Sandy’s New Self Ch. 01

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Sandy lay naked in bed next to her husband, they had finished having sex less than five minutes ago and Dave was already fast asleep and snoring. This was the first time they had had sex in almost six months and yet again she was left unsatisfied after her husband’s marathon fuck session of 3 minutes. 25 years of marriage and he had not once even gotten close to making her cum.

She reached over for her battery-powered buddy, who was soon buzzing away as she worked his 8 inches in and out of her soaking pussy. She worked her pussy with Buzz for nearly fifteen minutes and was soon close to going over the edge when her batteries died.

“Oh you got to be fucking kidding me! God damn it! I can’t get a fucking break.” She continued fucking her self with dead Buzz as she rubbed her clit and did eventually cum but not the mind shattering release she needed so bad. She accepted it wasn’t her night and rolled over and was soon asleep.


“Mom, Mom wake up.” Sandy opened her eyes to see her daughter standing over her. “Morning mom.”

“Morning baby what’s up? Why are you waking me up?”

“Sorry mom I’d let you sleep in but it is almost noon,” she got a mischievous grin on her face, “and you never let me sleep until noon so …”

“So you thought you’d get pay back on your poor old mom,” Sandy grinned at her daughter as she sat up revealing her naked 46DDs.

“Damn mom are those things real?” Ashley laughed.

“Oh, these ol’ things,” she says lifting them in her hands, “You better believe ankara escort it, Why am I too old to have big perky tits little girl?”

“Mom you’re not old, but I’ve never seen tits like that outside of porn.”

“Ok first thank you… I think and second why and when have you seen porn?”

“Mom I’m 18 and I have two older brothers so where do you think I’ve seen it? Not to mention…”

“Not to mention what?”

“Mom I’ve walked in on daddy watching porn dozens of times and…well I know why you need this.” She grins as she lifts Buzz off the floor, “oh and you need new batteries.”

“Trust me I know, they died at the worst possible time last night, but that’s not the point young lady now give me Buzz.”


“Oh god,” Sandy blushes, “Please pretend you didn’t hear that.”

“Not a chance mom, but to be fair mine’s name is Big Ben.”

“Yours? Big Ben?”

“Yes I bought it online years ago.”

“Ok but why Big Ben?”

“Well I’ve kind of had a crush on Sara’s brother Ben, but that was before he fucked their dad’s girlfriend. But I kept the name.”

“Well I really shouldn’t say this but without Buzz I think I’d have gone crazy years ago, your dad … well … how do I say this? Really sucks in bed.”

“And not in a good way I bet?” They both laughed at that. “Mom if dad is so bad in bed why did you stay with him all these years?”

“Baby sex isn’t everything. When we were younger to me your dad was the perfect man in every way but the one. But the last escort ankara few years he’s changed and we don’t seem to be the friends we used to be.”

“Have you ever… you know … thought of …?”

“Leaving him? Baby I love your dad and I always will.”

“Ok don’t leave daddy, but you still could … get a boyfriend on the side, besides Buzz I mean,” she laughs.

“God Ashley I could never cheat on your dad. He’d probably flip if he found out about this,” she says waving the vibrator between their faces. Which starts another burst of giggles.

“Mom when was the last time you had a real cock waved in your face like that?”

“Baby your dad is the only man I’ve ever been with and your dad thinks oral sex is dirty.”

“You mean you’ve never sucked a cock, ever?”

“No, well except Buzz.”

“Mom you are so missing out.”

“You mean you’ve…?”

“Lots of times. I love sucking cock, which really helps keep guys from pressuring me into having sex. I am still a virgin you know mom, at least as far as not having a real cock ever enter my pussy.”

“How many different boys have you…sucked?”

“I’m not 100% but about a dozen I think.”

“Ashley you’re going to get a bad reputation.”

“Mom almost every girl in my class has fucked multiple guys already so me only sucking a few isn’t that big a deal really. And its not like I’ll just suck anyone’s cock, they were all boyfriends that I cared about.”

“Well I guess the way things are today you’re right but my ankara escort bayan mom never talked about sex with me until my wedding day, of course she didn’t know I’d already been with your dad. If she knew I was sitting here naked with my daughter with a vibrator by us and we were talking like this she’d probably have a heart attack.”

“Well I’m glad we can talk like this. Now get up before your sons come up to see what’s taking so long and see these melons of yours,” Ashley says grabbing her mom’s tits.

“Yeah that would scare them for life I bet.”

“Mom they’d probably cum in their pants finally getting to see these out in the open.”

“Don’t say things like that Ashley.”

“Mom its true both of my brothers and every one of their friends check you out every chance they get. They only stare at me when you’re not around.”


“Mom that’s just the tip of the iceberg of the guys that check you out all the time. So if you decide to take a lover your problem won’t be finding someone it will be deciding how to narrow it down. Then again there’s nothing saying you only have to choose one.”

“Ashley I’m not going to take a lover or lovers. I love your dad.”

“Ok but remember what I said. Now get dressed young lady and cover these up,” Ashley says grabbing Sandy’s boobs again as she stands up and right before she leaves the room, “Oh and mom its not just guys that think you’re sexy.”

As Sandy gets dressed she thinks about what she and her daughter just talked about. She looks at what she put on in the mirror. She sees a woman in a tight v-neck top with lots of cleavage and skin tight jeans that showed all her curves. And for the first time in years she looked in the mirror and thought, “Damn I look hot.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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