Sharing the Stepdaughter

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“Bernice, honey, everything’s fine,” my ex-wife Paula told her daughter. My ex-step daughter, I guess. Bernice was now 22. When I had split up with Paula, Bernice had been 16, and had always resented me for wanting to share her mother’s affections.

All of that was long ago, and water under the bridge. I had accidentally encountered Paula while holidaying with my current wife Kim. We had just finished a vigourous three way sex interlude in our beach front cabana. It had been Kim’s maiden voyage in Sapphic sex, but she had performed spectacularly.

I knew from comments Paula had made that Paula thought Bernice might be interested in an older man experience with me, but I wasn’t sure this was the situation she had in mind.

“May I come in?” Bernice asked politely, forcing a decision. Paula looked at Kim, who was still slumped between her legs, languidly licking my seed where it flowed out of Paula’s ass down the backs of her thighs. Kim in turn lifted her head and arched an eyebrow at me.

I shrugged. The entire episode thus far had not suffered by my just following along. I figured I would lean back on my cushion and watch how Bernice reacted. That would give me my cue.

“What the fuck?” Bernice exclaimed even before coming through the door. She stepped into the little hut, leaving the door open behind her.

I had not seen my former step daughter in six years. I had never been one of those sick guys who lusted after some adolescent girl. When I had known her Bernice had been a soft, doughy sixteen year old, her baby blonde hair just starting to mature into a honey shade, her wide ass not yet matched by any decent tits. Okay, maybe I had looked a little. If so, what I saw had not yet ripened.

The beauty standing inside our cabana was a different story. The little girl had not grown up, in height anyway. She barely stood as tall as my chin. She however had not grown out either. I later learned that Bernice had become a state champion contender wrestler, which meant she obsessed with building muscle and shedding fat. I was at just the right angle to see that her once too wide hips now just curved nicely back into a tight muscled ass, barely contained in a teeny little sea green bikini, out of which emerged two short but shapely stems.

Paula chuckled, watching my eyes travel down as I drank in each plane of Bernice’s musculature. “You always have had a thing for calves, Stan.”

“Yeah, he likes imagining them wrapped around him…” Kim added, “…first around his face and then around his ass.”

“I think it’s Bernice’s ass he’s thinking about,” Paula laughed.

Bernice blushed. I noticed that, so my eyes weren’t totally glued to her butt. As I looked upwards, I saw that her chest had grown tremendously since we had parted ways. What were once lemons were now watermelons. Naked watermelons. Bernice would never have to resort, like her mother had, to a boob job to grow self esteem. She had grown quite nicely naturally.

It suddenly registered that Bernice was topless, and the lack of tan lines suggested that this was not a new experience for her. Her freckled boobs were crowned by a fine pair of puffy pink nipples, blossoming out to great me more with each shallow breath Bernice attempted.

“I think he likes more than her ass,” Kimmy teased.

I felt my cock starting to throb. That familiar feeling meant that just a bit more stimulation and my rod would swell and get chubby, and then, it would begin rising, defying gravity. If I didn’t stop this process, it soon would be shouting, “Hello, world, I’m horny and proud of it.”

That small section of my brain not thinking about fucking Bernice immediately realized that although Paula had hoped for a threesome including Bernice, I had no way yet to know if Bernice shared this desire. The swelling nipples might just be an automatic reaction to stress, or embarrassment.

Her smile however, blossomed as the corners of her lips curled upwards, seeming to reach beyond the edge of her ears to the sky. Bernice still had the apple red cheeks which I recalled from her childhood, but at 22, the bone structure was all movie star, and no more Shirley Temple. The sparkle shone into her eyes, which were brown with flecks of gold.

My cock passed the point of no return, rising from between my thighs and hoisting the fat head upwards, unaided by touch, but not needing any further stimulation than the vision of how beautiful my former step daughter had become.

“Wow, considering all the fucking already this morning, you’re sure reviving quickly,” Kimmy commented.

“Who has Stan been fucking?” Bernice asked.

This suddenly reminded me that Bernice had spent the entire ten years I was with Paula hating me. I had no reason to think she had changed her view.

“Both of us, dear,” Paula answered. She quietly took a few steps over, easing behind Bernice, who responded silently by taking another step into the snug cabana. I now could feel her body heat.

“But first your Mom made love türkçe alt yazı porno to me, and, well, I returned the favour, but what I did was pretty much just fucking, not much love involved,” Kim added, as Paula took advantage of the distraction to quietly close the door.

“Mom!” Bernice exclaimed, her blush now flaming angrily as she turned to face Paula, “you are such a slut.”

“You weren’t complaining last night when you were listening to me get myself off.” Paula replied. “I might be a slut, but at least I gather good memories, which in turn seemed to help you be pleased.”

“You knew I was awake, and you still kept going?” Bernice asked, her voice faltering as she slowly calmed down a bit. I still was unable to gauge her response. Was she angry, excited, amused, or some mixture of all of these?

“Of course, darling,” replied Paula, ” by the time that I realized that you were awake and watching, I was way too far along to stop, and I figured if you got some enjoyment as well, it wasn’t costing me anything. I mean, it’s not like I asked you to lick my pussy or fuck me with a big fat dildo.”

“Like…like… that one on the cot?” Bernice stammered, pointing to the toy which my ex-wife had used to fuck my wife a short while ago.

“Well, that one is actually a vibrator, dear, but the same general idea.”

Kim and I happened to make eye contact just then. I wondered whether, like me, Kim noticed that Bernice had not replied to the pussy licking part of the comment. Kim’s tongue wet her lips, and her left hand idly rubbed her bare tummy. Her nipples responded with arousal.

Bernice might not have verbally replied to her mother, but when I broke eye contact with Kim and looked back at my ex stepdaughter, I saw that her puffy young nipples were now even more prominent. Her tits bobbled up and down as she began breathing heavily. My excited cock started bouncing in rhythm with her movements.

“But Stan is such an asshole, Mom, how could you?”

“Sometimes when I get horny, it doesn’t matter who the guy is attached to the cock, my dear. Besides which, Stan was always a great fuck. Our problems were never in bed.” Paula blushed. “In fact, back then I was the repressed one. It took losing Stan and experiencing other lovers to know just how good he was. When I met Kim last night, and realized I might have another shot with Stan – just to fuck, not for life- how could I say ‘no’?”

I noticed that as Paula spoke, Bernice’s eyes flicked from looking at Paula, across to Kim, and then to me. As she looked at me, Bernice could not look me in the eye. I realized that her glance was travelling down my body, and that suddenly she was staring at my hard cock. The trusty soldier stood at even crisper attention and saluted her. Like Kim a moment ago, Bernice unconsciously licked her lips.

“That’s right, Bernice, Stan is a special man,” Kim added, stepping over and rubbing her side up and down my torso, catlike, and then licking my neck. The back of her hand just barely brushed the tip of my cock, perhaps accidentally.

“And I discovered that Kim is also an extraordinary lover.” Paula continued.

Kim kissed the tip of my left shoulder and ran her tongue across my chest, licking all around my nipple. Her palm cupped my shaft. This was no accident. My wife was making out with me in front of my ex wife and former stepdaughter. I looked to see how they reacted.

Not shockingly, Paula was enjoying the display. I was a bit surprised however, that she rubbed her tummy and allowed one hand to curl around her groin, her middle finger starting to caress her pussy right in front of her daughter, while with her other hand, she caressed her breast slowly, in gentle slow circles, starting at the bottom edge and working inwards, brushing but not grabbing the nipple, gradually pushing the mound tight against her other tit. Despite her bravado about wanting a three-way with Bernice, I had not been sure that Paula, who I still remembered as my repressed wife of old, could be so bold. The other three of us paused and watched for a moment, until while Kim resumed massaging my scrotum, Paula leaned back against the wall for support, her knees quivering, and moaned, her eyes shut. Her implants made her scrunched together tits look like two pillows about to burst open in a sorority fight.

“See what I mean, honey,” she finally muttered to Bernice, “Kim has a magic touch. Just thinking of it gets me too wet to control myself.”

Just then Kim dropped to her knees, her tongue flattened and dragging through the hair on my belly down to my pubes. She ran her lips around the base of my cock, suckling my short and curlies. After once around, Kim began stabbing just the tip of her tongue out from between her tiny perfect teeth, licking the flesh where she had tugged the hair away.

Bernice was staring at this display, her lower jaw slack, her mouth wide open. A thin trail of drool dangled from her lip. The pearly drop at the bottom reminded me türkçe ifşa porno of cum dangling from a mouth after a blowjob. I realized that my stepdaughter had one of those big lipped wide mouths that looked designed just for cocksucking. I wished that her saliva was truly mixed with my semen. This thought made my rock hard cock throb harder, waggling up and down. In response, Kim knelt directly beneath my balls and began flipping her tongue up into the space behind my balls. My rod craned itself higher with each touch of her flesh.

I glanced over at Paula. She was slumped all the way to the floor, her legs spread wide open. Watching her made my cock twitch more. Her right hand was caressing her breast. Four fingers of her left hand were buried in her snatch, the thumb busily frigging her clit. She seemed oblivious to the fact that her own daughter was watching the whole scene.

Kim chose that point to abandon her not quite blowjob. She backed off a bit, and, still on her knees, turned around and gave Paula deep, tongue twisting kiss, the fingers of her left hand gently cupping my ex-wife’s chin, with just enough pressure to steady the contact, since Paula clearly did not need to be forced to stay in place and enjoy the spit swapping.

This left my hard cock dangling in mid air, a slight sheen of precum on the swollen purple protuberance.

“You might be a jerk, but you do have a great looking cock, Stan,” Bernice said, wiping the back of her left hand across the chin to catch her drool. “I can understand why Mom might want a piece of you, just for old time’s sake.”

She giggled girlishly and blushed, a reminder just how young she was.

I slumped back onto the bed, weight on my elbows, feet dangling. I did not bother to stroke my cock to keep hard. It stood up straight like a flag pole. All I needed to do to maintain that was occasionally glance at Kim and Paula, and in between, admire this beautiful young woman who hated me, but loved my cock, or at least, the look of it. With any luck, we would find out how much she really loved it. After all, she had not yet run screaming.

“How do you feel about Kim with your Mom though?” I asked, tilting my chin in the direction of the two women on the floor by the door. Kim was now nuzzling Paula’s neck, her tongue bathing my ex-wife’s throat in mushy kisses. She gently lifted Paula’s hand off Paula’s breast and placed it under her own. As Paula slowly massaged Kim’s tit, Kim rubbed her hand between Paula’s huge knockers, gradually moving her whole arm in wider circles stroking each breast, lifting them closer so that they bounced up against each other.

Paula was squealing with delight. Bernice could not help but stare at her mother.

“Since she got the boob job, she’s been bringing guys home almost every night. I lay there in my bed, hearing them fucking. The wall between our bedrooms is very thin. She fucks guys from work. If none of them want to “come over for a home cooked meal”, she’ll go out to a bar and pick up a stranger. She’s fucked almost all of our neighbours. Even when I get home in the afternoon from school, I’ll find her fucking her lunch date, or one of the neighbours whose wife is at work. Those times, she doesn’t even bother closing her door. More than once, I’ve even tripped over them fucking in the living room. Or the dining room, or the kitchen even. So watching my mom fuck is no big deal.”

Bernice blushed a deep crimson. “Sometimes, I get so turned on by what I see or hear that I have to get myself off right away. I think that Mom figured that out too. In fact, I think that, for her, listening to me might get her as excited as she gets me.”

I reflected upon the comments which I had overheard earlier, where Paula had confessed a desire to teach her daughter through an Older Man Experience. Bernice’s information put that into a whole new light.

Kim paused, removing her tongue from Paula’s navel just long enough to ask, “But you never fucked any of those older cocks?”

“No,” gasped Bernice, sounding shocked by the idea.

“Not even suck one?” I asked, though my attention was shifted to watching my wife describe ever decreasing circles around Paula’s pubes. Paula pulled her fist out and held Kim’s head close to her belly. Kim’s flat tongue bathed my ex wife’s skin. Then Kim stabbed teasingly at Paula’s labia.

Bernice breathed deeply before answering me, gaining a bit more composure. She shifted her legs a bit wider. Her head swivelled as she looked from my cock to the two older women by the door, and then back to me on the bed.

“None of them looked as tasty as yours.”

This comment broke Paula’s silence. “What do you know about tasty looking cocks?” she asked Bernice.

“I might not have sucked any older guys, Mom, but I’ve tasted my share of guys my own age. That’s how I know that Stan’s cock is special. Not only is it huge, but getting hard again right after you guys have just fucked would be a challenge for even a young guy. vivid porno Most of the guys I fuck need a good tongue bath to get stiff for round two.”

As Bernice spoke, without thinking about what I was doing, I began stroking my shaft, wrapping my palm loosely around my erection, and caressing myself in a circular motion, rolling the fat helmet deep into my flesh. Bernice’s tongue ran across her lips. Her eyes were focussed on my cock.

Kimmy meanwhile had started alternately kissing the insides of Paula’s thighs and stabbing just the tip of her tongue into my ex wife’s pussy. Paula sighed and slumped further onto the floor, so that she was almost laying flat.

“It looks like your Mom is kind of distracted,” I said, tilting my chin to draw Bernice’s attention to the two women.

“I’ve never seen older women licking each other,” Bernice replied. ” Lots of my friends fooled around in college, and a few had hot moms who came to parent days, but the closest I came to seeing something like this was when the gal in the next room had her Mom stay over and I heard them through the wall all night. I jilled myself silly till dawn.”

“So two women do turn you on?”

Bernice blushed again. I was amazed that she could be standing here, almost nude, watching my wife have sex with her mother while I stroked my cock, and still be embarrassed. It was too cute.

As if on cue, Bernice hooked her thumbs into the sides of her bikini bottoms and started to roll them off of her womanly hips. “I guess I shouldn’t be the only one not naked,” she said, talking to herself. Her eyes still darted from where Kim was now lapping at her Mom’s cunt to my cock.

I was conflicted where to focus. Fortunately, Bernice moved slowly, pausing like a stripper and holding her hands on her hips. That allowed me a moment to enjoy watching how Paula had her legs drawn up, feet flat on the floor, knees wide, so that her pussy was pulled open and available for my wife. Any reluctance Kim might have had earlier about eating pussy had vanished. At that instant, I realized that this would not just be a one time on vacation thing. I knew that Kim now would be a dedicated bisexual, and that I would need to expect and adjust to her seeking out women to eat, and be eaten by. I thought ‘I just hope she shares.’

Just as I finished that thought, further movement of Bernice’s bright bikini caught my eye and I rolled a bit onto one side to watch as her bush came into view. My hand casually stroked my aching cock. I could feel the pee slit gaping open, the warm air teasing the tender inner flesh as faint hints of precum seeped. My balls were clenched tight up into my belly, ready to expel a great burst of seed. I willed them to relax, to savour the moment. I wanted to see how far this adventure might continue, as I knew it might never be repeated.

Bernice finished rolling her bottoms loose. Once they passed the wide point of her hips, they fell smoothly to the floor. She stood tall and proud, not shy, hands on hips, her knees spread wider after the fabric had fluttered past.

“Like what you see, Stan?” she laughed.

Her pubes were trimmed into a clever little heart shape.

It was my turn to laugh. “Well, I guess that proves that you aren’t 16 any more.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t think you did that yourself. Is that the answer to my question about how you feel about girl on girl sex?”

“Just cause I get a trim doesn’t mean…” she began, but her renewed blushing gave her away.

“Anyway, what you do might be one thing. Watching your Mom get eaten by my new wife might be different, I guess.”

We both then were silent a moment as we watched Kim bury her whole face nose deep into Paula, her jaw working up and down while at the same time rotating her head from side to side.

“She’s nibbling her cunt lips and lapping at her clit at the same time,” Bernice said.

“And look at how the contact between Kim’s hair and cheeks is making your Mom’s thighs glow,” I added.

I glanced back towards Bernice just in time to see her trail her hand down across her tummy, unconsciously repeating the same motion her mother had used earlier. Like Paula, Bernice rested her hand just above her pubes, but just for a second, and then she easily pushed the petals open, the moistness already so far along that an intense scent immediately filled my nostrils.

“I love how much like honey a sweet young cunt smells,” I said, not really meaning to be talking out loud.

Bernice giggled, lifting her hand out of her pussy to cover her mouth. Once again, I marvelled at the mixture of girlish embarrassment and wanton lust. My cock liked it too, waggling in counterpoint tempo with Bernice’s laughter. Apparently she was looking at this, since she laughed harder and pointed at it.

“I’d love to lick that for you, just like Kim is licking Mom, but I’d hate for Mom to be too busy to share my first old guy cock.”

As she spoke, she pulled her labia wide, flexing her knees to give me a good view of her inner flesh, her clit standing erect out of its hood. “Try not to waste that load, though, okay? I hear that you old guys can’t recover as well as the young guys that I’ve fucked before, and since I know that you already came at least once, I wouldn’t want to miss my chance.”

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