Silent Night

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I silently climb your stairs, hugging the wall, trying to blend into the shadow. The door to your bedroom is slightly open, from the other side I hear him breathing deeply. I know he is asleep, the whisky will have seen to that. In the faint light from the pale moon I see your beautiful form, shrouded by a pure white cotton sheet, lying on your side facing him.

Quickly, I pull my shirt over my head and drop my jeans and boxers to the floor. I creep into your room, the excitement causing me to tremble slightly. My heart pounds so heavily in my ears that I am convinced you will hear it.

Gently, so very gently, I climb onto the bed behind you and slowly slide my arm around you. You stir and mutter something I don’t understand. Softly, I kiss the exposed flesh of your neck, your skin feels like the purest silk to my lips. I move up to your earlobe and nibble it.

“Hi lover.” I whisper.

In the half light I see your face move as you smile, but make no sound. You push your body back into mine, the heat from your back making my erect penis bahis firmaları tingle. I let my hand wander over your body, up towards your beautiful breasts, the breasts that I’ve so desperately wanted to hold from the first time we met. The feeling of your firm, soft, warm flesh in my hand is exquisite. I run my thumb up and around until I find your nipple. As I stroke, it rises, demanding more attention. I take it between my finger and thumb and begin to roll and pull it, ever so gently.

You start to make a grinding circular motion with your hips, trapping my cock between our bodies, causing my desire for you to build greater by the second.

I run my tongue down from your earlobe to your shoulder, tasting every millimetre of your tight, soft, pale skin. As my mouth reaches your shoulder, I suck your skin softly. Savouring the moment, for I know that every moment with you must be savoured.

From the other side of you, he shifts in his sleep, the rhythmic breathing continues.

I let my hand trace down your body to between your legs. kaçak iddaa Your thighs yield slightly as my fingers run down to your pussy. I press my fingers inwards, feeling the heat of your body rising. My middle finger slips between your lips, I run it over your engorged clitoris. You moan as I touch you, lifting your leg higher and bending your knee so that your wonderfully slender calf rests over my leg. I continue to rub you in long slow strokes, each time I rub down to your welcoming opening, you push back harder against my body. I use three fingers now to spread your pussy lips apart, a circular motion to keep the attention on your clit. Every so often I slide two fingers deep into your pussy feeling the incredible wetness inside your gorgeous body. I bend my fingers slightly as I retract them so that I run them over your g-spot. Faster and deeper I push my fingers into you, rubbing your clit with the palm of my hand. Harder and harder you grind against me, your breathing getting more and more laboured.

I pull my fingers from you and spread your kaçak bahis pussy as wide as I can. Firmly, I place the head of my cock between your hot lips. I push myself into you. Your body accepts mine as if we were always meant to be coupled. I slide my full length into you and then retract. Again I slide in, faster, deeper. When I am fully inside you and our bodies are as close as they can be, your pussy begins to pulse gripping my cock. I reach up and grab your breast hard. The moment is nearly with us. You pull my hand from your breast and put it to your mouth. Your tongue runs through my fingers licking your own juices from my hand. As you suck my fingers, you push your firm arse hard into me. You squeeze my cock with your cunt, harder and harder until we can hold back no longer. We come together in a long shattering orgasm. We both fight the urge to cry out, fearful of waking the others in the house. In the frenzy of passion, I pull my hand from your mouth and tear down your neck to your perfect tits. I grab them roughly wanting this moment to last for the rest of my lifetime. Still you pulse and squeeze me, draining every last drop of come from me.

Finally we are fully spent. I pull myself from you and stand beside you. I kiss your head and leave the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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