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It started as another late night of initial optimism, anticipation, but with that feeling of eventual frustration just around the corner. I had spent weeks of trawling through the thousands of ladies names that were in the various directories of ICU11 with just the occasional little victory when the quick message envelope would appear on my screen. Would this be an opening at last which may lead to more than just one hopeful q/message but to never be seen again. I thought things would change when I started my own website and they would have an opportunity to see that I wasn`t your usual net perv, that I had a brain as well as a body!!

I made a point of informing the potential ladies that I was from the Uk, and that I liked flirting and could maybe be playful with the right person. I made it clear I wanted to get to know the person and that we must click as a couple. I was willing to flirt with them and discuss any subjects as long as they were interesting and fun.

Cue..quick message from “luscious lisa” … I click on my qm and there before my very eyes is a stunning woman about 30 years of age. She has written a small note saying “Hi..this is Lisa from California..I`m married with a husband with a similar illness to you and having looked at your website I think we may have a few things in common. If you are interested, please qm me back…x Lisa” IF I`M INTERESTED!!!! This last statement just stared at me from my computer screen. Wow..what a stunner..She obviously had a good quality cam and good lighting from the picture I was now studying. Lisa..who I had already fallen in complete lust with…was a strawberry blonde with long tumbling hair that fell over her semi naked shoulders. She had gorgeous dark deep sexy eyes that were just arrowing in on me and making me go weak at the knees and affecting other parts of my anatomy…but more of that later..when I found my way down to her mouth…it was one of those that as a man you just want to lean over and kiss and enjoy the taste of her subtle shade of lipstick. In essence, she was a angel sent from heaven who for some reason was under this apprehension that she might find me ..A 43 year old married man with a long term illness called Angus who writes about his sex life/fantasies for the world to see..of INTEREST!!!

By now my mind was racing, my ICQ was flashing like a disco…I`m sorry but all you ICQ chatters will have to wait…in fact I need my concentration you go…I click the x on my ICQ and silence is restored. What am I going to reply with to keep this woman`s attention…dont be a dork Angus…play it cool…like this is a regular occurence..but not too cool, as often as you guys know…you get one qm to wet your appetite and then…yes ..nothing… Right Lisa, here we go…”thanks for your qm Lisa…it was with double emotions that I received your message…first I`m sorry to hear about your hubby…would not wish my illness on anyone…(early sympathy…shows caring..) and secondly a delight to get a message from a very attractive lady ( dont go over the top yet Angus) I was pleased to hear that you had also taken the time to look at my site and therefore know a little about me and my passions in life. As I`m at a disadvantage there..perhaps you could tell me a little bit about yourself?” That should do Angus…you`ve given it your best shot…fingers crossed…I take about 10 shots of myself from my cam trying to get a so called best angle/lighting/expression to send with the message…that one will have to do…she will go offline if you take any longer I quickly think to myself…right you go!!!

I wait for what seems forever…another prick teaser I think to myself…never mind it was nice dreaming for a while…reality check Angus…she is way above your league…then ..the green envelpoe is flashing…surely not…YES!! its from her. Oh my…she is gorgeous…that smile is so alluring..she is actually smiling at me..”Angus you are so are so good with words…I can imagine myself in every story you create…you bring it all to life so that I feel what they feel…it is magical.” Wow she loves my stories and she imagines herself as the women I make love to…this in itself is such a turn on…This stunning vision before me dreaming of being touched by me…I`m in a state of disbelief..I WISH!!!! I gaze into her picture again and my imagination starts to work overtime. I would love to run my fingers through çiğli escort her beautiful long hair…feeling the silkiness of the strands as I comb it from top to bottom. Her skin positively glows as the light catches the cheekbones and it seems to breathe before your very eyes.

Once again I must get my reply in quick as she is bound to be busy and you cant let this opportunity slip away Angus!! I stare into those sexy eyes and look for inspiration…I feel I can be a bit more bold this time as I know she will not be offended by my sexual suggestions. I need to know what particularly turns this woman on in my stories or in real life? Right, here we go…”Lisa..what fantasies do you have? what would you like me to write about next that would turn you on?” Well for a penny, in for a pound as we say in Uk.

waste of time fella thinking I`m a gay.!! Ah but wait…another …click…Yessss..lovely lisa, I can`t wait to see what you written!! That lovely smile again..oh and yes a little more than just her head…a nice top with an inviting glimpse of flesh nicely finished off with a lovely necklace…I can now see the length of her hair which is cascading over her shoulders and finishes level with the top of her bosom which disappears into the bottom of my screen. “Angus..I`m not usually this forward but you bring out the sexual side of my feelings and I`m excited by that feeling. My fantasy, that has been on my mind for sometime, is to have a sexual experience online, where I am seduced by the words and visions of a sexy man. I see myself dressing up and preparing myself as I would do if I was going on a real date. I imagine this man watching my every move and being putty in his hands. I cannot resist his words of seduction..!!! There I`ve said it…what do you think of that Angus?”

What do I think?…What do I think?…I keep repeating this statement in my head…Is this for real…wake up Angus…no…I`m here…wheyhey go for it Angus. I know its difficult, but I`m seeing Lisa in a completely different light…not what you think..!! but as a sensual woman who in a vulnerable way wants to experience the same as me…no need to be in awe of her …she is just like me..!!! This is going to be so knockout.. “Well Lisa if thats what you want ..I`m your man and I`m so pleased you have selected me as your online lover.” Her reply was equally encouraging..”I would love you to be my virtual lover Angus. I`ve gotta go now, but I will be dressed and ready for you on Friday evening if you come calling at 7.30pm..12.30am your time…will this be a suitable time for you?” My response was “I`m counting down the hours already Lisa. Until then lovely lady..xx Angus.”

I have 2 days to plan my strategy and what I will wear on the night. I`ve waited months for this and now I can`t believe it is going to happen. For a man of my experience this should be just another first, but I am understandably excited as a married man, who has not been with another woman for 11 years, albeit a virtual one!!

Its THE night and I`m sitting here in front of my computer in anticipation of what`s to come. I`ve decided on my pale blue collarless shirt(lots of buttons to undo) and my dark blue Levi jeans with a 501 belt and button up flies. I have had a long relaxing bath and washed my hair, so I am a prepared as I can be. Logging onto the internet I feel a surge of adrenaline as the modem rings out. Now I`m into ICU and I wait to see Lisa`s name transfer to online. I take the opportunity to bring up her picture from the other nightand place it on my desktop. I casually scroll through the names on the directory without really acknowledging them as I usually do. If my heart was pumping fast …it has just increased unmeasurably..her name has appeared like a beacon and I can`t wait to see what she is wearing and looks like tonight!!!

I click on her name and then connect…waiting..Ohhh my, there she is and WOW…she looks absolutely incredible. It is not initially apparent what is so different from the previous night but…she looks mmmmm. She types ia a “Hello Angus…you look good tonight…are you as nervous and excited as I am? ” “Ohhh I am Lisa…you look so tonight. I can`t see what your wearing yet, but I`m not complaining…let me enjoy looking at you as you are for now.” I feel an immediate tingling sensation in my groin area as I say this.

“I feel very sexy and good foça escort about myself and have enjoyed getting ready for you.” she continues…”Well it was time well spent Lisa.” I decide its time to re focus my cam and adjust it so that I am visible from the waist upwards. Taking this as a hint, Lisa does the same with her camand for the first time I feast my eyes on her cleavage/breasts that are beautifully held in place by the black top/dress. She is not finished however and stands up and moves away from the cam and positions herself in a full front view. It wasn`t a dress, but a black blouse with buttons down the front, short black skirt..completed by black nylons. She was a vision of great beauty…a woman from top to bottom…mmm She has lovely slim legs but quite curvy hips at the top of the legs. She is about 5ft 6″ and as I take in the sight of her…she does a twirl so I can see the back view as well. Those curvy hips are part of a lovely round shaped bottom. I type out my appreciation and she sits back down to ask me if I will do the same and stand up and do a twirl also.

Lisa is very complimentary about my butt and tells me that I look really sexy in my jeans. I thank her and ask her if she can focus her cam on her head down to her waist as I would like to see her undo the buttons on her blouse one by one…Without any hesitation I watch as Lisa unbuttons her blouse, finally pulling it out of her skirt. As she does this I can see her black lace bra appear and a very nice looking cleavage…she is not too big in the breast area but there is more than enough visible and they look very firm. She removes her blouse and I am very turned on at the sight before me…I can feel my groin tightening and pushing hard against my jeans as she types out her next request…”I would like you to do exactly the same and remove your shirt Angus” I pause briefly and type “I am so turned on by the sight of you sitting there and more than happy to accommodate your request.”

With that, I slowly but with trembling fingers worked my way down my shirt buttons until I was in a position to ease it from my shoulders and out of my jeans. With a final flourish I remove it completely so that I`m naked from the waist upwards. I look back at the screen and see Lisa with a lovely smile and a sexy look which gave me all the encouragement I needed to continue with the next move. “I`m looking forward to this Lisa…I want you to remove your bra.” I typed with eager anticipation!!!

Lisa starts to move her hands in a circular motion giving the impression she is kneading her breasts and stimulating her nipples even more…At this time I wish I was standing right behind her and was able to take over this action…but as I`m thinking this, she begins to lower her hands…slowly…the top her breasts appear…then just the tops of her nipple areola appear…light pink in colour…and then with a bold move Lisa takes away her hands altogether leaving me with the wonderful sight of two naked domes of beautiful flesh topped with two very erect buds…I type in my appreciation and tell her to put her fingers onto her buds and manipulate them. I can tell this is something she wants and likes to do as she closes her eyes and just sits there with a pleasuresome smile on her face!!! I continue to rub my groin as I watch the show before me and can feel great rushes of excitement and pleasure spreading through my body. Eventually Lisa decides its time to move onto something else and types “Did you enjoy that as much as I did Angus…mmmm it felt wonderful..I imagined it was your hands and the thought of you watching was such an incredible experience…I now want to watch you to stand up and remove your jeans and show me how much that turned you on..!!!”

I type in lots of mmmmmmmm`s and then stand up and refocus my cam so that I can see myself in full on the screen. When I feel I have the best view, I start to unbuckle my belt and then as slowly as I can manage with the intense excitement in my body…I start to undo the buttons of my flies. I look at Lisa, who is staring intently at the screen and lick my lips as I lower my jeans leaving me standing there with just my red underwear to hide my enormous erection that is trying to bore a hole in them…I trace my forefinger from the base of my shaft all along until I reach the tip of my cock…I feel it twitch as I retrace my journey again…This is immensely erotic izmir escort as I watch Lisa looking at every movement and smiling greatly at the sight of my huge bulge under my pants. She types her approval “My… Angus you are such a big boy…I cant wait to see him in the flesh…how big is he when he is like that?…So many men boast about their size ..but I can see that if you do boast it is not an exaggeration…” She laughs to herself as she types this…”Well Lisa I am 9″ when fully erect but at the moment he has probably grown another 6 inches..” I laugh and give a big grin to show my enjoyment of the situation.

“Oh my God Angus…I think the 9″ will be more than enough for me” she types and grins. I decide to sit down again as I want to see more of Lisa…although I would love to just get my cock out now and give it right good wank while I watch Lisa get the rest of her clothes off.!!!!But I know there is time for that later…

Lisa takes this as the indicator to once again stand up and then start to sway from side to side making her firm breasts jiggle around while she reaches to the side of her skirt and lowers the zip. The skirt falls to the floor revealing black stockings and suspenders as well as black lacy knickers. She really has fabulous slim legs which look so sexy in her stockings and high heeled shoes. As she continues to sway I decide its time to lower my cam and show myself from the top of my legs to my head. That way she can see me playing with my bulge in my underpants while she moves around. I put my hand inside my pants and get a great thrill from feeling my cock in the flesh while watching Lisa slowly ease down her knickers revealing a fantastic heart shaped blonde mound. At this stage she turns round to let me see her nice rounded butt and returns to her seat but with her cam moved to show all of her sitting in the seat..WOW…the pussy is much nearer and she lowers her fingers to open her pussy lips for me to see how moist she is. She runs her fingers up and down the slit and stares at me with a little grin on her face. Her glistening blonde pussy is like a present from heaven and I watch as the lips are shown to me she rubs all over her opening.

I know the time is right to lower my underpants and bring out my erection…I keep my hands over him to keep him hidden from Lisa`s view for now…I then slowly allow my hand to move away from him and allow Lisa her first sight of my erection…mmm..he feels great as he throbs and I put my hand to the base of the shaft and point him towards the cam so that Lisa can see the large pale blue helmet end.. She moves her fingers away from her pussy to type the following message…”Angus he is gorgeous…I want to touch him…lick him ..suck him…mmm run my fingers along that long shaft…mmm run my lips over the end of him…ohhhhh my nipples and clit are so stiff…” With that she puts one set of fingers on her right nipple and the other to her pussy to rub her clit…Both of us are masturbating in full view of each other and loving every moment of it. We are both trying to maitain the same sort of rhythm…me rubbing the full length of my cock and Lisa rubbing her pussy…Lisa is the first to stop but only briefly as she brings a very real looking cock vivbrator to continue her rubbing…With expert precision she pushes the cock tip into her pussy and begins to ease it out and in ..each time pushing it further …

For what seems a lifetime of incredible pleasure …we steadily build up our tempo and I can feel myself preparing to cum. I temporarily stop and type that I`m nearly ready to cum and Lisa declares she has already cum once but is building up to another..!!! The sight and thought that Lisa is so turned on by what I`m doing is too much for me as I hold my hand out in front of me and explode all over it many, many times leaving a mass of white fluid on my hand as I wank the the last drops from my cock with my other hand. With me cumming …Lisa is jolted by an orgasm ripping through her beautiful naked body.!!! As if to emphasise how excited she has been she puts her right nipple right up to the cam so I can see it in close up…I could just lean over and lick that beautiful erect bud…as I try to clean up my hand with some tissues. Lisa types ” That was a fantastic sight watching you cum as I was masturbating myself…I know it will feel so much better on my own in the future as I can imagine you watching in my mind…You have an amazing cock Angus and I cant wait to see him cum again.” I type back ” Lisa…you have a stunning body and it has been an unbelievable experience for me to do this with you…I`m really looking forward to many more occasions when we can try all sorts of things “…ANY IDEAS???

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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