Separation Rendezvous

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Beautiful Pussy

The last 4 months were extremely trying for Meg and Dave. Despite still loving one another, their marriage was not working. After some tough conversations, they agreed that a trial separation would be in their best interest. With that agreement, Meg moved out and the two began living their lives as singles once again. After a brief period of “radio silence” they began texting a few times. There were some day’s they would send dozens of messages and there were times they did not hear from one another for over a week.

2 days before Valentine’s Day, Meg was sitting at her new home enjoying a few glasses of wine. She pulled out her phone and started to text Dave. She had purchased a small plant for their home and planted it in an antique silver water pitcher that had a beautiful patina from years of display. She texted Dave to make sure that her plant was alive.

Sitting at home on a Friday night was becoming a tradition for Dave. For him, it was easier to sit on the couch and watch sports all night than it was to make plans to go out. As he was scrolling through the cable guide, he heard the unmistakable text message sound ring out from his cellphone which was charging in the guest bedroom. Dave unwrapped himself from the blanket that was helping fight off the cold on a bitterly freezing night. He got up off of the old leather couch that had clearly seen much better days. Walking down the dimly lit hallway, he was intrigued about who would be texting him late on a Friday evening. Dave picked up his phone, unlocked it, and saw that it was a message from his wife, Meg.

He sat down on the edge of the bed which still felt very stiff after sleeping on Meg’s pillow top mattress for the last 3 years. He read the text from Meg, smiled, and had a slight chuckle that she still felt heavily invested in that small plant. The plant was an item that Dave did not expect to keep when Meg moved out. He researched the best ways to make sure the plant stayed alive and continued to grow when Meg left and he was proud that the plant was still thriving. Dave walked out to the kitchen and took a picture of the plant which was now sitting on a window ceil above the kitchen sink. He sent her the picture and let her know that he had been taking very good care of her plant.

The texting continued for a short while until the wine helped Meg bring up an interesting question. Of the two, Meg certainly had the stronger libido in the relationship. Where Meg had a strong sex drive, Dave was more reserved; and not as interested in sex as her. This was one of the biggest strains on their marriage and something that Meg felt made them incompatible. She decided to text Dave a simple question about their sex life. She told Dave to give her one thing that she really missed about their sex life. She didn’t care if it was the hottest moment or when he was the most turned on, she simply wanted to know what he was missing the most. She did have one demand. It had to be hot.

Dave received the text and was a bit surprised. Like Meg, celibacy had been taking its toll on him. He would often fanaticize about things that he and Meg did in bed. He felt guilty that he had taken sex for granted while he was with her. This led him to think of all of the crazy sexual adventures they had and things that he would love to do to her if he ever had the chance again. In his head there were several different things that he would think of over and over again. Thinking about sucking on her perky tits after several drinks on their first date was immediately the first thing that popped into his head. This thought was quickly replaced by what they did after their third date. It was a Friday night in the summer. They were winding down the night at a local bar near Dave’s apartment. A few hours of drinking and flirting had both of them extremely horny. They walked the half of a block back to Dave’s apartment and immediately began making out. The kissing was deep and passionate. Their tongues swirled around in each other’s mouths. Meg would lightly bite Dave’s lip and pull on it slightly. They fumbled their way into Dave’s bedroom and continued making out heavily on top of the blue comforter which is still on Dave’s current bed. Meg got on top of Dave and took her shirt off. He slid his hands from along the sides of her thighs, around to her ass feeling each thread of denim on the way up. His thumbs first made contact with the bare skin above her hips and he moved towards her breasts. As he squeezed on the beautiful mounds of flesh, Meg gasped slightly at the sensation of his hands caressing her tender breasts. He moved his hands around to her back and pulled her down. He leaned forward slightly and took the left breast into his mouth. He first began sucking on her nipple and on the side of her breast. He then opened his mouth wider flicked his tongue over her nipple as he sucked. This made her body tense up slightly as the sensation caused a quick jolt of pleasure in her pussy. She could feel that she was becoming very wet. After that, she decided it bahis firmaları was her turn for some fun. She moved slightly down and told Dave to relax. She slowly unbuckled his belt and began to take off his shorts. Dave’s throbbing cock was being held down by the material. As she slid the shorts down further, Dave’s cock sprung up towards her face, still covered by his boxers. When Meg saw these, she looked directly down at his cock and in a sexy, sultry voice, she said “well, hello”.

Dave and Meg did not have sex that night, but Meg gave him one of the best blowjobs of his life. As Dave texted this back to Meg, she vividly remembered the emotions of that night. It took her back to feeling nervous, excited, and horny. She also remembered the intense desire she had of wanting to taste his cock that night. The way Dave described this shocked her. In the past when she would ask him to text sexy things to her, he would often say that he did not know how or that he felt uncomfortable doing so. It was an unexpected, sexy side of Dave that she did not know. While she was thinking back on the first time she sucked his dick, she started getting more texts from Dave.

The next message she received shocked her. Meg was often frustrated at Dave’s need for control in most things in his life. This extended to the bedroom as well as Dave often dictated the frequency that they had sex and what they could or could not do when they had sex. It had actually gotten stale in both of their opinions before they separated. It wasn’t bad sex; it had just lost the excitement that should go along with an erotic experience. The text she received from Dave said that the thing that turned him on the most was when Meg would get on top of him cowgirl style. This was one of the few times that Meg had control during sex. She determined how she would ride him and how fast she would go. While she would ride him, he would explore her body with his hands. He would often grab her large, perfectly curved, sexy ass and grab it so hard that he would leave finger marks. She would also order him to grab her tits and pinch her nipples as she bounced up and down or gyrated forward and backward. These were some of the most intense orgasms that she had with Dave. As she would move back and forth, she would lean forward slightly so that her clit made contact with Dave’s body. This led to an intense feeling of pleasure. Dave had an average sized cock. What made Meg love his cock so much was that curved slightly upward. When Dave was rock hard, the head of his cock would perfectly hit her g-spot every time in this position. Between her clit rubbing on his body and his hard cock pushing deeply on her g-spot, she would lose herself in the intense pleasure. Dave could see it in her face when she was close to cumming. She would bite her lower lip, put her hands on his chest to ride him faster and then throw her head back in extreme pleasure. She would often give him orders to slap her ass or to grab her tits hard; and he would do so on command. This is when the force of her orgasm would force her upward off of Dave’s cock as she would squirt everywhere. The intense release would momentarily paralyze her. It would also turn Dave on and he would give her a slightly coy smile knowing that his cock had just given her an orgasm which sent shockwaves through her body.

Both Dave and Meg were both getting turned on through the text messages. Dave was rock hard and touching himself just from describing these memories. Meg’s pussy was dripping thinking back on how good sex felt. The texts stayed sexually charged throughout the night. Dave was stroking his cock imaging what it would be like to have Meg’s lips around it again. He thought of all of the sexual situations they had and what he would do to her if he had the chance again. As he was stroking his cock, the memory of Meg’s perfectly shaped ass rubbing against his dick while they lay together sent him over the edge. He stood up just as his cock exploded. It was one of the most intense orgasms that he ever experienced. He shot load after load of pearly white cum out of swollen cock.

The wine eventually caught up to Meg and she fell asleep. The intensity of the orgasm was enough to make Dave feel exhausted as well. They both went to bed without saying goodnight, completely lost in the fantasies and memories of their hottest sexual encounters.

When Meg woke up the next morning, the previous night’s conversation was the first thing on her mind. Her underserved tight pink pussy became extremely wet as she was thinking about what Dave had said. She went into the bathroom and turned on the shower so that her roommates would not hear what she was about to do. She stripped down in front of the mirror. She admired her beautiful tits for a moment. They weren’t the biggest, but they were full, perky, and all would agree that they were a great set of tits. She watched her left hand come up and start pinching her left nipple. She then took her right and slowly started rubbing just between her labia with her kaçak iddaa middle finger. The blue and gold stripes on the white wallpaper became blurred as her finger went deeper and deeper. She started squeezing her left breast with her entire hand. Her right finger began going in and out quicker and quicker. She was hitting her g-spot the same way that Dave’s perfectly curved cock would. She felt the orgasm building up inside. For the first time in months, Meg was now sexually stimulated both mentally and physically. She moved herself over the tub and let the orgasm take over her body. Meg’s entire body began to spasm as she gushed everywhere from her pussy. The orgasm came in waves and felt like it would never end. She slowed her finger down and took her hand away from her breast. She slowly licked her lips, opened her eyes, and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She was breathing heavily from the shock that her body experienced. It took a few minutes for her to be able to move. The muscles in her legs felt weak and she leaned against the sink. After catching her breath, she moved into the shower. She stood there for several minutes just feeling the soothing warm water rush all over her body, helping her come down from such a heightened experience.

Meg picked up the phone after her shower and sent Dave a text just to let him know how sexy the conversation from last night was. She also told him that it was so hot, that she had to take care of herself in the morning because she couldn’t get it out of her mind. She didn’t have to wait long for a response. A slight smile developed at the side of her lips when Dave told her that he came like crazy during the conversation. The slight smile expanded to a full on shit eating grin when he sent his next text. He told her that he was fantasizing about her all morning and had to jack off because he could not get her out of his mind. Unfortunately the texts had to slow down as they both had things to do on this Saturday afternoon.

The events from the prior evening could not escape the head of both Dave and Meg. When the day calmed down and they had some time to themselves at night, the texting picked back up. Dave began to tell Meg a fantasy that he was thinking about all day. He told Meg that he was dreaming that they could have a secret rendezvous. They could both fly somewhere for the weekend and spend that time having nasty hot sex. Meg was shocked. Was this Dave that she was talking to? He was speaking to her in ways that she was begging him for only a few months ago. The guy that claimed he didn’t know how to be sexy through text messages was now driving her insane.

Dave told her that his fantasy would be to arrive at the hotel after her. He would walk into the room and see her masturbating with a vibrator that he purchased for her. As he entered the room, she demanded that he get naked, stand against the wall, and start playing with himself. He would follow her orders and not fight back in any way. Meg would make herself orgasm a few times with vibrator as Dave stroked his cock. In this fantasy, Meg would then come over and tell him to keep his hands against the wall and that he was not allowed to touch her or his cock until she said so. Meg rubbed her hands up and down his chest as she started kissing him deeply. Their tongues would meet and they would explore each other’s mouths as they did on their first date. Meg then moved from his mouth and gently sucked on his earlobe. She moved slowly down his jawline to his neck. This is something that Dave would never allow in the past, but he was now under Meg’s full control. She lightly kissed his neck, making his muscles twitch causing him to jump slightly. Meg took the tip of her wet tongue and slowly went down his neck. This caused chills to go throughout Dave’s entire body. She slowly went down to his nipple and gave it a slight flick with her tongue. It was the perfect amount to intensify the feeling without causing too much sensation that it would become painful. In this fantasy, Meg would slowly go down to her knees, kissing the inner parts of his thighs and skin right above the base of his shaft. Dave would feel the heat of Meg’s breath on his cock which made it jump several times. Meg would be able to see the desire in his eyes and know that he could not hold out for much longer. She tightened her tongue and slowly moved it from the thick vein on the underside of his cock all of the way up his shaft and to just under the tip of his penis. Dave’s fantasy would conclude with her wrapping her soft lips around the head of his cock and then taking it all of the way into her mouth.

They were both turned on from the thought of this. Meg’s black and white Victoria’s Secret panties that Dave purchased for her developed a large wet spot from her pussy being so wet. Dave’s cock was visibly erect under his pants. It was then that Dave proposed making his fantasy into a reality. What if they picked a random weekend to meet and spend those 72 hours fucking over and over again. Meg was unsure of the kaçak bahis idea at first, but eventually her libido overruled any objections and she agreed to a weekend of sexual escapades. They settled on the weekend of March 25th. They would meet in Atlanta as it was an easy trip for both of them and there were many flight options.

As the day approached they both began feeling very nervous. Both were unsure of what it would be like to see each other again after such a long absence. Despite these reservations, they were both extremely excited about what the weekend could possibly have in store. Meg and Dave still loved each other very much, but they weren’t sure if they were a good fit. One thing they knew they were good at when it happened was sex.

Dave’s fantasy come to life would play out a little different than what he imagined. He booked a room at the DoubleTree next to the Atlanta airport. Meg loved the cookies that they gave away and the free airport shuttle made it convenient to reach the hotel. Dave arrived first and checked in. He had Meg’s name added to the room list and left a key for her at the desk. He arrived at the room and took a shower. He brought along the Dial Magnetic soap that always made Meg think of Dave. He got dressed and laid on the bed, just waiting for Meg. She was scheduled to arrive in only a few hours, but it felt like an eternity to him.

Meg arrived at the hotel and retrieved her key from the front desk. She was in such a rush that she forgot to ask for the famous DoubleTree cookies that she loved so much. She texted Dave a few minutes prior to this to let him know that she was close. She hurriedly walked to the room. She had dressed up for the occasion and turned heads as she walked through the lobby. Two business men stopped their conversation in front of the gas lit fire place momentarily to catch a glimpse of her walking by. Her long blonde hair bounced with each step. You could see in her beautiful light blue eyes that she was going somewhere with purpose. She reached the elevators and caught a quick glimpse of herself in the mirrored reflection inside. She pressed the button to take her to the 4th floor as she pulled down and adjusted her dress. She cupped both of her breasts from outside of her dress and lifted them up slightly to give them a fuller appearance. These adjustments would not be noticed by Dave.

She reached the room and used the keycard to unlock the door. Dave met her as she was coming in. He took her bag and flung it across the room onto the ugly multicolor chair across the room. As the door closed, he wrapped his arms around her and began kissing her passionately. The kiss was reciprocated and Meg moved her hands behind his back and his head. Dave took a deep breath and took in the familiar scent of her intoxicating perfume. He slid his hand down to her leg and moved it up under her skirt. She was wearing a thong which let him feel all of her ass. He moved his mouth down and started kissing and sucking on her neck while he moved his other hand under her dress as well. Meg was moaning in ecstasy from the rush of sensation. In just mere seconds, she was already wet.

She put her hands firmly on Dave’s chest and moved him towards the king sized bed with the white sheets and comforter. They fell on to the bed so that Dave was on top of her. She loved being on the bottom while they were making out. She loved to feel the power of Dave’s large body on top of her as it was a turn on and made her feel more feminine at the same time.

Meg fully expected Dave to follow the same protocol of sex that he had when they lived together. She thought he would start moving her dress down to expose her breasts so that he could grab and suck them. Instead, he moved his entire body down and slid the flesh tone thong off of her body. He started kissing her calves and worked his way up her legs. She began to tremble with excitement. His hands were massaging her thighs and the sides of her ass. He spread her legs open a bit. The feeling of his lips going up the inside of her thigh turned her on even more. Dave’s eyes were closed as he was moving closer and closer to her pussy as the moans got louder. He opened his eyes and saw her beautiful pink pussy waiting for him. Meg had shaved a perfect landing strip which made her feel sexier and was something that turned Dave on even more. Just as he started kissing the landing strip, he surprised her by pushing his middle finger deep into her pussy. She let out a high pitched scream of pleasure which only encouraged Dave to go deeper.

He knew that Meg wanted this weekend to be hard, nasty, wet sex and that was exactly what he intended to give her. There was no ramping up once his finger was inside of her. He turned his hand upside down and re-entered her. He bent his finger slightly and began punching her pussy over and over again. After months without any physical contact, Meg was extremely sensitive. It wouldn’t take long for her to cum. The sound of Dave’s hand going into and out of her wet pussy was something she had missed dearly. After only a few seconds, she gushed everywhere. Her pussy squirted so hard that it flew across the room, spraying the TV, Desk, and the wall painted in an ugly peach color.

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