Shannon Ch. 02

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“Okay, I’m calling this family meeting to order” Ted said flatly. The mood was dreadful around the kitchen table. Lucy’s face was turned down to her phone. Adam was cradling his head with his hands and both of the Letterman sisters sulked in silence. If it weren’t for the massive hangover they were all sporting, they might have appeared normal, but there was nothing normal about this brunch-time family meeting.

“So I’m just going to come out with it. We all fucked up last night.” Ted’s bass voice hung dead in the air.

“You mean some of us got fucked last night?” Megan couldn’t resist the opportunity for a jab at Shannon.

“That’s enough Megan!” Lucy snapped, her eyes came up from her phone like sharpened knives. Lucy was nursing the mother of all headaches and had no patience for snark this morning.

Megan recoiled, sitting up straight in her chair, her eyes darting to the right at Shannon. Shannon couldn’t help let a corner of her mouth curl up in a sly smile. It was kind of nice to see Megan in the hot seat.

“Look, we all did some things we’re not proud of. You’re mom and I were… Umm we had a few too many drinks at dinner and afterwards. So, we took an uber home, thinking we’d come home to a nice peaceful evening at home.” Ted’s words sounded recited. No one said a word.

“So, when we went to check on you and found… Well… you know… We were stunned… a-a-and ummm.. to silence. We were stunned to silence.” This was turning out to be much harder for Ted than he thought, though he had no illusions that it was going to be easy. He couldn’t make eye contact with any of them, the very least of which with Shannon.

“So then you silently whipped out your big fat dick, didn’t you Ted?” Megan barked before she even realized she had opened her mouth.

“AHHH SHIT Megan!!? REALLY!?” Ted bellowed.

“Shut your FUCKING mouth you little WHORE” Lucy was half-way over the table at this point.

“Guys!! Guys!!” Shannon stood up. “Please calm down… This is ALL my fault and I feel absolutely terrible about it.” Shannon had to sit right back down though as the room started to spin a bit on her.

“No, it was MY fault Shannon, if I hadn’t let you get me drunk for the first time, none of this would have ever happened” Adam proclaimed.

“Okay.. Okay.. Your mother and I acted inappropriately as well. I admit it. We got carried away watching the three of you… a-a-nd well, it was kind of incredible!?” Ted was definitely off script at this point.

“Incredible Dad? Really?” Megan scrunched her face in disgust. “So, you’re saying you liked what you saw.”

Lucy lunged across the table and snatched a handful of Megan’s hair, pulling her over the table until they were face to face. “Listen to ME you little cunt. I’ll bet ALL of this is your fault! It wasn’t enough that you were fucking your ex-boyfriend in public last night and got spotted by half the town!? You have to come home and incite an ORGY at HOME!???”

Pandemonium shortly ensued. Shannon grabbed Megan’s hands before she started swinging her balled fists. Ted grabbed Lucy by the shoulders, screaming at her to let go. Adam was yelling at the top of his lungs for them to all stop. Dishes were flying off of the table and smashing on the ground as the struggle continued.

This continued for about a minute when Adam felt another urge that he’d not experienced, at least for a very long time. Adam lurched forward vomiting all over his mother and Megan. The purplish spews soaked the table top and spilled over on the floor in three different places. The fight was over immediately.

A month had gone by since that fateful weekend. Megan had moved off to college about three hours away. Adam had returned to school and work and Shannon… Well Shannon was a bit of a mess. She had not re-enrolled in school this semester citing a need to just relax for awhile. She should be a junior in college this year, but she had been really upset by that weekend with her family. As a result she had promptly moved in with her girlfriend Sarah just off-campus. She had been around the house a few times since then to pick up her mail, but had avoided contact with anyone for several weeks now.

‘Say bitch, I’m comin for you like a spider monkey this weekend’ – Megan.

Shannon grinned with excitement when she saw the text.

‘No WAY!? You should come stay here with me and Sarah!’ Shannon replied.

‘So you’ve gone and turned into a lesbian huh?? :D’

‘I just might after… well.. anyways… Get here ASAP! Love You!’ Shannon replied feeling a bit queasy.

The week dragged on for what seemed like for an eternity to Shannon. She had picked up a job walking dogs in the mornings just to cover her share of the groceries. Otherwise she was a total freeloader at Sarah’s dad’s expense. As she walked the dogs that Friday morning, she allowed her mind to replay the events of that weekend.

It felt like an eon had passed since that night with Adam. As she recalled the stranded teens porno way they had cum together a big shit eating grin crawled across her face. How the hell had her parents made it go so wrong? And Megan!

‘Holy Shit! She makes things worse in that house sometimes’ Shannon thought.

After cycling through the catastrophe that had turned out to be, her mind came back to Adam. Poor Adam who had lost his virginity to his sister in FRONT of both wanking parents. Shannon thought he must be a nervous wreck and she doubted he ever even left the house after that. He was probably just hiding in his attic room rocking back and forth in bed looking out the window, afraid of the world. Her heart filled with sympathy and she queued his name in her phone.

‘Megan’s coming to town tonight, we’d love to see you. I miss you and Love you’ she texted batting away yet another wave of nausea.

She pulled the dogs to the side to let a bicycle rider by when her phone dinged.

‘Oh wow, I thought you had written me off forever Sis! I’d love to see you and Megan. Where do we meet?’ – Adam.

The text had an air of confidence and even excitement that Shannon was not expecting. A pang of panic ran through Shannon. What if she was wrong about Adam and he wanted more? What if he expects a second helping at her friends apartment? What had she done?

‘Let’s meet at Arbunkle’s at 8pm’ she replied. That would keep them in public and away from either house.

Arbunkle’s was packed as usual. The 50s era diner was always popular especially on weekends. Shannon had showed up at 7:30 to get on the list for a table and was waiting just outside for her buzzer to go off.

“Well shit purple and call me Barney!!” Shannon was almost tackled by Megan from behind in a raucous embrace.

“Oh My GOD!!” Shannon squealed in excitement. “WHAT’S UP!!?”

“College!! Freedom!! FUN!!” Megan had apparently pre-loaded for the party as she smelled like schnapps and vape oil.

“Wow! Apparently!” Shannon remarked with a smile as she looked her sister up and down. Megan was dressed in a cut-off t-shirt and a dangerously short loose fitting skirt. Her nipples jutted through the nearly non-existent cotton. “Oh my Megan, you’re going to get mauled in that outfit. You look amazing!”

“Meh, I can handle it…” Megan stared off behind Shannon, her jaw dropping open slightly.

“Wha?” Shannon spun around to see what Megan was gaping at.

There was a couple standing behind her just outside of the overhead light. Shannon squinted to see.

“Hey Sis!” a tall dark figure stepped towards her, a gorgeous blonde hanging on his arm…

“WHA!? Adam!?” Shannon gasped. Adam was dressed up (at least for Adam) in a nice button down shirt, slacks and loafers. His hair was neatly combed and he exuded manly essence.

“Shannon and Megan, this is Samantha” Adam announced. Even his voice sounded lower to Shannon. She was speechless.

“Hi, I’ve heard SO much about both of you!” Samantha chirped. Shannon could only manage to turn to Megan who was equally petrified in shock at the possibilities wrapped in that statement.

Samantha stepped forward extending her hand with a smile. Samantha was about 5’3″ with a slim build and curled golden locks down to her mid-back. She was wearing a loose low-cut sweater and a tight black skirt. Her stunning green eyes sparkled as she shook Shannon’s hand.

“I… uhhh.. HI!” Shannon finally squeaked reaching out to shake her hand in disbelief.

“Everything okay sis?” Adam’s voice was bassy and electric at the same time. Megan rushed forward and nearly tackled Adam this time.

“OH MY GOD YOU GREW UP!” Megan exclaimed holding onto him with a bear-like grip. Adam’s brow furrowed a bit.

“Ooookay!?” he queried a bit embarrassed.

“Adam you look so… Nice! So… ” Shannon was still searching for her words when the buzzer in her hand went off. Shannon shrieked and jumped, the buzzer went flying. Adam simply reached up and picked it out of mid-air, gently breaking Megan’s bear hug. A smoother move has never been made before or since.

“Wow… you’re coordinated now too…” Megan droned dreamily.

“Samantha! I’m so sorry, we are just so happy to see Adam, it’s been awhile” Shannon knew she had to pull it together before they scared the pair of them away. “Let’s go get our table!” she chirped.

As they made their way ahead Megan dropped back behind Adam and Samantha.

“High five sis” she whispered to Shannon “It totally worked!”

Shannon was too shocked to respond and left her hanging… “Yeah.. I guess the fuck so…” there was a something in her tone that just barely registered as strange to Megan.

The dinner went really well despite the awkward start, they all ate their fill and even had dessert. Samantha was a bangin hot bitch or at least that was Megan’s description as she texted back and forth with Shannon under the table.

The student sex parties porno banter was light and friendly. Megan recanted her first month at college, Adam covered his class schedule and the goings on at work. Samantha it turned out was studying to be a veterinarian and cranked up an energetic conversation with Shannon about dogs.

By the end of the dinner, they were all full and the conversation was starting to run thin. Shannon couldn’t believe her “little” brother’s progress. It would appear that their encounter had indeed been the launchpad he needed. He was now dating his dream girl and navigating social encounters with ease.

“So what next?” Adam asked after generously paying the bill.

“Well.. I was thinking about heading…” Shannon started.

“To the LIQUOR store!!” Megan finished her sentence laughing madly. “We can go over to your lesbian girlfriend Sarah’s house after THAT!” Megan barked.

“I remember Sarah! From high school right Shannon?” Adam followed. “She’s a lesbian?”

Shannon was stunned into silence. All of her thoughtful preparation to keep them out of any kind of potentially awkward situation had been blown out of the water in two short bursts from her loud mouth sister.

“We are NOT lesbians…” was all that Shannon could muster.

Then they were all piling in Shannon’s tiny Honda Civic and were off to the liquor store. They perused the isles one at a time, trying to decide what the cure to their ailment (of boredom) was going to be. Shannon was getting more and more nervous as they approached the whiskey isle, she didn’t want anyone picking up the…

“Fireball anyone?” Adam pulled the bottle from the shelf, grinning furiously. Megan thought it was hilarious.

“Yeah Shannon, want some more fireball? You REALLY liked it last time…” Megan teased. Shannon felt her face flushing.

“What’s up with the fireball?” Samantha asked. Shannon had to put her hand over her eyes and keep walking. Megan was laughing loudly now.

“It makes Shannon super horny!!” Megan yelled. It was one of those moments where everything gets suddenly quiet right when someone says something embarrassing.

Samantha let out a loud “phhhhht!!”

“MEGAN!” Adam shouted. “What the fuck is wrong with you!?”

Shannon’s first instinct was to take a page from her mom’s book and grab Megan by the hair before slamming her face into the glass display case behind them. Instead she kept walking.

“Haha! Megan, very funny!” Shannon played it off grabbing a large bottle of rum off the shelf and thrusting it into Megan’s hands.

“How bout this guys? Maybe some sodas and some ice to go with?” Shannon said picking up a 12 pack of 7up.

Megan was watching Shannon carefully waiting for some form of retribution, but it never came. She simply gathered the ingredients and headed to the cash register with a strange calm look on her face. Megan was getting rather worried, this couldn’t be good. She had barely touched her food at dinner and had stuck to water all night so far.

The night continued back at Sarah’s apartment. Sarah greeted everyone with welcomed excitement as her Friday night plans had fallen through. Sarah was a 5’2″ brunette with a short bob hair cut, shaved neckline and sides. She got teased a bit for the haircut by her more alpha female friends, but it never bothered her.

To her people were going to judge her however they decided to. So, if they thought she was a lesbian, so be it, she didn’t see any problem with them thinking whatever they wanted. Sarah loved tattoos but was fairly conservative with piercings. She had a half-sleeve on her left arm of numerous thorns, flowers, and butterflies. On her back she had a large rose assortment with various religious icons. Beyond her ideologies and worn symbols, Sarah was a girl that really liked to have a good time and didn’t fuss much about how that happened.. When the door had opened and a brunette, redhead, blonde, and a tall dark and handsome had walked in with a bag of hooch, it had put a welcome smile on her face. Sarah’s hazel eyes pointed up to take in the tall hunk that stood before her.

“So, this is Adam?” she grinned furiously. She wrapped her arms around Adam’s midsection and hugged him tightly. “I’ve heard SO much about you!” she seemingly purred as she held him tight.

Adam didn’t quite know what to make of this, he had seen Sarah coming and going throughout high school and had long held a crush on her, but she had never even noticed him before. This was going to be an interesting evening.

“It’s good to meet you… again” he stumbled.

“What!?” Sarah pushed away from him, looking at his face again, her hands firmly grasping his forearms. “Wait! You were the little kid around the house at Shannon’s in High School?”

Adam nodded with a smile.

Sarah’s mouth dropped into an O as she spun to Shannon, it would not be the last. “This is your little brother? I thought submissive cuckolds he was your older brother!”

“That’s all him” Shannon retorted with a smile.

“Ooooh My God! Wow did you grow up or what!?” she said turning back to Adam. She made her way to Samantha and Megan with hugs for each of them.

After everyone settled in, the drinks were poured and the chatter began. The conversation floated from various people they all knew in high school, to all of their new college friends. Stories of various boyfriends and exes were batted back and forth. Crazy parties, shocking breakups, and surprise pregnancies made the conversation roster for the better part of an hour and a half. Samantha was surprisingly vocal and seemingly knew almost everyone the older girls were talking about through her older sister. All the while it was drink after drink after drink for most of them.

Samantha was feeling pretty tipsy at this point and was completely relaxed. Adam was in the same boat and mainly stayed quiet, laying back into the overstuffed couch while the girls chatted. Megan looked bored from where he was sitting and if he knew his sister well enough, that was not a good thing.

As if on cue Megan stood up suddenly. “Let’s play a game!” she chirped. Shannon instantly tensed up, this was exactly what she had been trying to avoid from as early as this morning. She felt stupid for having ever brought Adam into the picture, this could go from bad to very embarrassing if Megan’s mouth was loose.

Samantha’s hand tightened around Adam’s as she turned to him “Your sister is a BLAST!” she giggled.

Apparently the drinks were working REALLY well for Samantha too as she slurred her “blasssst.” Adam smiled, finding her drunken slur adorable.

“Let’s play I Never!” Sarah returned Megan’s chirp. “Best way to get to know your group ever!” she was both buzzed and giddy.

Shannon groaned inside, but didn’t want to be the older party pooper sister.

“Ok! Sounds Fun!” Samantha bubbled. “How do ya’ll play it?”

“You’ve never played it?” Megan asked.

“Oh yeah tons of times” Samantha exaggerated. “We just play it different than most people.”

“Do tell!” Sarah was intently interested. Shannon’s eyebrows went up.

“Okay, so we play the normal way and say I never, whatever it is, and anyone whose done that has to raise their hand. But THEN! If someone in the group knows that someone should have raised their hand that didn’t, they get to call bullshit on em. Then the person who called them out gets to dare them to do something and they have to do it or forfeit.”

“Oohhhh! That sounds FUN!” Sarah exclaimed.

“Sounds like fun to me!”Megan confirmed with an evil smile.

“Adam?” Sarah seemingly just glowed every time she spoke to him, her smile was uncontrollable and contagious.

“Ummm I’m down? I’ve never played” he said shyly.

“A Virgin!!” Sarah yelled.

Megan started laughing, her nipples bouncing wildly behind her thin cotton top. Adam couldn’t help but smile as he watched on, mesmerized by his little sister’s orbs.

“Not by a long shot!” Megan snorted between chuckles. Shannon couldn’t believe Megan was going there already. She had hoped to be able to navigate their secret around her big trap, but it was obviously going to be quite difficult. At that point she pretty well reserved herself to it all ending up public knowledge and just decided to relax.

“Oh!??” Samantha’s interest was instantly piqued. She hadn’t been able to assess the situation as to Adam’s sexual past. On one hand he was VERY closed lipped about his past girlfriends, on the other he had a certain amount of confidence when they made out that indicated he had had a bit of experience.

“Oh SHIT!” Sarah bellowed. “Looks like we have a topic to cover! I’ll start! I never had sex before!”

No hands went up at first. As the group exchanged glances, it looked like everyone had had their cherry busted in this crowd. That was until Samantha’s hand went into the air quietly. There was a collective gasp.

“Well… I was saving myself for marriage all through high school…” Samantha’s voice was tiny and sheepish.

Everyone’s mouth was agape and staring back and forth between Samantha and Adam.

Megan finally broke the uncomfortable silence. “Aaaaannnnnd?? Are you planning on losing your virginity soon?”

Samantha was blushing as she looked up at Adam with an evil little smile of her own. “Maybe…” she couldn’t help but to start laughing. The room erupted into nervous laughter. Even Shannon who had remained completely silent so far in this game chuckled nervously.

Shannon was sitting on the couch on Adam’s left side, Sarah was to her left on the floor sitting cross legged.

“Shannon! you’re next!” Megan announced with a defiant look on her face.

Shannon wasn’t at all prepared for this, she had been so worried about navigating the elephant in the room, she hadn’t even formulated a strategy. She knew that when the game went to Megan, there was going to be hell to pay, so she decided to go on the offense.

“I never fucked two guys in the back of a minivan” she glared at Megan. Megan was rather well known for her escapades and one of them had involved a couple of football players in her junior year.

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