Sex with My Sister-in-law Ch. 01

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For those who read my “Sex With My Sister-in-law Samantha” know that I had a seven year affair with Sam.

This story is not about my past stories. It’s about something more important than that. It is about having hot sex with your hot sister-in-law. Who are you kidding? You know you want your sister-in-law just as much as I wanted my sister-in-law. You wouldn’t be sitting here reading this story if you weren’t hopeful I was writing a story that the title promised, sex with my sister-in-law.

The relationship that I had with my sister-in-law Samantha that I wrote about in my stories, Sex With My Sister-in-law Samantha was outrageous. When she moved away, never will I experience another forbidden relationship with anyone else in the family. Okay, there was the true story with my cousin, called “Kissing Cousin” and available here at Literotica, so many years ago and there are all of those episodes with my mother-in-law, called “Flashing Mother-in-law” here on Literotica that finally led to some very hot sex with her portrayed in my story, “Escalator Stripped My Mother-in-law Naked,” but Samantha was not my only sister-in-law. I had more than one sister-in-law. I have three sister-in-laws, my wife’s sister, her brother’s wife, and my brother’s wife. This story is about, Angela, the wife of my brother

I’ve already posted a story on Literotica aptly named, My Sister-in-law Angela’s Big Tits. For those of you, who have not read it, go read fake angels porno it and I’ll wait here until you return. Let me know when you are ready and I’ll continue writing. And don’t jerk off until you read this story because I promise you that this sequence of stories about my sister-in-law Angela will be way hotter than that tepid story of her topless in the pool.

I was a lot older than Angela. She was 19 when I first met her and I was 27. She was bubbly, sweet, and very pretty. Only, she was a little bit dumb. God doesn’t give you everything. She had a pretty face, but boy did she have a killer body.

At most, Angela was 5’2″ tall. She was as short as Samantha was tall. My sister-in-law Sam had perfect A cup tits and Angela had D or double D cup tits. Whichever they were D or double D, they were huge, especially on her tiny frame.

Why is it that short women have huge tits and tall women have small tits, not always, but more likely than not. Is it because some of their height is carried in their tits? Conversely, had the taller women not been as stretched as tall, would they have had bigger tits, too? No matter, I was just making an observation and wondering about it in my normal perverted way. There’s a story there somewhere.

I think that Angela knew that Samantha and I were fooling around, which would explain her odd behavior towards me. She was always teasing me, a cock teaser, but would get fake cop porno insulted if I tried to take our brother-in-law/sister-in-law relationship a step further into the area of taboo. She was my brother’s wife and my brother didn’t care what the Hell I did, he was too busy working, watching football, and drinking beer.

Angela had the sweetest ass with round shapely buns. She looked perfect in a tight pair of jeans, but I loved her more when she wore her mini-skirts. Whenever she wore her mini-skirts, I was always rewarded with a nice upskirt view of her camel toed bikini panties. She seemed oblivious to the fact that I could see her panty, but maybe she knew that I could? Who knows? Besides it was so long ago, that I’m only left with a warm, fuzzy memory of her fabulous body. Nonetheless, this is a story about some of the teasing games we played during the years we were together.

When Angela wasn’t showing me her panties, she was showing me her cleavage and she had plenty of it to show. She had the type of cleavage that would make my lips move in an oval sucking movement like the way goldfish do when they know you are about to feed them. She had the type of cleavage that women would kill to have or be pleased to pay a plastic surgeon ten grand to get. She had the type of cleavage that inspired writers like me to write about her cleavage. That’s right and that’s what I’m talking about, she had Loni Anderson cleavage.

Angela fake hospital porno would get me so aroused that I decided to turn the tables on her. My brother confessed to me that he had been unable to get it up, probably due to the excess alcohol he drank the stress he had with his work. He owned a restaurant, tavern hangout place and he was always there hanging out. I figured he was having sex with women on the side because much like modest me, he was a good looking guy. Only he was a couple years older than me. I’m the one who should have married Angela and not him. I would have appreciated her more. She was one in a million.

Anyway, knowing that Angela was probably a bit sexually frustrated, I started exposing my cock to her, whenever I had the chance hoping that she would take the bait and act on it. At the time, I was 35-years-old and she was 27-years-old. My brother and I bought houses in the same neighborhood not far from one another and Angela was always over the house. My wife was working the second shift or out with her sister. We didn’t have much of a relationship either. I think I would have had more of a relationship with my wife had she been my sister-in-law and had Angela been my wife. That’s weird how that works, isn’t it?

Whenever I knew Angela was coming over, I’d put on my bathrobe and pretend that I was about to take a shower or had just taken a shower. I knew that she’d be sitting across from me in her mini-skirt and showing me her panty clad pussy while having her coffee and I’d be sitting across from her sitting much like all guys sit and showing her my cock, without being obvious about it, of course. Accidental flashing on purpose is always the best kind.

To be continued…

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