Shattered Lovers

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Cassandra sunk hopelessly onto the corner of her bed, tears welling up in her ice grey eyes. She drew her knees up to her chest and buried her face in her knees. She began to sob as she replayed his words to her over and over and over.

“Your nothing to me, your ugly, I can’t believe we went out this long.” Christian, her boyfriend smirked as he began to mock her. She always took his abuse, he made her believe she deserved it. “We’re done babe, now get out of my face before you make me lose my patience again.” Cassandra stood there in total silence as she watched him so casually stride away from her like she was trash.

She began to look around her room. Stuffed animals, books, everything, he thought she was a loser for these things. She saw one of her stuffed lion’s sitting on her bed, she grabbed it and hurled it against the wall. She froze as her reflection caught in the mirror of her room. Her fire red hair, she always kept cut so short had gotten longer. Even her clothes, a simple green sweater and her wrap-around skirt she felt made her look beautiful. She thought it looked nice, his voice echoed in her mind as she heard his laugh. “You look like a clown with your hair that long, why would you wear that? I swear you look like a grandma.” She collapsed on her bed and began to sob again.

“Your right, I’m ugly and a loser. How could he ever love me?” She screamed at the top of her lungs as she buried her face in her pillows. Cassandra didn’t hear the bedroom door open as her best friend Sasha slowly walked in.

The two were as different as night and day, Cassandra being shy and reserved. Never trying to stick out, while Sasha adored being unique. Her cropped spiky blue hair illuminated this as she slowly walked into Cassandra’s room and sat down beside her friend. Sasha didn’t want to admit it, but Cassandra made her complete, in every way, shape and form. She never thought Sasha was weird, stupid, or anything, she knew her inside and out. Now her idiot boyfriend had hurt her, again.

Sasha didn’t tell anyone of the times Cassandra stumbled into the apartment with a black eye, or tearstained cheeks. Out of respect for her best friend, she always kept quiet. She hated Christian, she hated the fact he always made Cassandra feel like she was worthless. When Cassandra was something so pure, he could never even hope to be anything like her.

She gently rubbed Cassandra’s back until her friend stopped crying, Cass quietly sobbed as Sasha picked the stuffed animal off the floor and set it back onto its place on her bed.

Sasha desperately wanted to say the words that would make her best friend realize the guy was nothing. His control was just a way of putting himself up. Yet she knew that Cassandra fell for him hard, why she’d never know. She waited until Cassandra had regained her composure before she started to speak.

“Cass, Christian was bad for you. He never respected you, he never saw you as an equal, and he never saw you as a lover. Just a pet he could boss around,” She gently wiped a tear from Cassandra’s face as she inched closer. “He never saw your beauty, your fun, the fact you accept things without hesitation. Just love people for who they are.” She gestured to herself.

Cassandra quietly wiped a stray tear from her face with the arm of her sweater. Sasha was always there for her. She hated herself for making Sasha worry so much, even at the hospital, when she was in the accident. Sasha had left work on the spot to be with her friend. Meanwhile Christian had the gall to break up with her shortly after she was released. Didn’t even ask if she was ok, just said what he wanted and left.

Sasha gently touched her arm, Cassandra was roused from her memories and looked at her friend. Sasha was unique, but she never saw that as a bad thing. Ever since they were children, Sasha was always making sure she stood out. Cassandra admired that trait in her, actions that she could never do.

Sasha looked her in the eyes and continued, “Cass, there are many things I’ll probably never understand, honestly it doesn’t bother me a bit. I do know this however, you’re a very special person to those in your life and you need to see that too.” Cassandra was amazed, Sasha, the fearless one thought she was special? Even after all the grief she put her through? Cassandra felt so lucky to have a great friend, she began to sob again, not out of sadness but she was happy to have such a friend. Sasha said nothing but embraced her friend as she began to cry again. Sasha slowly ran her finger through Cassandra’s hair as she sobbed into her shoulder.

“Sasha, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I’m sorry for never getting away from him. I’m sorry for making you worry so much, please I’m so sorry for everything.” Sasha gently pulled her away from antalya escort her shoulder and stared into her eyes before gently kissing her cheek. Cassandra was taken aback by her actions. Sasha blushed a moment before speaking.

“Cass, ever since we were little we’ve been best friends. We’ve been through everything, high school, getting our license,” She giggled softly, “Dealing with me after I got my piecing. Yet I never knew how to say this till now. You complete me, I always feel alone without you. Cassandra, I love you, and I always will.” Sasha looked away for a moment as Cassandra began to blush a deep crimson. Slowly Sasha ran her fingers along her face, gently wiping away any tears that were still there, she gently whispered to her friend, “I always thought you were beautiful, forget what he said. I know this will change our friendship, for good or bad. I had to say it. I won’t see you being just a pet to him anymore.” Cassandra was speechless, her best friend, her companion, had just said she loved her. Cassandra’s mind was a maelstrom of emotions, some good some frightened, but when Sasha kissed her cheek. It somehow felt right, it felt familiar, and it felt safe. She felt Sasha place her hand on her leg, and gently hugged her with the other. She looked up and stared into her friends emerald green eyes and smiled softly.

“Sash, I don’t know what to say, you mean so much to me. I can’t find words for it, I..,” She began to stammer, Sasha smiled as she softly kissed her on the lips. The two kissed for what seemed like an eternity. Sasha slowly withdrew her lips from Cassandra’s and gently held her head in her hands.

“I know Cass, I know how you feel, let me take away all he’s done to you. Let me heal you,” Cassandra could only gently nod as Sasha embraced her again, Sasha began gently kissing her neck, up along her jaw line, to her lips again. She shivered as Sasha brushed her lips against hers again, as they pressed them in their second kiss. Cassandra melted into Sasha’s arms as they began to kiss more passionately then before. She felt Sasha’s tongue gently probe into her mouth, Cassandra moaned softly as she felt Sasha run her fingers down her arm, allowing her nail to gently stroke the inside of her elbow.

Cassandra was feeling different then any time Christian was with her, she felt safe, and she wanted to share every experience she ever could with Sasha. Not only did she complete Sasha, but Sasha completed her. Sasha smiled gently as she ran her fingers along her back as Cassandra looked at her with almost serene grace as she kissed her back for the first time. She felt Sasha’s hands run along her bare skin and gently nodding Cassandra raised her arms to allow Sasha to take her sweater off. Sasha stared at her friend’s body, Cassandra was by no means well off in the bust, nor was she overly thin by any means.

Sasha smiled softly as she took in the sight of Cassandra sitting there in just a simple white bra. Cassandra began to blush as she tried to hide her breasts with her arms. Sasha gently took her arms and began to kiss her hands.

“You are so beautiful, yet I never dreamt you would look so perfect.” Sasha gently ran her hand along Cassandra’s collarbone and began to trail down to one of her breasts, gently tracing the material of the bra to the center of her chest. Cassandra blushed and smiled.

“I always felt so small around you Sash, come on, even in a t-shirt your bigger then me.” Cassandra giggled at Sasha’s Powerman 5000 shirt that barely covered her ample chest.

Sasha smiled softly as she gently ran her hands through Cassandra’s hair as she pulled Sasha’s shirt off, Cassandra smiled and giggled softly as she saw Sasha was wearing a tiger striped bra. Sasha took Cassandra in her arms and began to gently nibble on one of her earlobes as she ran her fingernails gently along her back and stopping just shortly after the wrap around dress then back up to Cassandra’s bra, she looked at Cassandra almost waiting for approval as Cassandra nodded softly.

Sasha unhooked Cassandra’s bra and gently removed it from her, freeing her petite but very perfect breasts, she shivered slightly as Sasha ran one hand gently over her tiny nipples which were already slowly becoming erect. Sasha gently cupped one of breasts as she laid Cassandra back upon on the bed. Sasha gently began to massage Cassandra’s breast as she began to gently kiss down to the other one. Sasha felt Cassandra shiver as she gently kissed her breast and began to gently suck on one nipple while massaging the other with her free hand.

Cassandra let out a soft moan as she began to run her hands through Sasha’s hair and down her back. Sasha gently ran her tongue from the nipple she was working on, between Cassandra’s breasts, up her throat kemer escort and began to kiss her again. Cassandra fumbled with Sasha’s bra for a moment before freeing her friend as well. Sasha shrugged out of the lingerie and placed it to the side as Cassandra began to gently rub Sasha’s larger breasts. She heard Sasha coo softly as the two lay on the bed embracing each other in another kiss.

The couple lay there for what seemed an eternity, Cassandra felt amazing just at the touch of Sasha’s fingers along her back, her ribs, gently running through her hair. The feeling of her lips against her neck, her ear, everything made her feel warm inside. Almost a fire that Cassandra thought was dead was burning with an intensity that made her body sweat.

Sasha smiled gently at Cassandra as she gently began to undo the clasp holding her skirt fastened to her waist. Cassandra blushed as she felt the click of the clasp being released as Sasha slowly removed the fabric from her legs. Sasha pulled her close again as she began to run her fingers down her back, gently allowing her nails to brush against the small of her back before running over her panties. Stopping only to give her backside a small squeeze, Cassandra jumped forward a bit almost startled as she met Sasha’s lips again for another passionate kiss, this time Cassandra took the initiative as her tongue slowly entered Sasha’s mouth. She felt an excitement rush through her body as Sasha met the kiss with her own tongue as Cassandra felt Sasha’s thumbs hook her panties and slowly pulled them down exposing herself to Sasha completely.

Cassandra began to blush a deep crimson as Sasha drank in her beauty, she didn’t try to cover herself anymore. She was as much as part of these events as Sasha was. She fumbled as she undid Sasha’s belt and unzipped her lover’s jeans, slowly pulling them to the ground, tiger striped panties and all, and she noticed Sasha must shave a lot as she was completely bare. Her attention was quickly roused from her view as she felt herself being gently pulled to her feet. Sasha smiled softly as she led Cassandra back to her bed and laid her back upon the soft covers, her fingers slowly tracing a path up her legs, past her waist. She smiled as her finger slowly traced a path around Cassandra’s stomach then began to arc downwards again.

Cassandra writhed at her touch, her breath was in short gasps now, her hips gently rocking to a song that only echoed in her mind. As Sasha’s finger gently traced a path up her inner thigh, her hips tried to raise themselves to meet her hand. Sasha giggled as her finger stopped just at her outer lips.

“What?” Cassandra moaned softly as Sasha softly picked her up with her other hand. Cradling her against her chest, Sasha smiled.

“One of these days well talk about shaving,” Sasha smiled softly as her finger ran slowly across Cassandra’s slit. Cassandra gasped softly as Sasha’s fingers gently began to push inside. Here she was, being held in her best friends embrace, no, her lover’s embrace, as Sasha’s other hand began to move in a soft motion to match her hips. Sasha gently kissed her forehead as her hips began to rock even faster now. She felt that heat inside her begin to grow, it never hurt her, and it made her feel incredible. She felt free, she felt whole, and she felt complete as Sasha began to move her fingers a little faster now, her thumb now gently flicking at her clit.

Then it happened, Cassandra felt the fire inside her grow stronger, she could only see a white light, she could only hear her own heart, she felt something powerful, like an electric current race through her body. She shuddered and gasped as Sasha held her close in her arms as Cassandra climaxed for the first time, Sasha took her in her arms as Cassandra slowly came back to earth. Once she had regained control she gently kissed Sasha’s neck and spoke, her voice still trembling.

“Oh wow Sasha, thank you, that was amazing,” She then placed her head against her lover’s breast. Sasha laughed softly as she stroked Cassandra’s hair.

“You were quite into it, I swear if I didn’t know any better, that was your first time umm you know, going,” Sasha looked into her eyes as Cassandra blushed again. Sasha was appalled, “You mean he? Never? Really now….” She giggled softly as she lay Cassandra back onto the bed and swung one leg over her. Now sitting on Cassandra’s lap Sasha gave her a mischievous grin as Cassandra looked at her curiously.

“What are you doing Sash? Hey wha..” Her questions were cut off as Sasha kissed again, gently planting kisses on her neck, then to her collarbone. Cassandra could only gasp softly, after being brought to climaxing that hard her body was still very sensitive. She felt Sasha’s lips gently konyaaltı escort touch her nipples, gently kissing each one as tongue began to trance a line downwards. Cassandra tried to get up, yet her body wouldn’t respond, she was enjoying this too much to resist it. She felt Sasha’s lips gently brush between her legs, as Sasha gently kissed her inner thighs, and then she planted a single kiss between her legs. Cassandra moaned as she felt Sasha’s tongue push itself inside her. Cassandra swore that music was playing again as she felt Sasha’s tongue gently lapping against her, she could swear she pushed against her clit just a little more each time her tongue passed over it.

Cassandra’s breath started coming in short gasps as Sasha’s tongue began to increase in tempo. Her hips began grinding on their own as she placed her hands on Sasha’s head, gently stroking her hair as Sasha’s tongue touched her clit again. This time her body began to shudder as her vision exploded into a million colors, her body thrashing as if it had a mind of her own. Everything began to fade to black, as she came to, she was lying beside Sasha, and her mind had begun to process everything again. Her body still incredibly sensitive due to her recent activities. She looked Sasha in the eyes and kissed her gently, “Sasha, that was amazing, thank you so much,” Sasha smiled as she hugged her best friend.

“You earned this, don’t thank me, thank you for being my friend,” Sasha kissed her forehead as the held each other closely. Cassandra frowned for a moment, Sasha looked curiously at her as Cassandra blushed again.

“You let me go twice, but I didn’t even make you climax once, I’m sorry Sash, I was being greedy,” Sasha gently laughed as she ran her fingers along her back.

“It’s ok Cass, I wanted this to be your night, to enjoy your body instead of hating it like he made you for so long,” Cassandra gently kissed her as she ran one hand down Sasha’s chest, stopping only to massage each of her breasts before trailing downwards. Cass slowly ran her hand down Sasha’s stomach as she felt her friend moan softly as she parted her legs.

Cassandra kept rubbing, she had never done this to another girl before, but somehow Sasha made her feel completely at ease. Gently kissing Sasha’s nipples, Cassandra pushed two fingers into her lover’s slit. Sasha moaned as she ran a hand through Cassandra’s fire red hair as her other hand began to tug on her free breast. Cassandra kept matching her pace to Sasha’s hips as her movements became more frenzied, Sasha’s breath came in shorter gasps as she began to thrust her hips against Cassandra’s hand.

Cassandra stopped kissing Sasha’s breasts and brought herself to eye level with Sasha again, she stared deeply into her friend’s eyes. Her breath, her touch, everything about Cassandra she fell madly in love with. She made herself a silent promise, to never see her sad. To never see her hurt by anyone or to let anyone use her the way Christian did. Even if that meant this will be their only night together, Sasha will not let anyone hurt her again. Sasha hugged Cassandra as she felt herself become lost in the bliss of this new love.

Sasha climaxed just as hard as Cassandra did, her back arching, pushing her breasts into the air, as Cassandra heard her moans become a small scream as she pulled Cassandra to her lips and kissed her passionately. The lovers lie in each other’s arms and fell into a deep slumber. Cassandra’s voice echoed into the night.

“I love you Sasha, I’ll always be right here.”

Morning came, the sunlight streaming into the small apartment. Sasha gently opened her eyes, to an empty spot beside her. Her mind began to race, Cass! Where was she? She remembered the night before, they made love, and…

Then the cold faceless reality set in, Cassandra was in a car crash almost two years ago. She had to remind herself of this as she quickly got dressed and grabbed her rollerblades. Sasha furiously pumped her legs to move even faster then they ever had before. The hike to the hospital seemed to take forever as Sasha finally reached the cold lifeless building.

Pushing her way inside she sped towards her room, “Please be awake, and please say last night was real.” Sasha stopped dead before she came to the room, the steady beep of the machines was enough for her, to push her back to reality. It was just a dream, a stupid dream…

Sasha looked into the room and saw what she didn’t want to see, Cassandra was still in the bed, her pale face, those miserable machines, the id bracelet dated two years ago.

It all seemed to mock her prayer of seeing her friend conscious once more. Sasha crumpled against the wall and silently cried as security caught up with her. They abruptly lifted her up as they led her back outside. Before she was dragged outside again she silently waved to Cassandra, “Not goodbye Cass, we will be together again, I promise,” Sasha began to blade home, Cassandra’s words still echoing in her mind.

“I love you Sasha, I’ll always be right here.”


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