Semper Fi

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Captain Mike Adams awoke in a cold sweat, it was early dawn. He sat upright and took a deep breath as his heart raced. Sleep never came easy and when it did it was filled with night terrors. Squinting in the low light at his watch, it was 4:45 in the morning. Adams rose from his cot and dressed, stepping out from his tent. The sky was pink and a warm breeze cooled his sweat soaked scalp. Taking his time, enjoying the dawn, he made his way to the company HQ tent.

“Morning Captain,” A sentry said as he walked by.

Adams gave the soldier a breezy salute.

Adams mused silently to himself, “Captain! That will take getting used to.”

He entered the tent and sat at his desk.

Adams had been given the commission out of necessity. Adams’s Company was part of the Marines 1st Division. He had been a lieutenant, in command of a platoon during the invasion of Peleiu that prior September.

The Brass had predicted the island would be taken in 4 or 5 days. They were wrong.

Because of Japan’s well-crafted fortifications and stiff resistance, the battle lasted more than two months. The price of victory had been high. The 1st division was badly mauled and had suffered 70% causalities and the survivors would never ever be the same again.

The division had been taken off the front line and had returned to Hawaii to rest and be rebuilt.

His company was now back to full strength, a mix of old salts and new recruits. Adams trained and drilled the men without mercy. They had Japan on the ropes but the war in the pacific was far from over.

The night before Adams had taken in a movie with his men. Before the movie started, they had watched a news reel. The men cheered and whistled at the news that the allies were poised to cross the Rhine and the war in Europe was reaching its conclusion.

Then the news reel showed films of the invasion of Iwo Jima and the men grew silent. It was a grim reminder that their job was not done.

A staff officer had told Adams that the fighting on Iwo Jima was fierce and progress was being measured in yards, and once again Marines were dying at alarming rates.

Pearl Harbor in Hawaii had recovered from that devastating air strike by the Japanese and was full of transport ships. The scuttlebutt was that the 1st division would be shipping out soon to fight again, but where?

Mike could read a map and had a good hunch where they would be heading, but being just a Company commander and for security reasons would only learn their destination once the task force was out at sea.

Martha Simmons sipped her drink, then looked at her watch and let out a sigh. A Naval Nurse, she now held the rank of lieutenant. Before the war she was a nurse in San Francisco and a newlywed. Then in 1940, a car accident took the life of her husband. She grieved for months, then carried on her life working. Once more trying to get her life back on track.

December 7th 1941 changed everything. After that attack on Pearl Harbor, she answered her country’s call and joined the Navy. Now 4 years later, her job was training Naval corpsmen, medics who went into battle with Marines. She took her duty very seriously. These young men she trained and the techniques she taught them could mean life or death to a wounded soldier.

Martha smiled to herself recalling how she had met her now very late date, Captain Mike Adams. Part of the medics training was classroom and the medics from his company would show up limping from sprains, bruises and were battered or exhausted.

Seeking out the infamous captain, she tried to give him a piece of her mind. His callous uncaring demeanor and sarcastic remarks enraged her and she took her complaint to her superior who sat her down and told her what had occurred at Peleiu.

Her Superior was a surgeon who had been there. He told her of the carnage, the oppressive heat and the lack of fresh water. He told her about the repeated attacks to take the ridge that had led to appalling casualties and many dead marines in the span of 10 days. Reaching for a file he read Martha the final butcher’s bill for taking the Island. 1300 killed, 5450 wounded and 36 missing in action.

She left the meeting stunned and let the matter go. Then a few days later at the restaurant she was now at, he had approached her and apologized for his behavior and bought her a drink. One drink led to another and she began to see his human side. Mike was funny with a wry sense of humor and very handsome. Though only 30 years old, his dark hair showed streaks of grey at the temples and his eyes were of a man who had seen death face to face.

Martha smiled as she saw Mike enter the restaurant and pause at the bar to greet some fellow officers before making his way to her table. Giving her a peck on the cheek he sat down.

“Hey Marty, sorry I am late, but duty called,” Mike smiled.

“Semper Fi,” Martha said rolling her eyes affectionately. It was the short version used by US Marines of “Semper fidelis,” the Marine’s Latin motto meaning aliağa escort “”always faithful” or “always loyal.”

“Semper Fi,” Mike echoed smiled in toast and took a swig of the beer Martha had ordered him when she arrived.

Over dinner they engaged in small talk about their duties and current events. Martha reminded him about the big USO dance that Saturday night. Martha loved dancing and was looking forward to it.

The USO, United Service Organization was set up in 1941 and provided military personal free entertainment and recreation.

“You better not stand me up Captain Adams,” Martha warned him.

Mike took her hand and said quietly, “Might be the last dance for a while. We got orders.”

“Oh no Mike,” Martha said in almost a whisper holding his hand tight.

Martha knew better than to ask details, and Mike would never tell her. He might not even be privy to the 1st Marines’ destination. She had feared this news and had hoped this horrible war would be over before it happened.

The couple finished dinner then took in a movie but Martha could not concentrate on the film. Her mind was going every which way. She had been dating Mike for about 6 weeks and their relationship was moving to the next phase. Was it love? She was not sure but she cared for Mike dearly and treasured their time together.

When Mike dropped her off at her apartment, they kissed goodnight and she ran up the steps. Relieved her roommate was asleep, she flopped on her bed and cried, muffling her sobs with her pillow. She didn’t want to lose another man she cared so deeply about. She eventually fell into an exhausted sleep.


The dance was being held in an enormous Air hanger on the base. The couple had agreed to meet at the dance and when Martha showed up with some of her girlfriends the party was in full swing. Officers and enlisted men from all branches of the military mingled 3 deep at the long bar and buffet.

The men looked smart dressed in their uniforms and the girls had all made the effort to pretty themselves up.

Martha was no exception. She was lucky enough to have managed to get her hands on a pair of fine tan nylon stockings. They were difficult to find, what with most nylon manufacturing going towards the war effort and making parachutes and uniforms and such like.

She wore the tan stockings with a floral blue and pink dress. It was sleeveless with a shallow vee neck front and back. It hugged her body to her waist and then the skirt part flared out. Its length reached mid-calf and showed off her curvy figure to perfection. She wore black lace up shoes with a one inch heal which matched her handbag.

Captain Adams spotted her immediately even among the crowd. She was to him the prettiest girl at the dance. He ordered himself a beer, a rum & coke for Martha and waded through the crowd to her.

She saw him too and admired him. He looked handsome in his uniform. They found a table and chatted awhile before Mike asked her to dance. They both doused their “Lucky Strike” cigarettes and moved to the dance floor.

The large band began playing the Glenn Miller hit “In the mood.” The dance floor quickly flooded with couples all doing variations of the Lindy hop, a popular dance at the time. Loose dancing circles began to form and couples took their turns in the middle to show off their unique dance moves. When it was Martha and Mike’s turn some of his men were stunned to see their “no nonsense” Captain was such a good dancer! Martha’s moves were even better!

“Check out Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers!” A Gunnery Sergeant from Mike’s Company yelled out over the music.

The song ended and after a brief pause, the band broke into another hit song, “The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B.”

The place went wild with couples dancing in complete abandon. After a few more dances and quite breathless, Mike led Martha off the dance floor to the bar for fresh drinks and then back to their table.

A panting Mike tugged at his collar and suggested the couple step out for some fresh air. A breathless Martha nodded in agreement.

The couple walked out of the hanger and walked along the tarmac hand in hand till they came upon a bench looking out over the ocean. It was another warm and pleasant night in Hawaii. Mike placed his arm around Martha and the couple were silent, enjoying the breeze and just being together.

After a while, Mike turned to Martha and spoke. “A penny for your thoughts Lieutenant Simmons?” Mike asked.

“I am in love with a Marine.” Martha blurted out. She was, she was sure of it. Why else would she be so upset he was about to leave her and worst… might never come back. She kept those latter thoughts to herself.

“Well,” Mike took a deep breath, “I am in love with a navy nurse.” Mike confessed. He had been for some time.

The couple stared at each other both not quite believing their revelations. Then they began to kiss passionately holding each other close.

After a long izmir rus escort kiss, Mike suddenly got on one knee in front of Martha and handed her a small jeweller’s case.

“Martha will you marry me?” Mike asked quietly.

“Yes. Mike Yes. Do we have time?” Martha said her voice almost breaking up with emotion.

Mike shook his head, “No. No time. I am leaving soon Marty. Will you wait for me?”

“You know I will Mike, but let’s not wait for our Wedding Night. I want mine tonight. I want you Michael Adams. Let’s go to my place.” Martha whispered.

“What about your roommate?” Mike asked, a bit taken back on what they were talking about.

“She is working the night shift at the hospital all week. We will have the place to ourselves till 8am.” Martha replied.

Mike smiled. No way was he turning down such an offer from such an incredible and beautiful woman. He took hold of her hand.

“Let’s go,” he decided. The couple almost ran to Mike’s Jeep and then drove on to Martha’s Apartment.

He parked outside and they ran up the steps. Mike had to give a helping hand with the key to open the door for Martha began to tremble, unable to slot the key in the lock.

“I haven’t … not since my husband…” she stumbled over her words trying to tell Mike that this was not her normal behaviour. She was not a loose woman. She did not sleep with just any man who came along.

“Shshshhh,” Mike reassured her. “I know already.” He helped her line the key up.

Martha felt a rush of love for this man. The door opened. She shut it after them and led him to the living room.

“Now where were we?” Mike asked rhetorically, pulling her into his arms and they kissed each other passionately in the middle of the room.

Martha slid her hands up his arms to settle on his shoulders. His skin was warm and the muscles in his arms took her breath. She softly caressed his ears and neck before pushing her arms out straight so her biceps rested gently by Mike’s ears. The effect was sensual as she kissed his neck and in effect allowed him full access to her breasts brushing softly against his chest if he wanted.

Mike let her kiss him but then in a split second, he crushed her body to his. His arms slid around her back and behind her head to angle it better for a deep and passionate kiss. His tongue quickly claimed hers as they touched. He found her zip on her dress and he lowered it slow but with purpose. The dress held loose on her body.

Martha felt her sex flood with heat and it began pulsing with sexual desire. She felt his cock harden against her stomach through his trousers.

They pressed into each other, their bodies heated and the air was tinged with a desperation not just of their need but also of the circumstance. The possibility that death could intervene too early and prevent them making beautiful memories together, to prevent them ever feeling this sexual need for each other ever again, to live their happy ever after.

Neither wanted to live without it, neither wanted to feel that desperate loss. Silent pleas went up to the heavens to keep them both safe.

They clung to each other, grinding, stroking and breathing each other in. Mike’s hard thigh slipped between her legs to tease her. He moved her head around like he owned her but Martha didn’t mind. She had never been kissed this passionately or this intensely before.

They both had tonight and they both wanted this memory to last a life time if need be.

They broke the kiss and she nibbled his ears and ran her tongue down his neck. Mike groaned.

“Do that and I won’t be able to control my actions,” Mike warned softly.

“That’s the point,” Martha murmured in his ear, tonging it gently, “I don’t want you in control. I want your hot, raw, marine lust.”

She was being naughty and Mike loved every second of it.

He growled like only a good Marine could, “Semper Fi baby” he grunted and added a warning, “Be careful.”

Martha chuckled paying no heed and replied, “Carpe Diem.”

She stepped out of her dress and lowered to her knees, upright in front of him.

She undid his trousers, felt inside for him and began fellatio on his pulsing erection.

Mike smiled, moaned at her first touch and shut his eyes – “Seize the day”. He liked Martha’s answer a lot.

He liked that tongue of hers.

It was sharp, witty and she knew how to use it well!

Martha slowly leaned forward so her head was just an inch or two in front of Mike’s erection. She slowly bathed the tip of his cock in hot breath. His cock bounced slightly and his breathing became more rapid. She was rewarded with a few drops of precum slowly seeping from the little slit in his helmet. Martha ran her tongue along her lips sexily, then leaned forward and flicked her tongue out and slowly wiped the tip. She was greeted by an audible gasp at the first touch of him and then the sweet salty taste of his precum hitting her taste buds.

Completely entranced at this point, Martha extended izmir escort her tongue and began to circle his bulbous crown. Mike throbbed and clenching his jaw. She slowly slithered her tongue down the underside of the shaft and worked her way back up to the head. After doing this a few times, she allowed herself to pause at the sensitive underside of the head. She flattened her tongue and slowly bathed the underside of his rock-hard knob. After a moment she slid her tongue back down to the base of his shaft and on to his hairy ball sack. Mike groaned when Martha took each of his large balls into her mouth and massaged her tongue around them.

She listened to his moans of pleasure and knew she wanted to feel his cock in her mouth. She slid her lips up the veiny length of his shaft and found his cock tip had leaked more precum. She licked around his helmet one more time, lapping up the delicious taste of him and exploring his ridges. Then slowly, Martha slid his big knob between her lips and into her mouth. She drooled onto his cock and slowly began to slide his shaft in and out of her mouth. She licked furiously as she moved back and forth, gradually taking more and more of him into her mouth.

At this point, Mike became more vocal moaning, “Mmm, oh baby.” “That’s right, just there!”

He was overwhelmed by the stimulation Martha was providing him. He instinctively moved his hips in time with her.

Martha continued to move his big cock in and out of her mouth, occasionally stopping to lick around the head and lap up the increasing amount of precum. Mike moaned when her hands began to join her mouth on his body. Her hands felt his buttocks and then slid down to massage his aching balls while she still bobbed up and down on his pulsing cock.

“Oh God. You don’t know how good this feels.” He groaned.

Martha took this as her queue and slid her lips all the way down the length of his cock until the tip was prodding the back of her mouth. She repeated again, up and down, then slowly worked the head into her throat.

Mike half-moaned, half-gasped in delighted surprise. Martha had of course had experience of this with her husband who had taught her well and she drew on that knowledge to stimulate and excite Mike.

She started working his entire cock in and out of my throat, which stimulated more and more saliva. Mike moaned more audibly and louder. She pulled off his cock and tasted more and more precum which pumped out of him. She knew he was building up closer and closer to orgasm. She wanted to work him up to a frenzy and an overwhelming release.

She bobbed on him some more and then slowly took the entire length of his cock down her throat. Instead of pulling off, she held it in her throat and licked his scrotum. A trick taught to her by her husband. She had to hold her breath while she did it but the result was worth it. This made Mike’s breathing become even more rapid and his moans even louder. He had never had that done before!

Overcome with lust, Mike put his hand on the back of her head and started pushing her head up and down as he thrust his hips to pump his cock in to her head.

Martha was in heaven moaning on his cock, loving the reaction she had caused. He fucked his pulsing rod in and out of her mouth with increasing intensity. His groans turned into lusty growls. His cock oozed precum and his breathing was heavy and vital.

Suddenly, Mike froze with his cock pulsating in her mouth, fighting for control of his lust, and he let out a loud guttural roar.

“Bedroom now.” He growled and with that he picked Martha up like a babe in arms, “Where?” he demanded to know.

She pointed and he kicked the bedroom door open.

He stripped off his clothes in a rush and pulled Martha’s underwear off unceremoniously. There was only one thing on this Marine’s mind and that was to impale his future wife till she screamed his name in pleasure.

Mike placed Martha on her back on the bed. She leaned on her elbows watching him undress with a thrilling purpose. He removed her underwear, expertly and quickly disposed of it on the bedroom floor. He crawled up the bed, spreading her legs open as he did so. They were both naked as he pushed upwards and she slid down a little until they were in a missionary position in the middle of the bed. Her legs were bent slightly at the knees above the mattress and he was between her spread thighs. His hands slid under her upper back and his palms cupped around her shoulders.

She was panting a little, thoroughly excited. It had been a good while since she had had a man on top of her like this. Her eyes stared into his with an expression of excitement and nervous anticipation. Mike looked back and then at her slender neck, full round breasts and rosebud nipples. He groaned and kissed her, grinding gently on top of her. He enjoyed her nude body caressing him.

His hips started to move and his cock prodded and teased her pubic mound. Their eyes locked, lost in the feel of each other.

He probed her vaginal entrance with his cock. She was slick and ready for him. Without warning, he thrust and slid into her very snug, very warm and very slippery sex. They both moaned in delight as he joined with her, still keeping their eyes fixed. He decided not to ram her but to keep the rhythm slow, deliberate and sensuous.

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