Siblings with Benefits Ch. 18

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I awoke to the sexy sound of rain outside my bedroom window and the even sexier feeling of my brother’s naked body curled up close behind me; his arm around my waist holding me tightly to him as he slept. I smiled as I lied there listening to both the rain and Mark’s slow steady breathing in my ear. As always my brother’s face was nuzzled into my neck; I couldn’t imagine anything better than this.

My eyes slid over to the alarm clock and saw that it was eight which brought another smile to my face. Mark never used to sleep past seven, but the last three weeks or so he had been sleeping later and later. Of course the fact that every one of those nights had been spent in his big sister’s bed might just have a little something to do with it. Since a couple of nights after the fight with Jack, which had caused his break up with Krissy, my little brother had found himself quite lonely and in need of his sister’s affection. Needless to say being the unselfish giver that I am I was more than happy to oblige.

Okay so maybe my attention wasn’t what he had always been looking for. Maybe a few of those times Mark might have just been looking for someone to talk to about Krissy, whom he still seemed to think might take him back, but whenever Mark would bring her up I would put my finger to his lips, my lips around his cock and nothing else would matter after that. I have to say that although I had been the one to make the rule that we “weren’t for all the time” back when Mark and I had first started fucking-hard to believe almost a year ago- I was loving every minute of this!

The timing couldn’t have been better as lately with the exception of my time with my brother things had not been going well to say the least. My parents finding out about my drinking as well as hiding my stupid relationship with Jack had led to them not trusting me and questioning everywhere I went, who I was with, and what I was doing. I had spent well over a month with no car, or phone before I had blown up and told my father I was not a little kid anymore.

Dad’s response had been when I stopped lying like one then he wouldn’t treat me like one. My father had also thrown in the “You can’t lie to me, I’ll always know.” I think the fact that my brother and I were lying naked in my bed at this very moment disproved that theory. On that note however I had found myself at times feeling guilty about how I had lied to and played my father. I had to of course; my brother’s future had depended on it, not to mention the fact I had made the mess in the first place.

Still my Dad had been so good to me over the years and to manipulate him like that bothered me in those moments when it seemed that everything did as well I felt empty and alone as if I were less than everyone else around me. Those moments were coming more and more frequently lately. Sometimes they were brief and I could simply shake them off, but other times I would stay in that melancholy mood for days. When I was in these “funks” as Mark called them the only thing that made me feel better was the safe haven of my brother’s arms or the soothing effect of alcohol.

These mini depressions of mine had also caught up with me at school, which had led to the latest look of disappointment on my parents faces. My last semester’s grades had slipped badly and I wasn’t off to a great start with this one. In typical fashion Mom had expressed concern asking what was wrong? Could they help? Dad of course was just angry telling me I was partying too much and not taking it seriously because it was his money. I had replied with a shrug saying that I could just quit and save him the next year and a half’s tuition.

I had just come home from Vinnie’s and was still wearing my uniform. Pointing at my shirt Dad asked if I liked my name tag because I’d be wearing one for the rest of my life if I quit. I told him I didn’t need a diploma to paint. The conversation ended with Dad telling me how disgusted he was with me lately which had sent me into tears. Mom had come upstairs later and talked to me telling me that she knew I was struggling and that maybe it was time to start seeing my councilor weekly.

With an effort I stopped that train of thought. It was a sexy rainy Saturday morning that not only was starting in my brother’s arms but I already knew would end there as well. On Saturdays Mark worked at Mitch’s from six to midnight and I planned on being there for a good part of that time. As despite what my “You can’t lie to me” father thought I was still getting more than enough of both my brother and liquor, and at the same time as Mark had become the new hot bartender that was taking care of me.

Unlike Jack however Mark was more than happy to serve all of his sister’s needs rather than worry about his own. I found it funny that Mark didn’t seem to mind me drinking as long as it was with him. I had mentioned it to him a couple of weeks ago asking him what the difference was as he seemed worried mofos porno if I drank anywhere else. Mark had replied that it was because he knew who I would be going home with when I was with him. As I lied there I already began to look forward to late tonight when we would come home and wondered what tonight’s game would be.

The Game.

Just the thought of it was enough to get my nipples hard and my pussy wet. The Game is what my brother and I called the rough sex sessions that he had started by holding me down that day at the hotel. The sex had always been pretty raunchy but now the two of us would go above and beyond to control, degrade and do as we pleased to the other. In the beginning it was spontaneous; one of us would just suddenly take control and the other fall into line, however the last couple of weeks Mark had come up with the idea of taking turns.

I have to admit it was a hell of an idea. We only played the game on Fridays and Saturdays as we got in so late there was no chance of the folks coming upstairs and lately Mom had been making Dad take her out on those nights and well maybe they were playing their own games.

So Friday’s were mine and Saturday was Mark’s. Knowing in advance would have me wet all day Friday as I planned on what I would make my brother do to please his nasty big sister, and I have to say the same was true on Saturday as I spent all day knowing that little brother was going to force me to have sex with him.

The two of us were definitely evolving sexually. I found the control to be an amazing turn on. I would spend my nights teasing my brother, giving it to him and taking it away, making him beg for it. Making him get me off over and over again and not give him anything until the very end and only if he properly thanked me, if he didn’t he would have to make me cum again. Last weekend I had set the alarm and told him that he would have to lick my pussy for a full hour without making me cum and if he slipped and I did cum he would get nothing.

Mark made it 45 minutes before I slipped over the edge and came in his face. I then told him that since he screwed up the only way he was getting off was to jerk off on my feet. After he did I rolled over and told him good night. Mark begged for more and I told him no and go to sleep. I lied there smiling and wet for over a half an hour listening to him all but whimper next to me because he was going to bed without .Finally I caved and after making him get me off with my vibrator rolled over and let him start fucking me doggy style.

He had just started when I glanced at the clock and told him he had three minutes before I took it away again. Mark had said he had already cum and couldn’t again that fast. I told him he could have three or nothing. At that point my brother reared back and began fucking the shit out of me. As I moaned from the pounding my pussy was getting my eyes never left the clock and I called out each minute that went by. After I told him he had a minute Mark not only started going faster but began making little whimpering noises as he raced to cum. I cheated and announced the clock turning before it actually did and reveled in Mark’s last desperate pumps. I was just going to tell him to stop when I felt his hot cum begin to paint the inside of my pussy. The biggest turn on was the noise my brother made as he came; more of a sound of relief than pleasure.

My brother had his revenge on me the next night. We started by him bending me over the bed and fucking the shit out of me. Mark came fairly quickly, by yanking me down to my knees and spraying his sticky load all over my face. That’s when the fun for my little brother really started. First I wasn’t allowed to wipe the cum off of my face, I had to leave it there while he lied on his back and told me to lie between his legs.

Mark had told me to blow him, no teasing or playing just take it deep and suck like the dirty fucking whore I was. It took awhile as he had just gotten off and when he finally did cum in my mouth I started to try to move but he held me there and told me to start over. I started to tell him he was crazy that it would take forever. I then found myself rolled over on my back, hands tied to the bed posts and my brother straddling my face and fucking my mouth. I laid there helpless and all but gagging on the ten inches of cock that was being repeatedly shoved down my throat At one point Mark had slid up further and was literally doing pushups into my face which as harsh as it was it had my pussy dripping watching him flex over me.

Finally Mark reversed himself putting us into a sixty nine and started licking my swollen clit as he continued to fuck my now aching mouth. I began to whimper and moan around his cock, partly because I needed to cum but mostly because I desperately wanted him to. They say be careful for what you wish for as at that moment Mark began to get close and started pounding my face even harder. moms girl porno I could barely breathe at the point and was afraid of retching but at the same time Mark had started sucking on my clit. Just as I felt the first shot of cum down my throat he rammed his finger into my ass which sent me over the edge and my own hips bucking into his face. I had spent the next day with an aching jaw and a sore throat, but the only thing that had mattered was how I would get even, which had been last night.

At that thought I smiled again and my eyes shifted to my bedpost where one of my black stockings was still tied. Last night I had tied my brother to the bed by his wrists and ankles and after riding his face until I came, spent the next hour, stroking, sucking and riding his cock until his thighs were trembling and he was begging his sister to cum. Every time he got close I would stop and make him suck me off again. I also added the twist of making him refer to me as mistress, which was something I had seen in porn once.

When Mark would slip and say my name I would stop playing with him or bite or twist his nipples hard enough to get him to cry out. The best however was when I had reached down to the cooler I had hidden under the bed and removing the icepack from it placed it on his balls and left it there while I made him suck on my clit. Despite it being my third orgasm of the night I came quick listening to Mark’s whimpers and feeling his body writhing underneath me as he tried desperately to pull away from the cold pack between his legs.

After I had cum I got up kissed him good night and went into his room to go to sleep. I let him stew for a good half hour then went back in. I spent another good half hour teasing the shit out of Mark with my mouth and pussy, he finally begged so pathetically asking his Mistress if he could please cum with that adorable little whimper of his that I hopped on and rode him until he filled his sister’s pussy with what felt like the biggest load he had ever shot. So much that as I pulled his cock out some of it spilled down my thighs and onto his.

Now lying hear on this lazy Saturday morning I found myself wondering what my beautiful little brother had in store for his mean big sister. Whatever it was it would be rough. Where I enjoyed teasing and controlling Mark was into rape fantasies, all but tearing me apart and making me beg him to stop. I still found it slightly disturbing that having endured two years of abuse as a child that I could get off on Mark taking me in that way. I mean Greg had been bitten for just grabbing me and I had all but had a breakdown when Jack had fucked me doggy style a few weeks back and I had known damn well neither was out to hurt me.

Maybe it was the trust and love I had for my brother that allowed me to be okay with him giving it to me that way whereas I couldn’t even handle another man being that close to my ass. After what Frank had done to me repeatedly I couldn’t have anyone besides my brother even close to that spot. My past was certainly the gift that kept on giving and not just for me as the only time our game had gone bad was a couple of weeks ago when I had discovered my brother had his own dark trigger.

We had been playing in his room and I’d had him tied to his bed. I had been going back and forth with him telling him he wasn’t behaving and certainly wasn’t worth his big sister’s pussy. I had teased him to the point where Mark started to really complain which was fine with me, as that’s what I had been hoping for. Smiling down at him I told him that I was getting pretty sick of hearing his bullshit and, as he had done to me previously, stuck a sock into his mouth.

Mark lost it. He began screaming into the gag and he thrashed so hard he knocked me off the top of him. I caught myself before I fell off the bed and tried to put my hands on his chest to get him to stop moving so I could untie him. At that point with a burst of strength fueled by fear Mark wrenched his arms so hard that he snapped the wooden slots off of his headboard and sat up so violently I was tossed onto the floor.

I jumped up in time to see Mark; with the pieces of wood still dangling from his wrists tearing the gag from his mouth. As soon as it was out he began sobbing, and begging, saying he promised to be quiet; that he wouldn’t make any more noise. I immediately went to him and put my arms around him holding him as he had done for me. Mark buried his head into my neck and continued to sob, these were not simple tears, he was balling like a baby and his entire body was trembling in fear. At this point I was afraid for him and understood how tough it must have been for him when I had freaked out a few weeks back.

I held him tight and just kept telling him that his big sister was there for him and nothing was going to happen to him ever again. At one point I was afraid he wasn’t going to calm down and I was wondering how the momsbangteens porno hell I would get him dressed and explain the broken bed if I had to get Mom up there. Eventually however Mark regained control of himself and after I untied his wrists we laid down on his bed. I then listened horrified as Mark told me how bad it had been with Max, how in addition to the beatings for “making too much noise” Max on several occasions tied Mark’s hands, gagged him and left him in a dark closet for hours until he learned how to be a “quiet little rat”.

I had always known my brother was afraid of the dark but had never wanted to ask why. The gag however had even caught him by surprise, he knew I wasn’t going to hurt him but the second I had done put it in his mouth all those memories had come flooding back. I unfortunately could identify all too well. As we laid there I remembered Mom using the term broken and how it was starting to sound more and more appropriate. When Mark had finished talking he put his head down embarrassed at how he had acted.

I told him no worries he’d put up with enough of my drama. After a few more minutes of him looking uncomfortable I pushed him onto his back and starting at his lips kissed my way down to his cock. After getting him nice and hard I slid up and took him for a nice long ride that made him forget about everything except his hot sister and her insatiable pussy.

Speaking of my always needy little pussy; my replaying of some our recent games had gotten me to the dripping stage and I was about ready to roll over when, as if right on cue, Mark placed a gentle kiss on the inside of my neck. A moment later I felt him move the hair from the back of my neck and kiss me there. As he did his hand moved from my waist and using just his finger tips Mark slowly slid his hand across my soft stomach, up between my tits then gently brushed my left nipple before making his way back down the length of body to just above my pussy.

My brother’s hand stopped there and repeated the trip up this time catching my right nipple. I made a happy little noise and wiggled my bare ass into my brothers rapidly hardening cock. Once again Mark’s hand made it down to the very tip of my pussy and went back up. Part of me wanted to grab his wrist and shove his hand down there, but I decided to just lie there and let my little brother take his time and enjoy his big sister’s body.

Mark slid his other hand underneath me where it found quickly found my right nipple. Rather than pinch or play with it he traced slow teasing circles across it, all the while his other hand continued its slow journey up and down my chest and stomach. I sighed contentedly and closed my eyes as my brother’s hands roamed my body. Mark’s left hand found my other nipple and he started playing with both as his mouth once again found my neck.

“Hmmm that’s nice little brother.” I whispered.

As his right hand continued with my nipple Mark’s left trailed down and slid teasingly around my pussy to fondle my thigh. I made a whimpering noise and Mark let out an adorable little laugh in my ear before slipping his fingers into his sister’s warm wet pussy. Mark slowly worked his fingers in and out several times then adding his thumb to my clit started picking up the pace. I started grinding my hips moving them forward into his fingers then backwards to push my ass back into his dripping hard cock.

I made a sound of protest as my brother slid his fingers out of my pussy, but it quickly changed to a soft moan as, lifting my thigh so that my leg rested over his, Mark slid his huge cock into my more than willing pussy. As Mark started fucking me with nice slow steady strokes his thumb once again found my clit and started rubbing it in equally slow circles. Mark’s right hand was still working my nipple and after moaning in pleasure I turned my head to the side where my lips were met by Mark’s.

We kissed long and slow moaning into each other’s mouths as my brother slowly worked my body with his talented fingers and amazing cock. I broke the kiss and whispered;

“Look at you taking good care of your big sister’s hot little pussy.” I paused to yelp as Mark gave me one good hard thrust before resuming his slow steady pace. “Oh you are a bad boy aren’t you little brother?”

“I’m your bad boy.” He said softly in my ear.

I moaned out loud to that. My bad boy! Oh that’s right I thought no more sharing with Krissy! All this was all mine!

“Oh please fuck me faster Mark.” I told him as I started pumping my hips into his cock.

Slow and easy was one thing but after that last comment Mark had made this nasty girl need to cum very badly so her little brother could fuck her nice and hard and claim what was his! As always Mark followed directions well, speeding his thumb up on my clit he began slamming his cock deep into my pussy. I started letting out little whimpers as every thrust brought me one step closer to orgasm. I turned my head and once again was greeted by my brother’s soft lips. We kissed harder and faster this time. Feeling my thighs begin to tremble Mark drove his cock into me even harder at the same time he pushed down harder on my clit and gave my right nipple a hard pinch.

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