Sarah and Noah Ch. 02

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Noah felt himself wake up in the soft, silky sheets, a little confused. Suddenly, the images came rushing back to him. Sarah. Sweet, perfect Sarah. “Please be real please be real” he said to himself, as he opened his eyes. He found himself staring up at the finished wooden beams that gracefully decorated the ceiling. Sarah’s bedroom ceiling. “Thank you God.” he said as he exhaled. It had all been real. The best night of his life. He had confessed his love to his baby sister Sarah, and she confessed right back. They made love like he had never experienced before. And here he lay, still smelling like her – a mix of sweat and strawberries and pussy juice. Where was she? Was she OK? Did she regret it all? He jumped out of bed, his morning wood flopping in the air uncomfortably. He quickly put on his boxers and ran out of the bedroom door and down the hall.

And there she was. Sarah. Her hair messy but gorgeous. She sat wearing his t-shirt from last night with her panties on. “Hey there sleepyhead” she said, with a smile.

“Hey…are you OK?” Noah asked, still frozen, just looking at her sweet face and sexy body as she wore his shirt. It was all he wanted to know. Was she OK with what had happened?

“Yeah, I’m awesome. I got fucked by my big brother last night so I’d say I’m on top of the world. Did you do anything fun or were you being boring and lame?” she said back, and started laughing. He exhaled as he smiled. He was so, so grateful that she was fine with this. Fine with what they had done. He couldn’t help but break into laughter too as he moved towards her and onto the couch next to her.

She looked at him – passing her eyes slowly over his tight, muscular arms and his abs, knowing what he felt. As the older brother he felt responsible. He was afraid he had violated her, taken advantage of her. He was afraid she wished it hadn’t happened. She was going to re-assure him. “Noah?” she asked. “Yeah?” he said back. “I’m OK with what we did, you know that right? I’m more than OK. It was the best night of my life. I also am OK with everything I pledged last night.”

“Well, I wasn’t sure if you had regrets. That I didn’t hurt you.” Noah said back. He was a lion in every part of his life, but with her, he was kind, sweet, humble. She loved that about him.

“Noah – I don’t regret a single thing that happened last night. Do you know why I’m still wearing these panties? Because they’re soaking wet with your baby batter after it poured of out my pussy and I’m still dripping a little and I want to revel in it. I feel so sticky, and warm and dirty and amazing. I wanted to just feel it for a bit before I cleaned up.”

“How did you learn to be so naughty while being a virgin this whole time?” he said, and leaned in to kiss her, finding her lips and meeting her tongue with his inside her mouth. She sucked his tongue for a few seconds, enjoying the feeling of him in her mouth. That tongue had been so talented last night. She pulled away – “I’ve been imagining what we did last night for years.” she said. I might have never had sex before, but I’ve thought about you time and time again. Watched enough porn to know my way around.” she told him.

“How long ago have you felt this way about me?” he asked. They cuddled into each other on the couch as he put his hand into the shirt she was wearing so he could gently rub her back.

“I think when I was around 18, I started to realize that I looked at you differently. You weren’t just my cool big brother anymore, I had started to see you with a certain kind of respect, maybe? You became more and more the kind of man I wanted to be with. I didn’t think I was the shit or anything, I just didn’t want anyone less than you. I had gotten used to you. To the way your treated people, the way you acted under pressure, the way you made sure the people you love were taken care of. The way you took care of your body. Your kindness, your intelligence, even though I can still beat you at Scrabble. I think all around I realized you had everything I wanted in a man. And a little while later I realized that I was physically attracted to you, but suppressed it as best as I could.” She moaned a little as he rubbed her shoulder blades, just enjoying his embrace and his touch. He enjoyed the feeling of her skin under his fingers, feeling the contours of her back. He had given her little shoulder rubs before, but this – this was intimate. This was as a lover.

“Wow! 18? We’ve felt the same about each other since then?” Noah said. “I can’t believe we’ve both been hiding this for so long. I used to look at you awe-struck during that age. I’d check you out and wish I could be with you and then resign myself to the reality that I couldn’t. And…sneak into your panties.”

Sarah started laughing making Noah crack up, “Oh yeah! You pervert!” she said. “So what exactly did you do them with them?” Sarah asked.

“Ummm…I don’t think you want to know. The details are kinda weird.” Noah said, sheepishly.

“Oh whatever. You just took your baby sister’s altyazılı porno virginity last night, you can tell me what you used to do with my panties. C’mon!” she laughed as she tickled him.

He cleared his throat smiling. “OK OK. So, I would sneak into panties that you had just worn, like you usually took them off in the morning before your showers, right?” he asked.

“You know, it should be so creepy that you know my panty changing time in the morning, but I don’t mind it. Go on. Yes, I take my panties off in the morning before my shower.” she responded.

Noah continued: “Well, you’d leave the house, and Mom and Dad would be gone too, right after. I usually had late morning classes because I never could stand being up so early. So I’d sneak into your panties that you had just taken off and they’d still be wet with your pussy juice. Sometimes they’d be heavy and thick with globs of it, sometimes they’d just be soaking wet and gooey with it, and sometimes they’d be dry but there would clearly be a ton of pussy juice on them, so I’d add water to make them wet again.”

“Oh my God!” Sarah exclaimed. “This is fucking intense. This sounds like it’s a whole science! Unbelievable!”

Noah sighed: “Duuuuude this is so embarrassing. I can’t tell you the rest.”

Sarah touched him, grabbing his free hand and putting it on her stomach under her shirt. “Cmooon, tell me the rest! There is nothing you’ve told me that has done anything except make me want you more. Your lust for me turns me on. I’m flattered you wanted me, and I’m happy you were able to get off with my panties. I was into you that whole time. It turns me on that we actually had a thing for each other that we kept secret.” she said, so genuinely excited and eager to hear how her big brother lusted for her so badly that he snuck into her dirty laundry.

Noah moved, just a little nervously. “OK. Promise you’re not going to judge me for this.”

Sarah laughed again: “Dude what’s wrong with you? You just fucked my brains out last night and you think I’ll judge you? Tell me the rest. There’s nothing you can tell me about using my panties, spying on me, anything where you tried to get close to me or satisfy yourself that will turn me off as long as it was just you and no one else. If you were selling my panties to someone else, I’d probably kill you. But if it was just you – I’m loving every part of this…story…art…science project. Whatever you were doing!”

“Well…” Noah continued. “I kinda did the obvious. I’d go into my room with your panties, and I’d rub as much of your sticky, gooey pussy juice onto my dick as possible. And if I add water, I can kinda scrape a lot of pussy juice that you dripped into the gusset, so I’d do that and it would be like a little ointment I’d rub onto the head of my cock and all over the shaft too. I’d literally cake my dick in your pussy cream and just kind of revel in the fact that your pussy juice was all over my dick, just like if we had fucked. Then I’d lick your panties as clean as I could and then put them back. If I was really turned on, I’d get on my computer and load up pictures of you and just masturbate into a sock with your juices covering my dick. Other times, I’d let your juice dry on my dick, and just spend the day with your dried pussy juice on my cock – accompanied with a perpetual boner. The best was when I’d see you or hang out with you, knowing that at that very moment, my entire dick was basically coated in your pussy cream. It was weird, I’d feel guilty, turned on, totally in love, totally full of lust – all at the same time.

“Wow.” Sarah exclaimed as Noah finished his explanation. “That’s is the weirdest, most dedicated, most specific panty story I’ve ever heard. You did this all through college?”

“Yup. Almost every other day. I knew your every pair. God damn I feel like such a creep. I didn’t know what to do with these feelings Sarah. So I did it. I’m sorry. I didn’t meant to violate your privacy, I just felt like I’d explode. I was horny, it was the closest I could get to you.” he said.

He was still apologizing? He didn’t get it. “Listen to me.” Sarah told him. She took his hand and placed it into her panties and placed his fingers on her labia, and let the elastic band of her panties snap onto his hand. She was soaking wet and he knew some of that was the remnants of the massive load he had filled her pussy with the night before. “You feel those pussy lips dude?” she asked him.

“Yeah, I feel them.” he said back, his erection growing. She looked into his eyes piercingly.

“They belong to you. They always have. This pussy was created for no other purpose, it has no other reason to exist, it has no reason to be – except to be the place where you, my big brother – can satisfy all your desires, unload all your cum, and thrust your cock in and out for as long as I can take you. This pussy, my pussy – it was made for you to fuck. You and no other man. Every inch of me inside is meant for every inch amatör porno of you to invade and take. My juices drip for no other reason than to soak your cock Noah. My pussy gets aroused for no other reason than to accept you into it. This pussy, your little sister’s pussy, is part of my body – but it belongs to you Noah. I’ve given it to you. And honestly, it was made for you. Even when we were 18 and 19, this pussy belonged to you. Fate had already arranged it. So if you were stealing my panties, you were stealing what was already yours. We just didn’t know it yet.”

“Sarah, you’re going to make me cum just talking like that.” Noah said, his cock as hard as a rock.

Sarah continued. She wanted this protectiveness gone. She wanted him with all his desire unrestricted by his decency. She didn’t want to hear him apologize again. “Yeah, well, you need to hear this and get over the slightest bit of hesitance or embarrassment you have left with me. This body is yours. I want you to know that. I’m here to please you, to love you, to hopefully, have your children. We were made for each other. My womb will never have any child inside it unless it is yours. Every drop of pussy cream that drips from me, drips for you. When you were sneaking my cunt juice onto your cock, that cunt juice was your property to begin with. I’m glad you rubbed it into your cock where it belonged.”

“You know it’s amazing because even though we hadn’t talked, I felt like it. I felt like I had the right to get into your panties and take them, use them. Have your juices on me. Like they belonged on me. It’s probably why I felt so comfortable just doing it all the time.” he told her.

“That’s so hot.” she said back to him. “So hot that you wanted my body so bad you sought out whatever you could to get close to it without harming me or ruining our relationship. I’m glad you did it that way. I’m glad you were so good at hiding it too. I was totally into you that entire time but I don’t know how I would have reacted if I knew. I might have freaked out or totally embraced it.”

“Yeah. It helped a lot I guess. Kept me from combusting.” he told her.

“If I understand this correctly…” she began, since you were 19 until we stopped living at home together a few years ago, you’ve been sneaking into my underwear and have had my re-moisturized pussy juice on your cock, almost every day? she asked him, with a naughty, curious smile.

“In college, I think about every day.” he confessed.

“So, every time you and I hung out, had dinner, were at home with Mom and Dad. Every time we were in a car together, most days, your cock had your little sister’s cunt juice all over it, is that right?” she teased. She just loved indulging every little secret she was learning.

Noah smiled, feeling fully secure now in his confession. “Yeah, pretty much. Just about every day. After college it became harder because our schedules weren’t as predictable. But every time I knew the house would be empty for a while, I’d try to take advantage of it.”

“Hey wait!” she exclaimed. When you were dating Emma and Ashley, you had sex all the time. What about then? Were you having sex with them with a penis that had my dried pussy juices on it?” she asked. “Because that would be messed up.”

“Duuuuuuude That’s so crazy to think about! Why do you want to dig into this? ” Noah exclaimed, as he squeezed her lower back, continuing his deep massage.

Sarah shot back giggling: “What! I just gave you my virginity and promised you my body buddy you owe me answers! C’mon it’s totally a legit question. I am so curious!”

There was no point holding back. “Yes.” he said as he sighed. “Sometimes, many times, I’d be with Emma and Ashley when I had spent the morning putting your pussy juice onto my cock and letting it dry. I think I felt like your juices were such a familiar and intrinsic part of me that I didn’t even feel like it was foreign.” he said as he continued to work his strong, masculine hands up and down her back, rubbing the area right about her butt just strong enough to hear her moan. He felt himself harden more and more as he confessed his deepest secrets to his baby sister.

“If you think about it” Sarah said, “the first thing that would happen when you used to make love to the only two women you’ve ever been with besides me, is that their moisture would bring life to my dried up pussy cream on your dick. Almost like I was with you the entire time. You’ve fucked your girlfriends and had them suck your cock while my fluids were on your penis. That is both pretty messed up and so fucking hot. God and they were such nice girls too. I wonder what they’d say if they knew.” she said as she reflected out loud.

“Well, Ashley thought you were sexy.” Noah told her. “She said if she was into girls you’d be the first person she’d try to ask out. She might have been turned on if she knew.”

“No way! Ashley? That’s so funny” Sarah exclaimed. “I liked her a lot. I would have been totally fine with arap porno her joining our family if taking the man I love wasn’t the only way for her to get there.”

Noah cock continued to harden.

“I’m so glad you’re not weirded out.” Noah told her.

“No I’m not weirded out. I’m glad something from me was able to help you during your horniest years of life.” She cuddled closer to him, taking his hand and placing it on her stomach. “Noah – I’m absolutely convinced that we were made for each other. This body was always meant to be yours and no other man’s. I want you to really believe that. Every time you’re aroused Noah. Every time you need release, I want you to know your baby sister’s body is here for you to use. I am here for you always. Of course I want sex too and I want us to make love, but even when I don’t particularly need it, I want you to know my body is here for you. I never want you to think you have to masturbate to release your tension. Use me. If I’m sleeping, just take me. If you’re feeling like you want to rub one out, call for me and make love to me. The same way you use your hand to jack off because your hand belongs to you so you can basically fuck it whenever you want, my body belongs to you – so you can fuck it whenever you want. I’m your personal little slut for life. Understood?”

“Understood. I’m going to hold you to this you know.” Noah said back. His voice was strong and deep. He had moved his hand to touch her left breast, caressing her nipples. She could feel something had changed the moment she had finished her little speech to him. Sarah was so happy he had finally gotten it. She didn’t want to be on his pedestal above him. She wanted to always be in his bed under him.

“So..” Sarah said in a questioning tone.

“So what? he responded.

“So when’s the last time you snuck into my panties?” Sarah asked him. She was going to look into every corner of his soul, this woman. And unearth his every secret.

“The last time I was here, three months ago after work, I jacked two pairs from your hamper when you stepped out to get carrots for the soup you were making us. I stuffed them in my work bag and took them home.”

Sarah’s eyes and mouth widened as she feigned mild anger: “Dude…did you take the red ones and the…” Noah cut her off: “Yeah, I took the red lacy ones and the black Victoria’s Secret ones. They each had the most dried…nectar on them. And damn they were good!” Sarah punched him in the shoulder: “Noah those were so expensive! I’ve been looking for those! Where are they?”

“One’s under my pillow, I sometimes sniff it for your scent. The other I used for a while but when I came in it a few times it was basically didn’t smell like you anymore and needed to be washed, so I just washed it and put it away. I just had no good way to get it back to you.” he confessed.

“Well,” Sarah began, “You stole and held two of my panties for three months. That’s six months of missing panties. I should make you eat my pussy out for six months straight to punish you.”

He leaned in and kissed his baby sister’s neck as she moaned. “How about six decades straight? I’ll lick that pussy till the day I die. What other punishments do you have, I think I’ll take them all.”

She grabbed his hand from her breast and put it back into her panties. “That will work fine with me honey. For all your panty stealing, little did you know my panties would be filled with your cum as it flowed out of my pussy one day.” She inserted his finger into her so he could feel the slick wetness from their copulation, and pulled it out, placing it into her mouth.

“Well,” Sarah said as she savored the taste, “I don’t know if it was bad that it took this long. I was still a girl at 18, and you were still a boy at 19. Did we have the maturity to deal with this then if we had confessed to each other?”

“No, probably not. he told her. We probably would have combusted somehow. We would have ended up in bed and then not have the ability to think clearly. I don’t know if we would have finished our degrees and been where we are. We would’ve done something dumb like run away together.”

“Yeah. I would have run away with you at that age if you had asked me to. I know that because even at 25 when I have my shit together and my life going great, I’d drop it all and run away with you now.” They leaned in again and she found her brother’s waiting mouth, and slowly took his tongue into her own mouth, sucking it. Feeling his warmth. He found her breast under his t-shirt and rubbed it gently. They just sat there, sweetly making out, years of repressed love and passion pouring into their kiss. He licked underneath her tongue again, feeling the soft flesh there as her glands produced more of her sweet warm saliva for him to drink as it flowed into his mouth. She sat onto his lap as she pulled off the t-shirt from her body, letting him see those perfect breasts again. He took the right one into his hand and drew his tongue to it, sucking it intently, directly on the nipple and rubbing his tongue in circles around it, caressing her areola. It was a slightly salty, musky, womanly scent. He knew he’d be addicted to this for a long time. She slowly began to moan. She let him feast on her for a bit, and then pushed him away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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