She Can’t Wait

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My name is Ned and am a free-lance accountant. One of my more recent clients is a small independent sales firm, which is accustomed to subcontract certain professional services such as mine for short periods of time. I’m not even called there every day. They hired me in order to take the reports from their salespersons and produce financial statements for ordering from suppliers and for tax purposes.

One of the salespeople is Helen, and she is very attractive, with light-colored eyes, shoulder-length black hair and a very proportionate figure. At first, she was the star saleswoman, but one day, she met with a difficult client and she lost her cool. They had to reassign the account to another salesman, who had to offer a substantial discount in order to keep the customer.

After a few days after the incident, we were all summoned to a meeting in which an important announcement would be made. Neither of us had the slightest idea of the purpose of that meeting, but before entering the conference room, there was some talk about Helena being fired for her outburst.

When we all sat before the boss, he announced:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the dedication of all present is unquestionable, but unfortunately, it doesn’t show at our bottom line.”

We all felt uncomfortable, especially Helen, who was already considering herself as unemployed. She tried to act nonchalantly, but the morbid looks of her colleagues made her falter.

The boss continued:

“I am pleased to inform you that I will appoint Helen as administrative assistant, and all the sales staff will report to her. Nester, you will work with her in order to put an end to the scribbles that my sales team submits as their reports. Then you two will train to the personnel in order to work in a more organized way.”

Everyone was surprised, especially Helen herself. She was being promoted!

In the days that followed, she and I worked in harmony, but it was obvious that she would have preferred to go back out there in contact with her clients, but her boss no longer trusted her in stressful situations. But his decision about her was the right one. She is very trustworthy and organized, in fact, hers were the best sales reports in better times, this is why she was chosen for such responsibility. But in fact, it was güvenilir bahis not a true promotion. She now earns a salary well below what she earned as commissions, and she was practically confined to the office, almost as a secretary.

The other employees agreed to report to us, at first, without raising objections, but later, disagreements arose. I had to question many of their notes because they still wrote shabby quotes and bills, and we had a hard time rewriting their figures, so irregular, into standard accounting forms. She came to nag them for their disorder and they felt the effect enough.

When took our lunch breaks, went to the bathroom or pause for any other reason, the gossip began and I could no longer ignore it:

“Did you know what happened to Helen?”

“No! Tell me!”

“Do you remember her boyfriend? I believe his name was Noel…”

“That handsome executive with hung out with her a lot?”

“It’s been a while since they were last seen together…”

“He keeps going to the same spots but he has been seen in quite good company.”

“Better than Helen?”

“Why yes, with even hotter chicks than her…!”

It took us more than four months to Helen and me to develop a uniform procedure for the sales reports, after learning these salespersons’ hieroglyphs, until we had them filling out more straightforward paperwork. It so happened that a certain closing day for statements was a Friday, which we finished shortly after dusk. Fifteen minutes after the last salesperson left, we gave the finishing touches to the spreadsheets, and five minutes more to print them and copy them on the backup CDs. I felt tired, since my input was usually more than hers, but upon turning off and clearing the desk, I saw Helen staring blankly at her computer screen, already off. I made no comment, but I kept storing stuff, and then, I saw her looking through a window, struggling to contain a sigh, that I attributed to fatigue. After all, it had not been easy for her to adapt to her new workload. I asked her:

“Are you ready to go home?”

“Yes, I’ll be right away…”

But she didn’t move away from the window. I didn’t dare to say anything else, but I just could not leave her standing there. Absentmindedly, she searched her purse, and suddenly, she took out a small türkçe bahis cardboard box of and gave it to me. It was a box of condoms. She told me:

“Would you be so kind of getting more of these for me? I feel awkward having to buy them for my boyfriend.”

I felt disappointed, upon finding out that the comments were false, although something in her body language didn’t agree with what she was saying about having a boyfriend. Anyway, I did her this favor. It took me only five minutes, since there is a drugstore on the ground floor, and for a man, it is more a matter of pride to buy condoms. Upon returning to the office, she wasn’t around and I felt stupid, since I believed that she had already left to meet her lover. I called her:

“Helen, I brought what you asked for…!”

I looked for her in the cubicles, and my embarrassment increased. When I was about to turn and leave, I heard the sound of water flowing in one of the bathrooms, and I saw her coming out. Her face no longer had that gorgeous make-up, on the contrary, it was reddened. I realized then that she had been weeping inside the bathroom, and the errand was the perfect excuse in order to drive me away. Then I arrived to the conclusion that the reason for her tears was finding that box of empty condoms, a reminder of her romantic failure.

When I met her face-to-face, the expression on her face changed at every second, from a feeling of guilt, then embarrassment, and finally, an inexplicable paleness. I gave her the condoms, telling her in exasperation:

“Here, take these. I’m leaving…”

Then, she forced a smile on her face and walked toward me, while she said to me with a seductive tone of voice:

“Don’t leave yet, the night is young…”

She took out one from the box, waved it in my amazed face, and she took me by the arm, leaning me over her to kiss me. She traced my lips with hers for a minute, until she found the exact angle to introduce her tongue in my mouth, and she drew mine into her mouth. The sudden sensation of pleasure forced me to close my eyes and allow her to take over. Any notion about her having another guy flew out the window at that moment. Her blouse was unbuttoned, inviting me to suck her medium-sized breasts, perfect for her figure. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so I guessed güvenilir bahis siteleri that she removed her underwear while she waited for my return. Now, I took the initiative, kneading them with my hands while I licked them and sucked on them with lust. Now it was her turn to close her eyes and let pleasure take over her, until we realized that it was not enough for an orgasm.

Then, she lay me on the floor, she loosened my shirt and pants, and she also pulled my underwear down to put the condom on me. The contact of her hands with my so sensitive penis worried me, being afraid to ejaculate too soon. When she finished, she hovered directly over my hips, and little by little, she inserted my member in her hungry vagina. Another chill traveled through both bodies while she went up and down, looking for mutual pleasure. At first, she moved slowly, until her vaginal muscles started squeezing involuntarily, upon approaching her climax. Then, she increased her rhythm, until she began convulsing. I could not take it anymore and ejaculated so hard that I believed that I would propel her through the roof, condom and all. After a last tremor, she collapsed on my chest, exhausted. She tried to hug me once again, but she had no more strength left in her. I let her rest over me for five or ten minutes, but finally, I had to say to her:

“Get up, it is late already.”

She murmured:


While I turned to dislodge her from my penis, already limp. I pulled the condom out carefully, because it got entangled in my pubic hair, and with it in one hand and my pants in the other, I walked tentatively through the dark aisle between the office and the bathroom, in order to get cleaned up. When I finally washed the stickiness away and straightened my clothes, she entered the same bathroom, and she leaned on my back affectionately. She told me:

“Spend the night with me.”

Without thinking twice, I turned to face her and I agreed with a smile. She hugged me happily, but without the passion with which she had done so previously. Then I let her wash up and admired her better, and refreshed already, we finished picking up our things and we went to her apartment. Once there, we took a real shower and had a late-night sandwich, but upon going to bed naked, we weren’t in the mood for another penetration, so we settled upon caresses and kisses, and we spooned, but with her behind me. Before falling asleep, she whispered something about how good a friend am I to her…

It became obvious that we had a long way to go.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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