Sis Goes To Brother’s House

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I had looked forward to this night for over two weeks. But I had not expected what would take place. Matt picked me up around 5 pm Friday night. We went to a bar and hung out. Around 12 am we went home. Matt laughed as we entered the drive way saying his wife was at work until late tomorrow afternoon. I walked in the door and plopped on the couch.

We started to watch a movie. After about an hour I was getting really tired. I walked around the room and lit a candle and went to my pajama shirt on. When I came out of the bathroom I was hot so I pulled the little shorts off. I didn’t think anything of it, I was just walking about the house in a little t-shirt. I went back into the living room. I leaned over the counter and peered into the kitchen to where I had lit the candle. I then felt eyes on me.

I looked behind me and there was my own brother, taboo heat porno Matt looking at my ass! I giggled and Matt turned away out of embarrassment. I went and sat next to him in the dark and noticed the bulge in his pants. He had been looking at my ass and had gotten turned on. I began thinking and as I did, I got turned on myself. I began to feel very wet.

Matt looked over and me and saw me looking at his half erect bulge. He paused the movie and ran his hand across my breast. I was going to stop him but it felt good so I didn’t. Matt took this as a sign to keep going. He lower his hands down to my flat stomach. Then lower and lower till he reached my soaking wet pussy.

He slide a finger inside my black panties. I was so wet that when he slide one finger in, it went in easily. The thought of my own brother teach that bitch porno fingering me was driving me crazy. The next thing that happened shocked myself as well as Matt. I got up and took off my panties and straddled my brother lap. I would feel his hard dick beneath me and I began to rock my hips back and forth. He pulled my t-shirt off and sucked on my breast.

I suggested that we move to his bedroom. With that he grabbed my ass and we went to his bedroom. I took off his jeans and licked the tip of his dick. He moaned quietly. I got up on the bed and began to deep throat him. His moans were so loud and they were making me horny. Matt then flipped me around and began eating my wet pussy while I sucked on his dick. I was in pure ecstasy.

I felt his balls and I knew he would cum soon. I sucked team skeet porno harder and I felt myself begin to explode. My brother sucked hard and I sucked hard on him. The next thing I knew I was swallowing his cum while he was licking me dry. I was out of breath and I collapsed on his chest.

We kissed mouth to mouth, tasting each others love juices. I began to suck on his tongue and Matt’s dick began to come back to life. He got on his back and I again straddled his lap. I lowered myself onto his hot, large dick. I gasp from the pleasure. I began to rock my hips down on him hard as I felt his huge 9 inch cock go deeper with in me. Matt then grabbed my ass and we fell into perfect rhythm.

The room was filled with moans and screams from pleasure. I came so hard and he sucked on my tits. He begged me to let him cum in me. I said yes and thanked myself for going on the pill. He came so deep in me I thought I would cum again. After that I fell on his chest. We kissed again and fell asleep naked in the bed.

Matt’s wife came home early the next afternoon…. and when she found brother and sister in bed together… well, that’s another story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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