Sex Kitten of the Month Pt. 01

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It’s a cold Saturday afternoon outside the university gym. Kerri (27 yrs.) is a former “Gents” magazine “Sex Kitten of the Month” (38-24-36). She sits inside a black, 4-door Mazda, sports car. The motor runs which heats up the car. Her sandy-blonde hair falls to the shoulders who wears a white t-shirt with no bra on. Her round, massive tits jiggle. Both of her huge areoles and nipples poke through that t-shirt. She looks out of the front window as the athlete bus pulls into the parking lot.

Kerri drove into town to watch Roman (19 yrs.) compete at this wrestling meet. He stands at 5’8″ and weighs 149 lbs. She watches him step off of the bus carrying his sport bag. He’s shabby-looking with that baseball cap covering his black hair. Both of his jeans and College sweat-shirt are worn out too.

She whispers, “A no class athlete, but he’s hot in that wrestling suit.”

Inside the locker room after his wresting match. Roman pulls out the sport bag from his locker. He places it on the floor and sits down. His fingers untie the wrestling shoes. The head gear and suit are still on. He kicks off the shoes and his left hand reaches over to pull out his iPhone. It powers on and he looks at the text messages.

Kerri: Congrats on UR win.

Roman: Thanx. bahis firmaları Do I know U Kerri?

Kerri: I sent U a text last week with nude pix. U answered.

Roman runs his fingers through his messages and pulls up Kerri’s name and photo. He smiles and quickly answers her.

Roman: Kerri, that’s right. Are U really a Sex Kitten?

Kerri: Yes. I’m sitting in my sports car outside the Gym.

Roman: UR a Liar.

Kerri: I’ll give U a Ride if U want.

Roman laughs and puts his iPhone inside his bag. He stands up, unstraps the head gear and yanks it off. His hands then strip off the wrestling suit. He grabs his towel, then heads toward the showers.

Outside the gym in the parking lot. Roman walks toward the bus carrying his sport bag. His black hair is wet which is combed back from his face.

Kerri’s black sport car pulls up and the horn honks. Roman steps toward the passenger window as it rolls down. He bends over and looks inside. Kerri sits in the driver seat who smiles.

Roman looks at her huge tits trapped inside that t-shirt.

She asks, “Want a ride Roman?”

“Kerri…? Sure” he answers.

In the off-campus parking lot. Kerri’s sports car sits among other cars. The unfolded, windshield cover, is on the kaçak iddaa inside. Roman’s iPhone plays “Rap” music.

He sits bare chested on the black fur which covers the back seat. His pants and jockey shorts are pulled down to his ankles. Kerri’s t-shirt is off who wears only her jeans. She leans over and sucks on his 5 and ¾-inch cock. Both of his hands are placed on her head.

He responds, “Ohhh… Yeah… Mmm.. Mmm… Gu-God.!”

She pulls her mouth off of him, “I wanted to do this for a long time.”

“Oh, yeah…? Don’t stop” he answers.

Her lips clamp over his cock-tip and she slides down to his black crotch. She goes back up and back down, holding really tight.

He screams, “Uhhhh… Uhhhhh… God-don’t stop.”

She still clamps down around his shaft while sliding up and down. His feet kick the passenger seat in front of him.

“Mmmm… Uhhhh… Yeah.. Yeah… Uhhhh” he screams.

Her mouth pulls back up to his cock-tip. She forces her mouth down and the tongue licks hard.

Roman can’t handle it anymore and explodes, “Uuuhh.. Uuuhh.. Uuuuuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuhh.. Uuhh.!”

She swallows it all.

20 minutes later. The “Rap” music plays a little louder. The windows are fogged up. Kerri is naked who straddles kaçak bahis Roman and rides his cock. She faces him as her hands grip his muscular shoulders. His own hands grip her massive tits as she bounces up and down.

He says, “Ohhh.. God… God.. Ride it… Ride it.!”

“Roman.. You’re so… Hot.!” she answers.

Kerri grinds her hips down as hard as she can over his hard shaft. She leans forward as he tries to suck on her bouncing tits. He pushes his own hips upward to meet hers.

He jerks his head right, “Uhhh.. God.. Ride-my… Cock.!”

She slowly grinds her hips in a circle. He still grips her tits as she leans over and to kiss him. It is so hot.

He whispers, “Mmm.. I can’t hold it.!”

She answers, “Okay Roman. Okay.!”

Kerri begins bouncing up and down again.

He screams, “God.. Can’t.. Uh-Uhhh.. Hold it.!”

She keeps bouncing on his shaft as he explodes, “Ku-Kerri.. Uuuuuhh.. Uuuuuuuuuhh.!”

Everything stops.

Kerri leans over and kisses his sweaty forehead. Roman keeps breathing hard.

He says, “My God. My God.”

She climbs off of him and gently pulls up the condom. She opens the door and throw’s it out.

Roman drops his arms in exhaustion as she leans backward onto the soft fur.

He says, “You really are a sex kitten of the month.”

She asks, “You didn’t believe my photo spread?”

“I do now and I can’t believe this happened. It’s a Goddamn dream?”

They look at each other and smile.

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