Sarah’s Story Ch. 07

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“Sarah, are you all right?” Asked Julie, sounding worried.

“I’m fine, Julie. Really. It was just a bit of a shock, that’s all. I’m cool with it and it’s ever so sexy. How long have you two ..” I didn’t quite know how to ask.

Julie smiled.

“All our lives it feels like. Our Mum and Dad had kittens when they eventually found out but they came to terms with it when they worked out we weren’t going to just stop.”

“So all these people here are into incest?” I asked.

“Yes. They are either doing it for real or like pretending or just watching. You’ll see when you start exploring. Talking of which it’s time for you to go solo, young lady. I’ll stay here with Dan while he recovers a bit.”

“Ooh Julie. I’m a bit scared.” I wailed theatrically.

“Don’t be silly.” She laughed. “You’ll be fine. They’re all good people here and they know you’re new. They’ll be gentle with you.”

Julie helped me back into my dress and patted me on the bum to send me on my way. I envisaged everyone walking around naked but everything here was done in a very proper fashion.

I said goodbye to Dan and the others and slipped out of the door.

I flipped a mental coin and turned to my left down the panelled corridor. As I rounded a corner I bumped into a couple coming the other way. They smiled politely introduced themselves and went on their way. I wondered if they were related or just pretenders or watchers.

The next door I came to I decided I’d see what was inside. Taking a deep breath I plucked up some courage and went inside.

The room was small and again dimly lit but this time with red lights. There was a clothes rack at one end, hung with all manner of men’s and women’s clothes. At the other end was a table at which sat a rather mature gentleman dressed in a dinner jacket.

“Good evening.” He welcomed. “You must be Sarah. I’m George.”

He stood up and offered me his hand. I reached out and shook it.

“Does everyone here know my name?” I asked pointlessly.

He laughed.

“We’re all informed of newcomers and a little bit about you. It helps to smooth your entry to the club; make you more welcome.”

“So what room is this?” I asked.

“Ah.” He said. “This is the dark room. It is completely void of light. Your eyes will not become accustomed to it; you will have to feel your way around.

Before you enter take off all the clothes you do not want to lose because if you take them off in there it is highly likely you will not find them again.”

“Interesting.” I mused.

“Feel free to try it, Sarah. It is a most unusual sensation to have to feel your way around. There are several other people already in there and I am sure they will make you most welcome, once you find each other.” He smiled.

“What about you?” I asked. “Are you employed to help or are you a club member?”

“Everyone here is a member. All Jack and Moira’s staff are given the night off. We just take it in turns to help out where required, the bar, food or guiding new members. It just so happens my partner is unwell tonight so I volunteered to be a helper.”

“Oh you poor thing.”

He laughed again.

“Don’t worry about me. I shall, no doubt indulge myself or be indulged later in the evening. Now hurry up and make yourself ready if you’re going in or you’ll miss all the fun.”

I noticed he was watching me as I went towards the clothes rack. I turned back to him and made a show of taking off my dress, sliding my hands over my breasts before I hung it up and kicked off my shoes.

“Oh, and there is a cord that runs around the room. When you wish to leave make your way to the side of the room and follow bareback studios porno the cord. Where it runs out is the doorway.” He added.

He grinned broadly then pointed towards the black curtain. I pushed it aside and let it close behind me and I was immediately in darkness. I reached out in front of me and touched some more curtain material and guessed that it was a double entrance to exclude the light.

I reached to my left and immediately felt the cord he told me about. There was another to my right.

As I stood still trying to get accustomed to being in the dark I could hear breathing and a little moaning ahead of me. I took a small step forward and nearly toppled as my toe hit the edge of the thick mats, similar to the last room I was in. I felt it best to proceed on all fours.

The next thing I felt was flesh, someone’s arm or leg possibly and I apologised.

“Don’t start apologising for bumping into someone in here or that’s all you’ll be doing.” Came the giggling response of a younger woman.

I carried on forward for a few feet and there were hands touching me from all directions. One slid across my back and down over my bum gently squeezing when it got there. Another slipped through my long hair while another brushed my cheek. It was quite surreal but erotic nonetheless.

I reached out and found myself a masculine thigh that I thought could be quite interesting. Slowly moving my hand up I soon had a nice big fat erect penis in my hand and gently started to fondle it. I could catch quiet moaning from above me.

I settled back to see where this progressed letting my tongue wander around his inner thigh. It was then I felt another set of hands find my midriff, probably female, and they quietly explored my body before slipping up and circling around my breasts.

“Mmm they feel nice, my dear.” Came the voice from nearby and at the same time I felt the penis in my hand twitch.

“Thank you.” I returned. “What you’re doing with your hands feels nice too. Please excuse me not returning the compliment immediately but I have a rather fine prick in my left hand that I’d rather not leave for a moment.”

“That’s quite understandable, my dear.” Soothed the voice, her hands taking their time in examining every inch of my large breasts. “I am Marie, by the way.”

“I’m Sarah.” I answered.

“Oh, the new girl. I’ve heard much about you. You’re here with your parents aren’t you?”

I felt her tongue start to lick around my nipples.

“Oooh, that’s nice Marie. Yes, it’s my first time but I they left me in the bar with some friends and I’m not sure where they are. Are you here with anyone?” I asked her.

“Your parents have a particular niche they enjoy. I’m sure you’ll find them eventually. And me, I’m here with my son although I too seem to have temporarily lost him.”

“Are you, um, in a relationship with your son.” I asked and immediately thought I may have gone too far. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be so personal.”

“That’s perfectly alright. We can all say what we think here. Some people like to pry as it helps satisfies their sexual needs. For example it can be such a turn on hearing how a father is fucking his daughter or how a sister and brother enjoy oral sex.

“To answer your question, no, I’m afraid not although you may guess that I’d like nothing better. I brought him here because I thought it might push things along a little, that he might show his affection for me in a similar way.”

I felt her hands start to wander downwards. She stroked my thighs, letting her hands slide gently up the inside but stopping short before she reached the top and czech amatör porno all the while continuing to lap and suck on my nipples.

“How about you, Mr lovely cock.” I asked up into the darkness above me.

There was just his heavy breathing through the silence.

“Some people like to remain anonymous in this room, Sarah. If he moves away then he is no longer interested. If he stays, accept that he wants to be here and is enjoying what’s going on.” Marie explained.

“Would you touch my cunt please, Marie.” I said bluntly.

“I’m sorry, I can be such a tease.” She laughed.

Her hand travelled up my thigh then I felt her fingers form a vee and settle either side of my pussy lips. She scissored her fingers and we could both hear the squelchy sound of my juices.

“Oooh, wet girl.” She hummed.

“Mmm yes.” I groaned. “I can get very wet especially if someone’s playing me like you are.”

Her fingers slipped between my open lips and slid up and down my juicy slit. I felt the waves of pleasure wash over me.

“God, your cunt is so hot and slippery. My fingers are soaked already.” She mused.

It was lovely hearing her talk. I think though it was also for the benefit of our male companion. Where sight was missing we all had to compensate, something I had so far failed to grasp.

“Feeling your fingers open my cunt lips and slide about inside. Oh god, you keep just missing my clit each time. You are such a tease, Marie.”

“That’s right Sarah. I like hearing you talk too. There’s no hurry to play with that nice big stiff clit of yours, now is there? Not when my fingers can slip around your hot little hole here. And I love sucking on your nipples while I play with your cunt. You like that too, don’t you. They are very sensitive, aren’t they?”

“God, yess Marie.” I moaned out. “I love the feeling of your tongue and lips on my hard, sensitive nipples while you finger my dripping cunt. Ooooh, Marie yesss. Push your finger into my cunt hole, yes, yes, two fingers, god I love you stretching me.”

“What a hot little slut you are, Sarah.” I could tell Marie was getting wound up too. “Letting a complete stranger suck on your luscious big tits and finger fuck you.”

“Yes, I’m a complete slut, Marie but you’re a filthy bitch. Fancy picking up a young girl and abusing her for your own pleasure, so you can suck on her tits and finger fuck her. Does it get you off, Marie? Is your cunt dripping wet and ready to be fucked?”

“Mmm, Sarah, yes. In fact if this young man wanted to speak he would tell you how wet I am. He has two fingers pushed into my cunt as we speak and he’s fucking them in and out just like I’m doing to you.”

“Fuck, that’s so hot, Marie. Don’t stop. Keep fucking me with your long fingers, stick them hard up my hot cunt hole, you bitch. Make me cum all over your fingers.”

I felt the big stiff cock in my hand pull away. I felt disappointed but I guess he could tell the two of us were getting along just fine without him. Then suddenly Marie fell across me with a grunt followed by a deep moan.

“What’s wrong, Marie.” I asked, slightly panicked.

There was a long pause before she spoke. She pushed herself back off me and I could feel she was swaying rhythmically, accompanied by a slapping sound. She didn’t need to tell me she was being fucked.

“God, sorry Sarah.” She managed to gasp. “Our young man has decided to push his, ooh god, yes, nice big cock up my cunt. Oh god it’s been such a long time.”

To give Marie her due despite receiving an apparently long overdue fucking she never lost her enthusiasm for fingering my needy pussy. Her fingers czech bitch porno worked deep inside me and with the rhythmic sound of her fucker slapping against her I was utterly transported.

Her head slowly bowed until it rested on my lower stomach. I could feel her hot breath against my cunt. I pushed my hand down and buried it in her hair as I felt my orgasm fast approaching.

“Oh, Sarah, this is so good.” She panted. “I want to taste you, Sarah, I want to taste your hot juicy cunt while this prick pounds into my hole.”

I pushed her head down in silent acceptance then felt her tongue connect.

“Oooh fuck, Marie. Lick me. Lick me, Mummy.”

I still had some sense about me and knew she’d love that. I heard her muffled cry then I felt her finger slip down below my pussy hole.

“Oh, Sarah, darling. Let Mummy make you cum. Mummy’s going to push her finger up your tight little bum and make you cum all over her face.”

Her body movements told me that whoever was fucking her was getting close too. I felt her finger press up against my asshole and, lubricated by my copious juices, it slipped in deeply.

As her tongue latched onto my clit I felt my world explode. I bucked up against her, driving the finger deep inside my bumhole and her face against my spasming cunt and I came and came.

I heard her guttural tones and her body stiffening and knew that she was cumming too. Then a voice split our senses.

“Mum, oooh god, Mum. I’m going to cum inside you.”

Marie cried out, practically sobbing.

“Jamie, oh Jamie, oh Jamie yessss.”

I was too wiped out to connect everything that was happening at that moment. I was enjoying the sensations as I slipped back from my peak in a gooey afterglow.

The three of us were in a sweaty heap, breathing hard and gently stroking each other’s glowing bodies. It was minutes before anyone could speak.

“Jamie, is that really you?” Asked Marie.

“Yes, Mum, it’s me.” Came the male voice who had shared our session. “I’m sorry. I was just so scared of making the first move.”

“Oh my baby.” I heard Marie gasp. Then I heard the sound of little caring kisses. “How did you know where I was?”

“I followed you in here and just waited until I could hear your voice. I was amazed that you picked Sarah out while she was stroking me. It was like fate or something.”

“I remember your lovely hard cock twitched when Marie spoke.” I said. “I obviously didn’t think anything of it then but it must have been a bit of a shock when your Mum started playing with me.”

“It was a surprise and I still didn’t want things to stop which is why I kept quiet. When you two started talking dirty I couldn’t help myself. I had to fuck you, Mum.”

“I’m so pleased you did, Jamie. I want you again, soon, but this time I want to be able to see you, touch you and play with that lovely big cock of yours.” Added Marie.

“I’ll leave you two to become better acquainted, then.” I said easing myself out of the little pile of bodies. “But thank you Marie. That was a lovely cum and Jamie, nice to have met you, sort of.”

I felt around until I found Marie’s face and lent forward to kiss her. She patted my hand and they both said goodbye. Hearing them talk made me think of my own parents and how much I wanted a nice big prick of my own inside me.

I made my way to the side of the room and found the cord. Working my way with it as my guide I soon found the curtains and made my way out into the red light. Dim though it was I had to squint for some time before I became accustomed to the light again.

“Did you enjoy that?” Asked George.

“Different.” I managed.

“Did you forget something?” He asked as I reached for my dress.

I looked at him quizzically and followed his gaze down my body. I’d left my knickers in the room.

I shrugged my shoulders.

“Oh well, probably just a hindrance anyway.” I smiled as I zipped up my dress and let myself out of the room.

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