Sister’s Mesh – Short Inquiry

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My sister wants to buy a pair of mesh shorts for her new boyfriend, apparently. He plays basketball, like me, and sis thought it would be a nice gift early in their relationship.

She brought it up today while we were both watching TV on the couch. I can’t remember the show, but I was wearing mesh shorts at the time. Not because I had just finished a game of pick up, though. It was hot and I was expecting a lazy day. So I threw on mesh shorts in lieu of boxers and proper pants; in other words, I was going commando.

Sis had no idea. When she jumped on the couch next to me and noticed the shorts, she immediately started with questions.

“Are those comfy?” she asked, pointing down at my crotch. She sat with both legs tucked up on the couch, knees together an inch from my leg.

“What, the shorts? I guess,” I replied, shifting slightly under her gaze. “Why?”

“Oh, Billy needs some. I wanted to buy him a really comfy pair, something that will make him think of me when he’s out with the boys. So, those are soft? Breathable?” she continued.

We both looked down at my groin again. “Um, yeah sis. They feel soft and cumlouder porno breathable. The mesh holes are pretty lar-” I trailed off. They were breathable, and thinner than I remembered. And after staring down for a few seconds I noticed the flesh of my thighs visible through the gaps in material.

Sis grabbed the shorts near my knee, twisting the fabric between her fingers to verify. As she continued the questioning, her hand lazily stroked the fabric up my thigh.

“Is the length OK? Is there enough room in them?” she asked, absent-mindedly stretching and pulling the fabric.

“Y-yes,” I spit out. My sister’s light touching was starting to have an uncomfortable effect on me. In fact, it had turned this morning’s semi into a guilty erection; worse still, it was pointing towards her, just inches above her wandering hand. The outline was visible each time she pulled on the shorts; my cock flesh straining through the mesh holes.

“Oh,” she said, suddenly growing quiet. She continued looking down as I tried to think about anything but the inevitable, awkward explanation I would soon have to give.

“One czech amateurs porno more thing. Do they have pockets?” she asked, fishing up my side for the answer before I could respond. They did have pockets. Sis darted her hand in the pocket, her palm coming to a rest on my cock head. I froze. Her hand remained.

Sis wiggled closer on the couch, eyes not leaving the bulge of her hand in my shorts, the bulge of my cock leading from her hand. She spoke softly now.

“Hey bro, are they…easy to clean?” she asked, hint of devil in her eye. I looked at her, then up at the ceiling. I couldn’t believe my sister had seen most of my erect cock through my shorts; that she knew I had gotten hard because of her; and that she was now stroking me on the couch.

It was too much. I looked back over to reply.

“Yes, sis, cleanup shouldn’t be a problem.”

She continued grabbing, squeezing, and stroking my tip through the pocket. Her free hand rest on my shoulder.

“Stain resistant?” she whispered.

I groaned as her hand reached down the length of my shaft, stretching the material and reaching czech casting porno the base of my cock. “You bet” I answered.

She smiled, wrapping her fingers around my shaft and starting to pump.

“Covers odors well?” she asked, lips grazing against my ear lobes.

“We’ll find out…” I muttered, hips starting to buck instinctively now. I wrapped my arm around my sister, pulled her close. She responded by resting her legs on mine, jerking faster in the pocket. The bobbing mesh tent below became a blur as I looked at her one last time.

“So, you think Billy will like something just like this?” she asked through a shit-eating grin.

It was too much. I grabbed her face, pressed my lips against hers and darted my tongue in while she stroked. Startled at first, she returned my frantic kiss, moaning softly as she realized I was getting close.

It only took a few more pumps. I sank into the couch, looked down, and spurted hot ropes of cum across my sister’s hand, my leg, and through the holes in the shorts. Sis stroked, stopped when she thought I was done, then continued as she felt the last drops ooze out.

Once emptied, I turned back to her. Sis dragged her hand out of my pocket, sniffed her fingers, and gave me a quick peck on the lips.

“Thanks, bro. But I think Billy couldn’t wear them as well as you anyway.”


All characters are over 18 and entirely fictional.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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