Sex-ed with Mom Ch. 02

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Day 2

It was day 2 of my sex-education and I couldn’t wait to see what mom had in store. Instead of having my ritual morning “wank” as my mother had refered to it, I decided to head straight downstairs. As usual, my father was at the table with his paper and mom was at the stove. I was pleased to see she was still in her short silk robe and I couldn’t help but picture in my mind her delicious cunt, which I had seen the day before.

“Morning, sweetie… Hungry?” She asked, as she caught me staring.

“Sure.” I said.

I sat next to my father at the table and stole a few glances at my mother as she danced about the kitchen in her bare feet. My father announced his exit and my mother saw him out. She still hadn’t given me my breakfast, which I thought was a bit odd.

After she bolted the front door she pranced back into the kitchen, her big boobs swaying back and forth with each step.

“Sorry, love. I wanted to see your father off before I fed you.” She said.

Mom grabbed a plate and brought it over to the table. On the plate were slices of fruit and heaping scoop of whipped cream. She stood at my side and looked down at me, brushing the hair from my eyes with her long nails.

“Did you wank yet this morning?” She asked.

“No.” I answered.

“Good. I was hoping you could fight the urge until breakfast. It’ll give you something to do while I feed you.” She said.

“You mean, here…now? You want me to…” I started in disbelief.

Mom pulled a chair up behind me and sat down. She picked up the plate of fruit and moved up as close as she could behind me, with her head over my left shoulder.

“You need to start your day with a nice powerful orgasm. That’s why I’m gonna feed you, while you concentrate all your energy on wanking, okay?” She said

All I could do was nod.

Mom dipped a strawberry in the cream and brought it to my mouth.

“Take a bite.” She said.

I did so as we stared into each others eyes. She dipped the remainder of the berry and brought it to her mouth. I watched as mom opened her mouth and bit into the juicy fruit. Her face was very close to mine and I looked into her cream filled mouth as she chewed. Her pink, wet tongue rolled across her top lip, cleaning off a bit of cream. She stared into my eyes the whole time, watching my reaction.

“Don’t tell me you forgot how to wank.” She said with a smirk.

“No, I’m an expert at that.” I said with a laugh.

“Expert huh? We’ll see about that.” She said.

I fished my now hard cock out of my boxers and all 8 inches sprung into the air and slapped me fake taxi porno in the tummy. I started to stroke, but it was bone dry. Mom gazed down at my fleshy pillar.

“You need some lubricant, sweetie. Here, give me your hand.” She said.

I put my hand up to mom’s mouth and she spit a pool of saliva into my palm.

“That should lather it up a bit.” She said.

I spread the gob of spit around my fat bulb.

“Not just the head. Work the lube all the way down the shaft.” She directed.

I did so until my entire cock was slick with mom’s spit. I started to stroke and mom brought another piece of fruit to my mouth.

“Here you go.” She said softly.

I bit off a chunk of mellon that was caked with cream. Mom brought the rest to her mouth and used her long pink tongue to guide it into her open mouth. She chewed it seductively, letting me watch the cream churn inside her mouth and her long pink snake roll across her lips. I stroked rapidly at the head of my cock, fueled by her wonderful display.

“Your strokes are too rapid, sweetheart, you need to lengthen them. Give me your hand.” She said.

I brought my hand back to her mouth and again she spat a great pool onto my palm. I quickly went back to wanking.

“That’s it, long, hard strokes. Squeeze every inch of it, sweetie.” She said.

My fist flew up and down my dick and I slouched in the chair with my legs stretched out. Mom leaned over and stared at me.

“Brad, look at me.” She commanded.

I did so and we gazed into each others eyes. I squeezed and pulled at my cock, imagining it was my mom’s cunt it was fucking.

“Your doing wonderfully, sweetie, but you need to buck your hips. You need to bounce with it.” She said.

I did as she asked and felt as if I was really fucking hard at something. I just wished it were something besides my hand. Mom looked down at the action.

“That’s it, sweetheart, thrust into it. Long, hard strokes…Thrust! Thrust!” She said.

I beat my meat relentlessly, harder and faster than I ever had as mom looked on.

“You won’t need any more spit. Your pre-cum’s acting as a natural lubricant. See it bubbling from the tip?” She asked.

I swiped my hand across the pool of cock-cream and used it to slicken up my shaft. Mom reached down and placed the tips of her fingers on my large ball-sack. Her touch felt amazing.

“Your balls are tightening. Your getting close. Thrust harder!” She said.

My ass flew on and off the seat as I bucked wildly. My fist flew frantically up and down my meat. Mom moved her chair beside family stroke porno me and sat, leaning against my chest. I could feel the spongy softness of her boobs as they rested against my side. She stroked my forehead and looked into my eyes.

“Brad, honey, I need you to tell me when your about to cum, okay?” She said.

I nodded, breathing heavily.

“When I tell you, I want you to stop stroking, do you understand?” She asked commandingly.

“Y..Yeah.” I muttered.

Again she placed her fingers lightly against my tightening scrotum.

“You’re almost there. Don’t ease up, baby. Long hard strokes.” She said.

I marveled at how her experience allowed her to tell when I was about to cum, just by touching my nuts. It was obvious that I was with someone who had experienced lots of cocks and knew just how to read them. All at once I felt my nuts churn and my lava roar towards my cannon.

“Mom…I’m gonna do it.” I panted.

“Keep humping! Keep bucking, love. Squeeze it hard!!!” She shouted.

“Ohhhh…I’m cummingggg!!!” I wailed.

Just before my cream entered its chute, my mother reached down and latched onto the base of my cock. She squeezed tightly, pressing her thumb against the undernieth of my shaft.

“STOP!!!” She shouted.

The rush of sperm damned before it could enter my pecker. Mom was literally holding it back with her thumb. She used her other hand to ease my body back onto the chair. She rested her weight against me and stroked my face.

“That’s it, sweetheart, let it subside. Relax and let it flow back into your balls.” She said.

After about fifteen seconds, I caught my breath and could tell my sack had softened up.

“It may not be so important when you’re wanking, but when you’re having sex with someone, it’s very important that you learn to prolong your orgasm. This is called developing stamina. Most men don’t have the stamina to make a woman cum. This is why an important part of your sex-ed training is teaching you how to develop staying power. I just showed you one technique, but once you get good enough, you won’t need me to help you. You’ll be able to go for hours without blowing your load. You’ll be in total control. Give me your hand.” She said.

Mom again placed a pool of saliva in my hand.

“We’ll have plenty of time to teach you technique and you’ll need lots of practice, but right now I want you to finish what I interupted.” She said.

I coated my cock with her spit and again started beating it. Mom gazed down at my thick fuck-steak.

“That’s it, sweetheart…long, female agent porno hard strokes.” She said softly.

My hips began to buck as I really started getting into it. Mom leaned over close to my face, looking directly into my eyes.

“Baby, look at me.” She said.

I did so and mom and I just gazed into one anothers eyes for what seemed like forever. She stroked my face with her long nails.

“Oh sweetheart, you’re doing so good. I’m soooo proud of you…That’s it…buck those hips, sweetie. Thrust into it!” She said lovingly.

I moaned and threw my head to the side, but mom turned it back towards her.

“Ohhhh, you feeling really good, aren’t you, sweetie-pie. Look at me. Look into my eyes.” Mom said.

I looked at mom and she smiled warmly. It was as if she fully understood the feelings of intense pleasure I was going through and by having my gaze, was somehow sharing the experience.

“Ohhhh…I’m gonna cum hard, mom.” I moaned.

Mom giggled, watching my expressions closely.

“I know you are, love. Work it hard and fast now and let it cum. Squeeze it hard! Thrust your hips! Thrust!” She shouted.

I thrust and I stroked, harder than I ever had and I felt the torrent of semen rocket up my shaft. I knew then and there that this was to be the most intense orgasm of my life.

“OHHHHNNNNN!!!!! MOM!!!!!” I wailed.

Mom watched my cock in anticipation.

“HUMP! HUMP HARD!!!!” She yelled.

Suddenly a long thick rope of cum blasted three feet into the air. Mom’s eyes lit up as she watched the white gob arch and and splash down against my chest.

“Oh, yes, baby…cum! CUM HARD FOR MOMMA!” She yelled.

A second gyser launched into the air, nearly as big as the first and landed on the floor next to us. A third rope, then a fourth shot from my cock in rapid succession. I thrust my hips into the air and sent another might string sailing onto the kitchen table.

“Oh my God, sweetheart, you’re cumming so much.” Mom exclaimed.

I milked a seventh rope from my dick and another quickly followed, flowing from my tip like a bubbling brook.

“Oh my God, love…I’m impressed. You came so hard. I have to give you an A+ for that lesson, that was amazing.” She said.

“Thanks… You’re a good teacher.” I said.

Mom smiled down at me, resting the full weight of her enormous breasts against my chest.

“How do you know how good I am?” She asked teasingly.

“You seem good to me.” I said.

She stared into my eyes.

“Oh, I’m good…and you will be too, which has me a little worried. After all we’ll have gone through when this coarse is over, I may not be able to graduate you.” She said.

“Why’s that?” I asked.

“If you get as good as I think you’re gonna be, chances are, you’re gonna rub me just the right way. Your teacher may not be able to give you up.” She said.

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