Sexual Adventures of a Young man – 8 Anal with Maanvi on Terrace

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The story is by one of my friend Montu Kumar starts around the year-2011-12, around 7-8 years back from the present time. He become friend with me during a fashion show in Delhi.. Where he was the Event Planner for the comapny which has organised this fashion show.. He has narrated his story to me during our several meetings. This is a story about how he become a Sugar Daddy of Two families

Maanvi started to give him food as he got stomach upset due to outside food for long and on one fine morning when she went there to give him morning Coffee on seeing his erect 9 Inch cock while he was asleep and she was lured into sucking it and then while bathing she fell in bathroom and Montu Kumar treated and helped her and then fucked her.

They were facing problems to find a safe and secluded place for regular fucking afterwards so one day he fucked her in the Garden at a lonely place and then on a friday night they decided to go to Terrace and fuck all night.

In the last part 7 you read

“Maanvi Kissed him and said to him – Please Kaka, Fuck me. Do not leave in the middle. Ok you first Fuck my pussy in doggy style then we will see what we can do.

He then rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her hips and moved behind her to take her doggy style. She understood immediately, and opened herself for Montu Kumar and He entered her without difficulty. He loved fucking doggy style; it gives him access to a deep penetration and he can watch her little sphincter twitch as he thrust in and out, and of course, he can fondle her ass and tits as he pump her. She held her hips tight and soon felt her body rise again, and thrust as deeply as he could to empty him self completely. He collapsed on the bed and this time, She was spent.”


Now Further

After some time Maanvi pulled out the cock took the cock in her hands and started rubbing her smooth pussy with his cock she was feeling such immense pleasure by doing this that her eyes were half closed.

Her pussy juices mixed with his semen had leaked outside pussy, which was starting to provide smoothness to the cock . He started losing control.He had come in a slight agitation to push himself f back. But She, putting this joy to a halt here, laid him on the bed, pushing him backwards and she herself bent over his cock. she kissed on the forehead of cock, she said – Say my dear… How did you like your friend! By her touch the cock has already regained its full size and errection.

He too gathered his strength and jerked the cock and told her Thanks for the juicy kiss. Maanavi did not say a word but then Maanvi, with fun, laughed and started kissing the cocks… repeatedly. This made him tickle and shiver with fun and joy.

After she had pity on him and his penis, she filled the cock in her mouth. Maanvi had sucked his cock before but this time her style was even more unique.

His sexual urge also increased, so He pulled Maanvi’s feet on him. It did not take long for Maanvi to understand the gesture. She put her feet on both sides of his face and put her beautiful, breathing pussy like a blooming flower on his mouth. he also pushed his finger in the pussy for the purpose of giving her different pleasure this time and started licking from pussy to ass.

The vibrations thus generated in her body was telling the extent of her pleasure and enjoyment she was experiencing. And to be honest, his one intention was hidden behind his actions.

The muscular ass of Maanvi was attracting him from the beginning. when he took his tongue for a tour of her ass, then perhaps Maanvi too had got a confirmation of his intents for which she had got a hint after seeing that Oil bottle . But he thought it appropriate to focus on the main event and the chief guest. ir her juicy Pussy

than he started moving the tongue on Maanvi’s pussy and gave two to four smooth slaps on her smooth ass. Simultaneously, putting two fingers in the pussy, he tried his best to increase her lust .

The sucking of cock by Maanvi was also becoming more fierce. She was holding his feet and pressing the cocks completely towards the mouth. And the cock was hitting her throat. His Cock was not coming in her mouth due to it being too big. But she tried her best to take it fully in her mouth and gagged a few times. And skills of Maanvi in sucking was amazing .

Now both of them wanted to fuck, He removed Maanvi from above him and made her lay on the blanket. Maanvi was following his instructions completely. He held both the feet of Maanvi in the air and held them in his hands and kept leaning towards Maanvi’s face. He left the task of setting the cock in the pussy to her.

Maanvi set his thick long, sticky cock in her pussy hole. The pussy had already become smooth and sticky after shedding her puicy juices, so when she kept the forehead of cock at the mouth of the pussy, the pussy opened its mouth and welcomed him .

He did not put his entire cock inside her with a strong lunge, but He only put forehead of his cock in the pussy for a while, due to which Maanvi yearned and arose her buttocks to take it inside fully.

The sound of ‘ … ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. ’came out of her mouth automatically and she started trying to bounce her back to engulf the cock but He continued to tease her..

Till now his urge to fuck her also peaked, so he put the full length of his cock in the root of the pussy at the same time and while doing this, he pressed the feet of Maanvi in the air towards her face, which made the cocks to come out even more. She again tried to raise her hips upward to take it inside. So this time he pushed it inside her..

After taking full long cock inside her, Maanvi groaned with pleasure and pain… and then I started to fuck hermy slowly moving my hips backward and forward . Maanvi had herself held her breasts in her hands and She was also playing with her own nipples.

After getting the feel soft and velvet like pussy of Maanvi, the movement of cocks also became fast and in this madness, he created a ruckus.

He started fucking with sharp bumps… also had sensual sounds coming out of his mouth with ach forward lunge.

As two experienced bodies continued to quench thirst, the thirst increased further.

The fucking was giving them extreme thrill, he used to pull the cocks up to the mouth of the pussy first, then push it inside the pussy at the same speed. At that time, every push was drenching both of them with happiness and pleasure..

All the words like sensuality, sexuality, lust had gone beyond their limits… miles away.

‘Ahh uuhhh… Eeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Fuck me Fuck … Yes .. ’Many such words were adorning the mouth of Maanvi.

He was also encouraging Maanvi by patting her thighs on with each stroke and was increasing the speed of fuck. Their eyes had turned red with lust.

Soon they had no control over anything. Both of them had climaxed once, so this time nobody wanted to end the fucking session and it continued for more than 20-25 minutes .

Now he was tiring and breathing very heavily So he started leaning more towards Maanvi, due to which Maanvi started to feel more of cock inside her amd also his weight upon her.

Maanvi was crying ‘Fuck Me Hard… harder hard Fuck Harder faster ..’ in English.

Saying ‘Oooh aah you are the best fucker of the world’, she started to shiver and climaxed and her pussy was once again filled with her juices. Montu Continued to fuck her.

Now the sound of Fach Fach Kach Khach Khach started coming from the pussy. He continued fucking even after her climax.

Maanvi enjoyed it and supported him for about five minutes after the climax… After that she started praying like ‘Leave me … Have mercy … Just do it .. Please come ‘

Her gaziemir escort words were making him more excited and he was furiously fucking her.

Soon his body also started getting stiff. His tongue started to falter. The feet started shivering. And he pulled the cocks out just before the climax and he shot his semen on her body so his squirt’s reached her pussy, her face through the valley of her breasts

After some time when he regained his breath he again kissed her and caressed her anus. This time his request was accepted but with a condition that If Maanvi could not bear the pain he will stop. And will not go ahead with anal sex, for which Montu Kumar said he will do it very slowly and will try to do it with minimum pain. Maanvi said she will bear some little pain but if that will become unbearable then they will stop. To which Montu kumar also agreed saying I want to give you pleasure not pain pain Maanvi Bhabhi. I want you to enjoy it.

Maanvi finally gave up his bottle of oil..

Maanvi said to turn around in front of him – You want to fuck me anally my virgin ass, Ok Do it Now happy?

He was very happy and took the bottle.

He lifted up and poured oil on my her anus and started smoothing it with a finger rinsed in Oil and he repeated poured a lot of oil in her anus.

Initially, he fingered her anus from outside and greased it with a lot of oil when he tried to insert it there was a bit of pain felt by Maanvi. but slowly slowly he kept on working on her anus and applying pressure of his finger and then he slowly inserted his finger millimeter by milimeter. And then when his one finger was inside her Anus he inserted slowly his second finger. When both his figrers went inside he poured some more Oil on the fingers and her anus and then started moving them forward and backward.. thus fingerfucking her anus

He kept on asking her are you enjoying her.. and in reply she Moaned or cried Yes yess please ohh aah .. Which were signals to him to keep on moving. . and he also smoothed his cock and came in the position of fucking.

Maanvi said – Easy!

He did it with lot of patience love and care. Kissing and fondling and caressing her in between and making her comfortable after movement. And kept on slowly working on her virgin Anus and preapred her for Anal fucking. He kept on asking her are you enjoying it.. Do you want me to stop. Maanvi also braved the pain and discomfort to give pleasure to her lover. And to make good his wishes.

And she was ready to take his cock on her ass hole.

He asked – should I get in?

So Maanvi said- Hmm.

He held his cock on her anus and pushed a little but his cock did not penetrate the anus despite the smoothness and force applied by him. He again apllied a lot of Oil on the cock and the anus.

Then he grabbed her waist and then slowly started pushing. So due to the smoothness, the red head of his cock got stuck in her ass.

And she cried in mild pain Scyee… Ooo….

He said – please wait pain will be gone soon and then you will enjoy it .

And slowly, he withdrew his erect and hard Oiled cock from her ass slightly . And entered into her anus with a big lunge and stuck One inch of his cock into her Anus. . Then Maanvi’s again sighed… AAAh with pain and pleasure. Scy… He put his hands on her pussy and started to tickle her clit.. he said please take it and made another thrust forward . Maanvi moved forward due to force of his thrust.

Maanvi looked back and nodded yes, take it now.

He initially pulled out slowly and started moving forward in. And started banging inward slowly .Maanvi Virgin Anal Rings and muscles were opening. He told her to relax and apply pressure on her anus to outside as if she is doing potty. This will make the anal rings to open and the cock will also move ahead. He said when I say three (3) you try to loosen your anal rings and I will push forward. Ten He said one two three and maanvi try to loosen but it did not happen. They Practised it a few times and then they were able to do together nad the cock moved further as the rings opened due to continuous joint effort of both of them together.

Then slowly his kept on pushing and the whole 9 inch of his cock went inside her Anus. Then he stopped and kissed her back. And then she turned her face backward and then they lip kissed.. It was a very tight Anus. The Anal Rings held a strong grip on the cock .

Montu Kumar enjoyed the tightness . he poured in more oil on the cock and Anus . and then started to slowly nove the cock One inc Backward One inch forward. Slowly he increased the length withdrawn and pushed forward again.. He slowly increased the speed and with the sound of the pinch… the pinch… began to fuck.

He himself was speaking- Ahhh… Ahhh… Ahhh… Human. Ahh… Thanks Maanvi… Ahhh.

Maanvi also started moving back and forth with her vigorous bumps and started crying loudly.

Like this, he kept banging for 6-7 minutes continuously. And then immediately removed the cock from her anus . She Said why did you stop. Why did you withdraw.. He said You cried loudly I thought It was the Pain .. She said No please continue It in the anus .. It was such a pleasure.. again he slowly entered into her anus .. but this time it needed lesser effort as Nuus muscles and ring had been loosened and soon he started Fucking her anally.


Maanvi was now enjoying herself – Ahh… Montu Kumar. Ah… and faster and faster… and faster Montu Kumar. Fuck Me … Coming. Fuck me Don’t stop keep going … Ah… Montu Kumar. I love You .. Montu

Montu Kumar was also speaking- Ahhh… Ahhh… Maanvi… Ahhhh. To fuck you… Ahhh… Ahhh… human… Ahhhh.

Now They both kept doing full speed fucking for 5-6 minutes. And then they even got close to their climax. Mannvi kept on massaging her clit . In the entire body of Maanvi, there was joy. Maanvi shouted like crazy – and fast… Ahhh… Montu Kumar and faster and faster.

Montu Kumar was about to come

And in a short time the current ran in Maanvi’s entire body. Both started crying loudly with pleasure….

Montu Kumar kept fucking while falling down. And then she too fell while spitting her hot hot cum into her pussy while finger fucking herself.

Both of them had fallen together and fell on top of the blanket and gasped loudly.

After fucking her anally which took almost 2 hours, Maanvi told Montu kumar she liked it very much. And Montu Kumar said he liked her tight Anal hole. Maanvi Said she wanted him to fuck her pussy one more time. So Montu said your wish is my command and then they fucked again.

After vigourous fucking once more. They cuddled and kept on kissing and did not know when they went into sleep.

their eyes had opened in the Dawn and sun was due to rise in the morning.

Then Maanvi came to her senses and saw that Maanvi and Montu Kumar are lying in a naked state under the open roof on the open . Maanvi shaked him – Montu Kumar, Kaka Please wake up, look it is morning. please.

Montu Kumar also got up and was shocked.

Maanvi went to the water tank on the roof opened a tap there and cleaned herself.

So Montu Kumar said – Why are you afraid? Look far away, it is just Pre Dawn. There is no building nearby so high that anyone can see us. We will get out of that gate. There is no one there.

Then he said – Maanvi, Lets fuck one more time Maanvi said – You are crazy ! Please Watch time !

He said- Today is Sunday, no one will get up early. Come, let’s do it quickly.

Maanvi agreed to the Idea

They both fell into each other’s arms again. And did a very fast, very quick round of sex once again until they both cum.

Then they just cleaned and got dressed.

Montu Kumar ensured that the road was clear.

And they came down secretly and immediately broke away to their respective rooms.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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