Smorgasbord Ch. 02

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Like many of life’s finer pleasures, it’s a matter of taste. When a man’s cock paints his woman’s tongue and tonsils with his hot sauce, how will it taste? Spicy, tangy, sweet? Or will it taste bitter, or bleachy? Enquiring minds want to know!

Ever enquiring, Tabitha and Rex experimented with ways to improve the taste and texture of Rex’ sometimes sour cream. In one attempt, they tried Sperm Smoothies, made from a recipe found on the Internet. They were smooth-tasting and, undoubtedly, good for Rex’ health. Alas, the Smoothies were abandoned when a glass of the brew was spilled on the carpet and the resultant stain resisted motivated efforts to remove it. Still, the diligent explorers sought the answer.

Which was discovered the way many are – by experiment. By trial and error, by dull repetition. In the interest of science, Rex endured orgasm after orgasm, his teeth clenched while his cock spewed yet another load into Tabitha’s sucking mouth. Rest, reload, repeat.

Every few days, he varied his diet. Fruits, coffee, cereals, eggs, meat were added and subtracted from his daily intake. For her daily intake, Tabitha swallowed mouthful after mouthful of slippery semen, hot from the tap, evaluating the results, noting the subtle and not-so-subtle differences and correlating them to the dietary factors. Tabitha pushed the boundaries of semen science, her busy taste buds questing for the sublime solution, when, one day…


The answer was: bananas. Rex’ banana extract was smooth and sweet. Tabitha loved to lap it up, not missing a drop.

Thereafter, Rex added a banana to his diet every day, preferably twice. If he forgot, Tabitha didn’t. Every morning, a banana waited beside his eggs, another in his lunch. And Tabitha bahis firmaları reveled in the results: smooth, sweet cum pumping hot against the roof of her mouth, pooling on her tongue and slithering down her throat.

Rex sat back against the pillows. Tabitha crawled between his legs and settled in, resting her head on Rex’ abdomen. Under her chin, she gently cupped his soft cock in her palm, her fingertips gently stroking it. Rex stroked her hair and kneaded the muscles of her neck, back and shoulders, smoothing away the tensions of her day. Rex relaxed, tilting his head up and closing his eyes.

As he stroked her, and she him, his cock swelled and erected in her hand, pressing up against her neck. She turned her face down into his lap. Rex felt her warm breath wash across his smooth-shaven cock and balls, then her tongue. Its soft, wet heat tickled up the length of his cock to the tip, then twirled slowly around the head, then ventured down to wipe wetly across the sensitive underbelly.

Rex’ hips jerked. He groaned softly as the wiping passed again over his sensitive spots. Now, his cock was fully erect, bobbing. The tongue reversed course, up to the head, then he felt nothing – only heat.

Tantalizing him, the heat slowly descended down his cock, warming inch after inch. The feeling was subtle and exquisite.

Suddenly, the heat was wet and clamped firmly halfway down his shaft. Rex sucked in his breath, hissing between his teeth. Half of his cock was engulfed in Tabitha’s mouth. There was no movement, only the hot pressure gripping his cock. He slowly relaxed. His breathing eased and the tension crept away.

Without warning, Tabitha’s tongue swiped the underbelly of the rigid shaft ensconced in her mouth. Rex kaçak iddaa gasped and jerked. Then she slowly massaged his cock with her tongue, making lazy circles in her mouth. Rex’ hands clutched her hair.

Now, his cock was rock hard. Tabitha lifted her head slowly, dragging her lips up the shaft, over the head, popping them as Rex’ cock stood free. She looked up at Rex, her blue eyes shining, and grinned. Rex smoothed her bangs back with his fingers and grinned back. Tabitha bent again to her pleasure.

Rex felt her hot, wet, silky smooth lips press down around the head of his cock. He watched his cock disappear, inch after inch, into her face. His cock head felt the soft ridges of her palate, then the transition to the soft palate, then the pressure of the entrance to her throat. The ring of her lips passed the halfway mark of his shaft, exciting the skin.

With a wiggle of her whole body, Tabitha adjusted the angle of her throat. She pressed on. Rex felt his cock bending down slightly while his cock head was compressed into her throat. Involuntarily, his hips fucked his cock further into the tight, slippery heat. She followed him easily, and then backed away.

Rex was losing it. Tabitha bobbed her head, her hand joining the rhythm. Up and down, medium tempo, mouth and hand driving the beat. Rex’ ass lifted, his cockhead reveling in the slippery warmth that lashed it mercilessly. Time stopped, halted in the vortex of pleasure, and then sped up.

His body crossed the threshold. The deep, hot, clenching spasms began and his sperm began its heady rush up inside his aching shaft to spill into Tabitha’s sweet mouth.

She stopped, lifting her head and taking her hands away.

“No!” he cried, pulling her head toward his kaçak bahis exploding cock.

But, she backed away further, laughing. A dollop of white semen burst from the hole of his cock head and fell. She cupped her hand underneath as it dripped into her palm. The spurting slowed and stopped.

Rex was in cum agony. He could only trust that Tabitha would see this through and that the rewards would be worth the torture. He leaned back, panting, as his cum spasms slowly dissipated and he regained his awareness. His cock, swollen and bouncing, reached from his crotch like a tree branch, drooling sweet semen.

Laughing, Tabitha eased him onto his knees, so that his cock stood over her like a soldier at attention. She propped herself up on her elbows so that her mouth was in direct line with his glistening, purple head. Reaching out, she gripped Rex’ cock and pulled it gently toward her face. She opened her mouth and pulled his cock within. The head, exquisitely sensitive from the abrupt cancellation of the launch, was enveloped in swirling, wet heat. Her hand pumped the shaft, sliding up over the flare of the head with each stroke, spreading the cum she had collected on her palm.

The pressure built enormously. Rex thought he must cum, because he couldn’t stand the tickling agony in his groin, yet still the pleasure built. He gritted his teeth and groaned. His muscles stretched against his bones.

Finally, his tension exploded. The sperm raced up the shaft again and his cock squirted ecstasy. This time, the sensations were tremendously strong, almost beyond bearing. Tabitha’s sucking mouth consumed his wrenching orgasm, draining his cock.

Exhausted, he knelt there, panting. Slowly, Tabitha’s tongue twirled, rounding up stray semen. Sweet and smooth.

“Mmmm, you’ve been eating your bananas”, she purred.

Having published the results of their work in this esteemed journal, Rex and Tabitha expect soon to be nominated for the Nobel Prize.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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