Sex in an Unusual Location

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Names have been changed for this story. All persons are over 18.

I’d come home on leave from Guantanamo for a friend’s wedding, on Halloween, no less. it was the late 90’s, and gothic weddings and a certain interview movie was still all the rage in the gothic south. She wanted everyone to dress up in costumes, so it promised to be an interesting day. I had gone to the atlanta renfair when I had last come home, and had acquired myself a truly interesting and colorful jester’s outfit, green, red and blue. It made for a good costume, with a soft felt hat, with a long trailing tail that wrapped in front of the neck and rested across my shoulder. It was one of the few times I have actually enjoyed dressing up. It was such a nice costume, Kathy, the bride, asked her photographer to get some pictures of me.

After the ceremony, the photographer, an enchanting woman named Mary, with raven black hair just down to her shoulders, and green eyes that made me shudder with barely suppressed lust came over to the table I was sitting at and told me it was time for the pictures the bride wanted, and she knew where she wanted to take them. I got into her car, and off we drove.

She drove us to the old historical cemetery in town, where the most recent grave was almost 120 years old, and had me posing next to tombstones, on top of them, and even on a mausoleum or two, always with my face looking away from the camera, and my eyes looking right at it, as she took black and white photo after photo, all the while flashing me mysterious looks when she thought I couldn’t see.

After about an hour of taking photos, our daylight was starting to fade toward dusk, when she asked if I would be willing to take my shirt off for a few pictures. I obliged, even though the autumn air made my nipples as hard as granite, as I was proud of the body I had worked so hard to get into shape. The poses were similar to the ones she had had me doing before, but she was staring at me through the camera longer and longer between pictures. when there were only a few minutes of light left, she asked if I would dare to take my pants off as well.

It took me a minute or two to decide whether I was willing to be stark naked in a public cemetery, but when she said she understood if I was afraid, my pants came off before she could finish her statement. She had bahis firmaları me pose on the mausoleum of one of the founders of the city, naked, as she snapped a slew of pictures, telling me how amazing the photos were going to be, as she made sure to photo most of me, tastefully, never trying to get pictures of my manhood outright.

As the last light faded, the lights on the other side of the cemetery light came on, bathing us in the orange yellow glow of street lights, and she started to get closer and closer as she took her pictures. I was aroused fully, the cool autumn air blowing across my nipples and my erection, and for a few moments, my eyes were closed as I reveled in the feeling of the cold breeze. Then, my breath caught in my throat as I felt a warm hand grip my shaft, and heard the click of the camera. The hand moved up and down me, stroking, as every few seconds, the camera clicked again. Then, I felt the heat of her breath on my chest before her warm tongue snaked out and licked my left nipple, just before she bit down with her teeth. A gasp escaped me, as she went back and forth from one nipple to another, snapping pictures as she continued to stroke me. once her camera ran out of film, she came up to my face and hungrily kissed me, urgently and passionately, one hand pinching my nipples, and the other stroking through my hair, as I kissed back just as urgently.

Suddenly, she broke off and sat up. She frantically took the film out of her camera, and replaced it with a fresh roll. She then went to the nearest tombstone and placed the camera atop it so it faced the mausoleum upon which I lay, and set it to take pictures automatically. She then came back, and and with a look of a hungry predator, she took my shaft into her mouth, hot and wet, and hungrily sucked and licked, while gently rolling my balls in her left hand, and stroking my shaft with her right.I t went on for what felt an eternity, until it was again time to change the film.

When she returned, before she could think of anything else to do, I pulled her to me, and again hungrily kissed her, as I unbuttoned her shirt and undid her bra strap. I devoured her firm, petite breasts, biting and licking her nipples, her neck and her earlobes, as I let my hands roam up and down her spine, tickling and teasing, before undoing her pants and pulling them kaçak iddaa down. I let her stand there in just her panties, the satin shining in the light from the streetlamp, a damp spot forming, as I drank in the sight.

I then picked her up and lay her on the mausoleum, and let my hands roam as they wanted, unable to control where they went, as they softly trailed across her belly, pinched her nipples, caressed her face, then gently trailed through her trimmed pubic patch and danced lightly across her lips, and finally parted them and stroked her clit, all the while kissing her and drinking her in as much as I could. Once I heard her moan ever so softly, I softly left her mouth and kissed my way down her breasts and belly, until I was able to lick and nibble on her folds, before sliding a finger inside her and taking her clit in my lips. She was incredibly wet, and let out a gasp as my finger entered her, and another when she felt my tongue on her. I licked for what seemed like hours, as I worked my finger in and out of her, massaging her g spot. every time I massaged, I would lightly nip her clit with my teeth, eliciting a gasp of pleasure,

until she sat up as far as she could and let out a keening wail as she tensed up, grabbed the back of my head and pushed it harder into her pubic mound, and came, trembling and gushing into my mouth and onto my finger. Once she was able to relax from the intense orgasm she had just had, she asked me to get her camera for her.

Once she placed her last roll of film into the camera, and set it, she had me replace it atop the tombstone. When I came back, she had gotten to all fours, with her tight rump sticking in the air, legs spread slightly, and saw that there were two cherub statues, one to each side of her, with trumpets held out, each pointing at her.I was so enchanted by the sight, I picked up her camera and took a shot from the perspective I had found, then replaced the camera and returned to her. I got onto the mausoleum behind her, and slowly entered, as she tightened her muscles and started to massage my member, thrusting back against me. Once I had entered all the way, she spasmed and trembled, again cumming on me, and begged for me to take her. I gave in to her demands, and started to thrust rhythmically, slowly at first, and then faster and faster, urged on by her moans kaçak bahis and wails, which by this point had scared off most of the birds that made their homes in the cemetery’s trees. I thrusted, while pulling her hair gently and staring at her ass, until she screamed with release and pushed back against me, as her hand reached back and held me in place as her orgasm rocked through her. She pulled herself off of me, and turned over onto her back.

While her eyes were closed, I took the opportunity to sneak back to her, and elicited a squeal of surprise when I again took her clit into my mouth and started to massage her g spot with my finger. She quickly grabbed the back of my head and pushed and ground her crotch into my face, covering me in her juices, as I lapped and licked at her folds for all I was worth. After a few minutes, she pushed me off and onto my back on the ground beside the mausoleum, and straddled me. She took me in her hand as she guided my member inside of her, and stared to ride and grind on me like a woman possessed, as she started to pinch my nipples and bite my neck.

She took my hand in hers, and guided it to her tight little button of a back door, and asked me to play with it while she rode. She then started to gyrate and glide up and down my shaft while my finger massaged and played with her ass, slipping in ever so slightly, eliciting ever sharper gasps from her. She planted her hands on my chest, and continued to lift herself off of me and slide back down, her folds feeling like warm wet silk surrounding my cock. When she started to tremble again after a few minutes, she grabbed my hand and pushed my finger deeper inside of her, as I felt the muscles inside of her grip both my finger and my cock, and I came with a sudden shout of release, turned on beyond all hope of restraining myself further.

As she felt me cum, her own orgasm intensified, and she started shaking and shivering, moaning over and over that she was cumming all over me, and gushing her juices onto me. she shuddered atop me for a few minutes, never letting my finger leave her back door, until she calmed herself down, and pulled my hand from her ass. She leaned down and kissed me, before collapsing onto my chest, my erection still inside of her, and gasped as I pinched her nipples again.

She got off of me after a brief rest, and we got dressed and returned to the reception that was still going on. When she saw that I’d had two beers, she volunteered to drive me home, which led to a second round of fun for the night, but that is a different story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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