Sex Slaves/Pets: Rules, Regulations, And A Couple Short Stories

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~MUST BE VERY SUBMISSIVE. By that I mean a slave must do exactly as they’re told. They are not in charge, they are owned and should act as such.
~MUST HAVE CAMERAPHONE. The purpose of a slave is for them to pleasure their master/mistress. They are to take pictures when&where-ever they are told to, of whatever they are told to.
~MUST ADDRESS THEIR OWNER CORRECTLY. As a female owner, I am to be called Miss, Mistress, Ma’am, Madam, or even Master. MUST BE CREATIVE! This one can be debateable. I prefer a creative slave, so I can say “I want 10 creative pictures” and they will comply. I only do that request occasionally.
~MUST BE POLITE. Please, thank you, yes mistress, etc. I will not have a rude pet.
~MUST HAVE RELATIVELY GOOD GRAMMAR. I do not like people “who tlk lyke dis, err us3 numb3rz N l3tt3r$ 2 r3epl@c3 $tuff”

I’ve only had guy slaves, and i’ve had them: cut and burn their dick– tie up their balls separately– take pix of themselves in public bathrooms– take videos of them jacking off– made them buy panties/studded collars to wear in pix/vids– put things in their butt– and more. a slave must set their boundries prior to beginning their slaveship, because once we’ve begun, they aren’t allowed to disobey

-Age. A pet cannot be under 15 or over 25. I’m not into babies or older men/women.
-Weight. A pet cannot be overweight. There is no attraction there for me. A pet must be skinny or ‘fit’.
-Race. I am not racist, but am not sexually attracted to dark-skinned people. I prefer pale males/females.
-Body Modification. I am alright with breast implants, but not reduction. Tattooes and piercings can make or break your pet potential, depending on where/what they are.
-Body Hair. It’s not allowed. Body hair disgusts me.
*Males Only: Cock size is not very important.
*Females Only: Innocence is sexier than attempting to look sexy.

I’ve had only a few pets that fit in with all my rules and regulations.

One, a sweet older guy (I was 15 at the time, but he didn’t know this), broke under the pressure. I don’t what pressure he meant, because he seemed to be following all of the rules, and happily if I might add. He wore panties, bought a dog collar, everything. He always covered his face in pictures, because he was nervous about the photos being leaked on the internet. We ended on a bad note…

Another pet I had when I was 15 was very cute. He wasn’t into all of the rules, but I let it slide because he was my type in real life, despite being states away. I never showed him what I looked like until near the end, when I decided he had earned it. He ‘fell in love’ with me, and didn’t want to be ‘just a pet’ anymore. He wanted to be with me, forever, and I just couldn’t have it. That ended on a bad not as well.

One of my very favourite pets is named Tony, and I had him twice. Once when I was 15, then 16. I’m sure I could message him right now, and he’d be bornova escort willing to play a little bit. He followed all the rules (there was no cutting, burning, or public play though), and was a perfect example of what I always want in a pet. I have pictures of him still, on an old phone and an sd card I’ve misplaced since I was 15. He was very pleasant, polite, and had perfect grammar and punctuation.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a female pet. I’ve gotten girls who claimed to be willing, but it never worked out. They were either verrrrrry dark, impolite, fake, unintelligent, or something else. I’m still waiting for the perfect female pet, which will probably never happen. Or hey, maybe I’ll go to some erotic club and find a girl willing to be owned and abused, humiliated and used….

I’ve had an ex-pet drunkenly send me pictures of them with the neck of a bottle shoved up their ass. That was fun. I was on a trip somewhere, can’t quite remember where exactly, and I got a message informing me that an old pet we’ll call ‘Allan’ for confidentiality was drunk. I guess he had forgotten he was no longer my pet. He sent me pictures of beer bottle necks shoved in his ass, and him standing in front of the camera naked with a look of pure inebriation on his face. I still have those, in my email somewhere.

I’ve also had a pet eat his cum, which isn’t that big of a deal, and drink his own piss. We’ll call him ‘Jay’ for this. Jay was a very…needy pet, who fell in love with me after only a couple days. Anyway, I was just beginning to discover watersports, and wanted to watch him piss on himself. That’s all, I swear. But he was willing to drink it, so I said alright, take lots of pictures. It was gross, but pee is sterile, right? Hahaha, awful… He also used his little sister’s vibrating toothbrush in his ass: BOTH ENDS. That’s a bit much, even for me, but it was so fun. I enjoyed his disgusting shenanigans for a while, but he became much Much MUCH too clingy and in love. You can find his number on one of my stories, with a (717) area code. Little bitch thought he was being smart or something when he did that, during a while of not talking.

Tony, my cute and favourite pet, did some cute piss play for me once. I absolutely enjoyed it! I had him go out and buy some panties, which he has the body for, and had him model them for me. When I decided on my favourite, I had him stand in the tub (so as not to make a mess) and film himself pissing in the cute pink panties. It was so very delightful! Another time, I had him jacking off in those panties, and told him to cum inside them. I don’t remember what rule he broke, but his punishment was to wear the cum-covered panties to bed. His climax face is very pleasing, much sexier than his ‘only masturbating to please mistress’ face. I’ve watched his face contort in pleasure over and over, bringing myself to orgasm as I watched him defile the new panties, or cum all over his hand…

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