Shopping for Furniture

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I’m a customer shopping in your store. I’m wondering around looking at couches, big overstuffed chairs, beds – everything. I sit and try each one out. From your office you can see me go from couch to couch, bed to bed, chair to chair. You see a faraway look in my eyes as if you know that the furniture is not all I’m thinking about. You watch me, knowing that I don’t see you, studying and invading. Sometimes you see me blush and wonder what it is I’m thinking about. You see me caress the fabric and you want it to be you. The thought surprises you, but you continue watching.

I don’t know I’m being watched, I’m in my own little world. I’m trying to figure out how to start my new life, my new home – fresh. I’m finally independent and although I miss that intimacy, I hadn’t really had it in quite some time anyway. I feel the soft fabrics, the textures. I look at the arm of the big overstuffed chair and I imagine myself on it being taken. I sit on the beds and wonder what it would be like to have hot and steamy sex on it. It’s been too long so these thoughts just come and go in my head like an unwanted relative. My fantasies have always kept me company, but sometimes I curse them in public.

Roaming room to room, I notice how well placed each piece is. It’s not a huge store – quite intimate. The salesman was very helpful and has stayed out of my way when he realized I wanted to be alone choosing the furnishings of my new life. But I can see the thought and detail that went in to everything around me. I open the door to another room. I’m in one of the side rooms where a big couch, a double chair and some accessories warmly decorate it. I don’t realize it is not part of the showroom, but the outside of your offices. I see this room in my home. My hands touch the fabric of the couch and I close my eyes imagining, fantasizing.

You are still watching me. By the way I touch each piece you seem to know that the visions in my head are sensual in nature. You understand the feelings; sometimes you do the same thing. But bahis firmaları you watch me touch and close my eyes and a jolt of sexual need hits you deep inside. You see a need in me and you seem to know that I can perhaps satisfy your own.

The voyeur in you feels a bit guilty for invading me, so you decide that it’s time to make contact. You come out of your private office in to this part of your office as my eyes are closed and do not know whether to disturb the moment. In my face you see need and want – and I hadn’t even opened my eyes.

The fantasy of being taken so completely on the couch by my faceless lover gets too powerful and I open my eyes. I am not alone – now staring in to yours. Your power and confidence are the things I notice first – even before seeing your intelligent eyes. You exude energy – intelligent and sexual energy – just in your stance. And in your quick perusal of me, I feel almost naked – that you saw all of me. I stand up. Facing you – I know that the faceless lover in my fantasies has now been replaced.

“Pardon the intrusion,” you said. Your voice lifts me out of my world suddenly in to yours. “Are you seeing all you need to?” The double meaning intentional. You look in my eyes and realize that I can hide nothing to the one paying attention. My eyes show everything I am and feel and they tell you what you want to know. “I’d like to make sure that all your needs are met. Does the store have everything you’re looking for?”

I look in your eyes. Sometimes I wish I could hide what I feel. Meet my needs? Everything I’m looking for? Does this man have a clue what he’s asking me? Then as I look at him, his eyes never leaving mine, I realize he knows exactly what he’s asking me. “I am not quite sure what I want.” My double meaning was not as intentional.

You see this for the blatant lie it is and you walk up to me – closer – invading my space. You take your finger and gently outline my cheek and my lips. I should be shocked at the suddenness, I shouldn’t like that you, a stranger, kaçak iddaa is taking this liberty. But instead I just stare at you, feeling the overwhelming heat that is pooling in my body. I swallow hard. You see me swallow hard in a sign of arousal. Your face is close, I know you’re going to kiss me and I’m powerless to stop it – I don’t want to stop it. You give me the opportunity to stop you. In that short moment, I know that if I don’t stop you now, it won’t just be a kiss that will happen.

“You want this, don’t you? I will give you what you need, pet. Trust in what your body is telling you.” Your finger is on my lips, you urge them open and stick your finger inside. I can’t help but suck it – no one ever did that to me. My eyes don’t leave yours. There is hunger in your eyes and it’s a heady feeling knowing that the hunger is for me. I suck it – blatantly sexual this act is.

“I need to know you want this. Tell me now.” I nod, still sucking. The animal inside me is bubbling with the act of sucking on your finger. I want so much more. My knees are trembling and my panties are wet. You remove my finger from my mouth and put it in your own. I move from your eyes to your mouth almost hypnotized. You take my finger and lift it to your lips and suck it. My knees are weakening – it feels so good. Then you take another one of my fingers in your mouth – sucking two. You take your tongue and lick my palm – one of the spots on me no lover has ever found – but one that has a direct connection to the sweetest spots. I gasp.

You take my now trembling hand and put it down to your crotch so I can feel your hardness. “This is what you want, isn’t it?”

I nod again.

“Say it, then. Tell me what you want.”

“I want this!” I rub my palm over it. “I want you.”

“Undo my slacks then, and take what you want.” The command was quiet and powerful and I was powerless in my will to disobey. I wanted you so badly. I undid your pants and your hard cock sprung in my hand. It was thick and long and throbbing. kaçak bahis I could feel your pulse in the holding of it.

“You want to suck it, don’t you? Like you did my finger, you want to suck this cock. Take it then, pet. Take it now.” Kneeling before you, a position I was unused to, I looked up in your eyes and the hunger was evident. “Suck it, my new little slut!” The words should have shocked, offended. Instead the lust soared and I took you in my mouth.

The slight gasp you let out gave me energy and made me even wetter. “Yes, like that. Harder. Harder!!” I kept sucking, getting obsessed with it. You tasted so good. Your size filled my mouth and more. Your hands went in to my hair, first gently, then more firmly. “More. Harder. Suck it good. That’s it, like that. It feels so good – your hot, wet mouth.”

Your words undid me – I kept getting wetter and wetter. Listening to you talk to me like that – the lust was in a gear I only imagined in my fantasies. Then that line was crossed – the line between me sucking you and you fucking my mouth. And it became urgent. More purpose.

“That’s it – suck it, slut. You love sucking my cock, don’t you? You’re so good at it. Yes, that’s it. Harder. Harder! HARDER!!” I felt you get harder in my mouth. I knew you were close. Your fingers were pulling my hair towards you. I reached around and with one hand grabbed your ass and the other I cupped your balls. I needed you so bad.

“Yes little slut, that’s it, that’s it. Suck it! Suck it like a good little whore.” I started to feel my own orgasm build – even without touching. This was amazing. “I’m gonna fill your mouth. You want to swallow me, don’t you?”

I nod while sucking frantically. Moaning on your cock. You see me squirm and writhe while sucking. “You want it, sweet little slut, don’t you? You need to suck harder! NOW! NOW!”

As I moan with my own orgasm, your hot cum hits the back of my throat. You keep it in my mouth letting me have it all. I suck and suck – so much cum. It doesn’t end. Finally I feel your hands loosen in my hair. You lift me up and kiss me for the first time. You can taste yourself, it’s erotic. I’m in awe over cumming with no touching.

“The next time you cum, pet, you’ll need permission.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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