Soccer Girls Have Naughty Fun

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All of the characters in this story are 18 years of age or older. This story features lesbian sex, drug use, and foreplay. Readers are required to have a little something that we like to call ‘suspension of disbelief.’ Read this if you’re horny and want to have fun. Read Faulkner if your pants are still on and you’ve got an editor’s pen permanently lodged up your butt.


Jessica and Lauren slumped down onto the very last seat of the big, yellow school bus after the long day of high school soccer tournament play had finally finished.

Their Newport team had taken home the championship trophy after a grueling day of three back-to-back games that had started very early that morning and gone all the way into the wee hours of twilight as the winning team was crowned.

Jessica was the team’s star forward—blonde hair, cute and short with curls that she wore layered down to just above her shoulders, she had been co-team captain since their sophomore year. Lauren was the other captain on the team, a brilliant midfielder with a dark brunette hair worn in bangs with her hair worn straight and put up in a ponytail for game-days.

The girls were both 18 and had been best friends basically since freshman year. They were both fairly popular in school and boys had quite a bit of trouble staying focused around them in the halls or in classes where they leaned too far forward in the desks in front of them.

Both of them were absolutely stunning—high school-sexy at its most brilliantly realized. Their breasts were perky B and C cups, their legs toned and muscular from their soccer and tennis dedications and their co-workouts in Jessica’s dad’s gym; and each girl had a butt that would make substitute teachers have occasionally amazing days. They wore Paige jeans from Nordstrom’s that looked more like painted on skin than actual jeans.

But there was a difference in their individual brand of sexy. Jessica had the look of a girl that was the fun slut—the girl you wanted to party with—go to Vegas with—get drunk at night on a barhopping weekend with her fake ID in hand. She wore very revealing tank tops and short shorts and skirts and generally made sure her thongs or bra straps were always on display if she happened to need something from a male teacher or even, a curious female teacher or coach. She was the type of sexy that just knew how sexy she was and it turned her on to know it. She wielded her power with ease and in a few years, she would be absolutely devastating when she was unleashed upon the world at large.

Lauren on the other hand was the girl that all the guys REALLY masturbated to in their most honest of moments. She was the type of girl you’d love to see get stuck in a rainstorm because she wore these somewhat innocent outfits that still hugged her form and you just had to wonder if she wasn’t hiding something stupidly sexy underneath it all—see-through panties or garter belts or who knows what else.

Jessica was like a slightly more devious Hayden Panettiere while Lauren had more of that Vanessa Hudgens vibe to her.

They were the types of girls who you loved to hate…but also, really, you couldn’t deny loving them. They were fun. They were smart. They didn’t take any of their gene pool lottery winnings for granted.

The high school season was nearing its end they had just won one of the biggest tournaments held throughout the state every year.

The team had stopped for celebratory In-N-Out cheeseburgers after the final game to replenish their bodies fully with sustenance. They got sugar highs on vanilla milkshakes and reveled in the day’s events as they talked about all the typical things that their age range required.

For the seniors, there was definitely something wistful in the air. They all knew this sisterhood was coming to an end soon, even though they said all the things you always say. “We’ll stay in touch! We’ll definitely meet up after school!” Etc. Etc.

But for Jessica and Lauren they would always be close. They had found a lifelong best friendship in each other’s company and they had been through all of the trials and tribulations that high school has to offer with aplomb and panache.

All the seats on the bus had been staked out earlier that morning with blankets and sports bags and pillows and whatever else was needed for the long, three-hour drive from the high school to the sports complex. It was the longest drive of the season and while the coaches and parents had considered flying the team in, the airport wasn’t close enough to make much of a difference in the time or cost.

So they decided to make the entire drive in a day as it were, and the girls now found themselves back on the bus, happy and full from their recent dinners and final bathroom trips.

When they were finally back on the highway, it was about 9:00 PM and the bus lights were turned off to allow the players to fall asleep. The only lights in the bus were those green tracker lights antalya escort that run along the floor and window-tops.

Jessica and Lauren’s row was half occupied by the team soccer ball bags and water jugs, which meant that they had it to themselves. The coaches sat up front and most of the girls quickly drifted off to sleep in their blanket and pillow setups.

Jessica had other ideas though. When they’d fully sunk into their seats and the bus was just turning onto the main highway she reached into the pocket of her bag and grabbed a couple of pieces of candy.

Lauren recognized them right away—they were edibles. They were the same edibles the girls had taken at Winter Formal which made the night much more memorable as Jessica melted into a happy fog all through the princess crowning ceremony (which she happened to be winning at the time). Lauren would’ve known. She was the ASB rep placing the crown on her best friend’s head. And even she had to keep from completely busting up laughing as they enjoyed their mutual cannabis cloud unbeknownst to their many admiring onlookers.

Jessica didn’t even say anything, she just raised an eyebrow to her best friend and Lauren immediately shook her head just like she always did whenever her bestie came up with some crazy new scheme. Just as Jessica was about to put the candies back in her bag Lauren snatched one and opened it up and immediately began swallowing it down. They were flavored taffies that Jessica’s older brother had brought back for her from Colorado on his last trip out there for snowboarding.

The girls had started getting into weed a little throughout their senior year—by far their most daring sin to date, other than alcohol and their first forays into sex that is.

They chewed their candies conspiratorially as they giggled quietly to themselves. This bus ride was about to be a lot more fun.

They were both dressed in comfy post-game sweats and tank-tops as the cool night air seemed to battle the bus’s old heating system. Lauren had her hair pulled up in a lazy whatever clump and Jessica had hers in a simple ponytail.

They slinked in below their double-blanket setup and were thankful for the back row of the bus’s closeness to some warm pipe below their seat which seemed to always keep this bench warmer than any of the other’s on this particular bus.

The girls in the two rows in front of them were all completely passed out already with the exhaustion of the day.

“How long did these ones take before we were feeling the high, do you remember?” Lauren asked. Jessica tried to think of the last time they had taken them.

“I think it was like, twenty or thirty minutes before we really started to feel it.” She said. “Hey, I know, let’s watch a movie!” She announced suddenly. She reached back into her bag and pulled out her iPad which was a very necessary distraction to bring on long team bus rides like this one.

“In seat entertainment, great idea.” Lauren watched as Jessica booted up the device and switched over to her iTunes where she had certain saved movies.

Lauren leaned in as she browsed the selection with her friend. They considered a couple of different horror flicks and comedies when suddenly Jessica scrolled past the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ sequel.

She looked at her friend with a smirk and Jessica smiled back at her.

“Have you watched it yet?” Lauren asked her.

“Of course not dork, I was waiting for you!” Jessica tickled her a little as Lauren pushed her fingers from her overly sensitive armpits.

“Please not there!” She squealed as silently as she could so as not to wake anyone up.

Jessica reached for her headphones and the girls each shared a bud even as they waited for their culinary bud to kick in.

They sat side-by-side with their knees pressed up against the seat in front of them up against the seat bar in front of them so they could rest the iPad there on each of their inner legs to keep the screen close and in the middle of them both.

As the movie began they both snuggled in close to each other and enjoyed the bond they’d made over the years. They really did love each other so very much. It was a reliable friendship built around a thousand crazy stories and probably many more to come.

As the minutes passed and the film went on they both slowly began to feel the effects of the fairly powerful edible and soon they were giggling or smiling at random things that would happen in the film. It was a naughty sort of feeling, watching such an adult film with each other on the backseat of the bus with the nearest chaperone completely out of their hair.

At some point the seat and blankets became too hot for Jessica and she shucked her sweat pants below the blanket so she was just in a plane purple no show Victoria’s Secret thong panty. Lauren immediately copied her as she realized how warm she had gotten too and she was now down to just her stretchy Aerie lara escort light blue cotton thong with tiny white polka dots. The girls had had plenty of sleepovers in high school where they had worn that or less as they drifted off together in the same bed, and there was nothing weird to either of them in getting a little comfier under the blankets.

They’d already taken off their sweatshirts earlier and were now only wearing their comfy tank tops and undies as the film continued on. Lauren noticed that Jessica wasn’t wearing a bra under her tank as her ample side boob peaked out at her. She loved that about her friend—the sexy confidence she seemed to just saunter around with. She could probably walk around school like that without getting in trouble—that was just the sort of presence she carried.

They snuggled back into each other as they restarted the film. The story progressed to a particular scene where Jamie Dornan’s character finds Dakota Johnson dressed to the nines in high-end lingerie. He approaches her like a wolf and shows her a pair of silver metal pleasure balls and has her bend over so he can insert them into her pussy.

By this time both Jessica and Lauren had noticed that they were becoming a little turned on by the film. This situation in particular had both girls noticing their pussies becoming damp beneath their cotton panties.

The girl’s hands were both on each other’s thighs as they glided their fingers up and down each other’s smooth skin. They were both starting to feel the heady, euphoric effects of the edible and it felt good to rub their hands up and down each other’s soft skin. Girls just felt so nice to touch.

Lauren put her head on Jessica’s shoulder as she enjoyed the way her best friend smelled as she reveled in the sexual tension of the film playing on their laps.

Jessica loved the way Lauren’s soft hair felt against her neck as she rubbed her hand up and down along the inner half of her friend’s thigh. Lauren adjusted herself suddenly as she felt one of her legs falling asleep. She stretched her leg out and placed it back down, but this time on top of Jessica’s own leg. This brought the girls even closer together and also opened up Lauren’s legs a little bit wider. She didn’t know why she had done it, but her body felt like spreading her legs a little and she liked the way Jessica’s fingers were feeling as they danced across the skin of her inner thigh.

Lauren’s own fingers massaged Jessica’s upper thigh muscle firmly and even came up to dance across her friend’s exposed belly button as her fingers traced the skin right above her panty line, occasionally slipping up under her tank-top hem.

Their breathing had become more measured as they stroked each other softly, almost purring at each other’s soft, feminine forms.

This went on for a long time. They melted into each other and enjoyed the way everything felt as they caressed their various curves and teased their way around forbidden body parts. It seemed friendly enough to them both, but the movie definitely had both of the hormone-crazy teens a little revved up.

The story had progressed to a scene where Dakota Johnson was bent over a bed with her hands tied behind her back with a necktie as she was spanked by a dominant Christian Grey. Both of the girls were beginning to get very horny as they watched the naughty scene and they rolled their legs a little bit under the blankets as they felt the tension building in their damp pussies.

Jessica slipped her fingers a little further up the inside of Lauren’s leg right up to the soft cotton border of her thong. Lauren gasped a little under her breath as she felt her friend’s fingers getting incredible close to where her arousal had created a damp patch against the crotch of her panties.

Jessica could feel Lauren’s breathing quicken where she lay against her chest and neck. She continued to lightly run her fingers all the way down her inner thigh and then all the way back up as she subtly teased her friend right up to where her underwear line finished.

Both of the girls were deadly silent as they continued to pretend they were watching the film. A sex scene had begun as Lauren stretched her leg out even further over Jessica’s own and this caused her to crotch to be pressed further open Jessica definitely noticed this. Lauren’s own hand was now rubbing across Jessica’s tight tummy and lightly playing with her stud piercing she had in her belly button. It was hot. She’d always loved it.

Now Jessica had her hand running over the top elastic band of Lauren’s small panties. Lauren loved the way her friend’s fingers seemed to tease her tummy line and sensitive skin so close to her pussy. Jessica’s fingertips pushed the thin strap into her friend’s skin and occasionally ducked below the hem to touch the skin just inside her panties.

Lauren placed her own hand on top of her friend’s and they massaged the skin below side escort her belly button together and the skin just above her panty line. And then Lauren slowly began to push her friend’s hand further down so that it ran directly over the front triangle of her thong. Jessica was surprised and impressed by her friend’s advance, and she gladly took the cue from here. Neither girl had ever played with another girl before, but they were both ridiculously horny from the movie and the drugs. Jessica was excited as she felt the warm wetness on her friend’s soft panties. She massaged her fingers over the outline of her lips with lauren’s own fingers continuing to rub her hand as she pushed them down against her thinly covered slit; and then Lauren took her hand away to allow her friend to do whatever she wanted.

Jessica rubbed the soaking wet outside of Lauren’s cotton-covered mound and then she couldn’t wait anymore. She dragged her hand back up under the waistband of her panties and pushed her fingers down to glide over her friend’s silky, wet pussy for the first time ever. Lauren moaned into Jessica’s neck and Jessica brought her mouth down to find Lauren’s lips. They started kissing likes drunks finding each other on a darkened dance floor—kittens discovering a different type of intimacy. Jessica’s fingers pushed inside of Lauren’s freshly shaven pussy. It was so sexy.

The girls made out softly as their first girl-on-girl experience played out as naturally as if they’d been planning it all along. The randomness of the sexual spontaneity was hot as fucking hell, and they immediately became intensely aware of how much they wanted to play with each other in that moment.

After an intense five minutes of exploratory kissing that felt more like a Sapphic fact-finding mission, Jessica turned off the film and put it back into her bag as she crawled back up on top of her friend now. They grinded their crotches against each other on the backseat as they kissed and moaned softly into each other’s mouths. The loud road reverberating throughout the old bus mostly covered their impassioned sounds as they did their best to remain covert in their sudden lasciviousness. Most of the noise was swallowed up by their hungry mouths pressed hard together in lust. Jessica squeezed Lauren’s breasts through her tank top and pulled them out as she pressed her friends’ tank top and bra down. She twisted her friend’s nipple in her finger and Lauren moaned again into her mouth. She knew that Lauren liked having her nipples played with—the girls had had plenty of sexual talks over the course of their friendship.

Jessica slid down to the floor in between Lauren’s legs and pushed them apart as Lauren held them up with hands under her knees as she scooted to the edge of the seat. Jessica threw the blanket back over them as she pushed her friend’s panties to the side and immediately began sensually kissing up the insides of her thighs. Lauren bit her lip as she tried to stay quiet as she felt Jessica’s tongue slide all the way up her pussy for the first time. She was on fire and she loved the way it felt to be eaten out by the soft lips of another girl her age. It was sexual fantasy exploding in front of her. Every girl had masturbated to the idea of playing with another girl, she just never thought she’d actually act on it. Jessica too, couldn’t believe how hot she felt eating another girl’s pussy out for the first time. She lapped up Lauren’s sweet cream and enjoyed the way a woman tasted—a billion times better than any cock’s cum she had ever swallowed. Plus, there was something sort of naughty about it that she totally loved. She was having sex with a girl and that felt so fun and forbidden to her in that moment.

She dragged her tongue up and down and did Michelle Kwan triple salchow’s over the engorged hood of her friend’s sensitive clit as Lauren clutched at her head as she ran her fingers through her hair to let it out of her ponytail.

Lauren lifted the blanket to watch her friend eat her out as they locked eyes in the low moonlight that came through the back window. The blonde was mostly in shadows and it was an erotic site to witness this fuckable 18 year old seductress giving her a mind-blowing pussy eating for the ages. Jessica had these olive green eyes that seemed to be absolutely aglow with erotic lust. Lauren pressed her legs against the seat in front of her as the blanket fell fully off of them. If anyone had turned around or walked to the back of the bus they would’ve been treated to quite a scene—the two co-captains of the girls Varsity soccer team, and two of the hottest girls in the entire school for that matter, having mind-blowing oral sex—Lauren with her legs spread against the seat in a stirrup position and her boobs still out of her tank and bra, Jessica on her knees licking up her friend’s nectar like she was the beehive’s employee of the month.

Lauren felt like she might cum soon if Jessica continued her pace and soon she was even more enthralled as Jessica stuck two fingers inside of her and began to rub her upper wall of her opening in a “come-over-here-and-cum-on-my-face” sort of gesture. Her fingers seemed to rub directly over Lauren’s G spot and soon she couldn’t hold back any longer.

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