Shoppin Fun

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Every character in this story is at least 18 years of age.

Hi, I’m Jessie. I guess I should start by telling you about myself. I am 5 foot 4 inches tall, and I weigh about 115 pounds. My hair is blond with natural red highlights and it stops right above my butt. My eyes are bright green, I’ve been told that they are my best feature. My waist is small but my bottom is a little big, my tits are a 34D.

I live at home with my dad, mom was killed in an accident when I was a little girl. My dad has raised me by himself since then. Up until about a month ago my life was pretty normal. Lately things have been weird with my dad though… I’ll start from the beginning.

Now that I am not a little girl anymore, I have decided to start dressing less like one. I asked my dad if I could use the credit card to go shopping one Saturday morning. He said that it was ok as long as I didn’t go overboard. I agreed that I would be reasonable and not max it out.

Saturday morning came and me and a couple girlfriends went to the mall. This didn’t happen often because the mall is about 2 hrs away. We started in the usual stores and then I decided that I wanted to go into Victoria’s secret. I have never bought sexy panties so I was a little excited to have daddy’s card and all day to shop.

We looked all over the place and we all decided to go all the way and buy thongs and matching bras. The first set I picked out was see through and black with little flowers in the design. I fell in love with the thong, I couldn’t wait to put it on! The second set was red boy shorts, they were lacy and the bra had a clasp on the front.

I also found a jean skirt that was really cute. That’s not all I bought but it’s what I thought was the sexiest!

That night is when it all started. My friend Becky spent the night and we decided to wear our sexy new clothes around the czech streets porno house. We were both pretty shy and wanted to get use to the clothes before we wore them outside.

I was wearing the black thong set and my jean skirt. We were in my bedroom trying on shirts to see what looked best and dad was making dinner. The next thing we knew the door opened and dad turned bright red. I had just taken off a t shirt and was standing there in my bra!

Dad said dinner was ready and hurried out of the room. When he left Becky told me that he had a hard on. I didn’t want to believe her, I thought it was to weird that my dad would get excited over me.

We went down stairs and had dinner with dad and then he said he was tired and went to bed. Becky and I went into the den to watch a little T.V. before we went to bed. After a while we ended up laying on the floor on our stomachs watching a movie. My skirt was so short I could tell the bottom of my round ass was showing under the edge, but I figured daddy was in bed so what’s the big deal? I fell asleep on the floor and woke up a few hours later. Becky had gotten up and went to my room to sleep and I could hear someone moving around the living room. Forgetting that I was in a skirt and a sexy thong I stayed there and tried to go back to sleep…

Dad was getting the blanket off the couch, so I thought he was going to cover me up and go back to bed. I hoped my skirt was down far enough that he didn’t see my whole butt. I felt the blanket touch my feet and then stop. What is going on? I didn’t know what to say or do because my daddy thought I was asleep so I kept pretending to b asleep.

I felt daddy kneel down next to me his hand was on my lower leg. I caught myself thinking that it was a good thing I had shaved my legs today. His hand was warm, rough, and big. I could feel czech taxi porno it moving up my leg higher. Slowly as if he is afraid to wake me up, he reaches the upper part of my thigh.

It was oddly exciting that my daddy’s hands were so close to the parts of my body that no one was allowed to touch, so I didn’t move. I didn’t want him to stop, but I also felt dirty for letting him think I was asleep. Now he was tracing the curve at the bottom of my firm ass. Every time he moved his hand he got a little closer to my crack. Then his whole hand was on my butt cheek, squeezing it just a little. His thumb was going down between my cheeks and rubbing over the thin piece of material that covered my puckered hole. His first finger was even lower, he was feeling my pussy lips through the thin material.

At this time I was already wet, I knew he could tell. I moved just a little to give him more room, spreading my legs just a little I gave him enough room to slide his finger inside the silk panties. When I moved he froze for a minute, he must have thought he woke me up. When I didn’t move again he started rubbing me again.

Nobody but me has ever felt my pussy before and this was incredible. I knew it was wrong because he is my daddy but I was so wet and horny I couldn’t do anything to stop it. His finger slipped under my panties and was rubbing my soaked slit. After a minute he got a little more aggressive and parted my lips. When his finger brushed over my clit I moaned and moved. He froze in place and I didn’t know if he was going to stop or keep on going. I did the only thing I could think of and that was to pretend I was dreaming. He finally started stroking my slit again. I was in heaven! He was getting less careful, and he started to finger fuck me. Barely at first and then a little more, until finally he put his whole finger digitalplayground porno in me.

I have never felt so full. I heard his zipper come undone. I guess he was stroking his cock while he played with my wet hole. He had 2 fingers in my pussy now and his thumb was resting on my puckered rose bud. I didn’t know what felt better!

Dad changed his position and I could feel his cock head on my back side. He was rubbing it on my smooth skin leaving behind a trail of pre come. Dad then stopped and started easing my thong down over my ass and then further down my legs. When he finally got them off he laid on top of me like he was doing pushups. He had his hard dick between my legs and started rubbing the head over my pussy lips. I wanted to feel him on my clit and inside of me. I didn’t care whether or not he knew I was awake so I spread my knees a little more and raised my ass off the floor. Like that I could feel him over my wet love hole.

He tensed up at first but kept going. I guess he thought it was to late to stop. He stared rubbing me harder and I was about to cum, and then he slowed way down. I pushed my ass closer to him and he got the hint. I felt the head of his cock slide into my tight hole. I didn’t think it would fit, but he kept inching his way in. We both felt him reach my cherry, he stopped again but I wanted it! I shoved back hard making him break the barrier that was blocking the way to my passion. It hurt really bad but the more he slid in and out the better it felt.

He reached around and started playing with my clit. Before I knew what was going on I was feeling the biggest orgasm of my life. My toes curled and my whole body shook. I thought I was gonna explode! Then he did explode, I could feel his hot spunk filling my pussy. That sent me over the edge again and I came even harder!

We both collapsed, after we caught our breath he said I love u and went to bed. We have never talked about that night and it hasn’t happened since. I still catch him looking up my skirt from time to time. And I have to admit I wear little bitty short ones to make it easy on him. I hope someday I get to feel my daddy I my tight pussy again…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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