Sexual Roulette Ch. 09

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Missy awoke to the sound of her cell phone as she struggled to free herself from the press of the hulking Latino and chocolate gods surrounding her. As she freed herself and reached her purse, she saw the number on the display and debated for a moment whether she should answer it. After all, it was her personal policy to never talk to snakes due to what the one in the garden did to Eve.

“Hello,” she answered already regretful.

“Missy, are you ok?” It was George all right. The same George she witnessed receiving the French blowjob from the night before was on the phone sounding concerned about her. That was proving to be interesting.

“I’m ok. I’m over Frank’s house. Seemed like I was an uninvited guest last night, so I left.” The words left her mouth before she had the chance to stop them. She wasn’t sure how bitter she still was over being betrayed. She was still angry over everything. From the way that mess started to the way he received his illegitimate kid’s mother’s blowjob the previous night all seemed to culminate into that one shot.

“I’m sorry, Melissa. I didn’t mean to hurt you at all. I didn’t mean to keep the secrets I kept. Can we talk about this at some neutral location like your apartment or something?” The mere mention of her apartment put everything in perspective for a moment. She thought for a moment before answering.

“How about you meet me at the park near the playground? Give me about an hour so I can change and shower. It better be good, George. I am extremely pissed at you right now and I am not in the mood for your smooth talking bull shit.” She hit the button hard after she responded before looking at Frank and Antonio on the bed. She leaned over both of them and kissed them both on the cheek before she grabbed her purse and walked out of their apartment.

When she arrived downstairs, she was surprised to see an antique car in front and Dan there to meet her with a big grin on bahis firmaları his face. As she slowly entered into the relic, he started to turn down the Red Hot Chili Peppers so they could talk. As they drove to her apartment, Dan asked about what happened and what was up for later that night. Missy began to tell him a little before she told him there would still be a get together no matter what. She kissed him full on his lips and slowly rubbed his crotch a bit before she swiftly exited the car and headed to her apartment.

Once there, she removed her dress and immediately went to the shower. The warm water felt good after all the escapades she went through the day before. As the cascading water ran down her breasts, she reached up and began to rub them softly, imagining the teeth of Roger on them like during their second experience. Slowly her hand reached down and began to rub her shaven area softly and felt how extra sensitive it was after Frank’s fucking from the night before. In her mind, she could still imagine the fun the five of them would have that night as Roger, Frank, Dan and Antonio would be there to ravish her. Yet as her pussy clenched on her fingers as she slid them forcefully inside her, she could not see George in her vision. Then a nasty thought crossed her mind that changed everything.

She grabbed a t-shirt and a pair of tight jeans to slide into as she dressed. She simply took her blond hair and tied it into a ponytail as she grabbed a blue baseball cap. A pair of athletic socks and white tennis shoes completed her outfit as she ran out the door. She made it downstairs in time to see Dan still waiting for her. She looked at him unbelievably as she again slid into the car.

“So you waited for me, huh?” she asked him as he smiled at her.

“Well, yeah. George wanted to make sure you met him.” She thought to herself that George was trying to be slick again. But it did beat trying to hail a cab kaçak iddaa as they reached the park. Again, she kissed Dan full on the lips and even slipped a little tongue. It was five minutes later when Missy finally exited the car and promised Dan she would catch him later. She then turned to ensure Dan drove away before heading to where George was.

As agreed, George was near the playground. He wore a tank top and his signature pair of khaki shorts. When he saw Missy approach, he stayed put unsure of he reaction. She sat down quietly next to him and smelled his cologne. Although the normal scent was on him, she also smelled the fruity scent of French perfume as well. She deduced that either they were together that morning or that he never showered from the night before. Missy cleared her throat.

“So why did you call me? I figured after she blew you last night that she fucked you silly and you forgot all about me.” She looked to see the shot took its mark. Part of her felt guilty for taking the shot, but Missy was never a quiet person to begin with.

“You have every right to be angry,” George started. “I never told you about Marie or the baby because I wasn’t sure what you would do. Marie and I hooked up while I was on contract in France. Her dad sued me to stay away from her. He’s a member of the French government although he is only an advisor to one of the leading officials there. An American screwing his daughter would have been a national disaster and we tried to keep it hidden. I moved Marie over here so I could prove I could be a good father to at least get partial custody. This was all in play before a few weeks ago….”

“When I got drunk and had four of your friends and you fuck me on that damn table,” she finished. George bowed his head. “So where do we go from here, George? We have your four buddies coming by your place tonight to fuck me silly and your French pastry is gonna be there to I imagine. “

“You kaçak bahis don’t have to go tonight. I’ll call the guys, let them know I fucked up and apologize for it. That way you never have to deal with me again.” The idea sounded tempting to Missy. She could keep seeing Frank or Antonio as much as she wanted, but would not get to do anything with Dan or Roger. In her mind, the decision was already made.

“Nope. The show must go on. So will she be there?” Missy asked. George looked at her.

“Well, she could but I don’t want any shit between you two. She is innocent. I am the one who fucked up. You are not gonna scratch her eyes out, are you?”

Missy smiled. “No, I think she should join in sort of. But you will have to wait until tonight to see how. Agreed?”

George smiled and nodded his head. Missy then gave him a peck on the cheek and walked off, shaking her ass slightly to taunt him. As she headed to the edge of the park, she began to piece together a plan. She opened her cell phone and called Roger.

“Roger, are you busy?”

“No. I’m home by myself. The wife took a trip to her mother’s this weekend. Why?”

“Meet me at the park near McDonald’s. I need you.” She closed her phone and waited. Ten minutes later, Roger appeared and picked her up. They drove to George’s house where Missy went in and grabbed some of her stuff while Roger watched. Before they left, Missy pushed Roger onto the bed and undid his pants to expose his cock.

“I want to get you a quick thank you gift before tonight,” she purred before burying his cock deep down her throat. As she sucked as hard as she could, she began to stroke his dick with one of her hands while looking deep in his eyes. As is the usual case, Roger began to climax almost immediately. Missy swallowed as much down her throat as she could before rising up and zipping his pants back. Roger lay on the bed for a while before he rose up.

“Oh, make sure that you do not jack off at all before tonight. I have a really special treat for you and the guys,” she said as she winked at him and ran out the door. She had to get to the Adult novelty shop soon before the party starts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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