“Sh-h, …Quiet, Kitten”!

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“Sh-h, …Quiet, Kitten”!
“Sh-h …Quiet, Kitten”!

Daddy stands over you, watching the rise and fall of your impressive bosom, pressed to your body with nylon restraints. A blindfold impares your vision as you are susceptible to whatever comes to my extraordinary mind. Dressed in all black, a wave cap covering my bald head, a bowl of ice cubes sets on a coffee table. I light a candle, staring at the flickering flame, waving it over your naked form in rhythmn with the erotic, Bondage Music playing in the background. Small droplets of hot wax drip from the candle, connecting with your breasts, your nipples. I move down to your hairy, blonde pussy, dripping more there.
Moans emanate from your soft lips. I cover your mouth with a plastic gloved hand.
“Sh-h,” I whisper, “quiet, Kitten.”
Blowing out the candle and setting it in a glass bowl, I place two ice cubes from their stainless steel container in my mouth. Lower it to the areas of your body covered in dried wax, blowing cool air onto them. Again you moan, fidgeting through the restraints.
“Sh-h, quiet, Kitten!” Gently, I smack your breasts, your stomach. I rest on your wet mound, giving it three swift smacks. I smile as your body trembles. I guide your head toward my crotch, unzipping my trousers, and press your nose against my clean-shavened ball sacs ….Compliments of my Kitten’s meticulous care in shaving me. You sigh, pleased by the familiar scent of your lover’s privates.
“Breathe deep, Kitten,” I instruct. “Smell your Daddy’s crotch. Do you like that?” I finger your pussy, causing your lips to part with a gasp. I pull you canlı poker oyna back, as your tongue essays to lick my balls, twisting the two fingers from your cunt into your mouth. “Taste yourself.”
Your lips swallow my fingers, sucking and licking them clean.
“How do you taste, Kitten? You may speak.”
You smile. “Delicious, Daddy. Your Kitten tastes delicious. May she taste you?”
I smirk. “Should I remove the blindfold so she may see?”
“Only if Daddy feels Kitten has earned the right to gaze upon him.”
I spit on two fingers, slide them deep in your ass. Your mouth falls agape. “Ohhh, Daddyyyy,” you whisper.
“Sh-h, quiet, Kitten,”I scold, slowly moving in-and-out your tight backdoor. I remove the blind fold, gazing into your eyes. I guide my cock into your mouth, grinding my hips. It sucks my bulbous head; then, the tongue glides down the shaft to tease my balls with its tip.
I stare down at you, licking my lips, continuing the “steady pace” manipulation of your asshole.I pull and stretch it with the two fingers, essaying to gape it in preparation for my thick, Black cock.
I lift your head, bringing you to my cock and forcing you down it until your nose presses against my abdomen. You gag as I hard fuck your mouth. I pull you off, thick globs of phlegmn and saliva coating my cock … your mouth and face. I gag you with the two fingers from your mouth, receiving more globs of saliva for my efforts. I rub it into your beautiful, pale white face.
“So sexy, Kitten,” I pant, lowering my mouth to French kiss you. Our tongues rest atop each other for a moment. I move away, internet casino opening my mouth. “Spit!”
Complying, you spit in my mouth; I swallow. “Delicious! You like doing that for Daddy?”
You smile with a nod. “Whatever pleases Daddy. Your pleasure is Kitten’s reward.”
“Well said, beloved. You may proceed with sucking my cock as a reward.”
I press your mouth deep onto my cock, watching your eyes water … Fluid flows from your nostrils, as I hold you in place.
“Breathe through your nose, Kitten,” I instruct.
You comply, relaxing and stretching your throat muscles for better accommodation of my meaty, Black dick.
I snatch you away by the hair, rubbing it across your saliva smeared face. “Open your mouth, Kitten …stick out your tongue.”
In compliance, you open your mouth, stretching out your tongue. Repeatedly, I beat my manhood against it. I stop, rubbing it against your massive tits and plump, pink nipples.
“I sigh, stroking myself over your face as you suck my balls. “Daddy’s ready to fuck his Kitten. Is she ready?”
“Yes, Kitten is ready to be fucked by Daddy’s Black cock. Your white bitch desires your total pleasure.” Your words are garbled but coherent through a mouthful of balls.
I use a bottle of lubricant to cover my cock. I gaze down at you, as you continue to suck my balls, stroking it to brick hard erectness. “Where do you wish to be fucked? Which hole?”
You move off my balls. “Kitten’s ass please, Daddy.”
I nod, laying you on your back. I lift your legs to my shoulders, the restraints confining you to a stationary position. I squirt lube onto your gaped güvenilir casino asshole, massaging it in.
“Are you ready?” I ask.
You nod. “Yes, Daddy.”
I ENTER you. Your eyes widen, a deep gasp escaping your lips. I stroke slow, accelerating momentum, as your anus adjusts to my cock’s length and girth. I kiss you, drinking your pants and moans, feasting on your lustful pleasure. You grip my hips, pushing me deeper inside you.
I bite your shoulders, leaving marks, as I pound your booty hole. You claw my back, my buttocks, loving Daddy’s dick.
“Kitten likes that nigger cock in her ass,” I pant, biting and sucking your nipples. “You may speak!”
“Yes! Yes! Fuck, yes!” You scream. “Kitten loves Daddy’s nigger dick. Fuck my ass with your nigger dick, Daddy! Harder! Pound me! Destroy my asshole!”
Moved by your words, I sit upright, gripping your ankles, and long dick your widened anal cavity. Sweat drips from my dark skin, forming a puddle on your rotund, sexy belly. I feel my climax nearing. “Daddy’s gonna cum in your ass, Kitten! Do you want that?”
You bite your bottom lip, eyes rolling to the whites. “Fuck, yes, Daddy! Fill your white bitch slave’s ass with your nigger seed! I need it! Want it!”
Grunting, I pound deeper and harder inside you, my balls pulsing as hot semen spurts from my dick head into the warmth of your ass!
“Fuck…fuck …fuck,” I scream, rope after rope of my cum ejecting inside your ass. I pull out with an audible POP, your ass releasing gas.
Quickly, I shove my dripping cock into your mouth, breathing heavily. “Clean Daddy, Kitten!”
Expertly, you employ your mouth and tongue to clean my cock free of cum and ass juices. Afterwards, I collapse atop your chest.
“Is Daddy pleased,” you ask, your voice hoarse and breathless.
I close my eyes, smiling. “Sh-h, quiet, Kitten. Just rest. Just …. rest.”

The End?

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