Show , Tell Ch. 02: Initiations

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I’d spent the two days after my tryst with Beth trying to steel my resolve. I’d know that becoming sexually involved with her could be a mistake, one that would destroy both of our families and I hoped that I’d gotten past the worst of it. That is until I came home that third afternoon and saw a copy of, “My Father’s Dragon,” sitting on the kitchen table.

Beth had given it to my son, a note attached asking that I “Please stop in or call me. I’m hoping that you will read this and come up with a story that you can tell my class in the very near future.”

Going to bed that night, I was fantasizing about another rendezvous with her, one that wouldn’t take place in her classroom.

I waited until after 4:00 PM the next day to stop by the school. Expecting the parking lot to be pretty much empty, I was surprised to find a half dozen cars still there.

Walking into her classroom, I was disappointed to find her still dressing like a pilgrim. Her black, floor length dress doing nothing but hiding her lovely body, one which I’d found so irresistible earlier that week.

Looking up from her desk, she seemed surprised to see me. “I thought you’d call,” she dryly stated, “since you never bothered to call or see me after our little encounter the other night.”

All I could say was, “I was trying to let you sort out your feelings. Maybe you’d think about it and decide it wasn’t worth the risk.”

“Risk? What was the risk?”

“Remember running into the janitor as we were leaving?” I reminded her, “and how you panicked when you realized how late we’d stayed? What would have happened if one of them had walked in on us? That kind of risk.”

Getting up from her desk, she walked to the little bathroom. Standing in the open doorway, she reached down and pulled the dress up over her head and dropped it on the floor next to her.

Smiling, she asked, “Is this risky?”

She was wearing a deep purple demi bra and g-string set, similar to the black one she’d worn the other night.

“Jesus, are you crazy?” I exclaimed, “there are still people in the building!”

“The custodians are at the other end of the building. Everyone else is gone.”

“Then why are there still cars in the parking lot?”

“Mine? Theirs? No one else’s, except maybe, yours.”

With that, she unclasped the bra, letting it fall on top of her dress.

I’d taken two steps toward her, when I heard a noise in the corridor outside her classroom. Someone was walking, the direction I couldn’t tell?

A moment later, a woman stuck her head into the room. Seeing me, she stepped inside. A hesitant, “Hi…, is Beth here?”

I pointed toward the bathroom.

As if on cue, Beth opened the door and walked out. “Sorry about that…,” she started to say, when she, “noticed,” the other woman.

“Carol, are you looking for me?”

“Yaaah,” Carol answered, “I was wondering if you still had, “My Father’s Dragon?” I’d like to start reading it to my class.”

Beth pointed at me. Introductions were made and explanations offered. I promised that I would have the book to her the following week, “…, after I’ve told my story to Beth’s class.”

Satisfied, Carol left.

“See what I mean,” I said, “if she’d have showed up thirty seconds later, I would have been in the bathroom with you!”

Another smile, followed by, “Would it be worth the risk?”

With that, she pulled off the dress again, this time right in the middle of her classroom, with the door still wide open!

She’d put the dress back on when Carol walked into the room. What she hadn’t done was put her bra back on, and she’d also taken the time to remove the g-string.

So she was standing in the middle of her classroom, with the door wide open, completely naked!

Her bravado was stunning…, and so was her body.

This time, I shut the classroom door and led her into the bathroom. I know my fantasy had me ravaging her somewhere other than this tiny room, but my options were limited and as they say, “Any port in a storm!”

We kissed a lot longer, fondling, touching and discovering while we kissed. And as I had the first time, I dropped to my knees and started to orally manipulate her vagina, my reward a very quick response for my efforts, her moans of pleasure coupled with her hands pushing my face further into her crotch. This time, when she slid down the wall into the almost squatting position, I pushed my face under her, turning so that I could lick my way across her perineum and alternate pleasuring her pussy and asshole.

The moment my tongue moved to her asshole, she jumped. While not really a jump, she twitched so violently that I almost fell over backwards! Recovering quickly, she pushed my face back into her crotch, wanting I thought, to have me concentrate on that, rather than wander about in her nether regions.

Again, I was rewarded with moans and cries of pleasure, her hands tightening around my head, forcing my face deeper into her crotch.

Finally sensing her pleasure spent, I stood and kissed her, güvenilir bahis dropping my pants in anticipation of her orally pleasing me.

I wasn’t disappointed either, her ability to treat my cock like a Popsicle a source of constant pleasure. This time, she paid quite a bit of attention to my scrotum, sucking my balls both one at a time and together. And I knew that she was going to swallow me again, and suck me off as she had the first time.

But, just as I started to get that feeling, she sensed it and stood up. Surprised, I stood there, wondering what she was doing. Reaching down, she took my cock in her hand before turning, and bending forward to grab the back of the toilet with her free hand. She then pulled on me, leading me toward an entrance into her from the rear.

Moaning, I whispered, “I don’t have protection.”

“I want to feel you,” she hissed back, pulling at me again.

As much as I wanted to, I had no idea what STD’s she might have or who, besides her husband, she might have been with? However, in that instant, I did know…, if what she was doing right then was any indication, I was just protecting myself!

Pulling her backwards by the shoulders, I turned her and then pushed her back down on her knees.

Whatever disappointment she might have had with my refusal to fuck her, she rapidly lost in her zeal to get me off. Less than a minute after taking me into her mouth, she was sucking the cum out of me, spending as much time as needed to clean me off.

Finished, she stood and hugged me for the longest time, seemingly not wanting to let me go. While holding this very sexy, naked, woman might have felt good, thoughts of janitors roaming the building quickly crept into my brain, and I wanted to get dressed and out of the bathroom.

Getting her to agree was another matter, but she finally acquiesced, if for no other reason than, “…, to prove to you that we are alone in this part of the building!”

We put our clothes on and after gathering her belongings, she led me through the building. As she’d promised, the custodians were all the way on the other side, still hours away from her classroom. I didn’t see anyone else as we did a complete tour. However, once outside, I noticed two cars still in the lot, besides Beth’s and mine. “Whose cars are those?”

Smiling, Beth pointed at the right front corner of the building. “The blue one is the principal’s and the other belongs to one of the fourth grade teachers.”

“I didn’t see anyone else in the building, besides the janitors.”

“That’s because they’re in his office,” pointing again to the corner of the building. “Allen’s been fucking her for almost a year now. They’re both married, but Judy caught her husband cheating on her. They’d been married for less than a year, didn’t have any kids or real assets, so she’s divorcing him. Allen is her revenge fuck. He already had a reputation as a, “ladies man,” so he fell for her as soon as she started coming on to him.”

“What about his job and family? Doesn’t he worry about that?”

“Obviously not,” she answered, “the rumor is, his wife doesn’t care. The only way they’d get caught is if someone told on them. Since everyone knows what happened to Judy, and Allen’s reputation, we just ignore it.”

Shaking my head, I said, “I don’t know whether I should let my son continue to attend this place. I’m not sure if it’s an elementary school or a bordello!”

Laughing, she kissed me and replied, “I haven’t even told you about the other two teachers who are having affairs!”

I told my story to her class the following week, just after the students had finished lunch. It only took me a half hour to explain what I was doing there and to tell the story.

The kids loved it, their laughter making my efforts more than rewarding.

I had to promise that I’d return after Beth had finished the next book.

Because school didn’t end for another hour and a half, I was able to avoid another rendezvous, promising that I’d call her and set something up for the following Thursday.

It was a school holiday, but one that would find her husband working.

I had two things to do. First, I called a little motel that I’d driven by many times in the past. It was an older, “U,” shaped, single story structure, just far enough off the road to make it seem anonymous. I asked, and was told, that the day rate was $40.00. I made the reservation with a fictitious name, figuring that I’d pay cash, and not have to deal with any paperwork.

Next, I called a shop I’d seen advertised in the local, “Phoenix” newspaper. It marketed itself as a, “Boutique for the Adventurous,” and listed several categories of clothing and accessories for those into the more, “Deviant Sexual Obsessions.” I spoke to the manager, who assured me that I would find something to please even someone with the most, “conservative sexual appetites.” They opened at 10:00 AM.

I called and told Beth to meet me at a small local strip mall, where she could safely leave her car.

Driving to türkçe bahis pick her up that morning, I hoped that I’d find her wearing something that someone might find attractive. But, as usual, what she was wearing would have embarrassed a nun! A long denim dress with a bib top, a long sleeved white cotton shirt underneath.

Because she dressed so woefully, I expected that she’d be appalled by what we found when we walked into the boutique.

Instead, she was like a kid in a candy store!

Kate, the store manager, could hardly keep up with her. She wanted to try on every dress, every skirt and top, every bustier and every item of lingerie. She was amazed by the collection of fetish and S&M gear, wanting an explanation for every item.

And then she saw the assortment of dildos, strap-ons, cavity plugs and self pleasuring devises!

While she and Kate discussed those, I picked out a couple of ensembles I wanted her to try. The advantage of this store, besides the inventory, was that the dressing rooms were on the main floor. While each had a full length mirror inside, the big three way mirror was on the wall outside the dressing rooms, making the customer exit the dressing room to see how the garment really looked.

This was a feature that would surely please a voyeur, an exhibitionist, or anyone else who just happened to be shopping at the time.

The first item I wanted her to model was a red mini dress. It had a deeply cut cowl front that tied around the neck, making it backless also. Kate followed her into the dressing room, the two of them giggling like school girls as Kate helped her get the dress, “just right.” At one point, Kate came out and then returned with a pair of shoes.

“Ready?” Beth asked.

“Always,” I answered.

She opened the door and I nearly fell over.

The dress made…, no! She made the dress look like something out of a Hollywood movie. It fit her like a glove, what there was to it, exposing almost as much as it covered. While her breasts weren’t large, the cowl front displayed just enough to make you want to stare, knowing that really soon, you’d get to see it all! The back was cut so deeply that the top of her ass was exposed and so short that the bottom of her cheeks were visible as she moved. The platform high heels Kate had provided made her five inches taller, adding another level of sensuality to the ensemble.

She was a total knockout! I was speechless.

“Quite a difference from the denim dress, huh?” Kate exclaimed.

“Quite a bit different from everything I’ve even seen her wear…, well except for one time.”

Beth smiled and then walked over to look at herself in the three way mirror. She turned nine different ways, and every one made her smile even more.

“What do you think?” she asked.

Looking at Kate, I said, “Bag it, including the shoes.”

“Do you still want her…?”

I said, “Yes,” before Kate could finish the question.

The second piece I’d chosen was a red lace and mesh teddy with attached garters. Once again, Kate went into the dressing room with her, this time staying until Beth asked, “Are you ready?”

And this time I answered, “I’ve been ready for a half hour. If Kate would get out of there, I’d show you how ready I am!”

Laughing, Kate responded, “If that’s true, look on the wall next to the glass case with the dildos. There’s a leather thong hanging there that will show off your, “ready,” really well.”

Beth fell out of the dressing room laughing, and she looked incredible doing it!

The teddy was great, but the matching red thigh highs and platform shoes put it over the top.

“Bag that too,” I told Kate, as I pushed Beth back into the dressing room. Had Kate not opened the door twenty seconds later, I might have fucked Beth right there and then!

After paying for everything and promising Kate we’d be back, I took Beth to a local grille for lunch. With her long denim dress back on, no one paid any attention to her, which seemed fine with her. We talked, she telling me how much her class wanted her to finish the new book so I could come back to story tell. I told her how much I enjoyed the opportunity and that my son’s teacher had me scheduled to tell a story in his class in two weeks.

Leaving there, I drove to the motel, Beth asking the whole way where I was taking her? When we arrived, she was grinning like one of her students, wanting to know if she could come into the office with me. I told her to stay in the car.

I didn’t want to make an ass of myself in front of her if someone asked for identification.

As it was, I didn’t need anything, other than the $40.00. I signed the payment card, “Tom Sawyer,” the desk clerk not even looking at it, and took the room key.

Fetching Beth, I opened the room door and led her inside. The other feature of this motel that I hadn’t revealed was that they rented XXX videos for a slight charge, and the rooms had mirrored ceilings!

I didn’t think we’d need the videos, but I knew she’d like the mirror.

We güvenilir bahis siteleri never made it past the bed.

She tackled me, jumping up and wrapping her legs around my waist, the force knocking me backwards onto the bottom of the bed, where I immediately slid off onto the floor. Laughing, we climbed up on top and lay together on our backs, looking at ourselves in the mirror.

We kissed for a while, just getting to know what we could do with our lips and tongues, how to excite one another without using our hands.

Looking at her in the mirror, I stopped her and asked, “Why do you dress like a damn pilgrim all the time? I know you loved wearing that dress today and you looked absolutely fantastic in it. Why don’t you show off that body and dress more appropriately for your age?”

Turning to look at me, she frowned and said, “My husband would never let me even look at something like that. He thinks that short sleeve flannel pajamas are too sexy for me to walk around the house in. My entire wardrobe consists of floor length everything with long sleeves to match. I bought that skirt and blouse you saw when I was by myself, hoping that you’d come to my room at, “Parent/Teacher,” conferences.”

“But why?” I asked, “You are a very attractive woman. He should be proud to walk around with you, especially if you were wearing clothing that accentuated your beauty.”

“Catholic upbringing,” she deadpanned, “fire and brimstone. We met in college, he was the second man I had sex with, and it took him almost two years to finally get the courage. He felt guilty for weeks after, pleading with me to forgive him. That should have convinced me that he wasn’t for me. But after graduation, when I’d gotten this job and I was taking classes at night to earn my Master’s degree, he called me and took me out. He seemed like a different man, more confident in himself and much more sexually active. We dated for six months and he asked me to marry him. Two weeks before the wedding we celebrated with a long weekend at a little seaside resort. It rained almost the whole time, so we spent the two days in bed, having sex every time he was ready.”

Rolling onto her back, she looked at me in the mirror, her expression one of sadness.

“I was pregnant for the wedding, but didn’t know it.”


“So what,” I said, “You were married. Who would know and why would anyone care?”

Rolling back on her side, facing me. “He knew and he cared. Remember he was a, “Fire and Brimstone,” devout catholic. His parents had drilled into him the mortal sin of fornication. So every time he looked at me while I was pregnant, there was the evidence of, MY, sin.”

“Your sin! Was it Immaculate Conception? Didn’t he have something to do with it?”

“In his eyes, I seduced him, it was all my fault and I’m going to Hell! Listen, he got over it…, well in the sense that he loves his daughter and he’s, “forgiven,” me for, “my sins.” It was tolerable until I met you. Since that first moment, all I’ve thought about was you,” as she moved close and kissed me all over my face.

Looking at her, “But, you still have sex, right? I know you must because you have a son too, but…?”

“We have sex, but we don’t, “make love.” Every once in a while, he’ll have a few beers and then come upstairs, take a shower, jump into bed, carrying the towel he just dried off with and kiss me on the lips. As soon as I see the towel, I know. He’ll rub my tits and then expect me to give him a blow job. I suck on him until he’s ready, sometimes getting him off before he’s ready, and then he’ll climb on top of me and screw me until he cums. Then he cleans himself off with the towel, throws it on the floor and goes to sleep. That’s it.”

“No foreplay?”

She laughed sarcastically, “Foreplay? I just told you the full extent of his foreplay. He kisses me once, rubs my tits a few times, has me suck his cock and then he fucks me in the Missionary Position. Nothing has changed in the last twelve years…, nothing!”

“Come on, there has to be more than that. He never goes down on you? Never varies his position? He doesn’t enjoy you at all? Why? It makes no sense.”

“In his mind, he’s going to Hell too and I’m the reason why. Oral sex,” another dismissive laugh, “he’s never touched me down there.”

“Never? He’s never once touched you, or licked you? Nothing?”


“That’s insane. Does he have a reason? Some explanation?”

“The only thing he ever said about it was some lame excuse, something like, “The playground is too near the dump,” I don’t know.”

Shaking my head, I laughed, “Well, if that’s his excuse…,” then I remembered the way she’d reacted when my tongue touched her asshole when we were making love…, having sex?”

“The other day, when we were in your room and I started to…,”

“Yeah, I almost jumped out of my skin when you started to lick me down there. Having you perform oral sex on me is…, well why do you think I get so excited? I can’t believe how great it feels and how easily you can give me an orgasm. I’m tingling for hours after. The other day, after you were done with me, I went home, got into bed, took my vibrator out and masturbated. It felt nice, but it was nothing like when you are doing it.”

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