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After a long enjoyable evening, I decide that it’s best to go home alone and satisfy my own needs burning inside of me. As I say goodnight you grab me from behind and kiss my neck softly, and then lick my earlobe. With your warm breathe you whisper and say, “you smell delicious, let me taste you.” With those words, my pussy got a chill, and immediately I felt my juices flowing. I didn’t want to go out like that on a first date, but my body was calling for some of what you had. We enter into the house and your body is still clinching my body from behind. We walk upstairs to my room. I have a summer dress on, the kind that gives me chills when the wind blows just the right way…feels like fingertips on my thighs.

I lay on top of you and start to kiss your ear and I feel you get erect. Because of the friction between us, my dress starts to rise exposing my thigh. You turn me over slowly on my back and start to kiss my neck, you kiss from my neck to my shoulder, and as you slide down the strap to my dress you go from my shoulder to my breast, then my nipple. It is hard and I can’t help but watch you lick the tip, flickering your tongue back and forth over my nipple. The other breast calls for attention so you then take both in your hands and suck on them both, swinging your wet tongue back and forth like a swing. I moan and with that you stop.

You rub the back of my legs, my knees and calves. You then put my ass in the air, and walk your fingers up the small of my back while my dress is still on. You lean down and kiss my ass, and part it just a bit and lick the sides slowly. I raise my ass up bahis firmaları higher so my clit can grace your tongue perfectly. You lay me back down flat and spread my legs. By rubbing the inside of my thighs and kissing my neck, you can feel the heat from in between my legs. I want you to go down and taste me, lick me, feel my clit harden with every touch of your wet tongue.

You go down and blow gently while kissing my inner thigh to keep it from exploding. You and I both know its wet, but your teasing me, you don’t want to check how wet my pussy is, not just yet. Your hands travel under my dress and my back. My nipples are so hard and too obvious to ignore through my dress. So you slide the other strap of the dress off, and then my titties just drop a slight bit. They harden even more. You rub your hands over them and ask “Can I taste it?” My pussy is dripping wanting to be kissed. Instead you fold my dress so that my ass is fully exposed. You slide off the thongs that are soaked with my juices…. “mmmmmmmmm” You kiss the top of my ass cheeks and with your hand you part it just a bit. Softly and gently you lick down the cracks and I can’t help but let my clit graze your tongue again, I want you to eat my now! My moan tells you that I can’t take it anymore, so you start to eat my pussy from the back. I’m trying to take off my dress but you won’t let me, you say “baby in time it will come off, patience.” You’re eating my pussy from the back and I just can’t take it anymore, I wanna eat too, I wanna taste you.

So I push you to stand up and get on my knees. I take your dick and stroke it ever kaçak iddaa so softly, and then yes…I lick it with my wet tongue. I made sure my whole mouth was wet and juicy just as my pussy would be and that’s when I sucked all of you. Back and forth and back and forth goes my wet lips and tongue.

ou moan with words “aaahhh baby don’t make me cum, aaah not yet, not yet.” With every stroke of my tongue you repeated for me to slow down, or any moment you were going to bust a nutt. I taste your pre cum and I want to swallow it all. “Cum for me baby, cum in my mouth…” I say. You say “oh baby, not yet…sit on my face.” Fuck yeah!

I strip, the dress comes off. With my juices dripping from my hot pussy, I sit on your face and your eating my pussy like it was the last time you would. You sucked all of it dry and that’s when I got the chill…the chill caused my eyes to water, the chill wanted me to feel you inside of me….I had to have all of you. I stand up and I slowly let my pussy lips touch your dick. With the lips of my pussy touching the head of your dick, there were double moans. I never let you know when I am going to give you all of me, I just rub it back and forth.

Finally you grab my ass and put your entire dick in my pussy. You and I moan once again together, we found a new rhythm, you get so into it. You look into my eyes and say “kiss me baby, I want your those sexy lips.” We kiss for the first time the whole night and it felt like magic. It made me even hornier than ever, it was so sensual and sexy. You and I are still meeting at full force in perfect unison. You lay me flat and lay on kaçak bahis top of me, my ride is done. You kiss my neck and hold my face in your hands giving me deep wet French kisses. You look into my eyes and see that tears have run down my face. You whisper “it’s okay, I’m not going anywhere.” I give you an embrace that basically echoes your statement. Your pumping your dick back and forth inside of me and each pump gives you the sound of ecstasy. For some strange reason our eyes are focused on each other. Almost like we’re challenging one another with our bodies. Then the stare becomes that of partners working toward the same goal – pleasing the other.

You gently bite your bottom lip and I know that you are just around the corner from cumming. I pull you closer and press you up against my breasts while we are both panting. Moans turn into pants, pants turn into moans…the feeling is coming and my nails go into your back and it’s almost that time. I kiss you deeply like were’ soul mates and you kiss me back. You take my hands and grip them tightly and with that my clit starts to tingle. I am about to cum and by the sound of your voice so are you. Our bodies are moving in the same motion, and my heart is beating faster. Your legs stiffen and you begin to shake. “I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming.”

I can feel your warm explosion inside of me and at that moment my body bursts its juices onto your dick. We are still moving faster and faster. Neither wants this feeling to end, we reached our peak. I’m exhausted and so are you, you lay back and can’t sit up. You lay me on top of you and kiss me and we are both in tears. You hold me tight, kiss my forehead and my lips to tell me it’s okay. Your eyes say for me to get some rest, as you nod off. We hold each other tightly and fall asleep in one another’s arms. Love Has Begun.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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