Sibling Rivalry

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My mother divorced our father when I was only six or seven and she raised us two girls all by herself. She was a beautiful woman and always told us we looked just like her when she was our age and she knew we were going to be trouble when we hit our teenage years.

When I turned eighteen she started dating a new guy and they were married before I turned nineteen. He had two sons, Matt and Jacob and my mom had two daughters.

“All four of you will get along great,” my mom used to tell me when we first moved in with them. “Matt’s your age so I’m sure you’ll have a lot in common…you just need to give it some time.”

I tried to keep my life as normal as possible as I finished my senior year in high school but it wasn’t long before Matt and I actually did start hanging out together from time to time. After school ended Matt and I found ourselves alone in the house all day long so we just played games or watched TV together.

It was one of these lazy mornings watching TV that I noticed him staring at me more than usual. I began to wonder what was wrong with me that he was staring at me like that. I was wearing the same pink shorts I always wore and the same white tank top I always slept in, so I didn’t know why he kept looking in my direction on the couch. I must have caught him twenty times looking at me that morning. It wasn’t until later that morning when I went upstairs to change I realized I wasn’t wearing any panties and when I sat on my bed I found out what he was looking at. Across from me was my mirror and I could see myself sitting on the edge of the bed in my pink shorts and as I spread my legs a little my shorts opened up and my pussy was peaking out at me. I was instantly horrified and embarrassed that my step brother had seen me like this all morning and worse yet, he didn’t say a thing!

I stayed in my bedroom until Jacob came home with his friends and when I did come down, I made sure I had on long jeans and long sleeve shirt trying to show as little skin as possible and tried to avoid Matt as much as I could. That night I ate dinner in my bedroom and while I lay in bed to go to sleep, I couldn’t help thinking about that morning. I wondered what Matt was thinking about when he saw me like that. I wondered if he’d seen his girlfriends pussy before or if I was the first he’d seen and I know this was stupid of me, I couldn’t help but wonder if he liked what he saw. I tried to get these thoughts out of my head and remind myself he was my stepbrother, but I kept thinking about it and I became more and more curious as the night drew on…I wonder if he was hard in his jeans while he stared at my pussy.

A couple weeks past and things were settling down and I wasn’t avoiding him anymore. He invited his girlfriend over this morning and as I came down for breakfast, I found them both in the back den already. I wasn’t paying any attention to them as I got a bowl and pulled out the cereal and milk, but then I realized it was quiet all of a sudden. I set the bowl down and tiptoed down the hall and peaked around the corner into the den and saw them. He was standing there with his jeans and boxers down to his ankles and his girlfriend Jenny kneeling down in front of him holding his cock in her hands. I wanted to turn around and go back upstairs, but for some reason I couldn’t look away. I watched as Jenny stroked his cock and it grew bigger and harder in her hands. I watched him tilt his head back and close his eyes as she slipped his cock between her red moist lips and started sucking him. I found myself thinking his cock was too big to fit in her mouth, but she soon proved me wrong and took him all in. Her hands wrapped around his ass and pushed him closer to her as she took him down her throat while he moaned louder and louder. I’d never seen anything like this and the fact that he was my step brother had completely escaped from my mind and I found my hands sliding down my belly into my shorts finding my pussy getting wet just watching them.

Matt was thrusting his hips back and forth for a while Jenny stroked his cock and sucked him faster and faster. He almost seemed to be jerking his body away from her uncontrollably and as I was wondering what he was doing I saw it. He suddenly reached down and grabbed his cock as Jenny smiled up at him and he came on her. Jenny sat there stroking his cock in her face as he came more and more on her lips…her tongue…finally licking his cock clean. I realized I was actually breathing heavy now with my hand still between my legs and moaned a little too loud and Matt turned in my direction. I ran quietly back to my room before he could see me and stayed up there for a few hours before coming back down.

“So Mary,” he said to me as I sat on the couch across from him. “Did you by chance walk in on me and Jenny this morning in the den?”

“No,” I answered trying to look as surprised at this question as possible. “Why? What were you guys doing?”

“Nothing,” he said obviously trying to avoid looking at me. liseli porno “I just thought I heard someone in the hall and I noticed the cereal was out so I thought it might have been you.”

“Sorry, it wasn’t me.”

That night I lay in bed with my eyes closed thinking about Matt and Jenny together. I slid out of my shorts and lay in bed naked from the waist down with my hand between my legs. I thought of the way Matt was looking at my pussy and how hard his cock was in Jenny’s mouth as I rubbed my pussy faster…deeper…feeling how wet my tight little pussy was getting with every minute. I’d never done this before and was exhilarated the more I rubbed my pussy and thought about Matt cumming all over Jenny’s lips. I found myself wanting to be Jenny and wanting Matt’s cock in my mouth…to taste his cum on my lips…feeling something inside me building with each thought. My fingers moved faster and harder over my clit until I couldn’t take it anymore and felt something hit me out of nowhere…pulsating between my legs…my hips jerking beneath my fingers and my pussy so wet I couldn’t believe it…my first orgasm I thought to myself as I tried to catch my breath.

Another week passed and we both tried to pretend everything was normal, but you could feel the tension building between us…there was just something in the air when we both were in the same room. I called an old boyfriend of mine and asked him to come over. Mike and I dated for a while but he always wanted to have sex and I didn’t so we broke up, but we were still friends. Matt and I were sitting on the couch watching TV when Mike showed up. I let him in and grabbed his hand pulling him straight back to the den. I glanced back at Matt and caught him watching us and gave him a little wink as we disappeared down the hall.

Mike didn’t know what was going on but he soon shut his mouth when I pushed him against the wall and knelt down in front of him just as I’d seen Jenny do with Matt. I pulled his jeans down and rubbed his cock over his boxers smiling up at him. He had that same dumb look on his face I’d seen on Matt so I knew I was doing something right. I slid his boxers down and watched his cock slowly rise a little at a time, and I hadn’t even touched him yet. I looked back down the hall and thought I could hear footsteps slowly coming closer so I turned back to Mike and slid my hands up his thighs. I knew he always wanted this, but absolutely never would give it to him, but watching Jenny and Matt do it made me want to do it too, so I slid his cock in my hand and slowly stroked it back and forth just as Jenny had done. I could hear him instantly moaning and knew he liked it. I grabbed his balls with one hand slowly massaging them while I stroked his cock with the other hand faster and faster. I could tell it wasn’t going to take Mike as long to cum as it did for Matt so I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and watched him close his eyes and smile as I slid him inside me further and further.

Mike’s cock wasn’t as long or thick as Matt’s looked so I was hoping to get it all in like Jenny did and as I thought I could hear Matt breathing behind me in the hall, I pushed my mouth down all the way over his cock a few times. It took me a few tries before I was able to take him all in, but once I got his cock down my throat I could feel him throbbing harder and harder inside my mouth. I pulled my shirt up over my breasts letting my breasts hang for Matt to see. I didn’t have huge breasts, but they weren’t small either. I wondered if he would like the way my nipples looked so big and hard between my fingers. Mike was thrusting faster and harder against my lips now so I pulled his cock out just in time to watch him cum on my mouth. I wasn’t ready for this and gasped a bit, but quickly grabbed his cock stroking it over my tongue just like Jenny did and liked his cock clean after he was done.

I heard Matt’s footsteps move quickly down the hall and heard him jump on the couch as I pulled my shirt down and Mike got dressed.

“So what was that for?” Mike asked.

“I just wanted to suck your dick and find out what it was like. You don’t mind do you?” I asked him.

“Fuck no!” Mike answered. “You can call me anytime.”

When we both came back to the living room I noticed the bulge in Matt’s pants and when I looked at him he caught me looking at his crotch and tried to cover it up with his hands. I couldn’t help but smile knowing he was watching me getting hard just like I was watching him getting wet.

That night I lay in bed again smiling at the thought that Matt was in the next bedroom probably jerking his cock and cumming in his sheets thinking about what he saw. I wondered how long it took him playing with his cock before he came. I slid my hands between my legs and imagined Matt lying in bed naked stroking his big hard cock. I rubbed my pussy fast and hard just like Matt was stroking his cock in my mind and as I feel asleep afterwards I slid my fingers between meet suck and fuck porno my lips tasting how warm and sweet my pussy was on my tongue and found myself wondering if Matt would like my taste as much as I did.

The next morning I woke up to find my mom and step dad packing their bags. They had received a call early in the morning with some bad news about an uncle of mine who had been in a car accident. They were driving a state away to visit him in the hospital and needed me and Matt to stay behind with the other two while they were away. Soon they were gone and Matt and I sat alone in the kitchen making breakfast together.

“I have a question for you Matt,” I asked after too many minutes of silence. “Have you and Jenny…you know?”

“Have we what?”

“Have you and Jenny had sex?” I whispered slowly raising my eyes up to his watching his reaction. “I saw what she was doing to you and I wondered what else you have done with her.”

“I knew that was you in the hall! Well, I saw you and Mike doing the same thing.”

“So have you?” I asked again wanting to know the answer.

“Have you and Mike had sex?” he asked me as if trying to avoid answering me.

“No,” I whispered back. “I might soon though…I’ve been wanting to.”

“Jenny and I have done it a few times so far,” he finally answered as he sat down on the bar stool next to me.

“You should invite her over tonight and let me watch you two together.”

“Why do you want to watch us?” he asked while he stared at my chest. “Your not gonna ask to join us are you?”

“No,” I yelled back, though the thought did catch my attention. “I just wanted to see how you do it.”

“I’m sure Mike would be happy to show you,” he said laughing as he walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

The day went by quickly and uneventfully and soon I was putting my sister to bed and Matt and I were sitting alone on the couch watching TV. He sat there flipping through the channels over and over again until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“I have an idea,” I said as I jumped up and pulled Matt up off the couch with me. “I know what we can watch…follow me.”

I ran up the stairs and into our parent’s bedroom. I grabbed the remote and jumped into the bed and slid under the comforter as Matt walked in watching me. I turned the TV on and started flipping through the channels until I found the channel I was looking for.

“The adult channels aren’t locked up here like they are downstairs,” I said as I pulled the blanket back motioning Matt to slide in next to me. “We can watch whatever we want up here.”

Matt sat down next to me and pulled the blanket up over his crotch as I found a movie playing and left it there. One the screen in front of us was two young girls and one older man. Both girls were on their knees taking turns sucking the man’s huge dick.

“He’s so big,” I said as I stared at his big cock on the TV. “Mike was nowhere near that size.”

Matt didn’t answer but instead squirmed a little under the blanket. We sat quietly watching as the girls on the screen pushed the man down on the bed and one sat on his dick while the other sat on his face. I snuck my hand under the blanket and down my shorts wanting to feel how wet I was. Soon my fingers were sliding back and forth between my wet lips as both girls moaned and screamed louder and louder on the TV.

I pulled the blankets down with one quick motion and found Matt holding his dick in his hands. I could see the head of his cock nice and wet just like my pussy and I suddenly had the urge to taste him.

“That is big,” I whispered as he tried to pull the blanket back up over him. “Can I touch it?”

He didn’t say anything and only let the blanket go and smiled at me. In the back of my mind I knew I shouldn’t be thinking these thoughts much less doing them, but those thoughts moved further and further into the back of my mind. I sat up and leaned over his dick and pulled my hair back. I could feel his hands sliding down my back as he gently pressed my body closer to him. I wrapped my tiny hands around the base of his dick and loved how hot it felt in my fingers. I let my fingers slide up and down slowly watching it grow harder with each second.

I moved closer to him in bed on my hands and knees and slowly slid the end of his dick between my lips. My tongue licked slow circles around the end of his cock while I slid him in further. I slid a few inches of his big dick inside my mouth trying to do what Jenny did, but not able to. The sounds on the TV seemed to fade far away into the background and soon all I could here was Matt’s breathing and his dick sliding in and out my mouth while I sucked on him faster and faster.

Matt seemed to be reading my mind and slid my shorts down over my ass while I tried harder to take every inch of his cock in my mouth. I could feel him throbbing more the deeper I took him in and wondered mobil porno if he would cum inside me or pull it out like he did with Jenny. He grabbed my ass a few times, squeezing me while he moved his fingers closer and closer to my wet pussy. I spread my legs for him as I felt his finger slide inside me and I let out a small gasp.

I moved off of him and looked up at him as he slid his finger deeper inside my pussy. My right hand held him tight and stroked him up and down faster and faster while he fucked my pussy with one finger…then two. It felt so good to have him inside me and I knew what I wanted next.

I stood up on the bed and spread my legs over his body as he lay down beneath me. I slowly moved down over his body with my back towards him as I reached down and grabbed his wet throbbing dick. I held my body just inches over his hips as I moved the head of his cock between my wet lips letting him slide inside me just a little.

“Do you want to fuck me now?” I asked him not realizing how much deeper my voice sounded. “I want to feel your huge cock inside my tight little pussy.”

He grabbed my hips and pulled me down on him letting his dick slide inside my tight pussy one inch at a time. He held his dick inside me for a few seconds before sliding it out slowly only to push it back in. I moved slowly like this on top of him for a few minutes watching one of the girls on the screen doing the exact same thing in the same position. As she reached down and rubbed her pussy, I did the same thing. My fingers reached down to rub my clit and found Matt’s cock sliding in and out between my lips diving in deeper and deeper with each thrust.

“God, you’re so big,” I moaned as he picked up speed. “I don’t know if I can take anymore.”

This seemed to only get him more excited and I felt his grip on my hips get tighter and tighter as his hips hit mine harder and harder. I could feel his thick cock spreading my tight pussy wider as his breathing got louder and louder. My fingers moved faster over my clit wanting to feel that same rush I did on that first night I had an orgasm in my bed. Just as I was feeling it again I felt him push hard inside me a few times just before he relaxed in bed next to me.

“Did you feel it?” Matt asked as he slid his dick out and pushed me off of him. “Did you feel me cum inside you? Damn, you felt good.”

I lay there now completely naked in the bed with my legs spread and my fingers still rubbing my pussy. I needed to cum and wasn’t going to let him off this easy.

“Lick my pussy now,” I whispered with a little grin on my face. “Lick my pussy until I cum in your mouth.”

I watched a confused smile come over his face as he moved down between my legs and grabbed my thighs with his hands. He pushed my legs apart a little more and quickly pushed his mouth over my pussy. He quickly licked me back and forth fast and hard before slowing down over my clit. I could see his tongue and lips wet with my pussy as he licked me more and more.

“Use your fingers too,” I whispered as my eyes closed waiting to feel him inside me again. “Fuck my pussy and lick me at the same time.”

He spread my legs wider and slowly slid two fingers between my wet pussy. He didn’t stop rubbing his tongue over my clit while he pushed deeper inside me. He pushed deeper inside me and was soon fucking my pussy faster and faster while his tongue tried to keep up the same fast pace until I was holding his head down on my pussy.

“That’s it!” I kept repeating louder and louder. “I’m gonna cum now…don’t stop!”

Suddenly, I felt my body quiver beneath his mouth and felt a sudden rush hit me, one wave after the other while Matt held me down with his hands and kept licking my drenched pussy. His lips sucked on my pussy drinking me all in for a few more seconds until I couldn’t take it anymore and pushed him off.

“Stop it,” I said he sat up at my feet. “It’s too sensitive now.”

We sat next to each other in bed as the movie we were watching finished. We didn’t bother getting dressed or anything. We watched the next movie start and I could see his dick slowly starting to rise again.

“Do you want to do it again?” I asked while I slid my fingers up and down his dick again. “We have all weekend until our parents come back. We can do it all night in their bed if we want to.”

I moved to the end of the bed and got on my hands and knees in front of Matt and spread my legs. I reached down with one hand and spread my lips apart for him as he knelt down behind me ready to fuck me again. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me again and as I felt his hands grab my ass, he didn’t disappoint me. With one quick thrust he pushed his long hard cock inside me over and over again as fast as he could. His body pushed me down on the bed while he gave me every inch of his dick and within three minutes or less he’d cum inside me again and lay there trying to catch his breath.

We spent the rest of the weekend in my mom’s bedroom while the other two were in bed or in other rooms watching TV. We took turns pleasing each other over and over again until we were both too sore to do it again. We showered together and explored each other’s bodies for hours and hours until only a few hours remained until our parents came home.

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