Secret Santa

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My family puts on a Christmas party every year. This year, it was to be a costume party, and no one was allowed inside, unless dressed for the occasion. I was going as a young Mrs. Claus. My sexy short skirt, with its white fur trim, red velvet and wide, shiny black leather belt. I had the cutest black boots, and black thigh high stockings. I had dyed my hair the evening before, a gorgeous shade of coppery red. I even had twinkling green contacts to complete the ensemble! No one would recognize me, with my fur lined, red velvet mask. I planned to get lucky at this party, and purposely did not wear any panties with my short skirt. Easy access!

A few days before the party, I received a gift, a small package was left on the doorstep of my condo. I opened the gift card attached, and it said,

Merry Christmas! Wear this to your parent’s party. Do not turn it on, I’ll do that.. Love, Santa!

The package contained a strap on Venus Butterfly. I’d always wanted to try one of these, but hated going into adult stores. I suppose I could have bought one online, but never bothered. This too, I wore tonight to the party, in the off position as instructed.

I arrived at the party fashionably late, and as I entered, several male heads glanced my way. Jaws dropped at the sight of my breasts spilling out of the top of my outfit. I had dusted them with a light coating of glitter, that sparkled as the light reflected off my creamy mounds. I smiled at the gentlemen, a merry twinkle in my green eyes.

I wandered around, admiring some of the outfits, laughing at some, and disgusted by others. One woman had almost all of her gargantuan breasts displayed in a gaudy red blouse, and black slacks. Her mask was frayed and dirty, and I wondered how she got in!

I spotted my mother, in her graceful red dress, with a hint of white fur at the V of the front of her gown, and at the hem trailing along the floor behind her. Her full figured body encased in a pretty red and white number, was the epitome of Christmas, but not much of a costume. Her bottle blonde hair elegantly coiled into a bun. She looked lovely, if matronly. She hadn’t aged as well as my dad had. He was still youthful looking at 48, and I thought he was extremely sexy still. I’d always had a little crush on him, if I were honest.

I searched around for my dad, but did not see him. Curious, I wandered around some more, returning greetings offered to me with a gracious smile. I could tell that no one recognized me as the daughter of the house. I became aware of someone staring at me.

It was intense. The hairs on the back of my neck stirred, and goose bumps dotted my arms. I scanned the crowd of guests, but noticed no one staring at me. Something caught my eye, and I happened to glance up the stairwell. There he stood. His eyes bore into me, and my heart began thumping fast and hard. My lips opened, and unconsciously my tongue licked my naturally red lips. I was so engrossed in the handsome man at the top of the stairs, that I didn’t even taste the fruity gloss on my lips.

My breathing quickened, causing the swell of my breasts to heave slightly, giving away the fact that I was drawn to this man. His eyes searched mine, as if searching for a clue as to my identity. We were in the same boat, for I hadn’t a clue as to his identity either. His mask effectively hid his identity from me.

I could feel the juices begin to boil between my legs, and I knew I had found my target for the evening. Before it was through, he and olgun porno I would have a wild night of passion! As my eyes took in his costume, I realized that he was, in all ways, my other half for the evening. He was the young Santa, to my young Mrs. Claus!

I watched in lust, as his eyes traveled my body from toe to head. He took in my long sexily clad legs, my firm round buttocks, and trim waist. His eyes lingered on my partially exposed, creamy tits. With a will of their own, my hands traveled up my rib cage, and lightly caressed my breasts, causing my nipples to harden immediately.

I watched his reaction, and his hand discretely passed over the crotch of his pants, giving his package a slight squeeze. A loud burst of laughter brought us both out of our trance, and as I turned away to see who was laughing, he descended the stairs slowly, only to be engulfed in the crowd.

Throughout the evening, our paths crossed several times. Our eyes connected often, and the messages that were never spoken, were loudly heard. I went to the bar, and ordered another drink, and grateful for the quiet for a moment, I slipped out the back door to the deck outside, for fresh air.

My breath floated out before me, as I sighed in the crisp night air. The stars were out, the sky clear. The full moon shone brightly, and glistened on the fresh snow in the yard. Even the trees in the yard were decorated to the nines, with lights and ornaments, and each had its own special topper.

So engrossed in my surroundings, I almost panicked when there was a sudden buzzing between my legs. I was already so turned on that the vibrations made me moan instantly! I froze in place, assaulted by pleasure. The little butterfly had a nose on it, similar to a hummingbird, and that nose was furiously flicking my engorged clitoris. Then, just as suddenly as it had begun, the buzzing stopped. I slumped over the rail, tempted to finger my pussy to orgasm. I had been so close!

Raising my head, I looked around to see if anyone had witnessed my assault. Not a soul in sight. I recomposed myself, and re-entered the party. My eyes instinctively sought out my secret Santa, and I located him, standing next to my mother and a group of women. Moms hand was on his arm, laughing up at something he was saying. Instantly, I was jealous. I had yet to hear him speak!

I took a seat on the circular sofa, facing his direction. I watched him silently, thinking that he was unaware of my presence. His posture became slightly more erect, and he bent his head towards me a bit. He knew I was watching him. He slipped his hand in his pocket, and seconds later, I felt a gentle vibration on my clit. My lips parted in a silent “Oh!” and I squeezed my thighs together tightly. I prayed no one could hear it, and I didn’t really think anyone could, beings the Christmas music was playing gaily in the background.

Squirming, I sought respite from the insistent buzzing on my sensitive clit. If I didn’t get relief soon, I was going to pass out from the sheer effort of trying to control my emotions. I had to get out of here.

Slowly, so as not to arouse suspicion, I stood and headed for the stairs. I only intended to go to the restroom, and let the toy do its job, when it stopped again. I stopped in my tracks and turned towards him and my mothers group. Boldly, I approached them, still having said barely a few words to anyone. I wanted to test my mother, to see if she recognized me. If I could fool her, I could fool playboy porno anyone! I sat at a chair near them. She smiled at me, and asked if I was having a good time.

Disguising my voice, I said that yes, I was, thank you. She smiled again, and said she was glad, that that was the point of the party. She excused herself from the group, and went to check on the catering company. Dinner would be served shortly. Acting as if I didn’t know the layout of the house, I asked where the restroom was. I was directed upstairs to the hall restroom, as one of the ladies said she just saw someone enter the lower level restroom.

Slowly, I made my way to the stairs again, and I caught Santa’s eye. I smiled, and tilted my head to the upper level, inviting him to come up with me. He winked and nodded. Eagerly, I went up to await his arrival. It was a good five minutes before I heard a light tap on the door. I opened it, and there he was. Without saying a word, he came in, took me in his arms, and kissed me.

I wound my arms around his neck, my lips molded to his. Our tongues clashed violently, the passion exploding between us. His hands were on my breasts in no time at all, and I was tugging at his Santa belt. When I had his swollen member out, I dropped to my knees. He was super thick. My hand didn’t even cover half of his thickness. I stroked it several times, pulling the foreskin back further with each stroke. I loved that he didn’t have a long cock. Perhaps six and a half inches, just the way I like it.

My tongue traced the head of his cock, slipping into the slit for the droplet of precum. He moaned sexily. Encouraged, I wrapped my lips around the head and began working to get it all wet enough to take it in deeper. While I stroked him with one hand, the other began playing with his balls. His cock jumped in my mouth. I looked up at him, and swallowed the rest of his manhood deep in my hot, wet mouth.

His hand sought out the remote control in his pocket, and he turned the butterfly on again. He set it at a medium speed, and my pussy was on fire in seconds! I was already so wet from all its teasing earlier, and it didn’t take long for me to burst into flames as my orgasm hit; it hit so strong, I felt my juices running down my legs.

Santa then pulled my head off his throbbing cock, and helped me to my feet. He placed me up on the cool marble counter, and spread my legs. Slowly, gently, he removed the butterfly, and slipped it in his pocket. Then he turned his attention to my pussy.

His tongue circled my wet clit, flicking the throbbing nub of my center. I moaned delicately, and spread my legs wider. My hands in his hair, guided him to my secret spot, and soon I was begging for his beefy fingers in my pussy. Nothing got me off harder than being finger fucked!

He slid first one finger inside of my hot box, worked it around, then slid another in next to it. This drove me wild! He turned his hand, palm up, and began to frig my cunt fast and hard! I dug my heels into the counter, raising my hips to meet his tongue. “Yes, SUCK IT!” I begged, “Suck my clit hard!”

He intensified his efforts, and the combination of his fingers, and the suction on my clit sent me crashing over the edge, drowning in wave after wave of pleasure. “Ohhh, my God!” I panted. He stood then, his Santa pants bunched around his ankles, and placed the head of his fat rod at my soaked pussy entrance.

“Yessssssssss,” I hissed. “FUCK ME!” He pushed my legs further apart, pornhub porno to accommodate his large body, and rubbed the head of his cock all around my dripping love hole.

Finally, he stood there, barely pressing his cock at the entrance, and said, “Merry Christmas, Baby!” As his cock plunged deep inside me, I recognized that voice!

“Daddy!” I squealed, completely shocked! I was fucking my Father! “Oh God, Daddy, what are we doing?”

“Do you want me to stop Angel?” I was flabbergasted. Hell NO! I didn’t want him to stop! My pussy had never felt so fucking good! I shook my head, as my legs wrapped around his ass and pulled him inside me.

“I’ve always wanted you, Dad.” He bent forward to kiss me, and whispered he had always wanted me too. He hit bottom, and just stood still for a few seconds, enjoying the feel of his baby girl’s tight pussy wrapped around his swollen cock. Then he began grinding into me. His big, heavy balls began slapping my wet bunghole, and I moaned. God, this felt so good!.

I loosened the grip of my legs, and my dad began fucking me in earnest now. His fat cock stretched my pussy wide, and he brought his hand between us, using his thumb to stroke my eager clit. “Uhnn, oh yeah, dad, JUST like that!” I moaned.

My hands caressed his shoulders, but I wanted to feel his skin! I brought my hands down to his ass, and dug my fingers into his cheeks. “Fuck this is good, daddy! Don’t stop!”

“Never baby girl, My God, I’ve dreamed of this day for years! Always watching your sexy body, scampering around in bathing suits, shorts, mini skirts. What a turn on you’ve always been.’ He thrust into me deeper, telling me that I turned him on so much, that her mother benefited as well. “I’ve fucked her brains out nightly, since you were a teenager, dreaming of fucking this tight little pussy!”

“I wish you HAD fucked me as a teenager, Dad. So much time wasted!” His hips thrust wildly into me, and I could feel his cock swell inside of me, hard as a rock. “Cum inside me daddy, I want to feel you inside me for the rest of the night!”

His thumb circled my clit, faster, harder, and then with a growl, he lowered his mouth to mine, and shot his seed deep within my pussy, triggering my orgasm. I moaned into his mouth, as my pussy spewed its juices all over his cock. I could feel our mingled juices running out of me, and traveling down the crack of my ass.

Then Dad did something that surprised me. He pulled out, and drug his wet cock from my pussy to my ass. He slipped it inside in one quick jab, while he was still hard. The pain was intense, and I couldn’t help crying out! “Take it out daddy, it hurts!”

He smothered my cries with another kiss. “Shh! Baby, it will only hurt for a minute. I promise.” And true to his word, as soon as I relaxed, the pain quickly turned into pleasure. I moaned uncontrollably as he moved himself in and out of my tight rear. I pressed back against him, begging for more. Daddy happily obliged! He began thrusting his mammoth meat into my ass fast and hard. I fingered my slippery nub faster and faster, feeling a huge orgasm building up inside of me.

“This is it, baby girl… I’m going to C O M E!!!” My father let out a roar, and I felt his hot load shoot deep into my ass. I was right behind him, my pussy exploding with hot juices, and seeing stars, it was so intense! My dads hands still gripped my ass tight, and I could feel his cock inside me, pumping out the last of his come. “Oh God, Princess, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had!” I had to agree with him on that one!!

This is what I came to the party for, to be filled so completely! All my girlhood dreams had come true tonight, and I knew now that we’d broken the ice of desire there would be many more nights like this!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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