Shanti – A Vixen Adulterous Ch. 01a

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Reshma did not leave me and my 27 year old pussy easily.

She was excitingly a well constructed true bisexual slut in all encounters it was my submission and her victory.

Finally – she made sure that her boyfriend Ratan Sirohi, a senior student from the same school, now pursuing graduation in a prestigious college also got involved and had his way with me and my private parts – first time in my life if any one it was this time when my ass got invaded and by this handsome man who happened to be the lucky to taste my ass.

First time in my post sexually marred married life did I willingly give myself to a man in this contest.

Yes- I did enjoy Balu and his friends from time to time but this was unique and a different pleasure which only accentuated my desire to indulge in sex with well endowed men. Just to take this a bit further, till Reshma met me and until that day when she presented me before him, it was a dry day for me as far as male intimacy and heterosexual activity was concerned, Balu did try to come and take advantage and couple of times, I was tempted to let him have his way but somehow Ratan and his interlude with me that day was too much compared to the way I fucked Balu and his boss Sandi Mittal later but as of now – it was a different story.

Let me describe Reshma to you all a bit more.. She looks and gives a feel of being a pure lesbian lover, as if she she hates cocks but the truth was she loved taking cocks in her ass and according to her, girls who take in pussy only are not real girls.

She loved oral as much compared to fucking in her two lower orifices.

She just loved to suck cocks and pussies and of course ass, she had a penchant for playing with ass, she doesn’t care whether its ass of a girl or boy.

Reshma told me that Ratan was going to come. She was very clear that without him today’s session would be incomplete and impossible.

It was a sunny July day and we were at my place after school, I was in my light green chiffon saree draped around my sexy body, with a white blouse and ofcourse a black bra inside. Though I do not sweat much due to the texture of my skin which does not give the pores too much of a reason to emit moisture I do have a very sexy sensuous light wet skin and shows up truly well on my neck and face and the back just above the blouse. Now I understand how important these attributes are to be termed “sexy” or “desirable”.

She virtually dragged me home after school like as if a spirit taken hold of her and did not even allow me to complete my work or say anything. I had seen Ratan a couple of times at school and though there was no immediate body reaction or any tune on – he did get my attention. I never knew or had an inclination that we will get into this kind of an act and that too so soon. At 6′ + height – he looked an Aonis and moved well with the girls. He frequently came to meet Asha another girl in the same class but always was more seen with Reshma.

Reshma did give me a brief on Ratan finally today on our way back home – how he too lusted for me and found in me latent sex hidden and ready to explode like a Volcano. His firm belief was that I was a molten volcano as far as sex was concerned and women like me – conservative and who dress traditional are great partner in bed. Well – don’t know about others, but in my case he was and did prove right.

Ratan arrived and kept staring at me, he was licking his lips as if he was a dog kept hungry for days who had just sniffed meat, I started to get interested in this boy, he looked impressive and well endowed, the tent at the front of his crotch pant – gave me enough idea of what was going to happen shortly.

Since both of us were new to each other, he remained a bit formal for some time but soon after, he sat beside me and I was getting wet from the thought and anxiousness of what was going to happen. In fact I wanted to explore Reshma in front of him..

Reshma made the situation easy and got me out of the strange spot we had got into, she got up from the chair and approached Ratan and opened his fly zip directly.

They both knew each other well, and that was clearly apparent to both of us, she took out his cock which was semi erect by now, Reshma’s approach was too hot for any man to keep his cock under control. She opened her mouth and swallowed the whole cock and that made the poor Ratan moan loudly.

I watched with fascination as the young man’s cock was growing bigger inside her mouth, Reshma was just bahis firmaları going gung ho and not at all interested to take out his cock, which was in full length now, Ratan was holding her hairs and she was taking it all down to her throat, though she was gasping but she was not leaving the cock. This act was pretty quick and did leave me shocked for a while and slowly started to sink as I was going wet between my legs and was extremely impressed at all that was going in front of me. Though introduced to sex long ago and now leading a pretty avid promiscuous life, I had never seen such a wild sex slutty sucking in my life.

I thought Ratan was about to cum by now, because he was moaning louder by and louder, meanwhile something stuck Reshma and she left his cock and came to me and took me to the bed and made me lie down. She made me undress and brought a rope. I was surprised at this. She said – “l hope we can do something kinky today?”

Today was my day at the hustings and was in no mood to resist anything when it came to enjoy sex, I knew the Asst Principal back at school got wind of the Reshma angle and a few days ago gave me broad hint of some disclosures he had made of some nexus developing between students and certain teachers, he did look at me quite a few times while he muttered all those observations and later in private told me to be careful and also – asked me to meet him sometime somewhere after school to discuss how he could possibly explain his observations to me, which I knew would lead to some more rounds of undesired sex with a man who was in no way desirable. So – I more or less had decided to quit the job and that decision made my mind flutter more freely and my body give into good sex with absolute no bar and with all abandonment of fear and guilt.

So, I didn’t resist, as she tied my hands and legs apart to each corner of the bed. After fastening me secure, Reshma got up and approached Ratan and tied him to chair. Even he didn’t resist at this as she undressed Ratan completely and tied each of his legs to the legs of sofa and hands to the hands of the sofa. Neither me nor Ratan were able to move.

I could only move my ass up and down when Reshma came to me and said- “Slut, I know you are thirsting for his prick but let me enjoy you thoroughly before he touches you” and brought two dildo toys, both were artificial penis with belt and tied one belt to herself and became girl with huge cock, it looked bigger than natural penis, and thick like hammer at the base. I was eager to see Reshma’s body.

My eyes were pounding with volcanic lust and desire to see the skin which she hid under her low waist jeans and red top. She reached for her Bag and slowly pulled out a huge scissor pair and reached me,” I am going to cut your dress into small small small pieces my dear teacher so that it is no longer available for you to wear – I am doing it to for two reasons – one to ensure you do not wear it again and make this bastard lewdly stare and get a hardon and fantasize about you in this dress while he is screwing me and secondly – I get lot of sadistic pleasure in tearing clothes of my partners” and saying this she undraped the saree wherever it was possible and started to cut the blouse and in no time the entire blouse lay in front and back of me in pieces.

She glared at me in animistic lust and cut the bra strap at the shoulder and then holding the cut end ran the scissor again at the other end and holding the piece in her hand ran it over her nose – “Uhmm – lot of your body smell, teacher, let me add some more to it” and she ran it over her pussy and shoved it inside her cunt and took it out, the cut strap was glistening in her juice, she was copiously juicing down there and then she came back to me and ran the piece over my lips and let it linger around before taking it to my left arm pit where the boob had became bare to the loss of the bra strap and ran the piece in the armpit cavity throughly leaving a bit of her juice there and removed it – and again took it to her nose and this time exhaled in pure delight before reaching out for Ratan and asked him to open his mouth and shoved the strap piece into his mouth, “Have the first taste of the ma’am whom you have been wanting to fuck for over 3 years. You bastard – how many times you utter her name while fucking me – today she will be yours but not before you watch me ravage her.”

I was enjoying this.

Reshma lift me up and her left palm went beneath me where she cut the petticoat kaçak iddaa and lifted the cut garment off my body, I was craving for sex now.

She kept teasing me with the scissors and finally reached for my panty.

She caught hold of the waist band and just yanked the garment and it came into her hands – she was really powerful and had the energy and the power of a man, my pussy was bare and hot for her eyes. She knelt down and placed a set of two pillows under my bottom and lifted me in such a manner that my cunt and asshole were visible. It was an extremely sexy moment for me.

Ratan;s crotch was growing bigger and biggeer and I wanted that cock inside my pussy, Ratan was looking at me, as if he was asking I was comfortable or not. I looked at Reshma waiting for her next move as she was approaching and I was sure today was going to be best sex I ever had.

Reshma put her plastic cock inside my cunt and made a huge thrust.

I moaned loudly and very loudly in fact, the dildo was too big. The cock went deep inside my wet pussy, stretching my inner walls up to maximum extent. It went so deep that I could feel it touching my stomach, also that artificial thing was designed for maximum pleasure, the curves of penis were shaped in right place.

Reshma was doing her work efficiently. Her boobs were crushed on my face ,as she tore of her clothes and became nude and sat the boobs on my face and held my head and pushed my face into her crevice. “Suck the sweat bitch.” Reshma was pressing my boobs at the same time.

Suddenly Reshma stopped pumping me, I felt another cock, and within few seconds I had to scream as it entered with full force. She forced another dildo more deeper into the same orifice and blotched my face with her boobs, not letting me scream.

Reshma’s hands grew more fierce on my boobs and was continuously pumping and I was enjoying the pain I was getting. After half and hour or so I had cum more than 4 or 5 times. And then she stopped. I took a deep breath. Reshma got up and released the ties and unfastened my hands and legs. It was shameful I was raped by a girl not boy this time.

My sexual heat was at its peak.

I reached out for Reshma as I was dying for her, and pushed her to couch, she was expecting this and so didn’t make a move. I tore her thin top and her huge boobs bounced. She was wearing a black bra which could only cover her nipples, her boobs were so big that the tight bra could be torn under its own pressure, I freed both boobs by removing the straps, and oh my god.

The best brown nipples anyone have ever seen in this world, those nipples were like 2 strawberries waiting to be eaten. Those were natural breasts, no surgery and so were extra soft like cotton. When I touched them I felt like eating it away. But I took steps slow and patiently this time. She had made me wait for long time, so would I as I unhooked the bra, and softly touched and tickled her big nipples.

The radius of aureoles were extra large. I removed her jeans to see her black thong through which her white milky ass were pounding. I moved and tickled her nipples softly with my tongue and with other hand I pinched her nipples hard. She moaned in her heavy sexy voice. I removed her panty.

She pushed me aside and approached the star of the day Ratan, she was a cock lover, she teased Ratan and sucked his cock. I took Reshma to bed, and came over her.

I tickled her nipples by rubbing my nipples to her nipples. It felt great. Reshma was moaning softly . I began sucking and kissing her sexy neck, and chest. Her whole body was getting wet and glistened with my saliva, I came to her right boob which was dying for a mouth.

I opened my mouth wide enough to swallow her nipple bud completely and buried my mouth on her boob, as I crushed her boob with my mouth, my nose lips went deep into the pillow like boob, and my tongue ran all over her right nipple. She moaned and held my hairs and buried my head more deep in her boob. With other hand I pressed her other boob harshly. I grabbed her left nipple and moved my hands up and down so that her left boob bounced up and down, and all the muscles moving inside give .

To give her extra pleasure, I moved to the left boob and sucked it with more force. …and as I did it, she was moaning sometimes biting her lower lip. Her ass was moving up and down signaling that she wanted some stimulation there too. I wanted to see what extreme she can go and an Idea came to my mind and I rolled her kaçak bahis so as to experiment her ass now.

She read my mind and pushed me aside once again and reached out for the Adonis and opened Ratan’s hands and legs to take his dick in her cunt. Ratan sat on a couch while Reshma came on him facing him and her pussy touched his cock. She was a real bitch in the heat.

If there were some other girls except Reshma she would jump on Ratan’s cock craving for it. But she was teasing Ratan so that he would give her some bonus as extra fucking time with extra wildness. She was slowly rubbing her pink pussy with his dick without sucking. She was already dripping her juice from pussy sometimes she would enter the tip of Ratan’s dick into his pussy then again she would take it out, and this would make Ratan more furious.

I was also teasing Reshma, I was very softly touching her ass hole with my tongue. And licking it very extra softly. This move was tickling Reshma very much and even she was getting impatient and furious. It had been more than 5 minutes since Reshma was teasing Ratan and I was teasing Reshma.

And Ratan lost his control.

He picked up Reshma on his arms and dropped her on the bed beside me and Reshma and came over her and entered her very wet pussy with full force tearing it apart. Reshma moaned, the dick started slipping in and out fast, Reshma was also moving with the rhythm and singing the song of her moan, and like a wild cat pushed me and came over me and was biting my neck sometimes sucking my boobs and with her nails she was scratching my boobs and stomach. At first it hurt, my skin was peeled and tried to stop her.

Blood rushed out from where she had scratched me. But she didn’t stop. She got wilder as I resisted. Ratan increased his pace and he was at the top of his speed. He handled my boobs while Reshma pushed her tongue in my cunt which was dripping with my juices. She first of all licked every drop of juice clean and directly inserted 3 fingers in my pussy as I moaned.

Ratan was sucking my boobs holding both of them and squeezing it as if he wanted milk to come out from them. Reshma was licking my pussy lips and ramming her fingers in and out my pussy. After sometime she stopped and turned me around so as to have fun with my ass. She spanked my ass 4 to 5 times first of all. I was behaving so nice with her, treating her delicately but she was behaving like a butcher.

She scratched my back with her nails, it was her favorite style to say how horny she is, Reshma was dirty. She was dirty like hell. She was continuously spitting on my ass now. And she was supposed to enjoy – Ratan’s cock with full force and hotness and speed. Reshma stretched her hands and grabbed my hanging boobs and pressed them hardly and pinched the nipples. “Fuck me Reshma” and she did it faster. I moaned.

Reshma was slowly increasing her speed. I was enjoying my favorite fucking position. She was sometimes stopping and spitting on my asshole to make it wet. Finally I came and took out the dildo cock from my ass and sucked it like it was a real cock.

On the other hand Ratan was showing his real stamina it was being 20 minutes of his fucking still he was hard big and speedy. She slowly inserted her fingers in my ass while Ratan was fucking Reshma with great speed by now. He had not changed a single position. Reshma was moaning u bastard fuck me don’t stop tear me apart I want you to cum in me cum in me and Ratan with a groan took out his cock and Reshma quickly got up and took Ratan’s cock in her mouth and masturbated it and Ratan shouted his hot cum about 2 or 4 spoon full went directly into Reshma’s mouth.

Ratan was dead for now. He could not move. I had never seen such a stamina. Here I was a bit faster in fisting than Reshma, she was rolling her fist inside my ass and I was moaning like hell my moans were loud and longafter ten minutes or so I came and removed her fist from my ass while Reshma was already planning for her next kinky idea…

She came over to me and slowly kissed me on the lips, and when we was sure that the mouth was open and the entire cavity under her control – the sexy 12th class student of mine let the entire load of his semen into my mouth. I was totally caught by surprise and had no go but to swallow the same. My initiation into groovy heterosexual unison was complete. Ratan got up and went to the restroom winking at me, ” I just love you and your fantastic texture of the skin – how much I have longed to plunge my teeth into that mass of sexual delight – hope you will not torment me any more – I will just be back after freshing up and wound you in my arms. Please do not clean yourself – I need you as you are- ok.”

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