Sera Ch. 11

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I’d spent the day personalizing the computer in my apartment, running through the business programs and getting them set up. In the background, I had CNN on one monitor with continuous market coverage on another. I was trying to catch up with what had been going on in the world, if only to take my mind off things for a while as I drank, sometimes blasting some tunes.

Nobody rang, not even servants, to disturb my peace and, by about seven o’clock, my parasite was large and in charge, downing a beer moments before his exit to do what he’d set himself to do.

Despite my worry, there was a strange calm as well, a casualness born of reckless confidence as I stepped outside my door. Taking a brief glance both ways, I started down the corridor, dropping my keys into the pocket of my light grey dress pants while smoothing my freshly combed hair, still wet and slicked back. This was a new style for me but, while creating the sharp part to one side in the mirror a little earlier on, I never thought much about it beyond its efficiency and neat look. My white shirt was buttoned up far enough to allow for a loosely collared, narrow black tie, another first for me and just as naturally accidental as how I did my hair. At the moment, however, the only thing I could think about was my current course of action.

I knocked three times on Mum’s door and stood back to wait. I was running the tip of my tongue over my teeth, testing the job I’d done earlier with brush and toothpaste when she answered.

She looked somehow lost, but after a short pause, “Come in.”

Her apartment was cool and airy, the large, sliding glass balcony doors opened up to the overcast early evening. She seemed completely over whatever it was that Ashleigh had done to her and I wondered how she’d spent her day.

“Drink?” she quietly asked, her eyes averted.

“Yes, please.”

I sat and waited, watching her movements. She’d changed into a rather conservative, royal blue business dress with appropriate black heels. It buttoned up quite far and flared out at her hips just a little to fall almost to her knees. The short sleeves added character, especially with the short sleeved, white blouse underneath that was buttoned up to her neck. This choice of attire looked very good on her.

“How was your day?” she asked with a neutral tone.

“It was alright. Actually, I was wondering how you were. After what Ashleigh did, I mean.”

” … I’m okay.”

“Yeah. Uh… I figured we should talk.”

Her smile was as neutral as her tone, but I was glad to see it as she returned with our drinks. Every little bit would help. She settled in beside me, neither one of us quite comfortable with the other, but allowing the business between us to overcome that barrier.

She said, “Look… I can see how you’d get carried away in the library and allow what happened with Sheila. As you saw, I… masturbated… to it. But I hope you know that… I’m your mother and that counts above what Ash says, even above her little tricks to get her way. You get that, right?”

I declined answer, looking down at her lap.


“Mum… have you spoken to Sheila yet?”

” … Oh boy. They’ve gotten to you.”

“Nobody’s gotten to me, I’m just asking if you even bothered to get her side.”

“Hon, I know her side. I told you all about her side, and I can pretty safely guarantee that nobody else on this planet could better tell you about her side.”

“You did miss her, you told me. She misses you, too. She wasn’t kidding about what she said this morning, she’s told me much the same th-“

“I know exactly what the little whore’s told you and everything you told her,” Mum leveled, now comfortable enough to bring up just how she’d acquired that information.

” … Yeah… Look, I’m just saying that maybe you should give her a chance, alright?”

She was looking closer, bolder in her dissatisfaction and was now seeing who she was dealing with. After some hesitation, she came on from a different angle.

“She’s not like us, Son. Not at all. I know you see the difference.”

“What’s your point?”

“She can’t be trusted!”

“Don’t go thinking our family pet hasn’t pissed all over Sheila’s leg too, Mum. I’m pretty confident about trusting her where that’s concerned.”

“You’re letting her come between us.”

“Never mind, then,” I said, getting up from the couch and strolling aimlessly across the floor with my drink, my other hand shoved carelessly into my pocket.

“What do you mean, ‘never mind’?” she demanded, put out with my dismissal, but still careful of her other son.

“All I asked is whether or not it might not be wise to give her a chance to talk to you.”

“Well, it wouldn’t be wise,” she tightly ascertained.

“Okay, never mind then. That’s that.”

I made my way to her kitchenette and grabbed some ice for my drink, even though I like it without. Meanwhile, I could feel her eyes on my back as she silently wrestled youporn porno with herself over how to handle me.

Finally, she decided on, “Don’t think I don’t know Ash is all over you about influencing me.”

“You’re right, she is,” I agreed with a light tone. “Like I said, she loves you.”

“Oh, puh-lease.

“Why wouldn’t she?”

“Let’s just cut through all the crap here,” she suggested. “The reason we’re having this conversation is because you want to philander with Sheila. Isn’t that about it?”

“That’s beside the point.”

“That’s exactly the point. The one you can’t seem to get. Did I not make it clearly enough the last time, sweetie pie?”



Things were really good between Gina and I after the ice was broken. We still had to talk, but we were each very relaxed with the other while I was getting myself together, again wondering what had happened to the day.

Our spirits were still good during a late supper in the kitchen. We talked while we sat at the island on the tall stools there, me knowing this to be one of Stevie’s haunts and wondering if he’d drop by.

“So, it must’ve been one hell of a family meeting,” she teased.

I frowned before I could stop myself, but replied, “Yeah, it’s… complicated.”

“Nothing you can talk about?”

” … Auntie Ashleigh says it’s okay for Stevie to be friends with Sheila,” I gave her, leaving it at that for fear of where more information would naturally lead.

“Well… people do have the right to pick their own friends. Hell, I’ve seen them together, too.”

“You have?”

She nodded, adding, “If you’ll remember, Peggy didn’t think much of me the first time we met.”

“Smutty, this is Sheila we’re talking about.”

“But it’s got nothing to do with Sheila, either. It’s got to do with Steven and his right to run his life the way he wants.”

I said nothing to this, instead letting her continue while wishing I could get the same consideration from her and Daddy.

“I mean, if he was a kid, that’d be different, but he’s eighteen and, if he can’t make his own way with people by now, he’s fucked.”

“Sheila isn’t regular people.”

“I had a few words with her. She’s very standoffish and flippant. I find all the stories about her charm a little hard to believe.”

“That’s because you know all about her and she knows it. She doesn’t bother trying to work you because she knows it won’t get her anywhere.”

“Doesn’t Steven also know all about her?”

“That’s different.”


“He’s a man.”

“Heh. Okay, I’ll give you that in some measure, but I think there’s more to it than that.”

“What do you mean? What more than that could there be? He’s been sucked in like all men who come across her field of vision.”

“What if he’s just like her? Birds of a feather…”


“You don’t even know him.”

“You’d be surprised.”

” … Okay. Slutty, have you two done anything together?”

“What? Me and Stevie?”

“Yes, you and Stevie.”

“No,” I said honestly.

“Okay, because the last time we spoke, you mentioned a very strong attraction to him, and I’ve been wondering how you’ve been doing with that.”

“Well, I actually try to stay away from him.”

“That’s a pretty wise idea,” she annoyingly encouraged.

“I did go hang out with him once. Cause I had to. Had to see what he was like, y’know.”

“Uh huh. So, what was he like?”

“Nice. I’m curious.”

I regretted that choice of words the moment they were out of my mouth, but Gina never so much as blinked, replying without hesitation.

“He actually does seem to be a nice person.”

“You said he was weird,” I reminded her with a smile.

“That, too.”

We accepted our plates and gratefully thanked Jefferies before digging in. It was nice, the Chinese stir-fry, the low radio that played the greatest hits of the seventies, the sound of Jeffries as he went about cleaning up. It was almost like the old days.

Over a desert of banana cream pie, Gina asked, “So how does Kathleen feel about Ashleigh’s decree?”

“Not very good, I wouldn’t think.”

“She must have said something about it.”

“She tried.”

” … Like I said, it must have been quite a meeting. No wonder you drank so much when you got home.”


“I mean, I’ve never seen you drink like that.”

“I usually don’t,” I replied, again wondering what in hell happened between the balcony and my bed the night before.

“You do drink more than you used to, though. Especially since we got here.”

“I’ve got stuff on my mind.”

“Steven,” she easily assumed.


“Slutty, you know it’s really nothing to worry about, right?”

I looked at her with a questioning expression as I cleaned up the last of my pie.

“Well, it’s not like you can have him. At the end of the day, we’re going home to Mum and Dad, to our own lives. zenci porno Sheila, Kathleen, Ashleigh and even Steven will have to get along one way or another without you. Right?”

” … Yeah. Yeah, I know.”

“So, don’t sweat it. Just try to enjoy yourself while we’re here, get to know your relatives and don’t get drawn into Sheila’s little dramas. That’s my advice.”

Watching her try to pick up piecrust with her fork, I noted how I didn’t actually ask for her advice, but asked then, “So, what did happen with you and Lynette, anyway?”



I dropped the ice into my glass and froze at Mum’s comment, staring at it as her refrigerator door shut on its own. My eyes closed at the sudden memory of how she’d scared me, how she’d made me wet myself. I returned to the couch without looking at her until I settled beside her again, neither of us even noting how my drink was still on her kitchenette counter. Raising my eyes to her face, I took in her triumphant expression as she spoke again.

“That’s right, Son. Never forget who’s in charge. Your father did, and look where it got him.”

“Is that a threat?”

Instead of answering, she only shot me a mysterious smirk as she took a dainty sip of her glass.

Instead of standing for that, I slapped her in the side of the head so fast and hard that her glass went flying from her fingers and across the room. She was barely able to maintain her balance to avoid being knocked to the floor in front of the couch and, when she looked at me, she was as truly amazed as she was livid.

“You don’t fuckin’ threaten me, woman,” I warned in a voice lower and more dangerous than I knew I possessed. “And it won’t be so easy for you to pull another stunt like that. If you try it again, I won’t waste time making threats.”

Her jaw hung at my nightmarish audacity. I looked her right between the eyes, an old salesman’s trick that my father had taught me, and left the ball in her court. She picked it up and verbally assaulted me with it.

“Youuu little shit!” she actually swore as she gingerly touched the side of her face, screaming in mine afterward, “I’ll turn you inside out, Sweetie pie!!”

“You won’t even make it out your fuckin’ door,” I told her.

She knew I was serious as I said it. I may not have been looking at her eyes, but she was looking at mine and she knew I’d had enough. Erupting from her seat, she sprinted for the door of her own apartment in defiance of my claim. I have to give her credit for actually making it to her foyer before I crashed into her from behind, driving her into its closed door with a grunt before she had a chance to touch the knob. Grabbing her by the back of her dress, I wrenched her away from her only avenue of escape and flung her back inside the room to the sounds of tearing seams. She landed on the floor, but was already in the middle of getting up as I slowly advanced.

“How dare youuuuu!!” she raged as my dick woke up.

She took a breath to savagely scream something else at me, but all she got out was a high pitched yelp as I rushed her. Again, I have to give her credit here because, after we both crashed to the floor, she fought tooth and nail.

As she screamed bloody murder, I caught a few punches to the head and a partially successful knee to the balls that shook me off her. I managed to regain my feet first and, before she could get to hers, I grabbed the front of her dress by the collar and yanked her off balance. I began dragging her across the carpet on her knees and I could almost see the personal humiliation in her struggles as she kicked and screamed all the way to her bedroom. The buttons at the top of her dress had all popped, her stark white blouse still holding her big, bouncing tits. She dug her nails into my forearm, spat at me in fury and called me names I’d never heard used before.

Actually getting her on the bed was another matter. She almost slapped my face off until I got hold of her, determined not to use my Jujitsu so she’d have a sporting chance. Making a grab for her shoulder, I managed a handful of her blouse before she was suddenly out of my hands and running for the door, leaving a good portion of her blouse there. I caught up, but had to pry her fingers from the doorframe while she bit the back of my upper arm, making me holler in pain.

I managed to get her off the doorframe, but she wouldn’t stop biting and that really hurt a whole lot more than just a little. I had to pull her hair, both of us with our bodies clenched still, screaming in ever worsening pain until Mum finally let go.

She gave me a hard punch right to the face, her tits barely contained by her little dark blue bra, demanding in a high, wavering tone, “What the fuck is wrong wi-!?”


That one sent her reeling and barely able to keep her balance as I moved in, totally hard for her and tackling her again, knocking her backwards to her mattress with me ending up on top of her, and not by accident. From xhamster porno there, it wasn’t as though she didn’t fight as hard, but more how her tactics changed from offensive to defensive as I tore the front of her dress further down, right to the hem and open to see her dark blue panties, garter belt and straps.

Even thoughts of Kitten had been completely banished by the work I had ahead of me: The domination of my beautiful, bitchy, tapped out and almost helplessly exhausted mother. As she panted through ever weaker resistance, it was relatively easy to strip one of her white stockings from her leg, pin her with my body weight and tie her hands to the thick post at the top of the headboard.

“Nu- Nooo! (Gasp) What are you-!?”

After this was accomplished, I stood aside and caught my breath, watching her renewed struggles and suddenly wondering if she hadn’t been role playing all this time.

“”What are you gonna do!?” She shrilled, huddled next to the bed head.

“What do you think?” Spread your legs, or I’ll have to tie them too.”

“Go fuck yourself! You rotten little bastaaard!”

“Your sister’s right, you are a mouthy little bitch. Why don’t you do us both a great big fuckin’ favour and learn to take your place? Okay? I mean, all you gotta do is just shut the fuck up and take it, alright?”

Her lower lip trembled with anger and, for all appearances, it was real. And in the time it takes to see the love in a person’s eyes, I had a feeling, maybe even an instinct, but it was there and acted on in the same instant. Like a crazed fool, I boldly looked her right in the eyes and… no Jedi spell.

When I was naked, Mum watching every moment of the removal of my clothes, she only offered token resistance when I tore her dress the rest of the way off, though she glared hatefully at me the whole time.

“Don’t look at me like that, Mum. You wanna be a slut, than act like one. And didn’t I tell you to spread your god-dam legs!!?” I finished with a shout that startled her.

“Didn’t I tell you to go fuck yourself?” she spat in shrill reply and with genuine concern in her eyes.

I rolled mine while I advanced on her, slapping her face again, then her ass in those French cut, blue panties.

Round two: She’d had a chance to recover like I had and, hands secured or no, she put up quite a fight before I could get close enough to flip her on her back, but this only gave her a solid base from which to kick out at me from and I took a heel to the thigh. I grabbed her feet, one after the other and pried her legs apart, she fighting as hard as she could without her hands, and I couldn’t wait to get inside her for it. I watched her tits jiggle and jerk with a hungry grin as I grabbed her pussy through her panties, watching in satisfaction when she jerked her pelvis into my hand by reflex.

“I love your body,” I almost drooled with a panting leer as I forced my way between her thighs.

“Get off meeee!!” she shrilled, twisting left and right but simmered down by another hard slap to her face from my hand.

I growled when I grabbed her tits and felt her erect nipples through her bra. Squeezing them for a moment, I wasted little time before tearing it off by the shoulder straps. Using my knee, I braced her thighs open and tore her panties off next before taking up the position.

“You little fucker!” she seethed in my face with full, twisted lips. How dare you slap Mummy!”

The head of my cock found her pussy soaking wet as I ground against her, our faces now inches apart. Her anger took a hard hit when I felt the ridge of my head pass her clitoris. She jerked again, her back arching under me while her face flickered as though she’d received a mild electrical shock. I drew my length back down between her lips and probed her opening, hearing her gasp under me when it caught there.

“Fuck you, Mummy,” I said, pushing myself in hard.

“Awww-! Ahhhh!!! Uhhh! Uhhh-hhg!”

Oh god, it was so good. I loved it, especially the way I took it from her. Without even warming her up, I just set to banging her with no regard, using her like the slut she liked to be, and what was left of her pathetic struggles ceased pretty quick. She instead lay there and let me have my way with her as she cried out in seeming dismay, still keeping me on the fence as to how she really felt about this treatment of her. She always did have her subtle and fucked up ways of teasing, and one could never tell for sure.

She came within thirty seconds, and what an orgasm. All she could do with her hands tied above her head was shriek desperately as her body rocked and rolled underneath mine. She was fantastic, and the sight of her just then will stick in my perverted memory forever.

I kept on banging her, as consumed by the moment, helpless in the face of my own passions as she was. Her magnificent breasts, now free of their bra, jiggled crazily back and forth while her eyes implored and blamed me at the same time. We again found eye contact and held it until I came with hoarse yells and the feel of her canal tightening around me in her own simultaneous orgasm. The breezing rush in my ears as we were once again taken away on the wind was the perfect auditory sensation to filling my mum’s pussy with my jism

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