Sinful High Class Mom

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Let me start by telling you about myself. I am a successful married woman with a 18 year old son, Kyle. Although I am 60 years of age I still capture the attention of every man young or old who I walk by. I often get asked out and I am surprised by the age differences of these men. The range varies from business men in there early 30’s and 40’s to young guys not much older than my son. I stand 5’8″ tall and weigh 110 pounds, which is what I have weighed since I was a teenager. I exercise four days a week with a personal trainer to maintain my perfect measurements, which are 34D-22-33. I have natural blond hair and have never had any cosmetic surgery. In fact my breasts are still very firm without an ounce of sag, and my inch long nipples still point up as if I were still an 18 year old.

Everyone is shocked to learn that I am the mother of a eighteen year old and that I am 60 years old. My husband is a pilot for a major airline, and I own a very successful real estate business in Los Angeles. I have always been very close to our 18 year old son. He was the Senior class High School President and star Quarterback of the football team. He is currently a freshman at college on a full paid scholarship and is being looked at constantly by many professional teams. Kyle is gorgeous, and not to sound biased but is a real ‘hunk’. I always hear young girls and even friends of mine say how ‘hot’ he is. He stands 5’11” tall and has an incredible physique. He weighs 190 pounds and doesn’t have an ounce of fat on his body. He is all muscle. He is also blonde with beautiful blue eyes like mine. Kyle has a very self-assured almost arrogant attitude about him.

Throughout High School my son was with a different girl every day; it seemed and never had a steady girlfriend. I would always be at his games while his father was away on a flight and used to love it when people thought of us as girlfriend and boyfriend. After games I would go with his friends on the team and most of them would flirt with me but Kyle would immediately take me by the waist with his big strong hands.

Pulling me close to his chiseled body he’d say, “Back off, this is my girl!” He would often tell me that he and his friends thought I was the ‘hottest’ mom they have ever seen.

Last week Kyle called to invite me to the college for the sports weekend. He was receiving a number of awards and wanted me to come as his ‘date’. Since I have not been at his college to see any games and have not met any of his friends yet I was quite excited and said yes. He said the presentation night was a formal dinner, and dance. The next night was party night and was going to be at a local night club.

When I asked what I should wear he said, “Just dress real sexy mom, I want you to show off your knockout body and I want everybody to see that I’m the one with the sexiest date.”

During the week I went shopping for outfits that would really show off my body. With every outfit I tried on I got more and more excited about being the “hot: date of the schools most popular and sexiest athlete. As I was trying on each very reveling outfit I almost forgot that this sexy popular athlete I was going on the weekend date with was my very own son!

I ended up buying a very revealing, sexy white dress that had a plunging neckline and zipped up to a choker collar neck. The dress clung to me like a second skin. It was quite short and highlighted my long legs perfectly. I would wear sheer thigh high stockings, a sexy thong, and to accent my long legs a pair of 3 in. brown, high heeled pumps.

As I drove to the college in my Mercedes I was dressed in a pair of skin tight jeans, a sheer white blouse, with a thin white lace bra and a pair of black high heel pumps. As I began to think about the weekend with my son I couldn’t help to think that he said I was going as his date, not his 60 year old mother. I began to get aroused and instantly my big nipples began to harden and stick out. As I glanced in the mirror I realized that the sheer bra did absolutely nothing to hide their arousal, in fact the blouse and bra accented them perfectly.

I arrived at Kyle’s off campus apartment and we immediately embraced, then stood back to take in each other. As my son scanned my body from head to toe he said, “Wow mom you look hotter then ever.”

I then did the same and marveled at his incredible chiseled body as I ran my long manicured nails down his muscled chest. I teased him and said, “Ohhhh baby it’s to bad I’m your mother!”

He then responded, “Remember you’re not mom, you’re my sexy date for the weekend.”

He took my bags and we went inside and got caught up. We had two hours before the awards dinner so I went to shower and get ready first. When I got out my son showered as I got ready. After drying my hair I put it up then rolled up my sheer thigh high stockings. I put on my white thong and then my brown pumps. I applied my lipstick and then put on my skin tight dress. Although the dress has the plunging neckline I decided against wearing realitykings porno a bra because of my firm breast.

When I finished I needed to have the zipper on the back of my dress pulled up and clasped, so I walked to the bathroom to ask Kyle for his assistance. The bathroom door was open and I could hear him talking to someone on his phone. At that point the first of two startling things happened. Through the small opening I could see his reflection in the bathroom mirror. I marveled at the definition of his strong back and the tightness of his sexy ass and strong lean legs.

As he continued talking he turned slightly and I nearly fainted as I stared at the biggest cock I had ever seen. My son was beyond enormous, he was gargantuan! It looked to be longer than my forearm to the end of my fingers! Even in this flaccid state it looked to be well over 12 inches long as it hung down a few inches above his knee! It was not only staggering in length, but was equally enormous in girth resembling the width of a soda can! My husband is average at best and I have seen my share of men and in comparison, my son dwarfs all of them.

As I stood unable to move with my eyes riveted to Kyle’s gigantic cock, I began to listen to his conversation. I was so taken back when I heard my son say, “Man just wait until you see the sexy bitch I am bringing tonight. Do you remember that hot older woman from my home town I told you about, well her fucking geek husband is away and I got her to come up for the weekend.”

There was a pause as he went on to say, “Look man you know I’ve fucked every hot chick on this campus, including those three married professors, but I’m telling you when you guys see her you’re all gonna cum in your pants.”

My son went on to describe me explicitly to his friend saying, “Man she’s got the sexiest fucking body. Her legs are so fucking long ass sexy. Her fucking ass is on fire and her tits are fucking perfect man. She’s got the biggest, horniest pair of nipples that I’ve ever seen. Their always, sticking straight up!”

Then the shock of my life occurred when Kyle added, “Man tonight all you guys are gonna see the sexy slut I’ve been jacking my 14 inch cock to since I was 12.” He then said he would see him later and hung up and went into the shower and closed the curtain.

To say I was in shock was an understatement. Part of me wanted to strip right there and get in the shower with him and play with him and that great big cock, but my cell phone rang and brought me back to my senses. I went back to the bedroom to answer it. It was my husband calling to see if I had arrived safely. He talked for a few minutes but I was not listening. All I could think about was my son’s gigantic cock which I heard him says was a staggering 14 inches and the conversation about how he used to jerk off thinking about me.

I quickly got my husband off the phone and began getting very aroused as I thought about the idea of fucking my son. I began to think of some of the things I have done in my life that compare to being as sexy and nasty as fucking my own son. I have done a number of wild things in my life but nothing would remotely compare to this.

I began to relive a wild experience I had about five months ago when I was working on a deal to sell a multimillion dollar estate. The buyer was a nationally known black Rap artist. He was only 22 but had already become a multimillionaire. He came up from the gangs and projects of east LA and as a teenager had already been to prison three times; once for robbery and twice for stabbing someone. He was also involved in a trial regarding a drive by shooting and although many felt he was guilty with all evidence pointing directly at him, he was acquitted of all charges. Because of his wealth he hired the most successful lawyers known for these types of high profile celebrity cases. He was even shot twice and bragged about it, saying it gave him credibility in the rap industry.

He always had a variety of young teenage girls for his choosing. The young girls were black, Asian, Hispanic, and White. He was always surrounded by huge body guards. Although he was short in stature standing only 5’4″ tall, he commanded authority and had a vicious side that could strike fear in anyone who crossed him the wrong way. Even though I stood 4 inches taller then him and 7 more in my high heels, I could tell there was something powerful about him.

He bragged about fathering 12 children each by a different woman. He wore gold chains which matched his capped gold teeth and had tattoos all over his black body. He spoke in a guttural language that was crass and vulgar. Initially I found him repulsive, and would never have associated with him if it wasn’t for the fact that he was very wealthy and I would receive a sizeable six figure commission.

We would drive from estate to estate in his huge thirty foot black Hummer limousine and he would always leer at me and comment on my body and my attire, saying I looked real rip her up porno fine. I was always dressed smartly in corporate business suits that highlighted the sway of my 34D breast and shapely, long, stocking covered legs. Although the black rap star was very young he was quite self-assured, conceited and was used to getting his way. He would overtly tell me how bad he wanted to take me to his bed and fuck me all day and night. Although he was very crude and degraded his young females, I was somewhat intrigued by him.

Although I knew he was incarcerated and was involved in many illegal activities, I never felt threatened by him. To some degree I even enjoyed knowing he wanted me and that I turned him on. I had to admit on some level I was also turned on by him. I attributed this to him being in complete contrast to me. I was a well heeled socialite living an affluent lifestyle in Beverley Hills and he was a gangster figure who came up through the lowest form of ghetto life in Los Angles.

He was unrelenting, saying how sexy I looked and that he wanted me. He would call me at the office during the afternoon while he was still in bed. As I tried to keep him focused on business I could hear voices of a woman moaning saying,” Move over, now it’s my turn to suck that great big black cock”.

I put up with his actions because I had an exclusive two million dollar retainer and hoped he would eventually buy, and my commission would be immense.

As a few weeks went buy he increased his aggressive attempts to fuck me. He was persistently saying that my body drove him wild and that he had to have it. He kept calling me at different times of the day and I could hear the voices of young girls in bed with him. Although I tried to remain focused, the sounds of those young girls moaning and commenting on how big and how delicious his black cock tasted began to wear me down.

I would berate him saying, “How do you ever get any work done if you’re always in bed playing”?

He would answer blatantly saying, “Baby I’d trade these three bitches I got here workin’ on me for you in a New York minute.” This was his way of getting to me and I hated to admit it but it was working.

One day after leaving the office I went home to unwind. I would pour myself a glass of white wine. I then slowly and methodically removed my business suit and stood in just my thigh high stockings, sheer white lace bra and high heels. I sipped my wine as I walked around the room admiring my very sexy body in the floor length mirrors. As my high heels clicked on the marble floor I crossed one heel over the other and unabashedly bent forward slightly and smiled approvingly at my incredibly firm ass and long sexy legs. Knowing that I was in better shape then most 20 year olds I ran a manicured fingernail over my sheer stockings and over the curve of my sexy ass. I began thinking how much the black Rap star would thoroughly enjoy seeing me dressed like this. I then removed my high heels rolled down my nylons then took my glass of wine and went into the Jacuzzi.

I hated to admit it but I could not get the young black rap star out of my mind. Here I was a wealthy elegant 60 year old socialite not to mention married women who served on various boards of prominent organizations as head of the social committees, who was having sinful thoughts of fucking a young 22 year old black thug with a criminal past. He wasn’t even that handsome and he was much shorter than me. However, his persistence to fuck me and the power he had for someone so young haunted me.

Thinking about him caused me to begin playing with my turned on long nipples then slowly began masturbating as I thought of him in bed fucking those young girls. I then closed my eyes and the scene would turn into the Black Rap star and I in bed together kissing and fucking. Pleasing each other with our mouths and hands for hours and hours. With one hand toying with my huge clit my mouth was eagerly sucking my fingers as I imagined them being the young rap stars big black cock. I eventually shuddered uncontrollably into an explosive orgasm that lasted more than two minutes!

The breaking point finally came when young black rap star called the next afternoon and I heard the same familiar sounds. I began to get a little jealous and teased, “I’m disappointed. I thought I was the one you wanted to play with baby.”

He then answered coyly, “These bitches are just keepin’ me tuned up for you baby.”

I then played my trump card and said, “Well I’ll make a deal with you baby. Business first, then I promise you and I can have all the fun you want lover.”

He then sealed the deal that guaranteed I would fuck him by saying, “Yo’ Bitch if yo’ let me git wit’ dat’ sexy white body you be fuckin’ me up wit fo’ the last month, I’ll throw in another million dollars just fo’ yo’ fine ass.”

We finally arrived at closing on a 10 million dollar mansion in an exclusive part of Beverly Hills. That next morning I selected outfits to rus porno specifically make his black cock hard. I was also so turned on knowing that we were finally going to fuck. I would try something on and think, ‘Would this outfit turn him on. Is this hot enough? Would this one make his big black cock burn to fuck me?’

Change after change the outfits became more and more revealing. Finally, I selected a very sexy and quite daring black business suit. The jacket had a plunging neckline and the very short skirt only came down an inch past my jacket. I was all legs. I wore a pair of elegant tan thigh high stockings and black high heels. I wore a sheer white lace bra. The material was so sheer that my lovely long nipples were quite visible. This in itself was very sexy. I knew this look would drive him wild.

I arrived at his office at 10am and was greeted by the usual entourage of young females and body guards. Both the young girls and body guards were leering at me. I had everyone’s attention. I went into his private office to sign the contract and receive the 10 million dollars, plus my hefty million dollar commission.

The black rap star couldn’t keep his eyes off me as he starred me up and down in a sinister way as I sat on his leather sofa with my long nylon covered legs crossed. He leered at me with an almost lecherous look which told me he couldn’t wait to fuck. After a few minutes of leering at me he hit the intercom and called in his attorneys to sign the transfer papers. They contacted the bank on a conference call to the bank president and authorized that 10 million dollars be routed into my business account then made another transfer of a million dollars into my personal account. When my attorneys called to confirm the transaction went through, his attorneys left the room leaving just the two of us.

As his eyes burned with lust I uncrossed my long legs and walked in front of him. Standing in my high heels I stood 7 inches taller then the black rap star. I bent over slightly and met his long tongue and we began kissing very heatedly. The difference in our heights, ages and lifestyles made it even sexier. It was as if those big black lips couldn’t get enough of me. His black hands were all over my body.

After a few minutes I said, “Baby, tell your staff, your body guards and all those young sluts that you will be gone for the entire day. For days I’ve been dreaming about draining every ounce of cum out of that big black cock. You’ve got me so turned on baby.”.

“We went back to kissing until I broke off and said, “I’m so fucking hot for your big black cock baby; make the calls so we can start our fuck.”

In his private elevator we kissed heatedly all the way to the ground floor, with our tongues flying across each others wildly. At one point he hit the stop button and spun me around forcefully and lifted up my tight skirt. As I was forced against the elevator wall he dropped to his knees and began licking my ass like crazy. I was moaning uncontrollably as he pulled my thong to the side and began licking my asshole with his long hot tongue. This wonderful sensation lasted a few minutes until he spun me back around and we hungrily kissed again. We then went to his big black stretch Hummer limousine and I was pleasantly surprised to find a very expensive bottle of Champaign along with some very pricey caviar. As we toasted, he hit the remote and played all his hits that made him a multimillionaire. They each made references to fucking white bitches, killing whitey and drive by shootings.

While the music played loudly we began kissing each other with just our tongues. The young black rap star called this sexy kissing. For twenty minutes our lips never touched. This wasn’t a tender loving kiss; it was a very naughty tongue fuck. It felt so sexy to be kissing this way. Here I was, a respectable, married, 60 year old successful white business woman, in a gangster stretch limo tongue kissing and about to fuck one of the most popular young black rap stars today.

As our tongues flicked wildly across one another’s, the idea of him being black and so powerful and only 22 years of age with a ruthless nature to stab or even kill someone without remorse made me even hotter to fuck and play with him.

As this sinful kiss continued he was having similar thoughts about me. He said, “Fuck bitch, I get tons of pussy, but you’re the sexiest and classiest bitch I’ve ever seen. I wanted to fuck yo’ sexy teasin’ ass body you’d be showin’ off the instant I scanned it. Now strip for me bitch, I want to see that rich high class body that be fuckin’ with my mind all fuckin’ month.”

I took my time unbuttoning my jacket. As I unbuttoned each button the young black rap star and I would kiss wildly causing me to moan. When the jacket was finally off he moaned and licked his lips as if I was a piece of filet Mignon. He went crazy when he saw my perfect 34D breast in my sexy white bra. He began kissing and licking all over my bra. His long black tongue was driving me wild as it flicked over the lace material and over my aching nipples. My nipples were begging to be released. After a half hour of this torture the black rapper unclasped my bra and released my big tits. They pointed straight up with my long nipples sticking up at the ends like two towers.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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