Samantha Sleeps Over

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The Sleepover

{hey babe Sam is staying with us this weekend her hubby is out of town

that okay with you?}

That was the text sitting in front of me unanswered for 15 minutes while I sipped my coffee. I was supposed to be responding to client emails but I couldn’t concentrate after seeing this.

Sam is Samantha. In our circle, Sam and I are the most similar. We both get too flirty when we are drunk. We can’t stand the boring dinner table conversations, love taboo talk and dirty jokes. I really like Sam, and her husband, but something happened the last time we all hung out together.

We were all at the Stevens’ house – newly remodeled with a pool and jacuzzi. We were all drinking wine, four couples, some smoking pot, and we went in the jacuzzi. Of course, in our community we don’t wife swap or have orgies; we are pretty conservative so the most that will happen is playful banter, a little flirting. After a few drinks we were all telling stories, having fun, laughing and sharing a little too much. My wife sat on my right and Sam sat on my left. She was turned toward her husband, the jets were on and the foam was nice and thick, I felt her hand graze my leg moving up my thigh, reaching slightly above the bottom of my swimsuit. It was more than an accidental graze but I wasn’t sure if it was a drunken slip up or a deliberate action.

Sam had an innocent face, angelic and innocent. I’ll admit it was her face I pictured more than a few times while masturbating in the shower or when I needed to hurry things up with my wife. But since she was in my circle, I knew that a fantasy would be the extent of my sexual engagement with Sam…until I received this text. I knew something was up because I spoke with Sam’s husband the week before. He told me about his upcoming business trip and when I offered to have Sam and the kids over, he told me that they were already set up at her mom’s house. Now, she was coming to us, and I had a feeling she engineered that deliberately.

Sam and her kids got settled. Our kids and hers kept themselves occupied with toys and games. After eating dinner together, we settled in the living room drinking wine and chatting. The night was winding down and my anxiety was starting to pique. Nothing was out of the ordinary but every once in a while I noticed Sam glance at me and then look away quickly. She was playing it safe and if anything was going to happen, I would have to initiate. I was almost angry at Sam. What the fuck was she thinking? She was expecting me to play out some forbidden fantasy of hers, in my house. I was almost ready to write off this whole stupid idea. I wasn’t a cheater. Ok, well, not anymore, and certainly not in my house, with a friend’s wife!

I sat, brooding, thinking about getting through this weekend without thinking about Sam being in my house, under my roof, in my guest bed, in her underwear…or does she sleep naked? Fuck. I looked over at Sam – the girls were talking about some dumb shit. She was positioned in a way that, from my angle, I could glimpse a little up her skirt. Did she do that on purpose? She adjusted herself slightly and I saw, for a fraction of a second, the bumps of a freshly shaved pussy. No underwear. The view disappeared and her face stayed steadily gazing at my wife’s face. Jesus hell! She knows what she is doing. My cock engorged with blood. I downed my wine.

I wanted to test Sam to see if she would respond and also possibly signal her for something…I don’t know what though. I began tapping my foot subtly while pretending to listen to her ongoing conversation with my wife. I planted a little smirk on my face to let her know I saw her cooch…and liked it. Sure enough she began tapping her foot lightly as well. I reached up and ran my fingers across my neck, not too obviously but a little more than an obvious scratch. Low and behold, a minute later she made the same motion. My wife seemed oblivious to our subtle communication and this made me rock hard. I decided to push the test a little. While sitting on the couch, I spread my legs in the way men do while sitting on couches, and then after a minute I put them back together. I wanted to see how Sam would pull this one off. I watched as Sam tried to readjust herself on the other couch but could not find a way to mimic my leg spread. A minute later she glanced over at me and shot me a quick half smirking smile. Holy fuck!

Now, fully aware that Sam was playing my game, I decided that one way or another I needed to fuck her. Knowing that possessing her was a very realistic potential, I began to inspect her like a prize I had won. Of course, I had seen her, but never gazed on her like a wild animal about to devour its prey. As inconspicuous as possible, I optically consumed Samantha. First I noticed that her long black curly hair was as sexually stimulating as the rest of her body. I noticed how it sat, how she moved it around from one shoulder to the other, and how it disobeyed her command until bursa escort she disciplined it with a quick flick back to where she wanted it to go. Her hair did not lay flat, each curl stood and bounced. An image of her naked, her hair covering her breasts entered my mind. My cock stiffened even more, pushing uncomfortably against my pants.

I continued to eye fuck Samantha, moving from her hair to her neck. Her neck was delicate and her skin was smooth and olive colored. She had no blemishes on her neck but little dark moles that accentuated her face. I did not see the splotches or peach fuzz or the other things that diminish female skin. I was almost salivating, imagining how her skin would taste on my tongue, and how she would react when I got my lips on her. My cock throbbed, uncomfortably. Is it possible I might cum in my pants?

Her body is something I’ve inspected before, in the jacuzzi, and once, on a trip to the beach with friends. She has curves and a little pooch of a belly. Her ass was like two round Jello cakes and when she planted her steps, her butt cheeks would shake off each step. Her body was tightly wrapped in a not overly sexy house skirt, and some fucking blouse. Goddammit, I couldn’t think anymore and I was tired of using my imagination. I needed real, tactile stimulation. I could no longer stand imagining fucking Sam, I needed to feel Sam’s warm pussy wrapped around my cock. I needed to know what her lips felt like on mine. I wanted to feel her hair tickling my chest.

It wasn’t long until we started winding down and I started feeling a sense of impending dread. How in the fuck would I make this happen? There was no way I was actually going to touch, much less fuck, Sam. It just wasn’t possible. My wife declared that she was going to put the kids to bed, which on a Friday night meant snuggling with them in our bed watching TV until everyone fell asleep. I sometimes joined them, or sometimes stayed downstairs reading for a while. I said I would straighten up, not overly uncharacteristic of me, and then head up to bed. Sam, stretched and yawned and said it was time to check in.

I waited until the ladies were in a position that allowed me to get up and readjust my cock so my erection wouldn’t be obvious. I noticed that Sam could have seen me from the corner of her eye,although, if she did notice, she didn’t acknowledge it in any way and shuffled off to her room with her kids in tow.

I went into the kitchen and began straightening up. I worked slowly as I savored over our little game. I also let myself imagine what I would do to Sam if I had her alone. It involved wrapping my hand around that delicate neck and treating her body a lot more roughly than it looked like she had been treated in a long time. She didn’t know that side of me though and I don’t know what she would think if she saw it. Suddenly, “Jack…”

Fuck! I nearly dropped the plate in my hand. I turned around and Sam was in the doorway.

“Jesus Christ Sam, you scared me!”

“Are you a scaredy cat, Jack?”

“Not usually, but my head was off in the clouds.”

“What were you thinking about Jack?”

I paused, knowing this was my opportunity.

“I noticed you are an anxious person Sam, you were tapping your foot”

“So were you, are you nervous about something?”

“Well, I saw something I shouldn’t have.”

“Why do you say you shouldn’t have, maybe you were meant to see it.”

“Well then, if that’s the case, I want to see more.”

Sam stood in the doorway looking hard at me. I returned her gaze. This was the moment. I walked towards her, looking at the stairway behind her, making sure there were no peeking eyes. I stood directly in front of her, looking into her eyes hungrily. She was looking up at me, unflinchingly, and I could feel the heat of her desire. I reached out and caressed her cheek. Her face melted into my hand, like a pussycat getting its head scratched. Her arm reached up and rested on my arm. I felt the hardness of my muscle under her soft fingers. She let out a little moan, it sounded involuntary, uncontrolled. I was both scared and ecstatic and I was not ready to let her go. I pulled her further into the kitchen away from the doorway and brought her close to me. Our faces were almost pressed together, our eyes still looking into one another, and then I pulled her face to mine and her mouth opened up. Her warm breath tasted like wine as our tongues met. I felt a sort of gushing feeling inside of me, like my desire for Sam had been completely unlocked and was coursing through my veins, like an intoxicating drug. Like crack, no, like a heroin injected directly into my bloodstream.

Our mouths pressed together frantically. She let out little moans and squeaks and our hands began to explore. First, I felt the small of her back going down to her plump ass. She worked her way down my arms to my obliques and up my chest. Feeling my muscles, tight with desire and anticipation. I brought my right hand bursa escort bayan around to her stupid blouse, which was, thankfully, loose. My hand made its way up from the inside and caressed her small soft breast. As my thumb glided over her nipple, her knees buckled slightly and I became aware of the intensity of her lust. I paused and glanced over her nipple again, and she could barely contain a whimper. Holy Mary, mother of Christ! Her nipples were like clits. She seemed to slowly melt into a frenzy of uncontrolled lust as I teased her nipples and squeezed her breasts. Her hips thrust into me like she was trying to blindly mount my cock through my jeans. She radiated heat but I could not let my first experience with Sam move so quickly. I pulled my hand out of her blouse and put it around her neck. I pulled her close to me and put my lips to her ear.

“Go make sure your kids are asleep. Put on your pajamas, freshen up, and meet me here in 20 minutes.”

“Jack I want…”

I squeezed my hand around her throat, “shut up and do what I said.”

She looked at me, slightly stunned, then she walked off without a word. I wondered if I had blown it. I guess I would find out in 20 minutes.

I went upstairs, brushed my teeth, moved my kids to their beds, and assessed the situation. My wife was asleep and had drunk a lot. She would stay that way. I spent a few minutes smelling the air and making sure everything was calm. Damn! This was about to happen. I tried to think past the next hour or so and what tomorrow morning would look like. What would next week look like? Could we really do this? I decided that I would talk to Sam first, before attacking her, and maybe we should forget this whole thing, chalk it up to a few too many glasses of wine and keep it our little secret.

The clock read 19 minutes had passed. I couldn’t wait any longer and headed downstairs. Sam was there waiting for me on the couch. She was wearing her skirt still but had changed into a sexy shirt that, I guess, was her pajama shirt – the sexy whore. When she saw me coming down, she opened her legs and I saw, clearly now, a hairless vagina. She leaned back on the couch, put two fingers in her mouth, and then brought them down to her pussy. She whispered, “I couldn’t do this while your wife was sitting here, so it’s my turn now.” So much for talking to her. I joined her on the couch next to her, side straddling her. I took her hand, the one massaging her pussy, moved it away, and placed my own hand on her clit. She nearly jumped. Slowly I began massaging it, and then I decided I wanted to have that conversation with her.

“Sam, you know, if we stop now, we can just think that we had too much wine and forget this whole thing ever happened.”

“Jack, do you want to stop?”

I took her hand and placed it on my bulging crotch. She grasped it, caressed it, and ran her fingers over it. I felt like exploding.

“Does it feel like I want to stop?”

“Fuck me, Jack.”

“Before I fuck you, Samantha, you have to know the rules.”

“What are the rules Jack?”

Sam’s body was gyrating slowly and rhythmically as my fingers swirled slowly and lightly on her clit. She tried to create a pace with her hands on my cock but only managed to grasp it.

“Rule one is that this is between us always. This goes to the grave with you. Have you done this before?”

“I’m not new to this Jack, but it’s been so long.”

Rule two, is that you will do exactly as I say – if I say bend over, you will bend over; if I say swallow my cum, you will swallow my cum. Do you understand?”

I felt an inner dominance come over me. A side of me that only my wife and some other women have seen.

“Yes, Jack, I will do whatever you tell me to,” Sam said in a voice that almost sounded like a cry. I felt her clit was hard and engorged.

“Rule three, you will not make a sound.”

“Fuck Jack! I don’t know if I can do that!”

I smacked her lightly on the cheek. Not rough, but commanding. She looked at me helpless. I felt her pussy soak with moisture. She shut her mouth and I understood that was her being compliant with my command.

“Now I want you to stop pawing at my dick. You are going to slowly unzip my pants, take it out slowly and lick every inch of it.”

She looked at me and nodded yes. I took my hand off her clit, wanting to enjoy the full sensation of what she was going to do. She got to my belt, slowly undid it, and struggled with the top button. I straightened out my body so she could unfasten it but she stopped and just ran her hands up and down my legs, to my crotch, taking it all in and savoring this moment. I loved that she did that but I was hungry. I undid my button for her. She lightly grazed her hand on my lower abdomen, savoring this moment and teasing me a little. I felt my balls tingling while she took her time. Jesus! Finally she got to my zipper and undid it slowly. I felt my cock grow as the cool air hit my hidden package. Sam escort bursa slowly pulled my pants and my underwear down, little by little, until she reached the end of my dick and it flew up, smacking my abdomen. She slid off the couch and down on to her knees. She was now hovering over my dick but she did not start licking. Instead, she ran her fingers feather light over my throbbing penis, my balls, my inner thigh and abdomen. I felt an orgasm welling up in me but I did not want to explode yet. I changed the plan.

I pulled her face up from my crotch towards my face. I kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Sam, I wanted you for so long. I didn’t think this would ever happen.”

“Me too, Jack, you know that I was supposed to go to my mother’s but I came here instead.”

“I know you arranged that and I’m glad you did but…”

I paused because maybe I shouldn’t take this next step.

“But what Jack? Tell me, please”

“But Sam…once we start I don’t know if we’ll be able to stop.”

Sam smiled and kissed me back lightly.


I pushed her back onto the couch and lifted her legs up. Spread in front of me was a clean shaved cooch, the sweet musk wafting up. I bent over and started to take in her scent and taste with little licks all around her thighs and around the outside of pussy, slowly working my way on to her labia. I watched Sam biting her lip and holding herself from making noise. Holy hell she was wet. As I moved my way inward with little licks I got more and more of her wetness on my tongue. It was hard to hold back. I needed to taste her with my whole tongue. I licked right up the middle and Sam jumped. I held her back down and repeated that movement. Licking from her vagina up to her clit. Little licks moving up and then circling on her clit. Sam was undulating, using her body to express her satisfaction instead of her mouth. I reached up to her mouth with my right hand and put my finger on her lips. She sucked it in and bit down hard. I winced but continued… I would pay her back for that.

I could feel Sam building into something powerful as her body became rigid and he she began to quiver short and fast. Her breathing became staccato and I knew she was about to orgasm. I pulled back and she looked at me pleadingly. She wanted to cum but I wasn’t going to let her. I hadn’t fully explored her body yet…and I wanted us to cum together.

“Sam, you are not allowed to cum yet. Not until I fuck you…”

“No, Jack please! Make me cum now.”

“Not yet, Sam. You haven’t earned the right to cum.”

“What do you want me to do, Jack?”

“Turn around for me and stick your ass out.”

“What are you going to do to me Jack?”

“You will see.”

Sam obeyed and got up off the ground. She put her knees on the couch and rested against the backrest. I looked at her hair, hanging wildly down her back, teasing me. I scooped it up into a handful and pulled gently. Sam whimpered again. I brought myself close and rubbed the tip of my cock on her pussy. It was wet and open, ready to get fucked, and she bucked her hips against my dick, wanting it inside her, ready to get banged hard. I continued to rub it though and felt her body get tense again. She was coming close to orgasm so I pulled back. She turned her face towards me looking like a kid who had her chocolate milk taken away. I pushed her face back and I slid my cock in slowly, savoring her tightness, her wetness. Her pussy was much tighter than my wife, it was almost hard to push in my cock. It seemed to grip on to me and pulsated with warmth. Slowly, I began to thrust, getting a feel for her and enjoying how her breathing pitched each time I got all the way in. She went rigid again and started quivering, lightly at first and then quaking. I let her have this. She needed it. I sped up the pace and started railing her, hard and fast. She let herself go and I felt her body jerk, she grunted quietly. I put my hand on her mouth and she bit down on my finger, again. I continue to pound, moving my hand down to her neck. The only sound were my hips thrusting against her plump ass. Smack, smack, squish, smack.

Goddam, it was too much. I couldn’t hold on much longer but I wanted one more thing. I didn’t know if we would do this again. I wanted to make sure she had something to remember me by. I pulled out and turned Sam around. I pulled her up and placed one of her legs on the couch. I slid my cock in standing up but she was a little too short for this so I lifted her to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. She rode my cock while I held her ass and bobbed her up and down. It wasn’t easy but I loved the closeness of her body and feeling her wrapped against me.

Suddenly, the whole reality hit me. I am fucking Samantha. She is cumming on my cock. I felt my orgasm coming and I placed Sam back down. I told her quietly, to get down on her knees and open her mouth. She barely had time to comply before I exploded. The first shot hit her in the face but she got her mouth on my dick to take the rest. She moaned and sucked. After a minute of tasting my post orgasm cock, she pulled her mouth off. She had swallowed all of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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