Sex Lab Surprise

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You probably know that Austin, Texas is the home of the Longhorns, the capital of Texas, Austin City Limits, SXSW and a number of colleges and universities which keep the city buzzing with excited, horny young people all the time.

But what you may not know is that Austin is also the headquarters of a non-descript company called Sexy Lifeforms – known for their the male masturbator products.

It is every college guy’s dream to land a job at Sexy Lifeforms’ testing facility in South Austin, where they give you a brand new toy, you fuck the shit out of it while scientists measure your body temperature, breathe and speed, and then you get to keep the very expensive toy. It was more popular than testing video games at the Sony center!

In fact, the job is so popular, Sexy Lifeforms doesn’t advertise their tester jobs. They instead recruit guys from the athletics programs of every local school.

I was recruited from my swim team. I finished practice one afternoon to find an envelope in my locker.

“You are invited to work for S.L.F. biological testing facility. Discretion assured. $250 a session.”

Puzzled, I showed the invitation to a buddy of mine whose eyes bugged out, “Holy shit! That’s sex toy testing! Do it!”

I never used a sex toy before. I had my very horny girlfriend, Penny, who more than met my needs. I laughed it off and threw the paper away.

The next day, I crashed my car. Since it was a piece of crap, I had to pay for my own repairs. I dug around the trash to find that invitation again.

The next day, I’m at a plain 2 story office building in an industrial park in South Austin. I walk in, show the receptionist my form and am escorted into a room that looks like a doctor’s examination room.

A guy in a lab coat walked in. “Hello Adam – this is a release form. This is a confidentiality agreement – anything that happens in this facility is confidential. You cannot talk about it to anyone. If you agree, sign the forms. You’ll be paid $250 an hour, 2 hours a day, 3 days a week.”

Holy shit. I signed away.

The lab coat guy gathered my forms and pulled out a clip board with a questionnaire. “You are straight?”

“Yes, 110%.”

“OK, we will have a female technician work with you.”

“What? I thought I’d be alone with, you know, a toy?”

“We have new products all the time. We would like you to test a new product called the Saddle. It’s for couples.”

“Oh, shit, I don’t know about that. I have a girlfriend. She’d be pissed.”

“Oh. I see. That’s fine. Thank you for coming, Adam.” He opened the door for me.

I needed the money, but I didn’t want to cheat on my girl. I looked around the room, at the forms, at the door.

“Um, sure, I’ll do it.”

“Good! I’ll send in our technician.”

A few moments later, an older woman walks into the room. She’s also wearing a lab coat. She is pretty, she looks like Marisa czech harem porno Tomei – the actress who played Spider Man’s aunt May.

“Hello, Adam. I’m Dr. Turner. I’ll be working with you this afternoon. We chose you because as a swimmer you are physically fit. We want you to test this device” she pulls out what looks like an orange soccer ball “called the Saddle. This is the next generation in safe sex. This is ideal for couples where one person is tired, or on their period, or has an STD. In this case, you’ll lie back on the examination table and I’ll place the Saddle over your groin. Your erection with slide in, pushing out your shape on the other side of the Saddle into me. I can ride and bounce on the Saddle while you safely ejaculate into it. This squishy ball between us will only heighten the pleasure.”

I nodded wordlessly. My mouth is dry.

“We can also have me lie on the examination table while you mount the Saddle missionary style and push into me. The Saddle will allow you to thrust very vigourously without hurting me. It’s squishiness will give your pelvis extra bounce!”

I nod again.

“Good, could you please remove your jeans and underwear, socks and shoes and lie on the examination table?”

“You want me to keep my shirt on?”

“Yes, please.”

“OK” I shyly stripped as she instructed and hopped up on the examination table. She removed her skirt but oddly kept her lab coat and heels on. I was turned out by her “naked scientist” look.

“Lie back, Adam. Let’s roll the Saddle on you.”

I was about to say that I needed to jack off a bit to get nice and hard, when she rolled the orange ball over my groin. It felt weird, cool, fleshlike. She rolled the ball 3 times up and down my body and I suddenly realized my soft dick had somehow slipped into the ball. With every roll backwards and forwards, the ball suctioned me and by the fourth roll, I was hard. I smiled at Dr. Turner.

She pointed at the side of the ball that faced her, and I was surprised to see protruding from it the same shape as my boner, only bigger. She climbed onto the examination table, aimed the protrusion at her hairless pussy and sat on it.

I suddenly realized the genius of its design. It was like a child’s bouncy ball chair wedged between us. Every time she bounced on it, the Saddle sucked and slurped my dick. Everytime I thrusted upward, she moaned and flung her hair back. It was as if our motions were magnified by this bouncy ball between us.

She bounced away on me, as if I were her teeter totter. I reached for her sweaty breasts, but she pushed my hand away.

“No touching,” she whispered, “We only touch through the Saddle!”

After a lot of bouncing, I came, she came. Her legs trembled as she got off the examination table and rolled the ball off me. She smiled as she saw my cum ooze out of a slit in the ball.

“You get to be on top next. czech mega swingers porno I want you to mount the ball and pound away as vigorously as you want. Imagine angry sex, animalistic sex. I want you to be as rough as you can be.”

“Okay.” I smiled.

“Don’t worry. The Saddle will absorb everything you can throw at it.” Dr. Turner took a towel from the counter to wipe herself down. I did the same and strutted around the examination room without pants. I was already hard and I wanted the good doctor to see me engorged and bouncing

“Very good looking young man.” she said, “You’re 19?”

“Yes.” I had my hands on my hips.

“You have a girlfriend?”


“Imagine I’m your girlfriend, and we’re in bed, and I tell you I’m cheating on you. What would you do?”

“What? I guess I’d yell at her.”

“What if I told you I wanted a boyfriend who fucked better than you?”

“I’d laugh and fuck the shit out of her.”

“Mmmmm, then go for it, stud.” She backed herself up on the examination table and spread her legs wide. She then held the Saddle against her groin. “C’mon, stud!” she commanded.

I stood between her legs and aimed my erection into the Saddle. I sunk balls deep into it, while the Saddle itself extended into her. She moaned.

“C’mon stud!”

I was fucking harder and harder, enjoying the slap and feel of the Saddle.

“C’mon stud, fuck me.”

I reached down to brace myself on either side of the examination table. “Want that, bitch? Do you like that?”

“Oh, momma likes. C’mon stud! What’s your girlfriend’s name? Yell it! Growl it, you big dicked stud.”

That turned me on, so I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders as I continued to ram the orange Saddle. I looked down and watched my piston of a dick pumping into it. With each thrust, Dr. Turner cried out.

“Yeah, bitch! You like that? Cmon, Penny. i’m fucking you. You’re not leaving me, Penny. I’m going to fuck you until you faint.”

To my surprise, Dr. Turner covered her mouth. She made a sound like she was trying not to sneeze. She had her eyes closed, her mouth open in sheer agony. “Omigod, sorry, Adam. I was cumming. Cumming. You caught me offguard.”

I stood there not sure whether I should continue ramming or waiting for her to calm down. I stood there while she did another closed eyes, mouth open, silent orgasm. When she was breathing normally again, she surprised me by reaching betwee my legs to hold the base of my dick.

“I though, no touching?” I looked down at her hands as she encircled my shaft and pulled me out of the Saddle.

“You’re very handsome, Adam. I just wanted to hold you, weigh you in my hands.”

She bounced my dick in her hands, smiling

“You have a very lucky girlfriend.”

I felt my face go red. “Yeah, I guess.” I looked down and realized my dick was as thick as czech pool porno her wrist.

“Do you have sex often?”

“Maybe every other day. We both have school. Why?”

“Just wondering why you’re doing this test.”

“The money.” I smiled. “And technically I’m not cheating on her.” I said this as a woman was holding my erect organ.

She smiled. “Adam, I think we’re about done with the Saddle here. You’ve demonstrated that it works well. We both got a lot of pleasure out of it.”

I nodded.

“Would you like to make a little extra money?”

“Um, sure?”

“Meet me in the parking lot after this.”

I nodded and got dressed. Dr. Turner put on her clothes and walked out. I left and picked up my check from reception and headed out to the parking lot where I saw Dr. Turner standing by a mini-van.

She opened the sliding door – “Get in, Adam, and pull your pants down.”

“What the fuck?” I laughed but I climbed in and had my pants down to my ankles.

Dr. Turner pulled down her bra so her breasts were out. She knelt in front of me and started kissing my soft dick. “Adam, you’re young and in your prime. When you get to my age, you don’t get to suck dick anymore. I will pay you if you let me suck you off right now and swallow your cum.” She continued kissing and licking me.

“Sure” I smiled. I sat back while she hungrily fed on me. I was hard in seconds, gasping for air in a minute. She had skills, this lady. Experience. Her tongue traced my length and licked around the head. Then she plunged back down to lick under my balls. What amazed me was that she busily fingered herself with one hand, held me with another and was coming as violently as she had done in the examination room.

“Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm!” Her mouth was full with my dick. “Mmmmmm!” She came. I came. She swallowed, licked her lips and sat back looking at my body.

“Wow,” I panted. “Do you always cum giving head?”

“No, it’s more exciting with you, Adam. I have to admit, you made me cum hard.”

“That is awesome, Dr. Turner. I feel honored.” I laughed. “Even my girlfriend doesn’t come sucking me off.”

I smiled again and then realized the business at hand. “You said you were going to pay me?” I felt a little foolish to be paid for receiving a blowjob, but that was the deal.

Dr. Turner smiled at me. “Of course, Adam. By the way, what’s your girlfriend’s name?”

“Penny, why?”

“What’s her last name?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“I have a daughter named Penny. Do you have a girlfriend named Turner?”

My eyes went wide. Oh. my. god. Penny Turner’s mom. My girlfriend’s mom!

Dr. Turner could tell all by my expression. “That’s why you made me cum so hard, Adam. When i realized who you were, I was so turned on sucking off my daughter’s boyfriend. You and your big dick fucking my little girl? Now momma gets some too. Right?”

I said nothing.

“You’re coming here at least 3x a week for the Saddle tests. But we’re going to do whatever I want in the van afterward.”


“Yes or no, Adam? No means I tell Penny.”

“Oh.” I stared at her. I looked around the mini-van but Penny’s mom was already rubbing her face along my thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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