Setting up Lucy-1

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“How do I get myself into these predicaments?” Lucy asked herself, as the young man rubbed his hardened cock across her face and lips. “And where is Howard?” She opened her lips slightly and the long thin penis slide between them. Her tongue flicked the head tasting the pre-cum that oozed from the tip. She felt one of the man’s hands working its way under her light print dress. His calloused fingers scraped against her naked thigh causing her to jump slightly. Opening her mouth a little more, she could feel the cock pushing its way into her mouth. “I wish Howard wouldn’t leave me alone like this, he knows I can’t control myself.” Her thoughts continued to run through her mind. She felt the man’s hand reach her panty covered pussy. She knew he could feel the dampness he had created.
His finger traced through the panties along the lips of her pulsating cunt. She hunched up to meet his ministrations. He now was pushing his cock in and out of her mouth in a steady rhythm that she knew would soon end in his white-hot sticky cum shooting into her throat. Her thoughts now weren’t about why this had happened or even where Howard was, only about the impending orgasm she felt. She couldn’t wait to taste his salty nectar shoot into the back of her throat. She brought her hand up between his legs and massaged his balls as he increased his tempo. She moaned as his finger slipped under the leg band of her panties and into her sopping pussy.
Now she was fucking onto his finger furiously, wishing she could tell him to use more fingers. The finger fucking was working though; he was tapping her clit with his thumb each time he pushed his finger in. “I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming.” He moaned and seconds later Lucy felt the first spurt of cum shoot deep into her throat. She came with him. Her own orgasm rushed through her body as the teenage young man shot squirt after squirt of his white cream into her mouth. Her experienced mouth didn’t lose a drop as finally he pulled his limp prick from her mouth. Her own orgasm subsided and in a dazed moment after the encounter the young man pulled her panties from her and stuck them in his pocket.
“As a momento, mam.” He said politely, then turned and left her laying in the back room of the Laundromat, her dress pushed up around her waist. Lying there a moment she gathered her thoughts and stood up, straightening her dress and walking back to the front of the deserted Laundromat.
She was folding the last of the clothes when Howard walked in, an odd grin on his face. “Howard where were you, you had me worried.” She scolded him as he picked up one of the baskets of clothes.
“Oh, I just went for a walk honey, why is something wrong, did something happen.”
“No, I was just worried about you, that’s all.”
They loaded the clothes in the back of the pick-up and drove back to the apartment they had just moved into. Howard glanced at his wife a couple of times and smiled to himself. It was great setting her up this way. He could just never get enough of someone else fucking his wife while he watched. Of course if Lucy ever found out he would really be in trouble so he wasn’t going to say anything. He was already thinking about the next time.

The doorbell rang for a second time, when Lucy opened it just enough to see who it was. “Excuse me mam, but we are conducting a survey and we wondered if you and your husband had a few minutes to answer some questions.” The two men at the door were dressed in suits, both of them in their early thirties.
“My husbands not at home right now, could you come back later or maybe tomorrow.”
“Oh darn, this is our last night, we were trying to finish up early, so we could get back home.”
“I’m sorry.” Lucy said.
“Listen, could you answer the questions for us and maybe add what you think your husband would say.”
“Well,” Lucy thought for a moment. “Ok.” She closed the door, taking the security chain off and opened it again. The two men thanked her, and walked into the small living room.
“Would you like a glass of tea or coffee?” Lucy asked as the two men sat down on the couch.
“Tea would be fine.” The one man that had been doing all of the talking said. Lucy turned and walked into the kitchen.
“What kind of survey are you taking?” She asked as she poured three glasses of iced tea.
“Its a lifestyles survey, kind of getting an idea of how people live in the nineties.”
“Oh that sounds interesting.” Lucy brought the tea into the living room then sat down in the chair across from the two men.
They sipped their tea and asked general questions, then waited for Lucy’s response. Lucy thought hard on a lot of them trying to give her best answers, then thinking about how Howard would answer them and answering for him too. Things were going along fine until the questions turned to sex. “How often do you and your husband have sex?”
“Oh, I guess about twice a week.” Lucy felt a little uncomfortable answering.
“And how often do you have sex?” The man grinned at her as he asked the question.
“Excuse me?” Lucy looked back at the man trying to decide whether he was just kidding or not.
“You are a hot looking lady, I can’t imagine twice a week being near enough sex for you.”
“I….a…..” Lucy felt herself blush slightly. The man who hadn’t said anything got up and walked around the chair Lucy was sitting in.
“I mean with a hot body like that you probably need lots of attention.” The man laid his clipboard down and stood up. Walking over to where Lucy was sitting he grinned down at her. “That warm soft mouth looks like it could suck a man dry in a minute. Don’t you think so Steve?” For the first time the other man spoke.
“Sure does Bill and look at those tits, bet you enjoy getting those nipples sucked on don’t you baby?” He put his hands on Lucy’s shoulders.
“I don’t think you guys should be doing this, I am a married woman, I love my husband.” Lucy tried to move but the man was too strong.
“But you like to fuck strangers don’t you? You like the feel of strange cock in your mouth, in your pussy, between you tits.” The man standing in front of Lucy reached down and pulled her blouse apart, buttons went everywhere, as Lucy’s bra covered breasts came into view.
She could feel the tell tale signs begin to overcome her. Her nipples hardened, her cunt began to throb. She knew she was going to fuck these men and she couldn’t stop herself. The man behind her slid his hands down the front of her unclasped her bra and pulled it back. Her large breasts sprang free. “Oh shit, those do look good enough to eat don’t they Bill.” The man behind her cupped her breasts and pushed them up. “Bet you can lick your own tits, can’t you baby.” Bill said. “Come on, show us you can lick your own tits.” He took the back of her head as he spoke and gently forced it down, Lucy flicked her tongue out across first one nipple then the other. The electric shocks the shot through her body made her shake.
“I tell you what why don’t you put on a little show for us, bet you could do that well too.” Steve let go of her tits and came around the chair. He and Bill stood in front of her; she could see the outline of their cocks through their suit pants. Lucy looked up at both of them, then grabbed her tits and pushed them back up so she could lick on them some more. Both men stepped back and watched as she sucked first one nipple, then the other.
Letting go of one tit, she reached between her legs and rubbed her cunt alsancak escort through her shorts. The two men stepped forward again this time reaching for her shorts. They grabbed her shorts and pulled them and her panties down to her ankles.
“Oh man, you are one hot little bitch.” Steve said, helping her pull her tattered blouse from her so she sat in the chair in front of them completely naked. Stepping back again, they watched as Lucy put one leg on one armrest the other on the other and spread her wide for them to see. She dipped a finger into her dripping cunt then brought it to her lips and licked it. After repeating the process again she then pushed two fingers in. Spreading her pussy lips with one hand, she pushed three of her long slender fingers in and began pumping them in and out. Her pussy ached for a cock but her fingers were doing all right.
“Go ahead baby, stick four of them in, lets see you take four fingers.” Lucy did as she was told. Pushing four fingers into her widely splayed cunt she once again began to fuck herself. She felt an orgasm begin to tremble through her body as she pumped herself with increased vigor. Closing her eyes she concentrated on the increased agitation she was bringing on to her burning love hole.
Faintly she heard one of the men urge her to push her thumb in to. She hadn’t tried it before. Pulling her fingers out of her cunt, she looked down then readjusted herself slightly on the chair, sliding down just a bit and trying to pull her legs higher on the armrests. Steve and Bill noticed her need for help and once again stepped forward. Each took an ankle and pulled her legs back until her pussy was nearly at an up and down angle to her body. Lucy laid her head back and looked at the two men above her and smiled. Both men had their cocks out and were pumping them with their free hands.
Sliding her hand back down to her pussy, she folded her thumb against the palm of her hand and rubbed it up and down her wet cunt, lubricating herself then began pushing her whole hand into her gaping hole. Pushing she shoved her hand into the second knuckle then looked at the two men and began fucking herself. “More baby, more, you can do it.” They urged her on.
“Oh, god,” she screamed, cramming her hand past the second knuckle, folding her fingers inside her into a fist, she began to fist fuck herself. Looking at the two men she moaned as an orgasm racked her body a moment later the two men erupted one after the other, sending their cum all over her face and chest. A second orgasm hit her immediately as the hot cream splattered her body.
The men let go of her ankles her hand popped from her stretched cunt and all three collapsed. Lucy licked the cum that had splattered her lips and chin. Her thighs ached from the stretching they had just gotten and her pussy gaped open from the fisting it had just taken. She glanced at the two men and wondered if that was all for the evening or they would try something else before they left.
From his perch just outside the window, Howard had just watched his wife put on a sex show for the two men he had set up to come to the house. He was still shaking after watching Lucy fist fuck herself then get drenched in the men’s cum. He didn’t know how Lucy had become this way or why he enjoyed so much for her to fuck other men, he just knew it was each of their little quirks. Sometimes he wondered if Lucy ever thought he was the one setting her up. She never let on that she knew or that anything had happened.
He looked in on his wife and the two men as each began to stir. Lucy got up and gingerly walked down the hall to the bathroom as the two men got up and looked at each other, deciding they wasn’t finished with her yet. They sat quietly until Lucy came out of the bathroom; both got up and walked over to her again. Steve, the bigger of the two men got behind her and Bill, the smaller stood in front of her.
They began to rub their bodies on her and Lucy rubbed back. Her arms went around Bills neck and she kissed him deeply as his hands slid down her hips and pushed between them into her pussy. Standing sideways to the window, Howard had a good look as the two men felt his wife up. Steve was busy rubbing her ass while she kissed Bill, then turning around she kissed Steve, while Bill rubbed her ass. As they kissed Steve looped his hands under her thighs and picked her up. As he lifted her Howard could see his cock was hard again. Slowly he lowered her onto his cock and backed up until he was leaning against the wall.
Howard couldn’t take anymore, he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock from his pants slowly massaging it until it was hard, he then masturbated as he watched Steve fuck his big dick into Lucy’s pussy. Bill meanwhile watched for a few minutes then slowly walked up behind the two. Steve grinned at his friend and slid his hands to Lucy’s quivering ass. Spreading her, Howard knew Lucy was unaware of what was about to happen. Her head was buried in Steve’s shoulder as she pumped up and down on his cock.
Howard knew exactly when Bill’s cock first touched Lucy’s puckered asshole. She looked up into Steve’s eyes a glazed look in her own, then she laid her head sideways, so Howard had a good look at her lust filled face as Bill slowly pushed his cock into her ass. Howard was shaking so much he nearly lost his balance as he watched his pretty wife get double fucked. Steve didn’t move as Bill filled her back hole, then slowly, steadily began to fuck into her ass. Lucy had been fucked there before but never had she been double fucked. Howard could see the pain mixed with perverse pleasure on her face. She bit into Steve’s shoulder when Bill buried himself completely into her.
A few moments later as all three caught the rhythm, they began to fuck in a steady motion. Howard had a good view of his wife’s ass being obscenely stretched by the large cock and her pussy grasping the other. Through the window he could faintly here his wife urging both of them to fuck her harder. She pounded up and down on each cock, waiting for each to explode inside her.
Howard was ahead of the game, he felt his own cock twitch then begin to spurt cum, one shot so forceful it landed on the window he was watching through. Again he could hear his wife moaning loudly as both men now fucked into her hard. He could see her body tense and go limp as the men began to shoot their loads. As he finished, Bill stepped back away from the other two and Howard could see Lucy’s ass slowly close as cum seeped from her back hole. He couldn’t believe his cock was still hard as Steve pulled from her pussy and pushed Lucy down on her knees. Then jamming his cock into her mouth, two strokes later he unloaded into her waiting mouth.
Howard slowly crawled down from his perch went to his car and waited for the two men to leave. Ten minutes later he walked into the apartment. He could hear the shower running so he slowly stripped his clothes off as he walked down the hall. Opening the door to the bathroom, he said. “Honey I’m home.” Then pulled the shower curtain back and stepped into the shower with his wife. His cock was hard, he turned her around and slowly pushed his cock into her stretched asshole, knowing full well another man had shot his load into it only twenty minutes before. Lucy didn’t try to stop him or complain. Yet another orgasm hit her as her husband shot his own load deep into her butt. One day she would have to tell Howard what was going on in her life, but not tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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