Sisters Ch. 01

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I’ll never forget my first time. I know in this day and age it’s a little archaic to wait until marriage for sex, but I was raised as a Mennonite. My parents were really strict when I was growing up. I was taught that sex was dirty, I was even ashamed of my own body. I wore long, dark, unflattering dresses to cover my very feminine form. I matured at an early age, just like all the other women in my family. I was the first girl in my class to grow real breasts, and i was scarred of them. The age of eighteen was a huge turning point in my life. That summer I went to live with my older sister in Toronto, I was going to be attending university there in the fall and wanted to have a chance to get settled.

My sister, Jen, lived in a small one bedroom apartment. It was pretty close quarters, but I didn’t mind. We had always been really close when we were younger, and I had missed her since she moved out. I slept on a pull-out couch in the living room. It was nice because i was close to the little window air-conditioner that served the whole apartment. Some nights, when it was really hot, she would come sleep in my bed, just like when we were little.

The big city was so different from the small town we grew up in. Even Jen seemed to have changed in the three years that she had been here. She dressed and talked differently, it took some getting used to. Growing up in a small Mennonite community, I had never seen so much sex. It was everywhere now, ads, TV, music. I had never meet suck and fuck seen women who dressed in short skirts, tiny tops, high heels. And the men, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. They were so raw, powerful, and sexy. I began having impure thoughts. I figured Jen would understand so one night, while we were lying in bed I asked her, “um, Jen?”

“What’s up sis?”

“It’s just that, everything is so different here, I’m…I’m so…..confused.”

“About what?”

“Well, ever since I moved here I’ve felt, weird.” I squirmed a little, uncomfortable with the conversation.

“I think I know what you mean, i went through the same thing.”

“It’s like every time I see a cute guy walking down the street, or on the bus I get, warm, and…moist.” I gestured to my private parts, feeling them getting warm even as I did so.

“That’s normal sis. Mom and Dad kinda screwed us up, sex isn’t dirty and gross. Sex is completely natural. In fact it’s a wonderful, no beautiful thing. I had the same problem when I moved here.”

“What do you mean? “

“When I moved out, I started having those same feelings. I pushed them down and tried to ignore them but they kept getting worse. One day I was riding the bus to school and a cute guy sat next to me. He introduced himself and we started talking. I could feel myself getting wet, and before I knew it I felt shivers going up my spine. The vibrations from the bus were mobil porno flowing through me, making me quiver. I missed my stop, and ended up riding the bus all the way back home. I went back upstairs to change my panties since I could feel they were soaked through. It was that day that I first explored myself. Have you ever tried it?”

“Tried what? ” I asked, confused, but definitely intrigued.

“Touching yourself.”

“You mean like, touching my ‘naughty bits’?”

“I mean playing with your pussy. You should stop calling them your naughty bits’,” Jen said, using air quotes “it’s just not attractive. You’ve got a pussy,” she said grabbing her crotch, ” and tits,” she grabbed her chest. I giggled a little. I had never heard my sister talk like that.

“What are you telling me? Mom always said that if I touched myself down there that God would be angry with me.”

“That’s a load of crap. I mean, why would God have given us all these parts if we weren’t meant to enjoy them?”

“I guess that’s true, I never really thought about it that way”

“Don’t worry, you’ll learn pretty quick what it’s really all about.” She gave me a hug, it felt good, but not in the usual way. I slept in my own bed that night, but I felt lonely all night. I couldn’t bring myself to go into her room, I couldn’t explain it, but I had felt something when she hugged me. She had awakened something in me.

I lay awake in my bed, replaying in my head what she mofos porno had said to me. My hand slid slowly under the waistband of my flannel pajama pants, I didn’t even notice. Suddenly I felt a tingle through me and I realized what I was doing. I pulled my hand away in shock. I rubbed my fingers together, they were a little wet and sort of sticky. I brought them close to my face and sniffed them, the musky odor was beautiful to me. I touched my finger gently to my lips, and tentatively licked the tip. The salty taste drew me in and I slid my finger deeper into my mouth, sucking the juice off it. I opened my eyes, suddenly feeling very sinful, worried that someone would see me being bad. The room was dark, Jen’s door was closed, it was safe.

I closed my eyes, and slid my hand back below my waistband. My soft curly pubic hair tickled my palm as I slid further down, my fingers rounding the curve to my ‘naughty bits’. I felt a flush of excitement run through me as i slowly parted my outer lips. They stuck together slightly with the moisture that had built up since my hug with Jen. I couldn’t believe how wet i was. I could feel my juices dripping out of me now. A trickle ran down between my bum cheeks, and made me feel very naughty. I slid one finger slowly in to my eager slit, feeling every movement as it glided deeper into me. It was amazing, i had never felt anything like it before. I pulled my finger back out and more juice dribbled down my crack, tickling my bum.

Suddenly a noise snapped my senses to attention. Was that a footstep? My free hand pulled the blankets up to cover my shame. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, holding my breath, my fingers deliciously close, tickling my sensitive clit as they hovered in suspense.

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