Skeletons in my Closet part F

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Skeletons in my Closet part F

Part 6 Motherly love found and one lost

After becoming engaged to Keith we moved into his house just before New Years. Megan and I awoke at the same time on New Year’s Eve.

We met in the hallway as we both asked: “Where is Keith?”

We then laughed as we walked hand in hand to the kitchen. Megan and I had that mother-daughter bond I never had with her when running the bar. All because of Keith I thought as we walked into the kitchen. We found a note by the coffee pot saying he would be back soon. It also said to put the sauerkraut and pork in the slow cooker.

I looked to Megan wonderingly as I asked, “What the fuck was a slow cooker?”

Megan pointed to a big round pot on the counter. I saw meat and jars of sauerkraut beside it. I looked back at my daughter. I told her I never had made that as her grandma always had.

“Don’t worry mom I will help you,” Megan said as she hugged me.

As we had coffee together, Megan opened the curtains on the back patio doors. I noticed it had snowed again which gave us about 8 to 10 inches on the ground. We both finished our coffee then got dressed.

We returned to the kitchen. Megan more or less made the dish as I watched. She told me she always helped grandma to make this through the years. I was surprised it was more like just throw everything in the pot turn on and you were done.

Keith walked in the back door dressed in his cold-weather work gear baring gifts. He placed two rather huge snowflakes decorated bags at our feet. Megan pulled her stuff out from the bag inside was a snowmobile suit, gloves, and snowmobile boots.

She looked to Keith as she said, “But you don’t have a snowmobile.”

Keith smiled at her as he replied, “No but he and she did now.”

Keith walked back outside telling us to join him when we were dressed. My daughter started to get dressed in hers. Once again I looked to my daughter.

“Don’t worry mom I will help you, “ she said to me bringing my bag to me.

Megan had been snowmobiling before as in these parts of the woods we get heavy snow because of being close to Lake Erie. My mother had a male friend who would take her and my daughter often through the wintertime. I didn’t even like winter. As I normally froze my assets off in my outfits.

As Megan helped me in mine I noticed the price tag was still on these outfits. I made a mental note to remind Keith, not to be spending that much on us. I loved these outfits as they were warm and cozy like Keith. Those high priced boots looked like hell but felt like you were walking on air and oh so warm.

Megan and I went outside with her helping me through the snow. Behind his truck were two brand new snow machines on a trailer. One was huge and one looked as if it was more Megan’s size.

Keith told her that the smaller one was hers. They unloaded the machines as I watched. I didn’t even want to get on one of those machines. Megan jumped on hers as she told Keith to catch her if he could as she took off on her snow machine.

Keith came over to me and told me my outfit looked lovely. He took me in his arms as he hugged and kissed me deeply and lovingly.

His hands grabbed my ass as he asked me if I was ready. Keith took my hand and started to walk away toward that huge roaring machine. My feet didn’t move as our arms stretched out till he felt my hesitation.

Keith smiled at me as he said, “Trust me, Kate, you’re going to love it.”

I followed him and got on the machine. He told me to just wrap my arms around him and hold on tightly. That I could do. Keith took off following Megan’s track in the snow. Keith was right I loved it. I even drove Megan’s machine later that day. Keith told me maybe he needed to get another one for me. I told him he had spent enough on us already.

The three of us spent new year’s eve riding those machines. Keith had a fire in the fire pit. Where we roasted hotdogs and made smores. Keith told us it was bad luck to eat the main dish till after midnight.

At midnight the three of us had a champagne toast and set off fireworks which he had brought as well. We went inside and had our sauerkraut and pork. Keith turned some music on then danced me around the kitchen.

Megan came over hugged and kissed us both. She thanked Keith for his wonderful gifts then told us she was tired and going to bed. Keith and I dance some more and went to bed ourselves. Where we brought in the new year with my style of a bang.

Keith grabbed me as we entered our bedroom. He removed my clothes from me as I removed his own. He took me into his arms kissing me deeply as we swapped tongues.

I broke our kiss as I asked smiling at him “ You got any more toys?”

Look in the closet in that big black case he told me as he climbed into bed. That case looked like an old fashioned doctor’s bag. I returned to bed and sat in front of him spreading my legs. I placed that bag between them as I went through it, most of the toys I knew what they were but some stuff in there I had no idea what they were or how to use them.

There were dildos in the bag of various sizes from small to one huge one bigger than his dick. I pulled out a ball with a strap-like on it. I asked him what that was for. He told me I didn’t want to know. I pulled a strap on out asking him why he had one of those. He told me that belonged to Linda and her girlfriend.

“Keith, did you ever have sex with Linda and her girlfriend?” I asked.

I already knew the truth as I had asked Linda during one of our many lunches together. I sort of just wanted to hear what he would tell me. Keith told me no. However, they would invite him to watch from time to time. That was the same thing Linda had told me. At least he was truthful.

He smiled as he told me he did mess with Sara, Linda’s girlfriend as she enjoyed teasing him about not getting any from either of them. Keith told me he loved watching them. However, he never had any type of sex with them.

I told him I was bisexual and enjoyed fun with women as well as men. I explained Carol from the bar had sort of broke me in one night after closing time. I told him maybe sometime I would invite her over and he could watch or even join in.

Keith asked me what did I say? I told him Carol was my best friend and I would have no problems sharing him with her. I told him she sort of had the hots for him like most of my girls at the bar did back then.

Keith smiled at me as he said, “l am bisexual too Kate but only orally.” “ My ass is virgin and is going to stay that way, as he took the strap on from me tossing it back into the bag.

That didn’t come as a shock to me. After all, he would always kiss me after I had taken his load in my mouth. He also ate my pussy out after dumping his own load in me.

I picked that huge dildo from the bag. I walked into the bathroom and washed it off just in case it had been used. Keith laughed telling me those toys had not been used for a long time.

“Just being careful, “ I said returning to bed.

I laid down beside him with my pussy facing him. I asked him for some lube from the nightstand. He told me I wouldn’t need it as he sat up and reached his hand to my hairy pussy. He slipped two-finger up my pussy finding my g spot.

Keith rubbed his fingers at it as I moaned loudly. This man had magic fingers. Within minutes I was squirting all over his fingers and the bed. Keith removed his fingers licking them dry. Keith fluffed up his pillows and leaned back against the headboard of our bed.

Keith smiled as he said, “Give me a show Kate.” ”I like to watch.”

I lay back putting my karabağlar escort pillows under my head so I could see what he was doing while I played. I ran my hand up and down that big toy. It was a cyber skin model that I had to admit felt extremely realistic, just like a real dick.

I ran it between my meaty pussy lips coating it with my juices. I placed the head of it at the entrance to my pussy. I love fat round cocks but this toy was fatter than any I ever had real or fake at this time.

The dong measures about 11″ long from tip to the base, but what is truly impressive is the girth; it goes just shy of 7″ round and is slightly asymmetrical, so it actually is over 2 ½” thick at its widest point. For comparison, get a beer can and measure it around, then imagine putting it inside your wife or up your own pussy. I’m sure you’ll understand then!

I eased the head of it into my pussy. I held it there letting my pussy get used to its big girth. In a few minutes, I started to slowly run it in and out of my pussy.

“Jesus,” I said, “It’s fucking huge. I don’t know if I can take it,” lifting and spreading my legs as far as they would go.

I saw his hand was jacking his cock as he watched me. I watched him squirt some lube from the nightstand onto his cock. He went back to stroking his cock as he watched me toying my pussy.

I soon had all of it buried in my pussy I started to run it in and out faster in my wet pussy. My wet sounds filled the room as my juices flowed over this huge dildo.

“Fuck that big cock Kate, ” Keith said as he stroked his cock faster.

I started to slam that huge dildo in and out of my hairy wet pussy as he talked dirty to me. Keith moved and was now between my wide spread legs as I pumped that toy in and out of my pussy. I felt his finger rubbing at my asshole. I heard a buzzing sound as I felt him slip that vibrating butt plug up my asshole.

“Ahhhh shit,” I yelled out thrashing on the bed.

A powerful intense orgasm came over me. I removed the dildo as I squirted all over Keith who was still between my legs. I threw the dildo to the floor.

I looked at him with wanting eyes as I said, “Fuck me Keith fuck me like the slut I am.”

Keith grabbed my ankles spreading my legs wider as he got between them. My pussy hole was open wide from that big toy so he had no problem slipping his own big cock up into me.

Keith pushed my legs to my head as he started to pound my pussy. Our bodies were slapping together as he did. If I didn’t know that he loved me I would say he was hate fucking me. I was having orgasm after orgasm as he did.

Keith fucked me like this for maybe only 20 minutes before he buried his cock deep into me spilling his baby batter in me as I screamed his name. He let go of my legs as they limply fell to the bed on each side of him. I glanced toward the door I thought I saw a shadow.

“Keith, someone is outside our door,” I yelled.

He jumped out of bed and looked. He told me no one was out there. He grabbed his robe and left. He came back in a few minutes telling me no one was in the house but us and that Megan was sound asleep in her bed.

“Maybe you just fucked me too hard, “ I said smiling at him.

Keith told me he was sorry if he had been a little rough with me. He explained he was so turned on that he couldn’t help himself. I got out of bed and wrapped my arms around his neck as I told him there was nothing to be sorry about as I had enjoyed every minute of it.

I felt his cum running down my thigh. I grabbed his hand led him into our bedroom bathroom which had a single person shower. We showered together and returned to bed. I asked him if he had enjoyed the show. Keith told me he loved it.

I heard him say in a low whisper, ”Been better it had been a real dick, ” as he turned our night lamp off.

”What did you say?” I asked him.

”Nothing Kate, nothing at all, ” Keith replied.

That left my mind as I lay there cuddling up to him thinking about that shadow. I know I had seen someone or something standing in the hallway looking into our bedroom. However, I fell asleep cuddling up to him trying to avoid the big wet spot on my side of the bed,

The next morning at about 10 am I awoke and got out of bed leaving Keith sleep. I slipped my robe on and walked to the kitchen to find Megan dressed and drinking coffee. I sat down at the island as she got up and poured me a cup of coffee.

Megan kissed my cheek as she told me good morning sitting my coffee in front of me. I asked her if she hadn’t gotten up last night. She told me no. I had no reason not to believe her so I let it go.

We sat there having coffee and talking. It was mostly about Keith and how he was spoiling us both. We also talked about the new school she was about to attend. I asked her if she was scared?

Megan smiled as she replied, “Hell no I will use my girlish charms on both the boys and girls,” as she proudly stuck out her chest.

Megan stood there dressed but in a short robe like mine. Her robe had sort of ran up her back. She had a hot giggling ass I noticed as she up to get us both more coffee. I had not noticed really till now. At 15 her tits were almost as big as mine. Big boobs sort of ran in the family. I didn’t even know what size bra she wore.

I did not realize till then she had grown into a lovely young woman. I started to cry. Megan asked me what was wrong.

I told her I had been a bad mother to her and that she must hate me. I had missed her growing into a young woman because of running that damn bar. I sobbed as I asked her to forgive me.

“There is no reason to be sorry mom you did what you had to do so we could survive,” “I don’t hate you,” “Besides you never would have met Keith if you hadn’t worked at that bar,” she said as her eyes sparkled and a big smile came over her face.

I should have paid more attention to that sparkle in her eyes. Perhaps I would have saw the difference between being happy and being in love. However, she was my innocent daughter at least I thought.

I stood up and wrapped her in my arms as I said, “I am here for you now,” kissing her on her cheek as she hugged me back.

“You two should really get a room,” Keith said laughing as he walked into the kitchen.

We broke our embrace as I asked Megan if she wanted breakfast as that was something I knew how to make. Keith looked at me as I added I suppose he could have breakfast too.

Keith hugged and kissed us both then told Megan she could cook lunch and supper and do all the chores as he was going to watch bowl games all day long. I told John my daughter was not his slave in a rather harsh tone

“MOM,” Megan yelled at me.

Keith told her it was Ok as it was just a mother protecting her young. He apologized to us both telling us neither of us was his slaves. Keith stood hugged us both telling us he was sorry again and for us to sit down he would make us all breakfast.

That would become a family tradition us spending the day together and bringing the New Year in. Some years just the three of us some years with that group of friends Keith hung around with when at the bar as I was soon to meet them.

During the first week of February of that year, my mother grew gravely ill. Five days later she died with us all at her side. Keith gave comfort to Megan and me.

”Our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them, ” Keith said to us. Tears filled his eyes as he added, “Auntie was with his parents now where she always belonged.”

I am going to end this chapter as I have gotten a little emotional writing this. I love to hear your comments.

Part 7 soon

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