Senior Year Ch. 02

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When Kelly returned home she said good-night to every one and had gone to her room to get ready for bed. She want to be alone in her thoughts of Thomas and remembers of his touch. Kelly looked at her self in her bedside mirror. she wasn’t happy with her tits they were small she only wore a size 32A bra and that was mainly to keep her sensitive nipples from always been seen through her shirt. Her ass on the other hand was nothing less than spectacular. Every guy stared at, even some of the girls. She was just about to take her skirt off when her twin sister Nikki walked in.

“So Kelly how was your date with Thomas?”

“It was fine Nikki we went to the movie and had a really good time.” Kelly said as she grabbed her night shirt and put it on.

Kelly didn’t know that Nikki wanted Thomas and that her pussy got wet just from the thought of him. Kelly pulled her skirt off and when she did Nikki saw she wasn’t wearing any panties. “My oh my.. Sis where are your panties?”

“I’ve… already taken them off.”

“I don’t see them on the floor. Did you forget them at Thomas’s, maybe? Did you let him play with your pussy…Sis?”

“Nikki how could you say that? You know I don’t do… that. Besides… it’s none of your business anyway”

“Come on… Kelly, you’re not the goody- goody your pretend to be. I know you get horny and play with yourself, you moan a little to loud sometimes. I know if I was you I’d fuck Thomas any chance I got. I just want to hear the juicy details so I can enjoy myself, too.”

“Nikki I can’t believe you.”

“Come on, Kelly. I fill you in on all my fun, don’t I? How about I tell you want I did this afternoon and you tell me about you and Thomas, Ok?”

“Oh really, and what exactly did you do?”

“Well… you know Johnny that lives around the corner? We were making out. He had my shirt open and he was sucking on my titties, I was jerking him off and then his sister Shelly caught us. Shelly said she wanted in on the fun and she kissed me and we end up doing it with Johnny watching . “

“Are you… serious? You and Shelly in front of Johnny? I can’t imagine doing… that.” That was a lie, since she had been thinking of sex more she had had thoughts of doing all kinds of things with different people she knew. Just xvideos porno the thought of her sister Nikki messing around with Shelly was making Kelly’s pussy wet.

“Kelly… Sis it was great. First the kiss… It was soft. then Shelly kissed me harder, this time with her tongue. I didn’t know… what to think at first, I had never thought of doing it with a girl. She had such a sweet taste in her mouth. I liked it….a lot. She then moved down to my neck, then to my tits and she kissed my nipples. We made out for a few seconds, then she went down to my stomach. As Nikki described want had happened her hands moved over her body. As repeating Shelly touch on her skin. It felt… great. I started to unbutton my pants, but then she took over. Down came the zipper. I couldn’t wait… to see what was going to happen next, so I pulled down my pants. I even forget that Johnny was still in the room.” Kelly watched her own excitement grew higher, as her sister’s hand caressed her body as she told her story.

“I was in only my thong and Shelly was still fully dressed. I didn’t think that was fair. I stripped her until she was down to her panties. So there we were, it felt so…weird so… sexy. She started to suck on… my hard nipples. I moaned. Shelly sure knew how to… suck. I got so… turned on. I was lying on my back and she started again on licking… my tummy. Then down she moved to my… inner thighs. I couldn’t take it anymore… so I removed my thong.” Nikki’s hand slide down and under her night shirt and into her panties. Kelly couldn’t believe that her sister was touching herself in front of her. Nikki had never done that when she had told any of her other stories. Watching Nikki was like watching herself in mirror, Kelly panties felt soaking wet. “Then Sis.. Shelly moved down… to my pussy and just… kissed it. Oh, that turn me on… Sis, Inside I was begging… for more. I just kept thinking, Come on, lick my pussy, come on, just lick it.”

“I grabbed her head and pushed it… into my sopping, wet pussy. She tongued my slit from… my ass to my clit. And when she hit my clit… I almost screamed. Then as I tried to catch my breath… She flipped over in the sixty-nine position and I… just had to taste her pussy. It was sort of… sweet, just yerli porno like her tongue. I started off licking her… slowly, but sped up… after she began moaning.”

“I looked over for a second and saw Johnny… he was still there watching. He was smiling. I didn’t even care. I just kept on going, enjoying every bit of attention… my pussy was getting. I don’t think Shelly cared that her brother was still there… because she just kept going, moving her tongue in and out as I… moaned. I put two fingers into her pussy and she just about melted. It was the sexiest moan… I had ever heard.”

“I moved in and out really… fast, licking her clit… at the same time, and her moan just kept getting… louder and louder. We were licking each other as fast as we could until all of a sudden I felt… myself cum. And at the same time, I tasted something so… sweet. We had… cum at the same time!!”

The look on Nikki’s face was different from the look she had when she had told her other stories, Kelly thought to herself. Kelly felt that this story was special to Nikki, plus she was sure Nikki’s fingers had her close to cumming. “Sis,… It… was by far the best orgasm… I had ever had. When we finally calmed down, I looked over at Johnny. He was smiling, cum all over his hand. He said it was the sexiest thing he had EVER seen. I told Shelly I thought it was great and she just smiled at me .”

“Wow, tell me.. Nikki, … what it’s like to lick… you know… pussy.”

“Kelly, Sis… I can show you a whole lot easier.” With that Nikki leaned in and kissed Kelly on the lips.

Kelly started to say something but when she opened her mouth Nikki slipped her tongue inside and that was all Kelly needed. She started kissing back and Nikki reached down and slid a finger into Kelly’s wet cunt, just as Thomas had earlier. Kelly moaned and Nikki pushed her back onto the bed. Nikki stood up and lifted her shirt over her head exposing a nice pair of tits. Kelly couldn’t believe her twin sister had bigger tits. Nikki thought it was funny she had bigger tits then Kelly.

Nikki pulled her panties off revealing her own hairy bush. Nikki laid down on the bed with Kelly and started sucking on Kelly’s nipples going from one to the other. Her hand youjizz porno was sliding down to Kelly’s pussy then she slid her middle finger in and started moving it in and out. She licked her way down to Kelly’s pussy. Nikki spread her sisters lips revealing her pink wetness then buried her face in it licking from the bottom of her slit to the top.

Kelly couldn’t believe her twin was licking her pussy she knew it was wrong but she didn’t care. She need this release. Nikki started licking lower getting closer to Kelly’s asshole. Then with no warning she pushed Kelly’s legs up higher and buried her tongue up Kelly’s ass. Kelly had never felt anything like this before and she started shivering and shaking. She remember the story that Nikki had told her about how she had been fucked in the ass and how she loved it. Then Nikki pulled her tongue out and stuck her finger in Kelly’s asshole. Nikki started licking her clit while at the same time fingering her ass. That did it that was all she could take and Kelly screamed into a pillow as she came all over her twin sister’s face.

They laid in each others arms for a few minutes gently kissing and Kelly said “that was… amazing.”

“Now it’s my turn, Sis.” Nikki said.

Kelly kissed her way down and sucked Nikki’s left nipple then her right her hand moved to play with Nikki’s pussy, the way she played with her own. “Would this be enough for you, Nikki?” Kelly asked, “or do you want me to lick your pussy, too?”

Nikki answered by pushing on Kelly’s head, pushing her lower. Kelly kissed her way down over her sister belly and looking at Nikki’s pussy. She thought “now’s the moment of truth can I really lick my sister’s pussy? Hell yes I can.” and she dove in and started licking. Kelly licked Nikki just like she had licked Kelly she even licked her asshole.

Nikki was squirming and moaning she told Kelly “put… your finger up… my ass like I did… you.”

Kelly did as she was told and started fucking Nikki’s ass with her finger. Nikki was groaning and said ” put another… one in…another one ” Kelly did as her said filling and stretching her ass with three fingers and Nikki exploded, grabbing her sister hair she pushed her face against her. humping her pussy hard onto Kelly’s face.

As they laid there holding each other Nikki asked ” tell me about Thomas, how big is his cock Did you suck it? Did he eat you? Did he fuck you? Tell me everything and when can I join in?” They laughed and played with each other as Kelly told Nikki all that Thomas and she had done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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