Single? Not Any Longer

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I was a single dad. My wife died of cancer three years ago leaving me with a four year old girl who is the apple of my eye. Now six, she goes to the local school where she’s getting on great.

I work from home so can choose pretty well my own hours and which means I can take Bethany to and from school each day. I sometimes chat with the mums when collecting her but I’m not really interested in them as pretty well all of them are married and I suspect they’re just curious about me.

I say I’m not interested but when Laura Robinson moved into the area and brought her son to school my interest perked up. I noticed the lack of a wedding band and the fact that she looked great in whatever she happened to be wearing, had a wicked sense of humor and had long blonde hair which she wore up in a pony tail. Yes, I was definitely interested.

One morning when I was dropping Bethany off she came over to me and said, without any preamble, “Seems like we have something in common.”

“You have a six year old girl, while I have a six year old boy. You lost your wife to cancer while I lost my husband to the same and here we are at the same school.”

I laughed, “Yes, maybe we do have a little. So,” I asked, “tell me more.”

“Well,” she said. “It would probably take quite a while. My husband was in the military so we moved around quite a bit. It wasn’t a brilliant marriage, but we got along OK. There were often long periods when he was away so I had to find my own amusement.” Her voice trailed off as though she was thinking of the amusement.

Brightening up, she said, “Look, come back for a coffee and I can tell you more, a whole lot more.”

I certainly wasn’t going to refuse the offer of a coffee with this very attractive lady. “I live only a couple of blocks away, so we could be there in a few minutes,” she added.

Her apartment turned out to be on the top floor of a very smart block. Beautifully furnished it had great views out across the city. She shed her coat revealing a white shirt and a short black skirt. The shirt looked to be a size too small judging by how her breasts pushed out against it, not that I was complaining – it looked just great.

“Coffee?” she asked making her way into the large kitchen. A few minutes later she reappeared with two cups on a tray. I noticed that at least three of the top buttons on her shirt were now undone really accentuating her cleavage. She leant forward to hand me my coffee giving me a great view of her tits.

Her eyes flicked up at me, catching me unawares as I stared into her cleavage. “Like the view?” she laughed.

Guiltily I stumbled out a reply and now I can’t even remember what I said.

“Don’t worry,” she laughed again. “I like men staring at me like that. Makes me think I’m not over the hill yet.”

“You’re hardly even on the way up the hill,” I managed gallantly.

“Oh, do you think so?” She sat down on the couch right next to me. We drank our coffee in silence for a moment. You could almost feel the sexual tension in the air.

She güvenilir bahis turned towards me and looking me straight in the eyes, lifted her hand and very slowly, and very deliberately, undid a further button on her shirt.

Now I could see the top of her bra and the upper swell of her breasts. This had to be an invitation I thought, and one that I was definitely going to accept. I leant slowly into her, put my hand on her chin, lifted her face up towards and slowly, oh so slowly, placed my lips on hers.

Her arm snaked gently around my neck, pulling me in closer to her. Our lips pressed more firmly together and our breathing quickened as our kiss became more and more intense.

Eventually we broke apart. “Wow,” she said, “You certainly know how to kiss a girl.”

“Maybe,”” I answered, “But it’s been quite a while since I last did that.”

“Has it now,” she almost whispered to me. “In that case I think we need to do something about that.” She rose to her feet, took me by the hand, raised me up and led me through to her bedroom. With one toss of her hand she threw back the covers, turned towards me and moved closely into my arms.

Now I could feel her body against me. The curve of her breasts pushed against my chest while her pussy pressed against my manhood which was already getting hard. “Mmm,” she whispered. “I assume that’s not a pistol?”

She dropped a hand onto my cock. “No, definitely not a pistol. Something much nicer, I think.”

I slid my hands down her back until they were clasped on her ass. I pulled her more tightly against the swell of my now rigid cock.

“Oh this, I think we have to see,” she said huskily. A hand found my belt, loosed it and then my zipper was down and my pants fell to the floor around my ankles. I kicked off my shoes and then my pants while she pulled my boxers down. “Well, now what do we have here,” muttered almost to herself as her hand grasped my erection. Slowly she slid her hand up and down my cock while we kissed again, now more passionately than ever.

My hand found her breast and through her shirt I could feel her hard nipple. Quickly I undid the rest of the buttons pulling her shirt out from her short black skirt. The shirt fell to the floor behind her as I reached round her body, found the clasp of her bra and flicked it undone. She moved back slightly to allow her bra to fall exposing those beautiful globes to my sight and now to my touch.

I bent my head and took each nipple into my mouth in turn, flicking my tongue across each hardened little nub teasing and sucking alternately. She moaned and squirmed against me. “Oh that I do like,” she murmured. “Very much.”

My hand slid around her waist, found the fastening of her skirt and loosened it allowing it to join my pants on the floor.

Now she was dressed only in the briefest of panties so I did what any man would do in such a position and slid my hand between her legs gently stroking her pussy lips through the silky thin material.

She grasped my cock more tightly and put türkçe bahis her hand over mine pushing it more tightly on to her pussy. “We need to get rid of these, I think,” I muttered as I pulled her panties down. She kicked them off from around her ankles and taking a step back pulled me down onto the bed on top of her.

She slid sideways as we fell together and twisting sharply she pulled my cock to her mouth and swallowed me greedily. I was in heaven as she bobbed her head back and forward on my rock solid erection. She came up for air; “Now that’s what I call a cock,” she gasped. “You’re quite the big boy, aren’t you? She took me back into her mouth and seemed to swallow me all the way down her throat.

Having twisted round to get at my cock, her pussy was directly opposite my face. Gently I pushed her upper leg out of the way so I could reach into her. At first my fingers stroked up and down her slit before gradually penetrating her oh so wet, pussy. I twisted my wrist round so that my fingers could reach the G spot on the front wall of her pussy. The effect was electric.

“Wow!” She exclaimed. “Carry on doing that and I’m gonna come real quick!”

I carried on doing that, stroking faster and faster as her orgasm began to rise and rise until it burst out. I thought she was going to choke on my cock as her body pulsated in the throes of her climax. My cock fell from her mouth and she rolled onto her back, panting hard.

“Oh, my God,” she eventually managed to get the words out. “That was something else.” There was a pause. “Now, big boy, I need you to fuck me, and I mean really fuck me.”

I slid on to her warm body feeling her breasts press against me. She took hold again on my cock and guided me to, and then into, her soaking pussy. “Now,” she whispered. “Now, fuck me.”

My cock slide easily into her warm, wet depths as she raised her legs and locked her ankles together behind me. “Now, fuck me,” she repeated. “Just fucking fuck me!”

Almost of its own volition my cock started to slide back and forth withdrawing almost to her entrance before slamming back in again to bury itself up to the hilt in her. Each time I did, she grunted with pleasure. “Oh fuck, you sure know how to fill a girl. I need you to fuck me until you make me come again. Yes! Like that!” as I slammed into her again and again.

It couldn’t last; nor did it. She was clinging more and more tightly to me as we fucked, the sweat of our bodies mingling together. The only sound apart from her grunts and moans of pleasure was the wet slap of our bodies as I drove into her.

“Oh, do me!” She cried. “Just fucking do me! I want to feel you come inside me. I’m gonna come again real soon and I want you to fill my pussy with come!”

I felt my impending climax and knew that in seconds I would be shooting my come into her. “Now, come now.” I grunted as I tightened my hold still further on her.

“Yes, yes yes!” I’m coming.” she almost shrieked.

So was I. I felt my come rush up my cock and spew out into her cunt. Three, güvenilir bahis siteleri four, five huge spurts erupted into her. She felt it and squirmed and writhed under me as her orgasm too, took hold. Her pussy clenched and squeezed around my cock trying to milk it of every last drop of come until finally we were done.

Gasping for breath we lay there recovering slowly from our exertions. “That was pretty special,” she said eventually, then, “Your coffee’s getting cold.”

In answer to this rather prosaic comment I put my arms around and rolled onto my back pulling her up on top of me. She immediately spread her legs on either side of mine which meant that her pussy was now lying directly on top of my now flaccid cock.

“Oh,” she said laughing gently. “We want more do we?” It seemed that I wasn’t the only one who wanted more. She started to roll her hips gently back and forth with her pussy lips and clit massaging my cock back to life. Her eyes glazed slightly as her arousal became more evident. Her nipples were rock hard again and a warm red flush started across her chest as she pushed harder against my rapidly rising cock while her breath started to come in short gasps.

Her clit was now directly on my now rigid manhood moving back and forth. “Quick, before I come,” she gasped. “Come into me!”

She reached down between our bodies and grabbed hold of my cock guiding it to her entrance. It slid into her in one easy move burying itself into the warm wetness of her juices and my come.

She rolled her hips back and forth again only this time with my cock buried deep, deep inside her pussy. I started to thrust back against her timing my thrusts with the rolling of her hips. “Oh my God,” she gasped again. “Oh fuck! Oh fucking fuck! I’m coming, I’m coming!”

I clasped her tightly to me as she came, orgasming hard against my now still body. “Oh hell,” she groaned. “What do you do to me to make me come like that?”

I started to move gently in and out of her as the final flushes of her orgasm died slowly away. I hadn’t come yet and I needed to. If that made her come yet again, then so be it. I picked up the pace until finally, finally I felt that wonderful feeling of inevitability and knew that I was about to shoot my load into her.

She felt it and quickly rolled off me, pulled me astride her, grabbed hold of me and started to jerk my cock sliding her hand quickly up and down. “I want it on my breasts,” she said. “I want you to come all over me.”

Suddenly I was shooting come across her body. On her stomach and on her breasts. Hot lines of come streaked across her stomach and up on to her breasts. “I’ve never seen any man shoot so much,” she panted, “especially a second time.” Delicately she trailed her fingers in my come, rubbing it up and across her breasts before trailing it up to her mouth and licking. “Ooh, I do like that. You taste real good, you know.”

I liked it as well and I swung my leg from across her body and lay down beside her cuddling her hot body to me.

That fateful day was three years ago. Now, not only are we living together but we’re married and I have a beautiful step daughter and she has a gorgeous stepson. And all this from a chance meeting at the school gates. What more could any man want?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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