Snow Day

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As soon as she opened her eyes, Tess knew. The way the room was lit by bright, glowing light could only mean one thing…SNOW! She crawled out from under her thick quilt and opened the shade and saw the beauty of the entire neighborhood blanketed in uninterrupted sparkling whiteness.

Quickly she dove back under the covers, pulling the quilt right up to her neck, shivering. The first snow of the winter. Finally! She slithered her arm to the nightstand and pulled the phone under the covers, the plastic cold against her naked skin. Dialing, silently praying, she waited. Then she heard his voice, his beloved voice, still sleepy.

“Darling, it snowed! And it is a freezing cold day, not fit for man nor beast. I have a proposition….let’s take a Snow Day. Just us, together, here at my house, all cozy and snuggly. Please?” she coaxed.

Daren took a moment to register her request. A day of snuggling and being cozy with Tess? A man would have to be crazy to pass on that! But he let her continue longer, sketching out their day, making promises of pleasures to come.

Finally, he couldn’t wait any longer. “I suppose I could take a Snow Day. I do have lots of work to finish, but one day would be all right, I guess…..”

Tess burst into giggles. “I could find someone else, Sir, if you are too busy for me. I am sure that Anthony or Ben would take a day off. Maybe even Scott. Yes, I could call Scotty, he would suffer through a Snow Day with me…” she purred.

“I’ll be there in less than an hour, Tess!” Daren exclaimed as he replaced the phone. He jumped from his bed and showered, singing Christmas songs loudly, happily, and slightly off-key. Before dressing, he carefully applied Obsession for Men to his warm, naked body, knowing it drove Tess mad with desire. He was in his Jeep and heading toward her house in less than thirty minutes of her call. Stopping at the store, he loaded his basket with treats and goodies, anything he thought Tess might like.

After showering and dressing in her softest sweats, furry slippers on her feet, Tess had begun making preparations of her own. She browned meat and onions, adding spices and tomatoes, until the scent of homemade chili filled the air. She quite expertly laid a fire and started it, the flames leaping and crackling. For Christmas, she had received a 25-disc CD player and now she loaded it with her favorite music, and started the first disc. She began to light candles, but felt the aroma of a simmering lunch was more delectable.

She settled on the couch, enjoying the coziness of the day. Earlier, the weather channel had predicted more snow in early afternoon, but right now the sky was a dazzling blue, the colors of the outdoors unbelievably bright and beautiful.

In the corner, near the fireplace, the Christmas tree still stood. She and Daren had both felt that the holiday had gone too fast this year, over too soon, and voted to leave the tree up a little longer. Now, she was glad they had. It gave their Snow Day added appeal, prettily decorated and filled with glowing white fairy lights.

Soon, she heard the garage door open and close, then the kitchen door, and then Daren’s voice. He could make her wet with just his hello, make her come with his words. She loved him. They had been together for nearly a year, having met right after Christmas last year. Everything was still new, every holiday, every celebration, carefully marked and remembered as a “first”.

Now, they would celebrate their first Snow Day. She heard him placing various bags on the counter and went to join him. She stood on tiptoe, taking his cold face in her hands, rubbing her soft warm lips against his cold ones, easily making him melt to his core. Her tongue slid out shyly, washing his lips, entering his mouth, playing games with his. She leaned into him, a bundle of warmth and softness, molding against him. Sighing, he slipped his cold hands under her sweatshirt, finding the soft warmth he craved. He could feel the heat from her flesh moving up his arms, sending a flush along his skin. He held her close, inhaling her special scent, basking in her loving embrace. She took his coat to the closet as he put away his groceries. He had dressed in nicely worn jeans and a ribbed sweater, and looked casual and comfortable. He walked into the living room, appreciating the glowing fire and the still-decorated tree. Tess took a minute to admire the fit of his jeans against his ass, feeling a tingle between her legs. She returned to the kitchen to make a pot of real cocoa, putting milk in a pan and adding cocoa powder, sugar and a hint of vanilla. As she stood stirring bahis firmaları it, the delicious aroma of chocolate competed with the chili, making them both hungry. Daren came up behind Tess, leaning down and nibbling her nape, that tender spot just made for kissing. She lightly moaned and leaned back against him, making her neck as accessible as possible. His hands encircled her, holding her tightly, and he whispered words of love and happiness. When he finally returned to the living room, Tess felt bereft. She filled mugs with cocoa, added piles of marshmallows and made a tray of the fresh croissants that Daren had brought, adding soft butter and Irish raspberry jam in a white ceramic bowl.

When she returned to the living room, she saw Daren on the floor, the coffee table pulled close to the fireplace, the Scrabble game set up, ready to play. They sat across from one another, nibbling the buttery pastry, drinking hot cocoa and competing fiercely for the championship. Once, after sipping cocoa, Tess had a marshmallow moustache, and Daren couldn’t resist licking it off, enjoying a thorough kiss in the process. The game lasted a long time. Both were aggressive players and the game was fun, filled with friendly disputes and laughter. Tess won, by several points, and Daren demanded a rematch. But not now. Now he wanted to sit with Tess and savor the feel of her in his arms. They put away the Scrabble game, moved the coffee table to the other side of the room and stood before the fire. The music was softly playing in the background and they moved into each other’s arms, dancing together with practice and ease. They looked good together, Daren tall and full-bodied, Tess short and softly round. Her eyes drifted closed, and she just enjoyed the feelings of Daren so close to her, his heart beating beneath her cheek.

When they stopped, Daren looked into the fire. “Let me get some more logs, sweetheart. I will be back in a moment.” He restacked the fire, poking it until the flames leapt brightly. Then they decided to watch a movie together. They chose one of their favorites, “Only You”. Daren sat longways on the comfy couch and Tess snuggled back between his thighs, her head resting on his chest. They watched the movie, both of them extremely pleased that fate and true love won in the end.

Tess was so comfortable in his arms. She could stay this way forever. She fit nicely against him, his arms around her, holding her, his breath in her hair. When the movie ended, she was tempted to close her eyes and take a nap, right here. Then she heard Daren chuckle and felt his arms tighten.

“Don’t you dare take a nap! You promised me many things if I took a Snow Day, Missy. One of them was a delicious lunch and I am starving! So, move your pretty ass and feed me!”

Sighing, Tess got to her feet and moved into the kitchen. She served huge bowls of chili, with grated cheese and great chunks of hot french bread. She set up the feast on the floor, near the fire, which Daren had once again set blazing.

They could see the snow clouds rolling in, the sky darkening as they ate. This was something Tess loved. Sharing time and memories with Daren. Today, they told stories of their childhoods, of snow and winters and Christmas wishes. She loved learning about his past, the things that made him the man she loved. It was growing dark outside, but the firelight turned the living room golden. They ate until they felt they would explode, enjoying the food and company. Finally, Tess stood to clear the dishes. Together, they worked in the kitchen, companionably washing and cleaning, putting away the chili and other leftover foods.

Tess was drooping. It seemed so late due to the snow clouds and she was full and content. The only thing she could think of was a nap. Wrapping her arms around Daren’s chest, she snuggled close, closing her eyes. “One tiny nap and I will be fresh and ready for more fun, I promise,” she whispered. Again, she heard his chuckle start deep within.

“All right, Little One. A small nap and then I will collect on your promises.” He kept his arms around her as they walked to the sofa, snuggling side by side, wrapped in each other. She kicked off her slippers, tucking her feet under his legs for warmth. The fire was still flaming and warming the room nicely. She settled onto his shoulder, the one made just for her, and was quickly asleep. Daren held her close, closing his eyes and thinking of the time he didn’t have her and wondering how he ever existed. Soon, the heavy food and warmth of the room lulled him to sleep too. Their breathing slowed and matched, their hearts beat kaçak iddaa together.

When she woke, Daren was watching her. He smiled lazily and leaned down to capture her mouth with his. She could smell Obsession and warm wool and Daren, all delightful scents. They kissed for what seemed to be hours. Outside the snow began falling again, looking lacy and ethereal through the windows. Now, they didn’t want to move, just lie together and continue kissing forever.

But being in love and totally besotted with each other, things couldn’t remain at this level too long. Soon, Daren stood and pulled Tess to her feet. They moved to the other rooms, gathering quilts and comforters, pillows and blankets. Without a word, they worked together. Finally, returning to the living room, they built a cushy nest on the carpet in front of the fireplace. Layer after layer of soft bedding was piled high, the pillows strewn all over. Admiring their handiwork, the lovers stood close together and resumed kissing, but now with urgency. Hands started wandering, lifting and searching, seeking secret warm places, purchase for their needy fingers. The room was in darkness, save the Christmas lights and the fire glow. As they kissed, they danced, their hips moving in the age old movement of love and need.

Daren lifted her sweatshirt, kissing her chest above her bra. Tess slid her hands under his sweater, enjoying the muscular feel of his back and shoulders. Then she removed the sweater, needing to feel flesh on flesh. His nimble fingers found the tiny clasp between her breasts and opened her bra, freeing her nipples and making them harden. He cupped her, holding her firmly, massaging her nipples with his thumbs, causing her to moan. She could feel his erection, against the soft denim, and reached down to release him. As he stepped from his jeans, he pulled down her loose sweatpants, and they both kicked the clothing away. They were nearly naked. Still, it wasn’t enough. She wanted to feel the length of him against her. Together, they removed the last obstacles. Now, they stood without clothing, without shame, the dancing firelight on their flesh, only part of the scorching heat they both felt.

Lying together in the nest, they returned to kissing, pressing their needy flesh together, fitting into one another, perfectly in tune. Daren could hear his sweetheart murmuring, but couldn’t understand the words. She was kissing him frantically, her legs wrapped around his thigh, her wet pussy rubbing hungrily against him. He tried to hear her, but she was speaking so softly. This was something amazing he had learned about her, she was shy. She loved having sex and all aspects of it, but was unable to verbalize her desires. Suddenly, it seemed important to him that she tell him what she wanted, what would please her. He stopped moving. He pulled his mouth from hers. He rolled slightly away from her.

Tess wasn’t sure what had happened. Like a baby losing a nipple, she followed him, seeking his mouth, his hands. But he remained totally passive. She leaned over him, afraid to speak, not sure what she had done wrong. Finally, Daren spoke. “Tonight, I need you to tell me what you want. I want to hear the words, the thoughts, the wishes. Tonight, I want to hear you say aloud your desires. You ask and I will join you. If you remain quiet, I will remain still. Tell me, Darling, what you want.”

At first, Tess was stunned. She was used to being quiet and just enjoying the lovemaking. Daren seemed to know instinctively what pleased her and she was always fulfilled and content. She didn’t think she could say the words. It was too embarrassing. But, true to his word, Daren just relaxed against the pillows and remained still. Tess ran her hand up and down his body, his furry chest, his flat tummy, his wiry curlies and his engorged cock. But he refused to be tempted. Tess was flustered. She knew what she wanted, but wasn’t sure she could say it, ask for it. Finally, she whispered the words. Daren pretended not to hear. She whispered again, louder. No response. Finally, made bold from repetition and fiery need, Tess turned on her side, facing him.

“What I want is for you to suck my nipples. I want your mouth to encircle them, your tongue to tease and lap, your lips to suck like a nursing baby. I want to feel the hum in your throat as you suckle me deeply.”

And he did. He followed her instructions carefully, creating an electric current the ran from her nipples into her pussy. She loved it, but wanted more.

“I want you to touch me. But gently, like a boy with his first pussy, tentative and scared, but overcome kaçak bahis with curiousity and desire. Discover me.”

Once again, Daren obeyed. He let one finger softly separate the curls, searching for the slit he knew was already puffy with desire. He ran his fingertip up and down, feeling the moisture already seeping out from her pinkness. Up and down, lightly touching, nothing more.

Emboldened by his obedience, Tess again gave instructions. “Move your face close to my pussy, and then explore. Open me with your fingers, touch me inside, find my clit, massage it, all the while your face and mouth only inches from my sweetness.”

Daren did as directed. Resting his head on her naked thigh, he spread her legs, inhaling the scent of an excited woman, almost feeling the sizzling pinkness. He used his hand, spreading the lips, moving his fingers into her, loving the silky feel of her. He rubbed up and down, carefully following instructions, doing no more than asked.

Tess thought she would go crazy. She found her voice. “Damn you, Daren. Touch me. Use your finger to fuck me, fuck my pussy, please. I need to feel you inside me, fucking me, filling me.” One finger wasn’t enough, though. She needed more. Now, verbalizing seemed easy. “Use two fingers, no, use three! Fuck me hard and make me sore, I want to feel you even when this is over.” She spread her thighs, pushed her hips against his hand, setting up a rhythm with him, helping him push his fingers into her hot depths. Over and over, he thrust into her. She was frantic with need. She reached down, using her own fingers to rub her clit, flying over it with practiced skill. She circled it rapidly, timing her movement with his fingers, feeling the roar in her head as she approached orgasm. Her legs slammed together, trapping his hand inside her, her own fingers still busily moving, taking her to the brink. Then she cried out, a raw, animal sound from deep within. Daren raised his head to watch her. Tess’s face contorted and her eyes closed, her breathing stopped. Then he could feel the shudders as the orgasm tore through her, her cries becoming smaller and smaller, finally just tiny mews. Her hand reached for his, holding it, her fingers sticky.

She giggled. “Oh, my, was that me?” She was blushing, looking suddenly shy and modest. Her hand moved to Daren’s body, running once again up and down his flesh. She wrapped her hand around his erection, and began to stroke. “I know what I want now, baby. I want you to kneel over me and feed me your cock. I want to suck on your hard balls, and lick you all over. I want… you!” The response of his cock was very encouraging. He throbbed hotly in her hand, hot precome dripping onto her flesh. Tess felt very powerful. She slid lower in the nest, until her face was even with his engorged flesh. She opened her mouth, suctioning him into her, sucking and licking wildly. She slid further, her lips opening over his balls, sucking them into her mouth, licking and probing them with her busy tongue. He knelt over her, moaning and swaying. She continued her exploration, her tongue finding that sensitive area behind his scrotum. Sucking there, nipping, lashing him with her tongue was nearly his undoing. She wanted his cock in her, needed it in her now. So she pulled away. She knelt alongside him, kissing his mouth between words.

“What I want is to kneel over, my face in the pillow, my ass in the air. I want you to hold my hips with your hands, and I want you to fuck me with your beautiful fat cock. I want to feel the head pop into me over and over, fucking me until you can’t stand it any longer. Then, I want to feel you explode in me, filling me with come, all your come.”

Daren, who had been so patient, needed release. Her words incited him, filled him with a lust he had never felt before. She moved in front of him, bending over the pillows as promised. Her pretty ass was golden in the firelight and she wriggled it seductively for him. As he moved forward, she spread her thighs and reached between them, taking his cock in her hand, guiding it into her wet pussy. “Now, Sir, I want you to fuck my cunt. Now! Hard and fast! Please!”

His cock pounded into her, each stroke deep and hard. She moaned into the pillow, continuing to speak to him, tell him her needs and wishes. It was so incredibly erotic, Daren couldn’t last long. Her sweet voice shouting dirty words at him was overwhelming. Her hand massaging his shaft as he stroked her was incredible. He stiffened, held her hips in a bruising grip, and released his come. She rode his orgasm, encouraging him, praising him. Finally, after the last spurt, his hands relaxed on her tender flesh. He leaned forward and kissed her reddened skin, pulling her down into the nest with him. They snuggled, a tangle of limbs. Kissing softly, they both hoped for another Snow Day soon.

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