Saturday Date Night

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Your call catches me right as I’m about to leave work, telling me only to prepare for a special date night. I hang up, eager, already envisioning what you might have in store for me. I get home, change into casual pants and shirt, making sure to put on those panties that you love to see on me, and head out to meet you. All through dinner I badger you about what you have planned, but you smile that mysterious smile and tell me to wait, that I will find out soon enough.

We pay the bill and leave, you driving, the anticipation killing me in the passenger seat. We talk as we drive, about how we haven’t had full-on sex yet, how you are still nervous about having me try to take your thick cock in my small tight ass. I’ve sucked you before, barely getting half of it in my mouth, though you never complain, and certainly you cum like a river as I suck you off. You smile at our conversation, still hiding something. You weave through the city, pulling into the parking lot of the large adult store in town, escorting me in and steering me through the aisles to a wall of dildos and vibrators. You point to one near the floor, a medium-sized dildo with a large head, smaller than your cock but larger than mine. I bend over to pick it up, my shirt riding up momentarily and showing off the waistband of those lavender panties, knowing you’re watching me. I wiggle just slightly to tease you, picking up the package
and standing back up.

Driving back, the toy on my lap, already out of the package so I can feel the firm silicone that will soon be inside me. Getting back to your place, You pour us wine while telling me to strip. My jeans and shirt fall to the floor, turning around in my panties for your viewing pleasure, before bending over to push them all the way to my ankles, kicking them off of me. I stand there, hairless and naked, my slim body just twitching for what will happen next. I feel you step behind me, one hand massaging my stomach while the other slips down to my ass. You’ve lubed up your fingers while I was stripping, and I feel them slide between my ass cheeks. The strong fingers, cupping one cheek then feeling for my hot little rosebud, the fingertip teasing the rim of my asshole. I moan instinctively, wanting you to push inside, but you let them rest there, making me almost sit on your hand as you get my hole all lubed up.

Taking the wine glass, you sit back on one side of the couch, and invite me to sit at the other. I do, facing you, letting my legs fall open, showing my pretty lubed hole and rock-hard cock. I take the toy, knowing what you want to see now, and rub the tip along my asscrack, finding my wet hole and start to push in. I grunt, gasping at the feeling of something so large intruding into my tight little ass, but clench down on it and let it push into me, inch by inch. My cock feels harder by the second as I fill my ass with the new toy. You can see my tiny hole stretching as I work it, until the last bit is in up to the hilt. I start to work the toy in and out of me slowly, feeling every inch of it leave and enter my ass, until I see you move closer.

You reach out, taking the handle of the toy, and push my legs even wider apart. Picking up the pace, you start to thrust the dildo in and out of my ass harder, holding down my hips with your other hand to keep me from squirming too much. I’m panting, feeling the hard silicone slide in and out of my ass. You keep up the pressure, your free hand transferring to my hard cock to slowly jerk me as you toy my ass. You push the toy deep into my ass, burying almost the hilt inside me, and tell me to stand up and go to the bedroom. I get up, trying to walk down the hallway, half-waddling from the toy still lodged deep in my ass. I get to the bed and lay down on my side, pushing out my ass as I hear you approach.

Your hands reach to my ass, cupping and kneading my skin as you pull the toy free of my ass with a loud pop! sound and reach around to push it to my mouth. I part my lips, letting you slide the toy, covered in cherry-flavored lube and my own ass juices, into my mouth, tasting the hot sex of our toy time. As I suck the fake cock, I feel you part my cheeks and your own large cock sliding between them, edging closer to my asshole. I grip the bed, sucking the dildo in and hoping that it stretched my ass enough to let you inside me. You rest your large mushroom-shaped head against my puckered hole, and with your hands on my hips to hold me steady you start to enter me from behind.

I buck as your cock starts to fill me, screams mixed with moans as I cry into the dildo stuffing my mouth. Tears run down my cheeks, your cock can barely fit, but you slowly work it into my ass, stretching me beyond what I thought was possible. At long last, after what seems like an eternity, you are inside me, your thick meat filling me up, I swear my stomach is bulging from the huge cock inside me. I pull the dildo from my mouth to gasp for air and try to relax, as you rest inside me, letting me adjust and the pain subside. Your large head is rubbing against my p-spot, slowly turning the pain into pleasure.

You pull out, again balçova escort slow, and as you emerge I feel the air rush into my now-gaping ass. You don’t let me rest, pushing in again, slightly faster, but I’m able to take it better, and your cock hitting my p-spot sends jolts of sensual pleasure through my body. You rock back and forth, both of us still on our sides, until you feel the need to pick up the pace even more. You pull out and spank my playfully, telling me to roll over onto my stomach, and then all 4s. I do as you say, wiggling my ass in the air, wanting you inside me again. The pain is almost gone, replaced with a burning desire. You kneel behind me, gripping my hips as you thrust into me hard, deep, nearly bottoming out the first time.

Once on my hands and knees, you treat me like a slut, fucking me hard. Your cock pistons into my ass, making me squeal with pleasure everytime you enter me. You’re fucking so hard your balls are swinging back and forth, sometimes slapping under my ass with the thrust. I put my head down, surrendering to you, letting you have me as you want, bareback for the first time, making me your little cock-hungry slut. I hear you groan, knowing you’re getting close. I clench down on my ass, tightening it even more so you are fucking me harder, and then in an instant you’re cumming. Your cock spasms, and a flood of hot cum spurts into my tight asshole for the first time. As you pull out, your cock softening, you push a small buttplug into my ass, then let me flop back to the bed. I feel your cum, warm inside my ass, the toy feeling much smaller than your monster cock. You lay next to me, idly fondling my body as you come down from your orgasm, and
we lay there together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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