Savitri Comes to Stay with Ravi

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I am 35 and my wife Charu is five years younger than me. We have two kids a 7 year old boy and a six year old daughter. During their summer vacations we usually go to visit my wife’s parents. They live in the countryside; some three hours run if you are traveling in your own vehicle. Our children love it there. For one thing it is a joint family. Both brothers of my wife live there with their families. So there are five more kids to play with. And they are all of the same age group. The house itself is a big attraction to them. A big mansion, with vast seemingly unending fields all around them provides a big Play ground. And there is no dearth of pets. Dogs, cats, hens, cows, squirrels parrots and a many more. So it is always difficult to bring them back when the planned week is over. As for me, that is the only time when I get some respite from the daily grind of running a busy medium sized hospital.

My attractions there is the home made liqueur, (which I am kept constantly supplied with by my brothers in law starting with the breakfast till late at night dinners) and the two sisters in law. Being a reputed doctor with a roaring practice and owning a busy hospital there is no dearth of women hankering after me. But I try to stay away from most of them. But my wife’s vigilant eye and fear of some big scandal help me keep all of them at a distant.

But here at my in – laws house nobody pays much attention to what I do and where I go. My mother in law and her daughters in law all are very hard working women and they all have very sleek and well-formed curvaceous bodies. My mother in law must be above 55 but not a single gray hair to show for those 55 years. She could easily pass for a 45 year old. There routine is very different from us city people. They get up as early as 4 o clock and finish most the work by noon, when it gets too hot and it is difficult to work outdoors. During these eight hours they cook food clean and tidy the household, tend to the poultry and the cows and buffalos, milk them and work in the fields. After that they again take a shower get ready and by that time it is lunch hour and they again get busy in the kitchen. My brothers in law also get up early and are usually out in the fields by the time I wake up. I don’t bother to wake up my better half. I know that she likes to sleep late after the night’s labor which is at least two sessions and innumerable orgasms. I get ready devour the breakfast and down my first glass of the day and go out in pursuit of the ladies of the house.

I watch them working, talk to them and sometime flirt a little with the elder sister in law. Many times I had offered them a helping hand but they had refused every time. I still stay with them giving them company. During this time I get a lot of free show of their cleavages and legs and sometimes when someone is wearing a petticoat or sari I am rewarded with a peek way upwards, of nicely built thighs. They usually don’t wear bras while working. I can’t say anything about the panties because till now I have never been rewarded with a peek that high up. They keep me horny and excited whole day long which combined with the copious amount of alcohol consumed during the day leads to those prolonged night sessions I mentioned above. My wife was no less happy with the sets-up. She liked the peace and serenity, away from the city’s hustle and bustle and being surrounded by all her own.

But this time the things took an interesting turn. It so happened that on the fourth day of our weeklong visit I got a call from my colleague early in the morning that I will have to come back immediately as one of the doctors had fallen ill and another on had to go out of town, on some urgent work. I was much disappointed but nothing could be done. But thank God that he informed before I had taken my first peg of the day. So I told my wife that I will have to go back. And I will have to take the car if I wanted to reach in time and that they will have to come by bus. After the breakfast I went to our guest room, packed my things and put them in the boot of my car. My wife came out with my mother in law. I thought that they have come to see me off but they had other plans. They had decided among themselves that my mother in law will travel with me to the city and stay with me till my wife and the children come back. Then mom will go visiting her other daughter who lived in the same city as us. She had a lot of things packed for her daughter and the grand -children. So traveling with me in the car she won’t have to lug and haul the big suit cases. I could but oblige. This put further damper to my already waning spirits. I was planning to give myself a treat by adopting a carefree lifestyle of a bachelor, going to the pubs, eating out, partying with my colleagues and friends and most importantly check out our new neighbor who was always making eyes at me. Alas! Now I will have to stick to my old routine and behave like a good boy.

I had to wait for another half an hour while my mom in law got ready. We started around six and I hoped that I will still make it by 9 30 or ten. For the first hour of the drive I kept on cursing my bad luck, my wife and her mom. But then I started gangbang porno thinking of a way out. May be I could phone her from the hospital and tell her that I will have to do the night duty also. But the idea didn’t appeal to me from the very start. I thought of a few more excuses but found all of them equally non-viable. I gave up and decide to pay attention to the work ahead. How was I going to manage both, the out patients and the wards?

Suddenly my mom in law asked me “What’s on your mind Ravi?”

She calls me by my first name only when she is going to talk about something important or when she is trying to be unduly affectionate. Usually I can make out which one it is going to be. But this time it was neither. So I looked towards her. She looked a little anxious and wound up.

I immediately felt very bad. I had not uttered a single word from the time we had set out. Keeping mum like that to someone who cared for you and respected you so much, was not only rude it was criminal. All they wanted was that I won’t have to bother with the household chores. I scolded myself inwardly.

“Nothing mom” I said. “I was just thinking about the hospital. How am I going to cope with the Out patients as well as the wards?” And don’t know for how long?

“Oh! That? Yea that’s going to be very trying.” The felt the tension in the car lessen a bit but an awkward silence followed again .My mind was racing to racing fast to say something, to start a conversation of some type. But I was silent. I had never felt such tongue- tied ever before. At the back of my mind there was a feeling that there is more to it than I could discern.

“I thought it was something else.” She said after a long silence.

“What was ‘something else’? I answered with a question of my own.

“Whatever you were thinking about?”

“What else I will to be thinking about in such circumstances.”

“May be you were feeling bad about being stuck with an old woman.”

“I was nearly paralyzed by her words. She had hit the nail on the head.

“Which old woman?” I replied looking very astonished.

She turned towards me, full face, eyes shining.

“When did you start counting yourself among the old? I said trying to sound a little flirty. But my laugh which accompanied my joke didn’t jell.

She turned her face away from me looking straight ahead. Her hand, folded into tiny fists, resting on her lap. I noticed that her fists were clinched tightly. Her knuckles were milky white. She looked tense, a little unsettled, as if she was trying to make up her mind about something. I had never seen her like that. “What could it be except my bloody bad behavior? Everything was hunky dory when we started.” I scolded myself inwardly for being such a jerk, for behaving in such a childish way. I was not finding anything to say to bring the atmosphere to normal. “Are you upset about something, mommy?”

She literally winced at my words.

“We village people are simpletons.” She said after a short pause, instead of directly replying to my question.

“Why do you say so? Simple or straightforward is one thing but no, not simpletons.”

I inadvertently lifted my hand from the gear shift and placed it on her knee. She immediately placed her hand over it her fingers filling the gaps between mine.

“When will you be back from the hospital?” She asked.

“Late. In the evening.”I replied “Most probably around seven o clock.”

“You won’t come home for lunch?” She asked, concern clearly showing in her voice.

“No chance. I will eat at the mess. I eat lunch there a lot of times”

“Then try to make it as early as possible in the evening.”

“You know, I will.”

She smiled in reply. “How will I know?”

I didn’t say anything.

“Promise, you will be back at the earliest. I will keep the dinner ready.” She said.

“I will wait for you.” She added hurriedly.

The atmosphere was electric. I had never heard her talk to me like that in such a husky voice and with such a pouty and petulant face. It was not ‘mom in law – son in law’ talk anymore, I felt. I looked back ate her but she had already turned her face and looking straight ahead all calm and poised. Just for a moment a thought crossed my mind. Maybe my wife’s ghost had entered her or maybe she is my wife only in her mom’s disguise. The foolishness of the thought brought a smile on my face.”

“What are you laughing at?”

“I Promise.” I replied pinching my throat. And this time I actually laughed.

“OK! Tell me, what will you like to have for dinner?”

“Whatever you cook with these hands is bound to be a delicacy.”

She slapped my hand lovingly.

“And moreover you know very well what all I like.”

“Like you know my likings and choices. Don’t you?”

“How can you say that?”

“Oh really! Then why you are bringing those big cartons of snacks every time you come to visit us.” She said. “And those boxes of pastries? Say that you don’t bring all that just because I like them.”

“Everybody likes them. There are so many children” I said defensively. It was true. czech harem porno I never gave it a thought before but every time I bought those pastries she was the one I always had in my mind.

“Not the mango flavored ones. Only I eat them in the house. Children and others eat those chocolate ones”

Our talk was turning into a romantic tete – a- tete. And I was having a big hard-on. It was troubling me a lot, getting bigger every second. I had a strong urge to caress her knee. I removed my hand from her knee and gripped the knob of gear shift tightly.

After sometime she started talking about her other daughter. How she had been unable to visit her for a long time and how she longed to see her grandchildren. I couldn’t decide whether I was relieved or upset over the change of topic. This gave me a chance to surreptitiously feel and position my dick through my pant pockets. But I don’t think my moments went unnoticed. She gave a slanting glance towards my crotch. I looked at my crotch and found that in trying to make that bulge in my pant less noticeable I had actually made it look more prominent. As I put my hand back on the gear shift she boldly put her hand over mine. The soft delicate touch of her hands sent some more waves of desire to boggle my mind.

But soon we entered the city and I got busy with maneuvering the automobile through the morning traffic. I hurriedly dropped mother in law on the front gate of our house handing over Charu’s keys to our house. She waved at me “Take care.” I raced to the hospital.

The day went in a jiffy. Twice Charu called me on my mobile but I had to ignore it both times. She was used to it.

As I came out of the hospital late in the evening there were only two things on my mind a chilled large whiskey and a soft cozy bed though the day’s events at the hospital still kept on intruding. I remembered about my wife’s phone calls only when I was unlocking my car. I checked for any messages. But there were none. “I will call her from home.” I decide.


Oh my god!

Mom in law?

I had promised her to come back at the earliest. All the work at the hospital had made me forget her totally. I felt sorry for her, sitting all alone in the big house the whole day long, confined to the four walls. Again I thought that Charu shouldn’t have done this. I pressed harder on the accelerator.

As I turned the keys in the lock of the front door I felt rather than heard soft footsteps on the carpet nearing the door.

I opened the door and saw her standing on the threshold in a dark nightie. She took a step forward and put her one hand on my shoulder. “Welcome home.” She smiled.

I put my arm around her and gave her a light hug. We walked to the drawing room our arms still around each other. As we reached the hall she separated and moved away towards the kitchen. “You must be very tired. Do you want to take a bath? I put the geyser on sometime back.”

Again I felt a lump in my throat and suddenly ‘taking a bath ‘ seemed to be the very thing I needed. I took off my shoes and immediately made for the bath. It is connected to our bed room via another door. But as I entered the bathroom I saw my night gown tidily hanging from the clothes rod and water already running in the bath. By the time I came out of my clothes it was half full. I lowered myself into the bath and closed my eyes to relax. The whole scene played before my eyes again. She standing in the doorway and putting her hand on my shoulder and me hugging her. It didn’t look like mother in law and son in law thing. It looked more like a woman greeting her man after he returns from a hard day’s labors. The only thing lacking was me planting a kiss on her forehead. Somehow I felt that I should have done that. I immediately stopped myself from thinking along those lines and tried to envisage my new neighbor welcoming me in her flowery house coat. I have seen her many times in that it is a front opening one and it ends just above her knees and bares her thighs every time she bends down or swirls around. I found myself stroking my dick fondly. “Masturbating is also more of a bachelor’s thing.” I reflected, and got myself ready to jerk off. I have always enjoyed masturbating. The idea of me jerking off only made my dick harder in bigger in my hands. I looked at it proudly and started slowly shuffling my hand up and down closing my eyes and imagining my sexy flirty neighbor undoing the buttons of her house coat one by one. She was only half way when I heard a knock on the door.

“I have put your clothes in there?” My mom in law said from behind the door.

“Yes I saw them. Thanks.” I said in a hurry.

“Don’t take too long I have already put the Keema in the micro wave.” She commanded. She knows that keema and naans is my favorite dish.

That put an end to my plans of pleasuring my own self. I hurriedly finished soaping myself and cleaned all the sweat and grime under the shower. As I unfolded my robe I found fresh underwear under it but no pyjamas or lower. I donned whatever was there and came out. I heard her in the kitchen pouring things into the service bowls and went to czech mega swingers porno help her. She saw me and immediately pointed with the ladle towards the dining table. I turned and found myself staring at a tall glass full of whiskey and ice.

“Thank you” I said my mouth watering at the sight of the golden liquid.

I lifted the glass and was about to take a sip when I remembered seeing my mother in law gulping down a small peg of their home made concoction before dinner a few times in the past. I turned towards her. She was standing in the doorway. I had never seen her in a nightie. Saris and petticoat mostly. The lights falling from the kitchen had made her dark nightie somewhat translucent. I could clearly make out her white bra and white panties. Her big breasts looked more voluminous in the tight fitting one or two sizes too small for her nightie she was wearing. Charu’s most probably. I noticed that she had bathed and washed her hair recently. Her hair were not tied in a bun as usual but were left untied flowing freely on her shoulders and behind her back, loosely gathered with the help of a clutch. Another first. My cock grew instantly hard and full length again. I looked down but my robe was hiding the bulge as yet.

“Won’t you join me? I asked her. I offered my glass to her.

“I have tasted whiskey a few times but usually I prefer our own home made thing. That also I take very rarely. Just a small glass.”

“We should have brought a bottle of that with us. I also like that liqueur of yours very much.” A thought came to my mind. We had a bottle of red wine. Charu likes to take it on some special occasions or when she feels like giving me company.

“Wait! I have something for you.”

“No! I will just take a sip from this.” She pointed to the glass in my hand. I proffered it to her. She didn’t take it but came closer and took my hand holding the glass in both of hers tilted the glass towards her mouth and took a small sip. Not missing to touch my thumb, curled around the rim of the glass, with her lower cold wet lip.

“Tastes good”” she said in hardly audible, husky voice.

Her soft hand and gentle touch was sending some very hot waves of desire to my already excited grey matter. She tilted the glass towards me I took a big mouthful from it with her hand guiding the rim of the glass into my mouth. Her thumb touched my lower lip for a moment. She had moved even more close and stayed there, our bodies brushing against each other. Her neck was bent slightly backwards as she looked at me, her mouth slightly open and her chest heaving. She closed her eyes and signals from my brains suddenly switched off. I put my free hand on side of her neck and caressing it lightly with my thumb moved it slowly up and backwards and ran my fingers through her ‘a little moist’ hair. I freed my other hand from her grip and my arm moved behind her back taking her in a tight embrace. I felt her boobs pressed against my chest. Our eyes met and we kept looking into each other’s eyes for some time. Her quivering lips were begging for mine. But I don’t know why I couldn’t bring myself to oblige them. I just planted an affectionate peck on her forehead. She immediately curled her arms around me and buried her face somewhere under my armpit. As I lifted my head her face also came up. Her eyes were pleading. “Wait” I said in a voice I myself couldn’t recognize as mine.

I went in the kitchen and poured her glass of wine from the fridge. She followed me into the kitchen. I silently offered her the glass. She again didn’t take the proffered glass from me but instead took my proffered hand in her hand and took a small sip. Umh! She exclaimed and in turn took my other hand with glass of whiskey and put it to my lips. I took a big swig. The cold liquid burned my inside and a feeling of warmth started to spread throughout my body. I placed both the glasses on the kitchen shelf and pulled her towards me. She reciprocated by putting her arms around my neck and lifting herself on her toes. Her lips were just but touching mine. “Wine is not what my lips are thirsting for.” She said in a trembling voice. I did want her to say anything more and sealed her lips with mine. My God! Did they taste good? So soft, juicy and sweet.

We kissed for long our lips slowly nibbling, sucking, licking and our tongues trying to explore the deepest corners our mouth at times trying to entwine around each other and at times fighting to gain control our to safeguard their territory. Our hands were equally busy, constantly moving caressing the backs running through hair. I think I had never made such mad love to someone like since my honeymoon with her daughter. When I broke away she was out of her breath and her legs were wobbly. My heart was beating fast. We both were breathing heavily and noisily. My dick was throbbing. I lifted her and placed her on the shelf and moved between her legs. Her nightie rode high exposing her milky white thighs. My one hand immediately moved down to caress the smooth, silky skin. I was of mind to tear that negligee off her. She folded her legs around me and moved closer her crotch pressed tightly against my rock hard erection. She took my face in her hands and started planting small pecks on my cheeks and chin and forehead occasionally brush the same lips over mine repeating my name all the time. This took some of the heat away. Otherwise I or maybe both of us would have had our orgasm there and then on the kitchen shelf itself.

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