Snakebite Ch. 01

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Kelsey and Adrienne toasted each other with their copper camp cups as they downed their fourth whisky shot of the hour. They were drunk and they giggled uncontrollably as they recapped stories from their incredible vacation.

This was the last night of their week-long backpacking trip across the Australian outback and they were celebrating with the handle of Johnny Walker Black Label they’d brought along, as well as the two, large Foster’s beers they’d flirted their way into after meeting another traveling party earlier that night near the hot springs they’d stopped off at.

They had purposefully planned to end their trip near a very famous and very remote mud bath and hot springs campground. They figured after walking for a whole week straight, it’d be a good way for their bodies to unwind and relax before their final morning hike back into the small satellite airport where they would be catching a flight back to Sydney.

The day had started early that morning as they traversed their last serious stretch of terrain, so as to arrive at the hot springs by that afternoon.

When they finally got there, they were dead. It had been an exhausting journey, and somewhat of a first for their previous level of outdoors expertise.

The found a more secluded hot spring as they walked through the canyons and set their giant packs and walking sticks up against a shady rock overhang.

Kelsey immediately began to shuck her hiking boots and socks, followed by her dirt-caked shorts, shirt, sports bra, and undies.

Adrienne followed suit. After spending a week with each other in the isolation of the Australian bush, they’d seen each other’s plenty of times. There was no reason for modesty now.

Adrienne stepped slowly into the neck-deep hot spring that Kelsey had already situated herself in. Her dirty blonde hair shook out around her as she watched the caked on dust slowly spreading out from her body and into the water like old scales being shed.

It was the first hot water she’d had since they left the university for the airport a week earlier, and she actually moaned out loud at how good it felt. The water temperature was like a jacuzzi on steroids, and it took them a couple of minutes for their bodies to acclimate to the heat.

Kelsey laughed at her attractively curvy flat-mate’s vocal reaction as the girls slowly stretched out in the water and saw the real color of their skin for the first time in a while. Adrienne’s hard nipples poked out in front of her just as Kelsey felt hers doing the same.

The girls had met each other a couple of years’ prior when their dorm assignments had first been handed out in their freshman year of college.

Kelsey Delmonico was the sarcastically plucky east coast girl with dark black hair that she wore straight and kept trimmed just above her shoulders. She was attending the University of Sydney on a full ride scholarship and the school dorm coordinators had decided that this brisk, young firecracker from upstate New York might room well with one of the only other American girls in her dorm wing: Adrienne Montgomery.

On paper, they were nothing alike. Kelsey was one part-Italian and one part sass. She was her mother’s daughter. She played soccer and co-ed rugby and had grown up in the hustle and bustle of the big city while attending a very exclusive prep school. She was in very good shape—the results of years of ultra-competitive sports and a love of running, even in the cold of winter. She was street smart and book smart and had left many men’s mouth’s left agape as they attempted to keep up with her wit. Her sharp features and mind made Adrienne think of her as a fox, and an attractive one at that.

Adrienne on the other hand was a southern belle poured directly out of a soda-pop bottle. She was a naturally curvy bombshell with sandy-blonde curls and sun-kissed skin. Her big blue eyes had won her many a beauty pageant in her youth and she probably helped half of the teenage male population of her hometown discover that their bodies were changing during her two year tenure as the head cheerleader of her high school’s national championship-winning team. You could typically find her in a pair of comfy jean-short overalls with a tied flannel shirt or comfy tank.

Adrienne’s easy-going southern drawl was probably the most adorable thing that Kelsey had ever heard in her entire life. When the girls first met, neither one had really expected the relationship to develop into anything much, but college has a funny way of bringing you together with contrasting personalities.

For all their differences they also found that they had a lot in common. They’d both grown up loving the outdoors. They both loved going out for drinks to unwind after a long week of classes. They both loved boys and they both relished in each other’s sexual misadventures. In the end they were still just a couple of American girls that liked to have a good time. And they really did like hanging out with each antalya escort other, and that was enough. Every yin needed a yang. They were theirs’.

After unwinding in the hot spring for a while as their aching knots slowly untied and their tensions dissipated, the girls got out and walked over to the nearby mud-baths where they decided to partake of the free exfoliation package.

They helped paint each other completely with the light-gray mud, telling naughty jokes back and forth as their hands passed over each other’s breasts or buns. They threw piles of the mud at each other when the other wasn’t looking. As they were playing and finishing up their muddy suits, a group of four guys arrived, fresh from their own hiking journey.

The guys quickly stripped down to complete their own naked mud ritual, though they tended to their own bodies as the silly rules of masculinity required. Then the entire group wandered back over to the hot springs to wash off.

The boys were best mates from Melbourne and the girls had a lot of fun talking with them. They were very respectful as they all got to know each other in the vulnerability that only comes with being stark naked in the middle of nowhere.

As the afternoon wore on, they all got a little tipsy off of the boys beer stash that they’d brought along, and the girls were able to use their distracting talents to convince them into giving them the last of their final beers when it was time for them to leave. They were clearly sad to see them go as the ladies threw on some overalls, packed up their stuff and headed off into the quickly dimming light of the evening as they looked for a place to make camp for their final night under the stars.

When the exhausted flat-mates had finally staked out a good spot, they propped up their two-person tent up for the seventh and final time and then laid out their sleeping bags and equipment inside.

They built a fire near the entrance and shared a can of soup with some bread.

The entrance to the tent was set as nearby to the slowly smoldering fire as it could be and the girls climbed in with their packs and spread out on their side-by-side sleeping bags. Both of them were wearing long t-shirts and nothing else. All of their other underwear and clothing had been used along the way, and they had each saved one clean shirt for the night after their hot-springs visit.

Kelsey made fun of Adrienne’s t-shirt—an old Broadway Cats souvenir that hung just below her butt—only slightly more ridiculous than Kelsey’s simple school-logoed tank top.

“Who visits Broadway and decides to see Cats?” Kelsey joked as the reached for the bottle of Johnny Walker in her bag’s outer pocket.

“Beats me girlie, my mom had some real strange tastes when we went on vacation. You should see the t-shirts I was TOO embarrassed to bring.”

“Oh trust me babe, I have,” Kelsey said, as they clinked their copper cups and downed their first shot of whisky. “Oh Johnny, be good to us!” Kelsey said into the ether as they coughed a little from the warm whisky. “Woof! Too bad we don’t have a chaser for this rough little Scotsman!”

“Oh! The beers!” Adrienne said, as her face lit up in the glow of an alcohol-light bulb realization.

They’d kept fairly cold in the thermos she had put them into earlier that night after flirting them away from the boys’ ice chest. She popped them both open and the girls sucked down the cool foam that pooled around the tops of their cans as Kelsey purposefully made a suggestive sucking face which made Adrienne snort into her beer top and blow foam out. She wiped her face off as she smiled at her friend and they quickly fell into their old routines.

They sat next to each other with their legs crossed Indian-style. Their sleeping bags were pulled tightly together with the zipped-up sides facing each other. As they sipped their beers and found new reasons to take another shot, they got more and more tipsy, laughing about the silliest things until they felt like they could cry.

Both girls appreciated how beautiful the other girl was in her own way. Adrienne was definitely the innocent girl-next-door type—she reminded Kelsey of a preacher’s daughter that might be fucking one of the deacons up in the audio room while her father gave a sermon on how sexual promiscuity was the devil’s playground. She’d heard her friend having sex plenty of times in their dorm while she pretended to be asleep just a few feet away from her, and there was no way that girl was as innocent as she looked based on some of the things that came out of her mouth during orgasm.

Kelsey was much the opposite. She had giant bobcat tattoo that wrapped around her left leg as it exploded into a colorfully cosmic galaxy that ran up her side. Adrienne loved it. She looked like the kind of girl that might’ve ridden her own muscle car to prep school wearing short black shorts with rips all throughout the legs and tall, leather boots. Their friendship lara escort had been an unexpected pleasure halfway around the world from their amber waves of grain, and they’d been glad to have had a partner in crime to go adventuring with around their new campus and country over those last few years.

As they sat there Kelsey took some strand of Adrienne’s long blonde hair from the side of her face and began to weave it with a series of beads she had packed in her bag. In between the beads she also wrapped in a long reed of grass that she had plucked from just outside the tent. The southern belle began to look like a country Woodstock angel. She was half Cassadee Pope and half flower-power free-love-groupie.

The girls downed another swig of their beers as they drunkenly played back and forth with each other’s hair and hands. Each new story and friendly tease left them feeling even more delirious and ever more comfortable in each other’s presence. Adrienne rested her hands on Kelsey’s thighs as she continued lacing the hair through the colorful-patterned beads. She began to run the very tips of her up and down Kelsey’s soft, tanned thighs. Everything felt nice.

“All done!” Kelsey said as she finished the braid. Adrienne combed her fingers through her hair and felt the single strand of beads. “I’m a pirate now, like I’ve always wanted to be,” she joked.

Adrienne suddenly realized that all of the alcohol had caught up with her bladder.

“Well darnit, I gotta pee like a racehorse, where’s the flashlight?” She asked, searching the sleeping bag.

As she turned away from Kelsey to look for their flashlight her t-shirt rode up her body and showed off the lower half of her naked ass. It was round and smooth with the tiniest hints of wispy blond hairs. Kelsey often told her she had a “Scarlett Johansson booty,” to which Adrienne would smile widely at before giving it a little bounce as if to say thanks.

Kelsey wasn’t into girls that she knew of, but she had to admit that her friend was incredibly sexy. She’d seen how the boys at the local campus bars had reacted to Adrienne’s southern accent when they met her (something she often played up if it meant even more free drinks), and with her golden blond hair cascading down her back in giant curls that drifted over her soft, freckled skin, she could only imagine the affect she must have had on these city Sydney boys that never even saw her coming.

Finally, after what seemed like a long time just to find a giant yellow flashlight, Adrienne stood as she wobbled a little bit on the slippery sleeping bag fabric and almost fell over—steadying herself on her friend’s head. Kelsey giggled drunkenly as she wrapped both arms around Adrienne’s thighs to help her regain her balance. As she looked up she saw that her eyes were directly level with the tiniest patch of soft, blond pubic hair peaking out just below the hem of her Cats t-shirt.

It was cute. She was cute.

“Alright, go get ‘um slugger!” Kelsey joked as she slapped her friend’s butt from behind causing Adrienne to squeak a little as she turned to leave.

“Alright! I’m goin’, If I’m not back in the next five minutes, don’t send a search party, I’m probably already dead! Jesus take the wheel! Muahhahaha!” She said in a mock-spooky voice as she backed out of the tent with the flashlight pointed up at her face.

Kelsey threw a sock at her and Adrienne almost tripped again trying to duck out of the way. She slipped on her Rainbow flip-flops as she disappeared giggling around the side of the pop-up, drumming against the canvas as she went. Kelsey heard her friend walk behind the tree they that they had set their tent next to and then she heard her footstep’s crunches come to a stop. She could even hear as Adrienne’s stream began to come out.

“You know I can hear you peeing, right!?” Kelsey teased through the tent, as she gulped another sip from her beer and laughed at how loud it was.

“Oooh yeah baby! Does that turn you on you kinky girl!?” Adrienne yelled back as the two friends couldn’t stop cracking up at each other through their drunken whisky-haze.

Kelsey laid back on the sleeping bag and ran her hand down to her exposed pussy under her shirt, enjoying the way her entire body felt warm all over. She was having such a good time on their final night of the trip. Good friends really did matter quite a bit more than most other things.

All of a sudden she heard Adrienne yelp wildly and then scream. It didn’t sound like one of her friend’s lighthearted jokes.

“Adrienne? You okay?” she yelled through the tent.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck…OWWWWWWW….fuck fuck fuck…”Adrienne cried loudly in pain as Kelsey jumped immediately up and ran out of the tent to find her friend.

She immediately saw Adrienne limping back towards the entrance with the flashlight beam jumping all over the place. A small stream of blood was running down the inside of her leg.

“What side escort the fuck happened?” Kelsey asked, as she grabbed her friend’s arm and helped her inside of the tent. She snagged a shirt from her bag and wiped up the inside of Adrienne’s leg as the blonde winced in pain.

“A Fucking snake BIT MY ASS while I was peeing!” Adrienne said, not quite knowing whether to laugh or to cry due to the combined effects of the alcohol and the bite.

Kelsey couldn’t help herself though. She burst out laughing and soon they were both in hysterics as she tried to regain her composure and help her friend.

She handed Adrienne the shirt and told her to keep pressure on the bite as she grabbed their canteen of water and splashed some down her friend’s leg as she wiped the blood off onto another nearby tank top. The curvy blonde then laid down on her sleeping bag as she lifted her legs up in the air and pressed the shirt against her butt.

She quickly explained through her giggles and moans that the snake had apparently been startled when Adrienne squatted right over it’s nearby den and quickly snapped up to strike the nearest body part, which at that point had been the inner bottom-half of her left butt cheek. Kelsey couldn’t help but look over at her friend’s completely exposed pussy as she tried to stay focused on her story. What would it be like to just lean over and lick her friend’s pussy? She wondered.

“Wait, babe, this could be serious, did you by any chance see what the snake looked like?” Kelsey rolled over quickly to her own backpack as both girls tried unsuccessfully to shake their infectious case of the giggles. She unearthed a small card from her sack that had pictures of the various poisonous snakes they might encounter on their hike. There were ten different snakes listed—some more dangerous than others.

“Did the snake look like any of these ones?” Kelsey asked as she showed her friend the laminated card she had snagged at the ranger’s outpost near the beginning of their trip.

“Ughh, I can’t be sure, I only saw it as it slithered away…,” she said as she studied the different pictures on the card, “but I think it might’ve been that one.” Adrienne pointed towards the picture of the Eastern Brown Snake as she kept the shirt pressed tightly against the bite.

“Second-most toxic venom of any land-snake in the world?!” Adrienne read out loud in a terrified voice as she peered at her friend with a suddenly desperate look in her eyes. They were nowhere near a hospital and it would be another couple of hours hike in the morning to get back to the small town where they’d be puddle-jumping out of the area from the local airport.

Kelsey looked at her friend with concern, but she was actually secretly happy that she’d pointed at the Eastern Brown. Of all the snakes on the list, that was one of the only ones that actually weren’t around anymore in these parts of Australia. She knew that thanks to a book on the region she had read in the months preceding their trip.

She was about ninety-nine percent sure that her friend was mistaken about what she had seen, but she didn’t want to downplay the incident or make it seem like she didn’t believe her.

“Well, how are you feeling babe? Are you woozy? Lightheaded? Dizzy? Is the pain around the bite really intense?” Kelsey was listing off the recognizable symptoms from the back of the card. Adrienne looked worried.

“Well, I’m not feelin’ too terrible just yet…but what if the poison just hasn’t set in yet and we don’t get help in time?!” Adrienne couldn’t be sure which symptoms were from the bite and which were from the fact that she was completely whiskey-drunk.

“Well there’s not much that we can do but keep a close eye on you and then head out at first light and try to get you some medical attention. But we do have the first aid kit in case we need it.” Kelsey jumped back over to the bags and then back over to her friend with the small plastic kit. There were Band-Aids and bandage wrapping and cotton balls and a saline wash.

“Babe…let me take a look at the bite, we should probably get you bandaged up. Roll over on your stomach so I can see.”

Adrienne rolled over on her sleeping bag with her ass arched up from the ground. She pulled her t-shirt up over her ass to make things easy. Kelsey moved Adrienne’s hand away and took the t-shirt off the of the wound she’d been keeping pressure on.

There were two clear, red dots where the fangs had entered the soft flesh of her booty, but the bleeding had already stopped. The bite didn’t actually look that bad, and Kelsey’s years of hiking with her dad back home had given her some semblance of experience with what to look for in such cases. Adrienne was probably fine.

“Kelse…”Adrienne whined back to her friend, “it’s hurting, what if WAS that super poisonous snake???”

“I don’t know babe,” Kelsey said as she lifted her friends ass to look at the way the bite seemed to be placed directly on her cheek and the skin that ran parallel to her smooth pussy. Her eyes couldn’t help but drift over to her friend’s sex. She had a beautiful pussy with lightly-pufffed, pink lips that were of a similar shade to a lipstick she’d often seen her friend wear.

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