friends. Donna finally forced her daughter to stop socializing and start looking through the stack of mail from several colleges. She was going to have to make a decision soon and fill out the paperwork.

Donna sat with her daughter as they reviewed the stack of college brochures. Some of the universities were out of the question for various reasons and Donna made that clear to her daughter. Other than that, she let Rachael decide on where she wanted to apply. Donna had no doubt that her daughter would be accepted at any college of her choice. She was very smart and even skipped a grade or two. Over the next few days the stack and college choices got smaller and smaller. She finally made her decision and went to talk it over with her mother.

“Rachael, this is a very good school and I’m sure that you will be accepted.” said Donna pensively, “But are you sure you want to go an all girls college? I mean half the fun of going to college is to meet men. Maybe your future husband?”

Rachael looked blankly at the ground. “It is where I want to go or at least try it for a year.”

“Try for a year?” exclaimed her mother, “Rach, college is usually a four year commitment not something you try like a new item on a food menu. People did switch colleges but usually it is because of grades or personal issues and it is after they have been there awhile.”

Rachael said slowly, “Mom, it isn’t college that I’m trying out…..It’s going to an all grils college that I want to see what it is like. Maybe I’ll like it, maybe not.”

Donna said, “I don’t understand.”

“I mean that I am still finding out who I am and what I’m about.” said Rachael, “I think that this place is where I can explore………..”

“Explore what?” asked her mother.

“Explore czech taxi porno my sexuality.” said her daughter quietly.

“At an all girls’ college?” said her mother.

“Yes mom” said her daughter, “I think I like girls better than boys.”

That funny feeling Donna had earlier slipped back into her head. “Where did this come from?” she asked quietly, “You always dated guys in school…I mean I never was nosy about your sex life. Have you always felt this way?”

“No mom” she responded meekly, “I like boys but …..well, something at camp has made me curious. I’m really hungry to know and explore. I’m may be gay or least bi.”

Donna looked shocked then regained her calm. “Rachael, I love you no matter what. You are my daughter whether you or straight or not or somewhere in between. You have never talked like this before. What brought this on?”

Rachael feeling more reassured from her mother began to explain. “Well you know I had a great time at camp.” Her mother listened and nodded. I had other four camp mates in our tent and we got along great. It was like we were best buds for our whole life. We had this really cool camp leader who directed us on hikes, swimming, and all the other activities. She was really cool and everyone in our tent really liked her.”

“That was Sharon?” asked her mother recalling the conversion on the drive home.

“Yeah, that’s her.” said her daughter with a slight grin. “She wasn’t serious or mean like the other leaders. She was nice and we were all friends. Sharon was just out of college and was doing this for the summer until this real job came open in the fall. You know that she used to do beauty contests for our state?”

“No I didn’t” said Donna, “But then I usually don’t watch the state beauty pageants on TV.”

“Oh yeah” said Rachael, “She has been doing those since she was 8. She really knew a lot about hair and make up and she would do ours in the evening. Just for fun. She never did win any contest and I don’t know why. She is very pretty.”

“What did she look like?” asked her mother.

“She was very pretty and really not like some beauty queen.” said her daughter, “Maybe that is why she didn’t win. Sharon was blonde with these big sky blue eyes and big chested. She was really athletic and strong. She had this bubbly personality which is why we immediately liked her but maybe others thought she was a dumb blonde but she was really smart. All of us liked her and we could really talk to her”

“So what went on?” asked Donna whose protective side was showing. “What made you think you are not into boys?”

“Well everyone was having some a great time in camp and Sharon really made everything fun.” smiled her daughter, “And on the last day, we were getting sad because it was our last day. Sharon tried to make us feel better by having a going away party for us. After the dinner in the mess hall, Sharon invited us to her cabin. It is against the rules for campers to be in the leader’s cabins but Sharon told us it was OK to bend the rules on your last day. What would they make you do? Leave the next day?”

“I guess she was right about that” said Donna as she continued to listen.

“So the five of us go to her cabin.” Rachael continued, “Her cabin was off to the side away from the other leader’s cabins and kind of private. We knocked on the door and Sharon let us in. It was small but there wasn’t much furniture in there so all of us were comfortable in there. After chatting for awhile, Sharon put on some music on her boom box and we are all dancing and doing each other’s hair and makeup. After an hour or so, the music is getting slowly louder as a few of the girls kept raising the volume control slightly. Then Sharon opens her mini fridge and brings out this big bottle of margarita mix with the booze already in it. We drank from the bottle and passed it around. We were having fun and getting buzzed until the bottle was empty.”

“Sounds pretty normal to me” said her mother, “I had drinking parties like that with my girlfriends. Just remember don’t drink and drive.”

“Oh I know” reassured her daughter, “Couldn’t drive at camp anyway.”

“Just remember that when you are in college.” said her mother.

Rachael rolled her eyes and said, “I know mom! Anyway…….. The five of us and Sharon were having a good time in her cabin. The sun had set by then. Sharon turned on her lamp and closed her shades. It was kind of cool just having that one low yellow kind of light in the cabin. One of the girls did shadow puppets with her hand over the lamp. We were giggling and laughing over silly things like that. Then Sharon turned down the volume as not to disturb the other team leaders in the night. Then she told us that since it was our last evening that we should make it official and take off our uniforms.”

“Uniforms?” asked her mother.

“Didn’t you know? said her daughter, “I hardly unpacked any clothes you put together. The camp had us wear these defloration porno uniforms. Like the scouts with Khaki shorts and light tan shirts. Everyone wore them including the leaders. So, Sharon starts to take off her shirt and shorts. I figured it would be like a pajama or bra and panties party so I took mine off and the rest of the girls did too. We were probably a little too buzzed to care and we were still giggling and laughing as we stripped. But it didn’t stop there.”

“What do you mean?” asked Donna.

“We got naked!” said Rachael. “I have never been naked with a group of girls except maybe the gym showers in school. After Sharon took off her shirt and shorts, she continued to take off her bra and panties. The rest of us girls just followed along and took off our bras and panties. Thinking back, I was surprised that we did that especially Sally who was the conservative one of our group. We were tossing our underwear in the air and playing catch with them. It was crazy but we were having fun. I remember thinking how cool it was being naked with my friends.”

Donna tried to look like a concerned mother but she was holding back her laughter. “Sounds like a wild party.”

“Mom, it was fun. We were having a blast.” said her daughter, “We didn’t care if we were naked or not. We felt like we were really kind of free if you know what I mean. Really all of our inhibitions were gone. I began to notice the other girls especially their breasts, how similar ours were and yet different. We were all about the same size except for Sharon. She must have had 36 D’s with these cute pink nipples that were big, about the size of a half dollar and what caught my eye was a nipple ring pierced through one of them. I asked her about it and she said she did it instead of a tattoo for a body decoration. She told me that if I were staying longer she would pierce mine with a ring if I had wanted.”

“I don’t know if I would have gone for that.” said her mother, “Did you really want one?”

“I thought it was cool then but I was buzzed too.” smiled Rachael, “It’s looks kind of erotic but I really wouldn’t want one in me. I mean all of the girls were looking at it and saying how cool it was. Some of the girls began to talk about friends or people they knew who had them or even ones with pussy rings. Sharon’s nipples really got hard with everyone looking at it.”

“Well I’m glad you didn’t get one.” said her mother, “That’s all you need is to get some infection in your nipples from that.”

“The party was starting to get quieter then” said Rachael “And Sharon said that we would have to leave soon before curfew. She told us that we were such a good group and she really felt like a close friend with all of us. Then she said she was going to give each one of us a kiss and hug before we left. We just stood around while Sharon went to each one of us. First she embraced Sally then kissed her. I was next. Mom, her body felt so good pressed against mine and her kiss was more than friendly. I mean they were slightly parted and moist. It made my nipples get hard. I looked over at Sally and her nipples were really erect. I had that good feeling between my legs like when a boy gives you a French kiss.”

Donna just nodded and continued to listen.

“Sharon gave each one of us that same hug and kiss.” smiled her daughter, “Each one of us had hard nipples after she was finished. There was a bit of silence after the last kiss. Then Sharon suggested that since all of us came from different areas that we should give each other one last goodbye kiss and hug. We looked at each other and nodded as it was the last time we would probably see each other. We did have so much fun together. We just started to embrace each other while Sharon watched. I hugged Sally first. Mom, she felt so nice too. She felt different from Sharon because she was kind thin and small chested but her nipples pressed into my breasts really turned me on and I could feel her pussy against my thigh. It felt moist and I knew she was feeling turned on like I was. Her kiss was very nice too. The I kissed and hugged Vicki, Patty, then Suzie. Everyone had kissed and hugged everyone else. Mom, I was so horny by hugging and kissing the other girls that I needed to touch myself so bad.”

Donna smiled at her daughter and said, “I understand. I really do.”

“Then Sharon asked if we wanted to stay longer.” said Rachael. “We all agreed but Sharon told us that we would have to be quiet. She would help us sneak back to our tent since it was after curfew. Then she asked if we enjoyed that little group kiss and hug? We all squealed out “yes!” Sharon her finger to her lips and made a shoosh sound then we became quiet. She took a large candle from the top of her dresser and ignited the wick with a lighter. She set the candle down in the middle of the floor then she turned out her lamp. It seemed pitch black in the cabin until our eyes became adjusted to the candlelight. Mom, I can still smell that vanilla doktor ofisi porno cinnamon scent from the candle that filled the cabin. All of us followed Sharon’s lead and sat on the floor around the candle. The atmosphere in the cabin was kind of mysterious and exciting. Then Sharon asked if we wanted to do a little truth or dare?”

“I guess you couldn’t play any strip games since all you were already nude.” grinned Donna. “So what happened then?”

Rachael continued “Sharon started with more truth than dare. She asked if anyone had fooled around with another girl. Vicki raised her hand and she did when she was younger. Then Sharon moved back from the circle and asked Vicki to sit in front of her. She figured that it was some kind of dare thing and sat in front of our team leader. Sharon told the rest of us to do the same and I saw Patty look at Suzie then Patty got behind her. I could already feel Sally’s body heat and warm breath behind my back. Sharon scooted close behind Vicki and pressed her body against Vicki’s back then wrapped her arms around Vicki’ waist. I watched Patty do the same to Suzie and I felt Sally’s breasts against me as her hands smoothed across my waist.”

“How did you feel about that?” asked her mother.

“It felt really different but at the same time it was exciting. I was enjoying the little game, mom.” smiled her daughter. “Now everyone was cozy and Sharon asked Vicki what she had done. At first Vicki didn’t want to say but Sharon told her that everyone plays around a little and that it was normal. I wanted to hear what Vicki done and I think everyone was curious too. Vicki said that she and her girlfriend had French kissed during a sleepover. Sharon told her that was very common and that all of us almost did that just a few minutes ago. Then Sharon asked if they did anything else. Vicki paused and then said they had fingered each other.”

“Really!” said Donna.

“Oh yeah mom.” Rachael said, “It was starting to wild in there. Sharon listened and told Vicki that sounded pretty cool. She went on to say that it is very pleasurable for a girl to get another girl off. Mom, it was getting very tense sexually in the cabin. I looked at the two girls in front of me then looked back at Sharon and Vicki. Then Sharon said it might be nice if we got each other off. It got really quiet then and the four of us watched Sharon move her hands on Vicki. Sharon had one hand on Vicki’s boobie and the other between her legs. Vickie just closed her eyes and smiled while Sharon began to touch her. I could feel Sally’s nipples harden against my back and her hands began to feel my boobies.”

“And?” asked Donna.

“Mom, it felt really good. Better than when a guy has touched them.” her daughter said quietly. I looked at Suzie who was kind of wide eyed and didn’t know what to do or think as Patti was touching her as well. It wasn’t long before we were getting fingered by our partners. Not only rubbing our clits but pumping their fingers deep in our pussies. I sort of remember Vicki cumming first and she made these little short moaning sounds. Then she let out a loud groan while bucking her pussy into Sharon’s hand. I lost track of the rest of the girls as I was starting to get off. I had this huge orgasm when Sally began to rub me real hard and fast. I went limp for a moment then I turned around towards Sally. She had this wonderful smile on her face and I kissed her. Not like before but a really wet kiss and then we french kissed.”

“Wow!” said her mother with interest. “This really happened? What was the kiss like? Did you ever do that before?”

“Not with a girl” said Rachael, “It was so different than with a boy. Very soft and more passionate. I was really getting into it and soon Sally was facing me, almost sitting on my lap with her legs wrapped around my waist. It seemed like hours that our tongues explored our mouths. I could feel Sally’s pussy against my stomach. It was so wet and it felt like she was dripping on me. Mom, I have never done this before but I just had to. I ran kisses down her shoulders and began to suck on her boobies. Her nipples were so long and hard, I felt like sucking them all day. Every time I sucked hard on them, Sally would let out a moan. While I sucked on her boobies, I put my hand on her pussy. It was so new and exciting to feel her. I began to touch her like I like to touch myself. Sally began to dig her nails into my back as she was really moaning in pleasure. I was enjoying being the aggressor and enjoyed having my fingers give her pleasure. The louder she moaned, the harder I touched her. Then she really got off and went limp on me. I liked holding her body tight against as I began to comfort Sally.”

“Oh Rach” quietly said her mother, “It sounds wonderful.”

“It was mom.” said her daughter, “I enjoyed it so much. While I was holding Sally, I looked around to see what everyone else was doing. Suzie had this glazed over look on her face and she was letting little kitten noises. I couldn’t see Patty’s face but her hands were very busy on Suzie. Sharon and Vicki were the ones to really watch. Vicki was on her back with her legs spread apart while Sharon was licking her puss.. I had seen that in porno films but never in person. Vicki seemed like she was in seventh heaven and really was enjoying Sharon’s tongue.”

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