Seduced By The Woman Next Door Ch. 03

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For this story is not a stand-alone story and for it to make sense you will need to read the first two chapters.

As I stared nervously at John he walked up for his welcome home kiss. I was so flustered after my afternoon with Brianna I was in the midst of rushing to get dinner at least started before he got home. That meant I hadn’t showered, him arriving home early caught me completely off guard. There was no escaping that kiss, as he leaned down and our lips met he flinched pulling back a little. I felt the guilty weight of his glare as he stared at me his brow deeply furrowed. I could feel my face blushing as my heart pounded ferociously. What an idiot I was…stupid, stupid, stupid. Surely he could taste exactly what I could taste, Brianna’s tangy essence.

With an obvious disgruntled growl he snapped, “I’m going for a shower.”

The moment he was gone I collapsed back against the counter my heart racing and the taste of bile rising in my throat. He knew…oh my god he knew, how could he not know? I saw it in his face. Tears cascaded slowly down my cheek. The deep feeling of shame crushed me, he was a good man, and he certainly didn’t deserve this. He was a wonderful father, Debbie loved him and so did I. This thing with Brianna had turned me into a cheater and a liar, I felt disgusted with myself.

The beans boiling over brought me out of my loathing self-pity. Snatching the pot I felt my fingers burning and I dropped the pot spreading boiling water and soggy beans all over the kitchen floor. I sucked crazily on my burnt hand and all I could taste was Brianna. I burst into tears and collapsed on the floor bawling my eyes out.

John came racing in wearing nothing but a towel, “What the hell’s going on?” When he saw the mess and me clutching my hand, he snatched at my hand and dragged me to the sink and turned on the cold water forcibly shoving my hand under the flowing stream. “Leave it under there for at least ten minutes.” He commanded. “I will just finish getting changed then I will help clean up.”

I was still standing gripping my aching hand under the water when he returned. He grabbed the mop and cleaned up the floor, “Guess we won’t be having beans.” He joked.

“I’m sorry I will put more on.”

He reached over and turned off the stove giving me a warm smile, “Tell you what, let’s go out for dinner, and celebrate our last night of freedom.”

“Freedom….what are you talking about?”

“Debbie…she’s due home tomorrow, don’t tell me you forgot.”

Falling against his chest I sobbed, “Oh god I am such a terrible mother I have been so preoccupied lately.”

He wrapped his huge bearlike hands around me shaking me lightly as we embraced, “Go and get changed and we will make a night of it.” As I walked off he called out, “Oh you might want to shower first.”

Again my cheeks burst into a fiery red glow.

The flowing water removed little of my guilt as Brianna’s smell swirled down the plug hole. ‘WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING.’ I mumbled under my breath.

The restaurant was nice, the food was marvellous but the mood was dark, John didn’t really speak, just idle chatter about work, I was waiting like a prisoner on death row, I waited a cool chill running up and down my spine. The axe was raised and John the executioner had his arms raised wielding that huge axe hovering over me as I knelt my head slipping over the icy cold chopping block. His arms must surely be getting weary holding it aloft.

Conversation was impossible for me, I just waited for that inevitable blow, my head rolling end over end into the waiting wicker basket and I deserved every bit of it.

“Charlotte, if you didn’t want to come tonight you only had to say.” Johns words shook me, where was the axe? Why was he being so nice?

“No love I wanted to come, it was so thoughtful of you to suggest it. The food is lovely.”

He nodded, “It seems like you’re miles away…how was your day?”

“Class was OK, I swear those kids get cheekier every day.”

“So nothing special happened?”

Trembling I whispered, “No nothing out of the ordinary.” God what a bitch, the lie flowed off my tongue like treacle, who was I? In my whole life I may have told only half a dozen lies and here they were flowing like melted chocolate dripping off a hot spoon.

On the drive home he kept glancing at me, it made me so uncomfortable I snapped, “What are you looking at?” I didn’t mean it to sound caustic but that’s how it seemed.

All he did was smile, “Sorry sweetheart, it’s just hard to focus on the road with you sitting there looking so sexy.”

What…where did that come from? This was out of character for John; he never says stuff like that, never.

Trying to project a sweet smile I muttered, “You charmer, you always know how to make me feel better.”

When we got home rather than heading straight for the TV he detoured through the kitchen and poured us both glasses of wine. Leading me to the settee we sat close and his arm fell antalya escort across my shoulder, his warm smile instead of comforting me made me look up looking for the executioners axe, waiting, waiting.

As we settled back my phone beeped signalling a text. “Is that yours?” he asked.

Nodding I dragged it out of my purse and flicked it open, it was Brianna. ‘ARE YOU COMING OVER?”

My heart pounded as I wondered what to say. “Anything important?” John asked.

“Um no it’s just Brianna, she asked me over to have a look at a book she’s working on.” More lies, Jesus what am I doing?

“Are you going over?” He asked and I felt the anxiety in his question.

Shaking my head I whispered, “No, we should enjoy our evening together.”

He hugged me tight, “Hmmm sounds nice to me.”

‘SORRY NOT TONIGHT.’ I texted back.


John watched on intently as I replied. ‘ANOTHER NIGHT PERHAPS.’


In bed that night John was keen to make love, but as we sunk into our usual foreplay my mind switched off, Brianna’s words and memories of her sexy kiss filled my mind. As our bodies tangled and his fingers found their way into my kitty Brianna’s touch smell taste feel all filled my mind.

John I think was encouraged by my open pouty slipperiness. His fingers slid in easily and quickly found a persistent rhythm pushing in and out making me writhe and push back on his hand.

His engorged erection felt hot and strong in my hand as I stroked him. This was our routine and it hadn’t changed in years. It was like a project plan, step one kissing, step two feeling, and three insertion and tonight we were right on schedule.

His huge rough body soon found its way between my legs thrusting powerfully driving into me. I raised my hips arching my back, normally I didn’t have to fake orgasm but tonight with my mind swirling I cried out in my sweetest voice as he approached his orgasm I made sure he thought I was accompanying him on his fall into heaven.

John fell into a deep sleep as he always did after sex. His loud snoring soothed me, but I was awake and alive, my fingers dipped into my kitty so recently full of his sperm and it lubricated my dancing fingers. The pungent smell of his sperm assaulted my nostrils as I worked its creamy substance all over my clit. My legs fell open and my fingers delved deeper, in and out, my other hand flat against my clit pressing, squeezing massaging as the liquid sounds of my fingers plunging wetly into my slit accompanied Johns deep snores.

I was going to cum, I could feel it, my muscles tightened, my bum clenched, I was almost there. Brianna I sighed wanting to feel her lips, desiring the feel of her smooth silky flesh the taste of her pussy her cunt, oh god that word fell out of one of her novels, yes her cunt I wanted to taste it feel her slithering little clit squirming beneath my tongue, her hot sticky juices filling my mouth.

“Oh fuck.” I cried into the pillow smothering my silent ringing whimpers.

My body tensed thrusting hard up against my hand as I slid over the waterfall of orgasm, every fibre of my being tingled; I trembled violently as I gave myself over to the delight.

As I lay there, trying to keep my breathing quiet I realised John wasn’t snoring, the night was quiet except for my heavy breathing. “Are you alright love?” He asked.

Scared to trust my unsteady voice I mumbled, “Just a nightmare, go back to sleep.” Oh you deceitful lying two faced bitch.

The morning dawned as it always does, I didn’t wake up without a head, but it was there the dreadful fear that when John woke he would swing that life ending blade.

No he woke beside me smiling greeting me with a kiss. He was gone before I knew it and I tried to focus on housework. I was into the laundry when I heard the doorbell. As I opened it Brianna pushed in forcing me back against the door. Her mouth crashed into mine her arms holding me tight as her tongue slithered into my gasping mouth. I looked past her in fright, if anybody was watching they would see. I fell backwards dragging her with me as I struggled to get free, “Brianna…stop…let me breathe.”

She saw me reaching for the door and kicked it closed with her foot before diving back into our kiss.

I wanted to say stop but my body betrayed me. I welcomed her tongue with a welcoming embrace, sliding mine along hers enjoying the feel of her slithering forcefulness, ardent desire coursing through my body.

When her hand grabbed a fistful of my quivering kitty I was lost. My arms circled her head and I sank into the kiss her hand mashing brutally against my pulsing mound.

Her fingers scrunched up my dress as she grasped my kitty back and forth rubbing harder and harder. I felt my lips open sticky with expectation.

Her leg pushed between mine forcing my legs apart alanya escort and her hand took the opportunity to dive into my panties, her finger quickly sliding into my damp slit, into my aching slutty cunt, “Oh god, what are you doing.” I cried squeakily, “Brianna.” The sound of her name excited me as I purred, “Oh fuck, god stop.”

Her hand strong her fingers toying and moving inside me teasing, fucking, thrusting. On and on she went driving me crazy with lust. Right there in the foyer with the world just inches away I came all over her hand drenching her delicate fingers in my gooey juice.

As I trembled struggling to stay upright she lifted her hand and licked her fingers as if savouring the most delicious treat, “Ah I needed that, god where were you last night?”

“Brianna I have a husband, a family.”

She sighed leaning against me crushing our boobs together, “I know darling but I need you to, don’t ignore me.”

“I’m scared John knows, I’m sure he suspects.”

“So…who cares, if he doesn’t like it you can move in with me.”

I was shocked at her coldness. “Brianna he is my husband, I love him.”

She chuckled evilly, “I love you as well darling, and I want you more than him.”

Before I could absorb her words she pushed me backwards and I stumbled as I peered into her eyes, “What are we doing?”

Smiling teasingly she whispered hoarsely, “We my darling are going to fuck in your bed, I am going to fuck your brains out for the rest of the day. I am going to show you how a woman makes love.”

The day vanished in a flurry of flailing arms as she fulfilled her promise. We lay together; my marriage bed desecrated and a wet patch as big as the pacific slowly soaking through the under blanket with my brains spread far and wide fucked into oblivion.

Brianna could have barely been in her front door when Debbie burst in catching me climbing out of the shower and the bed stripped, “hey mum, Whatcha doing?”

We hugged as I explained I had a busy day. John came home to find me scurrying around the house sparkling and Debbie chattering wildly about her trip.

The next few days I saw nothing of Brianna, she texted to say she had some book promotions to do. One of the promotions was at the local bookshop so I wandered down to see what it would be like.

As I walked in the shop overflowed with ardent enthusiastic fans all waiting impatiently for their book signing.

I walked in staying to the back as I took in what her fans looked like.

I was shocked to find many were like me, housewives, mothers and ordinary people. Yes there were a few absolutely startling young women who were obviously lesbians, their dark gothic attire giving them away.

There was one woman angrily protesting loudly that Brianna was destroying the hard work of feminist who were trying to further the claims of real lesbians. Listening to her vitriol alarmed me, what are real lesbians? Brianna was definitely a lesbian. I simply didn’t understand, OK she might not be fighting the feminist cause but she was definitely a lesbian I could attest to that.

I walked home confused. I slipped back into her book and the day disappeared in her words. She was such a wonderful writer; I felt transported to the world she depicted, my kitty tingling and moist to the touch.

By the time Debbie was due home I needed another shower, my sticky honey covered my fingers and a little wet patch on the day bed the guilty evidence.

The weekend snuck up upon us and Saturday morning John announced he was going to play golf with some friends. I was glad; with him gone I could focus on finishing the book and discover Merilee’s fate.

I watched John through the kitchen window as he loaded his clubs in the car, but out of the corner of my eye I spotted Brianna. Oh my god if the car surprised me what she wheeled out of the garage absolutely amazed me. There sitting in the driveway was a motorcycle a glistening gleaming motorbike bright shiny paint and chrome. Brianna stood out, dressed in tight fitting leather that glistened as brightly as the paintwork. I peered across at her in total amazement. She of course noticed me with my mouth hanging wide open staring shamefaced. She smiled coyly and waved signalling me to go over.

I walked up to her and she kissed me lightly on the lips. “You ride this?” I asked in disbelief.

She laughed at my naivety. “Yes Charlotte I ride a motorcycle, do you like?”

I walked around it running my hands along its shiny bits, “I have never been on a motorcycle before.”

She shook her head in wonder. “Never been in a convertible, never ridden a motorcycle, never been kissed by a woman, you lead a sheltered life Charlotte.”

I felt her hand resting on my bum as I stared in open mouthed amazement.

“This is yours?” Johns booming voice scared the hell out of me and I brushed Brianna’s hand off my quivering bum.

Brianna beamed, “Sure is.”

“Wow, it’s alanya rus escort a Harley Davidson isn’t it?”

“Yep, I was just about to go for a ride. I’ve been trying to get Charlotte to come with me.”

He turned his gaze to me, his brows arched high, “Really…Charlotte!” He chuckled, “You’re wasting your time there, she would never get on one of these.”

His words hurt, they rang true but his lack of understanding hurt. “Actually I was thinking it would be fun.” I blurted out before I knew what I was saying.”

Brianna gushed, “Jump on, it won’t bite.”

Nervously I threw my leg over the leather seat and shivered as the hot leather stuck to my exposed flesh, I guess dresses and motorcycles don’t go together, I leaned forward holding the handlebars.

“Lift your foot up on the pedals.” She suggested.

John stared on in absolute shock, “You’re not really considering it are you?”

He didn’t understand me at all. “Yes I am actually, it might be fun.”

Brianna smiled, “Yes it will darling, that I promise.”

Again John stared.

“Does it go fast?” I tittered.

“Only if I want it to.” She replied.

“Would you go gently?”

She laughed, “For you my darling anything.”

“I don’t have anything to wear?”

“Jeans, of course…what size shoe do you take?” She asked.

When I replied she commanded, “You go and put on some jeans and a t-shirt I’ll get the rest.”

I skipped away quickly before I lost my nerve leaving John standing alone, his mouth gaping as his eyes followed Brianna’s swaying leather clad bum.

When I returned John was walking around the bike but Brianna was nowhere to be seen. “Charlotte, you’re not serious?”

“Yes I am, I have always wondered about what it would feel like.”

Brianna appeared carrying an armful of gear. “Sit up on the bike.” She commanded.

As I did she slid off my sneakers and replaced them with knee high shiny black patent leather boots and when I stood up she slipped a leather jacket on me doing the zip up tightly.

I was quickly running out of enthusiasm for this ridiculous idea but she moved quickly pulling a helmet down over my head. She did it up tight and gave me some instructions to hold on tight and just follow her lead, lean when she leans and just relax and enjoy.

She jumped on first and I followed nestling up close behind her. As I sat there she reached around and grabbed my arms and pulled them around her waist.

She started the bike and it burst noisily into life it sounded so loud in our little neighbourhood. I peeked back and saw John standing mouth still hanging open shaking his head. I snuggled up behind the sexiest woman I had ever seen.

The bike surged out onto the street and I had to hold on as I squealed in shock. Soon we were out on the motorway cruising along and if the convertible was freeing this was complete freedom, I had never experienced anything like it, I could feel it, the vibrations, the instant surges, I could hear it every twist that Brianna made on the throttle I could hear the bark of the exhaust. I was alive.

I held on tight as she sped up and soon we were going god knows how fast all I knew was I loved it, I could feel my heart pounding and my little kitty tingling with the vibrations through the seat.

About 30 KM’s up the road she pulled into a roadhouse to get fuel. We climbed off and she smiled broadly, “Well? What did you think?”

“I think I’m in love.” I gushed.

She giggled, “Me to.” The look she gave me made me wonder, was she talking about the bike?

She led me by the hand inside where she ordered us lunch, she never asked what I wanted she just ordered for both of us. “I haven’t brought a purse or anything.” I whispered in her ear.

She smiled that intoxicating smile. “Who cares, next time babe.”

We ate and she told me a little more about her life, where she was from, where she went to school, but when she started on about her writing I gushed, “Oh my god your books are amazing.” I was worse than a love struck fan, “Truly they are incredible.”

Her bewitching smile shone brightly as she patted my hand, “I’m glad you enjoyed them.”

As we were getting ready to leave I said, “I have to go to the ladies first.” She smiled nodding. I raced off to the loo and as I walked out of the cubicle she was standing there waiting. I stared into her eyes and she moved forward slipping her hand behind my head and pulled me into a kiss… a kiss that instantly lit up my insides, it was overpowering and I couldn’t resist I fell into her arms properly and her tongue interrogated mine in a short but fiery battle.

She pushed me back against the sink pushing her shiny leather clad legs either side of mine. I felt her mound on my thigh as she writhed against me, her knee pushed up between my legs and the leather massaging my kitty I felt it open and gasp clinging on as she ground against me.

I was afraid, scared somebody would walk in, afraid of what I was feeling inside. Shaking wildly I still couldn’t fight off Brianna her hand roughly massaging my crotch grasping roughly pushed hard by her leg which continued to grind and mash her hand against me. “Oh god.” I moaned into her mouth, “Christ Brianna what are you doing to me.”

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