Santa Loves Candy

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Ever since I became old enough to have sexual fantasies, I’ve had this fantasy of getting fucked by Santa. Every year I would see the Santa’s in the Malls or on the street corners and all I could think about was what was in his package and how his snowy white beard would feel against my inner thighs. Every year I would have my boyfriend at the time put on a Santa hat when we had sex, and tell him to talk to me like Santa with a deep voice and lots of “ho ho ho’s”. I even went so far as to rent a Santa Suit once, but it never lived up to my fantasy because I always knew it wasn’t really Santa, but my boyfriend.

This year I am out of school and living on my own. I just turned eighteen over the summer and a girlfriend and I decided to move into our own apartment. I am currently working at a store in the mall that sells clocks. My store is located directly in front of where they put the Santa land. Ever since Santa arrived at the mall, I’ve watched him as he lifted children on and off his lap, and heard his jolly “HO HO HO” as he asked them what they wanted. By the end of my shift my panties were soaked with wetness because I couldn’t help but fantasize about him. I would imagine leaving my store, walking directly toward him, pushing people and children out of my way till I was standing in front of him. He’d be ready for me because he had noticed me working in the store and thought I was hot. Without a word, Santa would reach into his pants and pull out his already hard dick. It would be huge, long and fat and throbbing. I would lift my dress, pull my panties aside and slide onto him. Then I would ride Santa’s cock like a rodeo cowboy.

By the time I got home at night I was so horny, Id go straight to my room, get my vibrator and go to work on myself. The Energizer Bunny was getting rich off me this year. It was getting so bad that my customer service was becoming non existent because I was too focused bursa escort on Santa to deal with customers. One day two teenage girls came into the store, I overheard one say to the other, “Santa is a big perv, I sat on his lap to get my picture taken and he popped a woody. I could feel it through his pants.” That was all it took to get my mind racing. I formed an idea. We keep a Polaroid camera in the back to take pictures of clocks when they come in for repair, something about not being able to claim we did more damage or something. Anyway, I locked the back room door, got the camera and lifted my skirt. I pulled down my panties and spread my legs and took a picture of my pussy. Then I straightened myself and wrote out a note…

“Dear Santa,

My name is Candy and I’ve been a very bad girl this year. But I really love getting presents and I’m afraid with my bad year, I won’t get any. So I came up with a plan to wipe my record clean. I want to give you a present this year. I am enclosing a preview. To collect your gift and let me make up for being a bad girl, please come to room 138 at the Skyway motel. The door will be open and Ill be waiting for you.


I stuck the note and picture in an envelope and tucked it in my purse till my shift was over. Then I called the motel and asked for my usual room. I wasn’t kidding about being bad this year. To make some extra cash, I would fuck out of town men. I knew the manager of the motel for years; he was the father of one of my high school friends. He cornered me one night when he was drunk and I showed up at his house. I was just dropping in on my friend but she wasn’t there. He invited me in and I had no reason to fear him so I went in. I found out quickly that he was drunk; I was barely in the door before he started talking about how hot I was and he’d always thought I was the sexiest of all his daughters’ friends. He was a good looking bursa escort bayan man for his age; I was eighteen and no virgin. I was there to see Callie, his daughter, because we always commiserated over our boyfriend’s lack of sex skills. I had just left mine feeling unfulfilled because he came practically as soon as he got it in me. Anyway, I was still horny, and I could tell Mr. Davis was too because I could see his hard on in his pants.

My attitude toward sex was if it feels good do it, so when Mr. Davis grabbed my tit, I didn’t balk. As a matter of fact I grabbed his dick. That was pretty much all it took. Next thing I knew, we were in his den, I was on my knees and he was shoving his big cock into my mouth. I sucked him till he almost came, and then stopped. I wanted to make sure I got mine, so I told him I was done till he made me cum. I expected him to balk but instead he picked me up and put me on the sofa. He pulled my jeans and my panties down to my ankles but not off. Then he lifted my legs and ducked under my jeans so that my legs were over his shoulders. The he proceeded to eat my pussy like a starving man eating a burger. He was incredible with his tongue. I was squirming and moaning and soon I was cumming too. He licked and sucked at me till the last of my orgasm was over, then got up and flipped me over. He entered me from behind and fucked me till he grunted and came all over my ass. We were both spent. The next day he called me and said if I was game he knew how we could both make some fast cash. He would set aside a room for me, and then when out of town men stopped at the motel, if they wanted sex, as they often did, he would call me and I’d do them. It was a good deal, we split the money 50/50.

But this night, I told him I wanted it for my own needs. He had no problem with that, as long as I gave him a blow job first. I agreed. That night I left the mall at quitting time. escort bursa It was only six pm and I knew Santa didn’t get off till eight. Hopefully that would only be the first time he got off that night. I knew which car was his because he had a reserved parking space. His car was open so I laid the envelope on his seat. Then I went to the motel to give Mr. Davis his blow job and get ready for Santa.

When I got to the motel office, Mr. Davis was watching something in his computer. I went behind the desk and seen that it was a movie of a girl being gangbanged. I said, “I see you’ve been getting ready for me.” He said nothing, just opened his pants and pulled out his dick. It was semi-hard, I asked if there was a problem, he said no, he just started watching, waiting for me. I went to work. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked him till he was completely hard. It didn’t take long, then I started licking his balls. He loves that and I love doing it. The fact that we were behind the front desk made it more exciting knowing anyone could walk in. I stroked him and sucked his balls, then I sucked his cock some more till I felt him tense up. I backed up and lifted my shirt and bra above my tits so he could cum on them; he started jerking it and grunting. Finally I watched as squirt after squirt of cum flew out of his cock and onto my tits. I love to watch a man cum.

When he was done, I lowered my shirt, got up and went to the room. Once there, I got ready for Santa. I showered and put on one of the outfits that I kept in the closet for my clients. I chose the school girl outfit of red and green plaid skirt that barely covered my ass, a white blouse that clearly showed my tits and the brown of my nipples. White knee sox and black Mary Jane shoes, no bra or panties of course. I put my hair in pigtails and tied ribbons around them. I was all ready for Santa, now I just hoped he showed up. I looked at the clock; it was twenty minutes after eight. If he was coming he should be there shortly. I posed myself on the bed and waited. Then the door started to open, my heart started to beat faster. Santa Claus stepped into the room…To be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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