Sexy Nadia in Bangkok

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This story is based on real account; however the names of main characters have been changed.

“Why don’t you guys go ahead for the Safari World? I slept rather late last night hanging around town, so I’m going to doze through for a few hours. I will catch you guys for lunch when you all come back.” I said to the four men at the breakfast table, cutting gingerly through my French omelette.

“Ankit Sir, I have an ointment in my room which is good to reduce those marks on your face and neck.” Nasir Ahmed said winking at me.

I got conscious of the stiff pain on my face and neck. It was already 8:45 am when I woke up, and the hotel policy for breakfast was from 6:30 to 9:00 am only. My room at the Amari Atrium Bangkok was on the 25nd Floor, and since it was a double view VIP corner suite; it was relatively far from the elevator. The hunger won, and cleaning up had to wait until after.

“Thanks Nasir, you can drop it off to my room before you hop on to the tour bus. By the way, did you guys manage to get to Annie’s massage last night?” I said trying to change the subject.

Nasir, Amir, Saran, and Amit had come to my room last evening asking for directions to a good soapy massage parlour in Bangkok. They had been conned by the taxi driver the night before. Since it was their first time in Bangkok, the moment Amir had said “boom boom” in the taxi, they was never going to reach Annie’s. The taxi driver had driven them around town from one massage parlour to another, not even asking for fare. Finally at 2:30 am, too tired to waste time sitting in a taxi, they settled at a place which had charged them twice the regular price, with even shitter service.

Having done my research thoroughly beforehand, I wrote them the address of “Marriott Sukhumvit” on the hotel notepad. Then I instructed them to show the address to the taxi driver. I stressed that if he asks for “massage” or “boom boom”, just tell him to drive. “Do not try to interact with the driver. If he hassles too much, just play the dumb foreigner and say ‘No English’. When you get to the hotel, go inside and wait for 5 minutes in the lobby. Then come out, take a circle around the hotel, looking for the sign ‘Annie’s massage’. Each of you will get 90 minutes, like the place I got you in Pattaya, but here, you get two shots at the girl guaranteed.” I already had made my plans with Ashish; otherwise I would have joined them.

“Boss, thanks to you, we all had the best time at Annie’s. They truly understand the concept of ‘Value for Money'”. Amir said. I couldn’t decide if he was boasting or blushing.

Finished with my omelette, I got up to get the freshly made waffle I saw earlier. As I waited at the counter for the chef to make a fresh one, I looked around to find most of my tour group absent. I was relieved not being forced to show my shameful crimes of the night to the rest of the group.

My name is Ankit Malhotra, and I am 29 years old. Having done my under grad from University of Illinois — Chicago, double majoring in Business Management and Accounting (summa cum laude), I had to move back to New Delhi five years ago. My father, Rajesh Malhotra, hailing from a small village outside Amritsar, made his fortune in the tractor business in the 1990s. As business expanded, my family moved from Amritsar to New Delhi. I used to be a geeky tall boy until high school, but I filled up to 190 pounds of muscular frame, and 6 feet, with whitish Punjabi complexion of my mother, by the time I got into college.

Being my parent’s only child, I was pampered overwhelmingly. Even in high school, I had a Mercedes to drive around. My father had forced me to have a bodyguard with gun in my second year of high school. Apparently, he didn’t want to take any chances with me, which I couldn’t understand at that point of time. He had got a demand call from some gangster. The Gunner bodyguard, Ramesh, made all the girls weary of me in high school, limiting my dating opportunities. So I had to wait until ‘freshmen Jenny’ in college to release my 8.5” uncircumcised thick cock in its true essence, but that is another story.

“Here is your waffle, Sir!” The cook said. I thanked him, and finished decorating the waffle myself with strawberries. I was relieved to find my table empty on my way back. I wasn’t in the mood for giving a marketing lecture to the group on the latest expensive tractor. It was after all — a ‘purely’ business marketing trip, which I had explained to my 24 year old wife Tanisha in Delhi.

My wife, Tanisha, was 20 when we got married. She is from Amritsar, 5.5 feet, 120 pounds, and an absolute Punjabi firecracker. I, 24 then, had returned from office one evening, and my father simply told me “Get ready in 15 minutes Ankit. We have to go to Rajesh Uncle’s house to see a girl for you”. I had been expecting for a parade of such girls ever since I had returned from America. It was finally commencing. I just wasn’t guessing to get swept over by Tanisha’s beauty in our bahis firmaları first meeting itself. Nonetheless, we had our arranged marriage, and our son, Aditya, arrived within two years.

As I sliced into my waffle, Nadia’s perfume arising from my shoulders occupied my conscience. It had truly been the wildest night of my life. After our encounter with the Russian ‘Galaxy bar’ girls in Pattaya two night ago, Ashish and me just couldn’t go back to the Thai pussy. Nearly spending two hours, and more than 2 thousand baht (about 70-80 USD) getting lap dances in the ‘Moulin Rouge’ night club on the ‘Walking Street’ of Pattaya, we were desperate for some Russian action for the night. Finally, we found a pimp, Sahil, who hooked us up with absolute supermodel type Russian girls for the night in Pattaya. But that is another story.

“Sahil Bro, can you give me the number in Bangkok?” I messaged Sahil at 7 pm, looking at the shiny lights of the skyscraper from my window. Five minutes later, I had the number of ‘Vera’. I called atleast ten times in the next ten minutes, but the number was busy. So I messaged Sahil again — “Dude, that number isn’t working. Can you give me another?”

Ten minutes later I got another number of ‘Irina’, with a call from Sahil -“Ankit, I just spoke to Vera. Her number is working, and she’s my first preference. But you can try Irina’s too. It’s going to be 8000 baht for full night.” Anyways, I called Vera again, but couldn’t get through again.

I tried Irina, and got her ringtone immediately. “Hi Irina, my name is Ankit. I got your number from Sahil in Pattaya.”

“Yes, Yes. Sahil called me. So you want short time. It will be three thousand baht.” Irina told me.

“No. Actually I wanted two girls; One for me, and one for my friend, for whole night.” I spoke.

“I have a great model friend. She is from Ukraine. It will be eight thousand each for full night.” Irina said.

“Ok. But we wanted to go out clubbing and drinking first. Where do you want to meet?” I asked.

“Get to ‘Biosky hotel.’ Then call me from the lobby. I will meet you with my friend at 8:30. Don’t be late.” Irina said.

“Ok.” I hung up.

It was 7:30 pm already. I called Ashish to get ready by 8, and meet me in the hotel lobby. I quickly shaved, showered, and dressed up in Armani jeans and shirt for the clubbing. Then I googled ‘Biosky’ Hotel, and pinched it into the google map app on my HTC One. I stuffed fifteen thousand baht (about USD 500) in my wallet. I removed my diamond rings, gold chain, and passport wallet, and locked them up in the room safe. Learning to be organized was a true asset I had acquired in college. It’s an irony that this asset was being used in immoral activities.

Just as I was about to remove the card key from the hotel room, in walked Nasir, Amir, Saran, and Amit, with their desperate questions. I managed to get rid of them only when Ashish called from the hotel lobby. Ashish, 34 years old, is my tractor distributor from Agra (city of the great Taj Mahal). Even though I am his boss, we have had a great friendship ever since I joined my business. He is 5′ 10” with whitish complexion like mine. He has done his entire education in India, and his English speaking abilities is rather minimalistic. But what he lacks in terms of communication, he makes up for it in his enthusiasm. It is generally true that Indian men are thrifty when spending money, but Ashish is as lavish as me to get what we want.

All communications between Ashish and me happened in Hindi, but I am translating his to English for wide-spread viewership.

I met Ashish right outside the ground level elevators. “Boss, where are we going?” questioned Ashish, trying to keep pace with me walking out of the hotel.

“Right now, we have to get a taxi to ‘Biosky hotel.’ We have to meet the girls in the hotel lobby.” I said.

“Boss, please tell me you managed to get us Russian babes again!” Ashish’s eyes brightened with exciting prospects for the night.

“Yeah, let’s see how things shape up for the night. I will get you laid for sure though. Did you carry enough money for the action? We are going clubbing with the girls after we pick them up.” I queried.

“I am carrying around ten thousand baht. Is it going to be enough?” Ashish asked.

“Yeah, it should be. Don’t worry though; I got you covered like always.” Getting into a taxi, I smiled at the irony of my statement. My business marketing conscience was still driving in a situation like this.

As we arrived near the ‘Biosky’ hotel, which I knew due to the GPS on the phone, I noticed that we were driving into a densely populated Indian area. “Boss, this is the Indira Market. I came here with the group for shopping in the afternoon.” Ashish mentioned.

The taxi driver pulled up outside the hotel at 8:25 pm. The meter said 85, but I gave him a 100, and told him to keep the change. Walking up the stairs towards the lobby, I couldn’t find a reception. As kaçak iddaa we queried around, the valet parking attendant told me that the reception of the hotel is not on the entrance floor. Before I could ask him which floor, my phone rang.

“Hi Ankit, when will you arrive?” said Irina.

“We are already waiting in the hotel lobby on the ground floor,” I said.

“Ok. I will be in the lobby with Veronica in ten minutes,” said Irina, and hung up.

I told Ashish to wait in the lobby for the girls, and call me when they show up. I had to visit the currency exchange counter outside. Then I made my way outside to the medical shop in the corner. A forty-something Thai lady was sitting at the small pharmacy.

“Do you have Viagra 50 mg?” I asked.

“Yes. Do you want the generic one or the original?” The woman replied.

“How much for original version?” I asked again.

“500 baht for one pill; 1600 for the pack of 4” She stated.

“I want only one pill” I said.

“Should I split it in half for you?” the woman queried.

“Yes, please!” handing over the 500 baht note, I was surprised and relieved at the same time. Surprised — because it was so easy to buy original Viagra without any prescription over here; and relieved — because I didn’t have to figure out how to crush the 50 mgs into 25 each. As she took the pill out of the pack, I noticed the original American manufacturer’s label. So I wasn’t conned. Next she placed the pill in some kind of cutter, and put the two portions into a small plastic pouch, and handed it to me. I stuffed the small plastic pouch into my pocket, and made my way back to the hotel, hence commencing my first Viagra purchasing experience. My experimental brain had wanted to try out the magic pill for a long time, but I just couldn’t get around to it.

At 8:45, Irina and Veronica made their way to us. They both looked in their early thirties, and could have passed for a Russian. Irina was sexier of the two, with brown hair tied in a ponytail. Veronica, the alleged model, looked overloaded with red makeup, which didn’t compliment her most redeeming blonde hair. Both looked about 140 pounds each, with atleast 34 C size breast.

I looked at Ashish with my querying eyes, and he said “I want the ponytail girl.”

After the introductions, Irina asked me “So, you want all night with us?”

“Can I talk to you privately please?” I asked Irina.

“No. Say what you want here only!” Irina said.

“Ok. My friend is ok with you, but I don’t like your friend so much. Do you have another friend?” I didn’t want to waste my last night in Bangkok with Veronica.

“Get the fuck out you bastard! Who the hell do you think you are!” screamed Veronica.

We made our way out of the hotel rather quickly. Atleast ten different people must have noticed Veronica screaming at us. Not that we knew anyone to get conscious or ashamed. But we needed a new plan of action for the night; the action still rotated around banging some Russian pussy.

I called up Sahil again. “Sahil bro, Irina was not a Russian girl; she was a Russian auntie. First you give me girls in Pattaya which make my jaw drop, and then you send me this recycled junk.”

“Ankit, I asked you to call Vera first. Anyways, I will get Vera to call you in five minutes. Just hold on” Sahil said calmly.

Three minutes later, Vera called, “Hi Ankit, this is Vera. I got the call from Sahil to give you a special night.”

“Thanks Vera. I wanted two girls actually — one for me, and one for my friend. Do you have another one?” I asked.

“Yes. I will show you their pictures when we meet, and then you can decide who you want. Where are you?” Vera asked.

“We are outside the ‘Biosky’ hotel. How much time will you take to get here?” I asked.

“I should be there in fifteen minutes. Just meet me near the valet parking spot.” Vera said and hung up the phone.

As I and Ashish enjoyed smoking the Marlboro Reds, our heart would stop to look at every single foreigner girl getting out of a taxi outside the hotel. We contemplated and laughed at guessing if they are open or closed for business. Twenty minutes later, Vera called, and asked us to get inside a Toyota SUV parked on the other side of the road. As we made our way across the street, I noticed Vera sitting in the back, with a Thai driver in the front. Ashish quickly got in the back with her, while I had to take the front seat with the driver.

Vera appeared around 28 year old, traditional Russian small white face, with proper blonde hair. She must be 5 feet 6 inches, 130 pounds, and she wore jeans with a sleeve-rolled red shirt. She oozed sexuality with her brown eyes and wholesome 35+ inches boobs, and Ashish was already mingling his finger in her blonde hair. Her confidence of carrying herself indicated her extensive experience in the prostitution arena, which was not so appealing to me. In turn, I was glad that Ashish took to her.

Flipping through her phone, kaçak bahis she showed me four pictures of different girls, mostly twenty-five to thirty years old, to choose from. They all seemed doable for a night, but I wasn’t settling on mediocrity.

“I can take turns doing both of you” Vera offered.

“No. I can’t do that. Anyways, I wanted to go dancing and drinking first” I wasn’t going to share my bed or girl for the night with another man.

“Ok. How about we go to a bar with Russian babes? You can choose any girl you like, and I will hook her up for you” Vera suggested.

I looked at my watch; it was still 9:15 pm. The night was just starting, so it could be worth a try. If the bar didn’t work out, we could still get hold of her phone friends. “Ok. How far is it?”

“It’s called ‘Bossy.’ It’s just about ten minutes from here” Vera said in deep Russian accent.

Pointing at the driver, I asked “And how much will this taxi cost?”

“Oh. This is ‘Jack,’ and the car is free to drive us around, as long as you have me” Vera said.

As the SUV made its way into sticky Bangkok traffic, I couldn’t help relating its pace to the evening LA freeway. Not wanting to spoil my mood lingering more on that thought, I tried to small talk with Vera.

“So Vera, are you from Moscow?” I asked.

“No, I’m from Ukraine.” Vera said, opening the top button on her shirt. Ashish had been trying to fondle with her breasts. I think she didn’t want her top button to break from his rough fingers.

“Oh, that’s great. I would like to go there someday. If you don’t mind, how old are you?” I tried to push my luck. It’s always a dicey question to put up to a girl. Anyways, what is said is said; can’t take it back now.

“I’m 24. How old are you?” She probably lied.

“I’m 26, and Ashish here is 28” I lied too, though we would have passed for that age.

“Are you guys from India or Pakistan?” Vera asked.

“Ashish lives in Bombay; I live in New York. But we are both Indians by birth. My friend with you is kind of weak at English, I hope you don’t mind” I lied again. I wasn’t going to reveal my identity or life to this girl.

“No, it is ok. I can manage a bit in Hindi too” Vera said, following up with a list of Hindi words, mostly common abuses. She definitely must have had a lot of Indian customers. Ashish chuckled hearing Russian accentuated version of ‘mother-fucker,’ ‘sister-fucker,’ ‘asshole,’ and ‘dirty whore’ in Hindi.

The SUV pulled right outside the club/bar ‘Bossy.’ Three club attendants immediately opened out doors for us. Vera took the lead towards the club door, and we silently followed. There were four scantily clad Thai bar girls outside with drinks, checking us out with the Russian babe ahead. There were five Indian men, probably customers, arguing between themselves in one corner. At the club door, a big African bouncer kissed Vera’s cheeks, and stamped our wrists with club name and date. “The entry is free, but each of you have to atleast purchase a drink when you are inside” the bouncer told us.

As soon as I stepped inside the club, blaring Bollywood music filled my bones. The club was not properly lighted, but enough for us to not step over someone on our way to a table. Straight in the front was a decent sized bar. On one side of the bar, there was an elevated dance floor, atleast four feet high, with three dance poles. The dance floor was surrounded by several tall wooden tables, with tall bar stools. These tables were filled by mostly non-Thai girls, and plenty of Indian men having drinks and smoke. Everyone was swirling around to the Bollywood music, and watching the naked display of the strippers on show. On the other side of the bar were several lounging couches facing the dance floor; all occupied by Indian Uncles leering at the naked display on the dance floor.

As soon as a Thai girl attendant got us settled into a table with high bar stool, she enquired what drink we would want. Ashish asked for scotch with soda, Vera asked for a beer, and I simply asked for orange juice ‘No alcohol.’

“Why don’t you have a beer?” Vera asked.

“I don’t handle alcohol well. You don’t want me to make a scene at the club later” I lied again enough though I could handle five-six drinks easily. Back in college I had chugged half a bottle of Absolute Vodka straight up at a party. My research had dictated me to never have alcohol if you plan to use Viagra — it surely dilutes the desired effect. I just wanted to fuck the hell out of a girl tonight. Within a couple of minutes our drinks arrived, with a 900 baht (about 15 USD) bill slip. I paid the waitress a thousand, and told her to keep the change.

“No lady drink for me?” the waitress slipped into my side, and kissed me on the cheeks.

I hadn’t focused on the petite, probably 20 years old, Thai girl with expectant flirting eyes. I knew it was just a scam to extract more money from the reluctant customer, but I wanted to show Vera that I am unlike most thrifty Indian men. If she showed me a good time, she could be making much more than the agreed eight thousand for the night. “Yeah sure, have whatever you want!” and I slipped another thousand at her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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